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Melissa is tall, about 5'7" with a slender and well-toned body, with soft curves. Weighing only about 120 pounds or so. Being a late bloomer, her tender breasts were only 32A's, and barely a handful- Even though she was almost 18. Her waist was just small enough to show that she had some hips, and her torso was long with a flat, toned stomach. She had short, very straight, blonde hair which was cut in a bob with heavy side bangs. Her gray-blue eyes had been known to stop people with one glance.

Arianna, on the other hand, was pretty much the exact opposite. She was shorter than Melissa, just barely coming up to 5'5". She weighed about 160 pounds, though she wasn't one bit fat. Her curves were very well defined. Once again, opposite of Melissa, she was an early bloomer and by the time she was 18, her breasts were 34DD's, and her waist was very, very, tiny. Her stomach was almost flat, leading down to accent the roundness of her big hips, and long legs; for her height.

Although these two were complete opposites, They had been best friends for the last four years; since they were about 13; And even though they were 18 now, they still had their usual weekend sleepovers. It was a chilly night in December, and they were at Arianna's house this time, alone.

"Arianna, We should put a movie in." Melissa was getting restless, with her fidgety and hyperactive personality.

Arianna shrugged, sliding off the bed and walking over to the dvd player. She turned the DVD player on, "I think Texas Chainsaw Massacre is still in there, is that okay?" She jumped back onto her king sized bed, beside Melissa.

"Sure, I love scary movies." Melissa replied, her eyes getting wide; as she saw what began to play on the screen. It definately wasn't Texas Chainsaw Massacre. What had begun to play, was pretty much the exact opposite of that; A lesbian porn tape. Melissa stared at the two tall, blonde, pornstars eating each other out and fingering one another on the tv, while moaning, on the screen. "What is this?!" Melissa gasped as she kept her eyes glued to the television, she was somewhat sheltered when it came to lesbian sex; as was Arianna.

Arianna's eyes got wide, and her face started to turn bright, bright red. "Oh. . . my god!" She began to slide off the bed as her face got redder, "My older brother must have left it in here. His DVD player is broken! I'll turn it off!"

Melissa grabbed Arianna's arm when she began to slide off the bed to turn it off, surprising Arianna. "No, Don't turn it off. . . She whispered.

"Why not?" Arianna's eyes got wider.

"Because, I've never even watched lesbian porn. . . What do you think lesbian sex is like, Arianna?"

"From the looks of it, Those two girls on the video love it."

"Have you ever kissed a girl?"

"No. . . Have you?" Arianna asked, wondering what had gotten into Melissa tonight.

"No. . . I've only kissed one guy, and he sucked at it." Melissa blushed lightly.

Arianna chuckled, knowing her friend was shy. Arianna could feel wetness between her legs, seeping through her panties. She felt awkward, for feeling that from the video. "Melissa, I think the video's turning me on. You said you've never kissed a girl, and the boy you kissed sucked at it, So maybe I could teach you. . ." Her voice faded off, and she leaned closer to Melissa, pressing her lips against Melissa's before Melissa could reply.

Melissa was hesitant at first, pulling away a few inches and then leaning back in and kissing Arianna. Melissa could also feel wetness forming between her legs, slowly; as she felt Arianna's soft hand slide up from her knee, to her inner upper thigh.

Arianna ran her tongue over Melissa's lips as they kissed until Melissa opened her mouth, welcoming her best friend's tongue. Arianna wasn't really controlling her hand now, and just going with her instincts; it was in her outgoing nature. Her hand slid in between Melissa's firm legs, and Arianna began rubbing Melissa's pussy through her pajamas.

A soft "Mmm. . ." escaped Melissa's lips into Arianna's mouth as their tongues were intertwining and twirling around each other, their mouthes now pressed hard together. Arianna slid her hand up to the top of Melissa's pajamas, pulling down on the top softly so they began to slide off. As she did this, she surprisingly felt Melissa's hand doing the same. They both began to take off their shirts at the same time, neither of them wearing bras. They simultaneously pressing against each others bodies, scooting closer and closer.

