More than Friends?

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My best friend Diana and I moved into an apartment downtown after we graduated from college. We had both gotten good jobs so we were able to get a unit in the 14th floor of a killer high rise with wall to wall windows.

The problem was that the only unit they had left was a one bedroom. we decided that would be ok because Diana had a queen size bed that was big enough for both of us.

For the first few weeks everything was normal between us and we both loved being out on our own. As the weeks progressed though I noticed my feelings starting to change toward Diana. When she would undress to get into the shower I would just happen to walk in and ask her something. I couldn't get over how hot she was with her long blond hair and her killer body.

Her boobs were so firm and her nipples would get so hard while I was talking to her that I would start to get wet without even realizing it.

One Friday night neither of us had any plans so we stayed in and put on our pj's and drank a bottle of wine and watched a movie. Part way through the movie Diana asked me if I would brush her hair. I loved brushing her hair so right away I said yes. I sat on the couch with my legs wide apart and she came up and sat on the floor in front of me and leaned her head back between my legs.

The pajamas I wore were loose fitting silky short pants. I wasn't wearing any underwear because I didn't like the way my thong would get tight when I was asleep. I laid each of my legs over her shoulders and made sure that my pants were pushed up leaving my thighs right next to her. The longer I brushed her hair, the more turned on I got and the more relaxed she became. I brought my thighs closer and closer to her face till I could feel her soft skin rubbing against me.

She gave a little sigh and I knew it was now or never. I bent down & turned her face toward me. I caressed the side of her face with one hand and ran my fingers through her hair with the other. Then I lifted her face towards mine and I kissed her. She was tenative at first but I pushed forward with my tongue and then she let go and got into it.

After a few minutes of making out I took her hand and led her to our bedroom and laid her out on the bed. I came up beside her and slid my hands up under her top. For the first time in my life I was feeling anothern girls boobs. But even better, it was my best freinds Diana's boobs. They felt even better than my fantasy. I lifted her top off and took her hard pink nipples in my mouth.

As I sucked her nipples she started to moan. I slid my hand inside her pants and felt the wetness in between her legs. I slipped first one and then two fingers inside her pussy. Then I stroked her clit till it was rock hard. I slid down and kissed her pussy and clit and lapped up her juices.

I slipped my clothes off so we were both naked and I climbed up and got over her face so she could kiss my pussy. She ate my pussy like a pro and I came so hard I think all the neighbors heard me.

That night we slept nude in each others arms and we have made love evey night since.

I think you can definitely say - We Are More Than Friends!!!!

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