Melissa slipped the covers away from both of them, her hand now going up Arianna's soft, big hips and around to her panties. She tugged them off somewhat forcefully, pleasantly surprising Arianna. Melissa smiled as Arianna's shaved pussy mound was revealed along with the wetness dripping out of her pussy and down her thighs. Melissa reached down to her own panties, taking them off herself and revealing her pussy, which was lightly covered with blonde, well-trimmed fuzz.

Arianna stared in awe at Melissa's slim body. She had seen her best friend naked before but now, she felt so differently about it. Arianna's hand moved fast yet gently to Melissa's pussy, her fingers gently tracing around the outer lips of her pussy. Arianna broke the kiss and rolled over 'straddling' Melissa, and leaning over her.

Melissa looked up at Arianna's DD's, which were now above her. She reached up and caressed Arianna's big breasts, leaning up and taking one of her best friend's hard, pinkish-brownish nipples into her mouth, sucking gently and caressing Arianna's other breast with her other hand.

Arianna smiled down at Melissa, her hand still tracing around Melissa's pussy lips. She spread them gently with her fingers, sliding one finger into Melissa's tight pussy. She grinned and scooted down further on the bed; leaving Melissa unsure what to do with her hands. Uncertainly, Melissa reached up to her own small, barely-a-handful breasts and began caressing her own tits, her small pink nipples hard.

Arianna slid another finger into Melissa's tight, now very wet pussy and pulled them both out, and once again sliding them in a few times. She listened carefully to Melissa's soft moans, her own pussy getting wetter and wetter. She slid her fingers out and moved one up to her best friend's clit, rubbing it gently and moving her face closer to Melissa's sweet-smelling pussy, breathing gently on it. She ran her tongue gently around Melissa's pussy lips and up to her clit, which she had stopped rubbing.

"Mmmm. . ." Melissa moaned a bit louder as she felt Arianna's warm tongue caress her clit, and her hips arched a bit; as she wanted to feel Arianna's tongue harder on her clit.

"No no no." Arianna teased as she moved her tongue from her clit to her pussy hole, sliding it in a bit and then pulling it out, swirling it around it. Arianna knew she was pleasing Melissa by Melissa's soft moans and heavy breathing. Arianna got an idea and stopped, jumping off her bed.

"Where are you going?" Melissa whined.

"Hold on." Arianna smiled at Melissa deviously as she bent over to reach under her bed, pulling out a pink shoe box. She got back on the bed and opened the box, revealing an assortment of dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys.

"Wow." Melissa said, staring at what was in the box.

"Shh." Arianna shushed her, pulling out a pink dildo, which was around 8 or 9 inches long and pretty thick. She resumed her dominant position on top of Melissa, yet this time she was on top of her in the 69 position. She didn't waste any time pushing the dildo into Melissa's tight pussy.

Melissa yelped a bit and moaned, reaching and grabbing onto Arianna's hips and pulling her towards her mouth, pressing her lips to Arianna's tight, wet, shaved pussy and sliding her tongue in and out. Soft moans and sighs began to escape Arianna's lips, as she shoved the dildo farther into Melissa's pussy, making Melissa moan even louder. Arianna reached into the box of sex toys and pulled out a small vibrator, turning it on and circling it around Melissa's clit, but not directly on it.

"Mmmmmm. . . Arianna. . ." Melissa moaned louder and squirmed her hips, now wetter than she had ever been. She reached down to the box and pulled out two dildos, pushing one into Arianna's soaking wet pussy above her face. She smiled with satisfaction as Arianna let out a pleasantly surprised moan. Melissa began to work the dildo in and out of Arianna's tight pussy, as she flicked her tongue against Arianna's clit.

They both began to push the dildos in and out of each other harder and faster, both of them moaning louder as it got faster.

"Mm, mm, Arianna!"

"Mmmm, Melissa, Melissa I'm gonna cum!" Arianna squealed; Melissa's tongue on her clit was driving her crazy.

"Oh god, Arianna, So am I, Mmmmm, Oh, Oh, Oh!"

"Argh, nnnnn!" Arianna climaxed at the same time Melissa did, their pussies leaking juices. Melissa pulled the dildo out of Arianna's little pussy and licked up her sweet juices; Arianna did the same. "Wow. . ." Arianna curled up beside her best friend, cuddling close and they drifted off to sleep. . .

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