Mona Massi caught red handed

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Note : this story is completely fictional!

This is from the times when I had just turned 18 and had shifted my base to Delhi i.e Mona massi's place for my studies.Mona massi was a very sexy lady around 39-40 years old.A perfect indian milf ,one whom i had been dreaming of fucking ever since i started jerking.Actually she became my dream girl when i accidently saw her nude bathing in our village bathroom.And ever since that day i have failed to spot some body sexier than hers.She was a perfect figure thin waist like Pamela Anderson with beautiful sexy natural breasts, which every body noticed upon meeting her.I could keep myself busy with those big boobs of hers for an eternity.

When i moved to her house her husband had moved to Guwahati as he had been posted there, leaving Mona massi all alone for me to fuck.Everything started of normally.While I could never garner courage to make a pass at my massi ,she behaved like a very professional guardian to me, not giving even a hint of her wanting any sex.She slept in her bedroom leaving me with nothing more but my dick in my hand all night.Every evening i would hope that something would happen and the sexy,slender and soft body of Massi would be mine to fuck,only to be interrupted by Tara Ram,the cook who came in the morning and at night.Once he arrived she would be busy giving him instructions.

Time went on and I continued on my normal routine, but that day luck was on my side.That morning as I had already been running late for college so had to rush out of the house .When i reached the bus stop the bus had already left.Just as i was about to take an auto I decided against that and headed back home.I reached home exactly at 10, having left at 9.Normally Mona massi left by 10 , but that day the door was open .As i treaded in I saw no signs of Massi and i walked towards her bedroom quietly ,hoping to maybe find her nude ( a dream fantasy of mine).But what i saw was way beyond my wildest dreams.

Mona massi was lying on the bed with her nighty pulled up till her chest exposing her sexy body .It was for the first time that i got such a hard errection.And the bigger surprise was that Tara ram was sitting besides her with his mouth well entrenched between her so sexy fair skinned thighs, moving his lips all over her pussy lips.Mona massi was groaning "ahhhhhhh.....aaaaahhhhhhhh..ahhhhhhhh.........fuck me now ..........aaahhhhhhhhh.......oooooooooohhh.....come on ."Tara had his hands all over her full and sexy breasts , fondling and squeezing them hard.At first i thought that i should film Mona massi like this but sudennly i realised what an opportunity i had got of getting on top of her instead of that sucker Tara ram.I immideately stepped into the room noisily, as if very angry and caught hold of Tara ram from his hair and dragged him away from massi.I shouted at him and kicked him threatening to tell about what i had seen to my uncle.As Tara fell on my feet asking for forgiveness , Mona massi hung her face in shame covering her body the best she could, still leaving a sexy part of her legs exposed .I told Tara to get of the house and never to come even close to my Mona massi or i would kill him.As Tara left i went after him and locked the door firmly and quickly made my way back to Mona massi's room.On seeing me she started crying and confessed that she was hungry for sex and could not control herself any longer and asked me to forgive her.

I sat right beside her and put a comforting arm around her shoulders and told her not to worry, as she rested her head on my shoulder."But why could you have not told me if you wanted sex " i said. She was shocked to hear this and as she faced me I planted my lips onto her beautifull sexy lips.She resisted a bit initially only to realise that i was not going to leave her today.She threw open herself to me.Finally Mona massi was all mine to fuck.I removed her nighty to expose her entire sexy body and tried to make maximum eye contact with her.I faced her and said "massi what wonderful body you have got oooooooohhhhhhhhhhlaaaa.I would give anything for that.You are a perfect milf"

I then descended on her boobs and lcked them and then sucked them like a small child.I put her entire boob in my mouth and moved my hands all over her sexy back.She was too slender and i realised how easy would it be for any one to rape her.She could be held back so easily .

I wanted to dominate her and satisfy all her hunger for sex.So i got to her pussy which was absolutely clean shaven with just a triangular patch of hair abobe it.She groaned loudly as i pushed my mouth deeper and deeper into her pussy." ooooooohhhhh.yeaaaaaaaahhhhhh........come oonnnnnnnnnnn..............ahh........ahhhhhhhhhh.................
ooooohhhhhhh......yeaaaahhhhhhh.......fuck me now .......come on jaz..........aaaaahhhhhh....yes..yes.......yes........ooooooohhhhhhhhh "she let out.I then stuck my 8 inch long and hard dick between her beautifull boobs and moved it as i compressed her breasts hard.It was the best feeling i had ever got till then., much better than what my dick felt in my hand.From there my dick reached her mouth and as i pushed up and down it went deep into her mouth.She redily accepted it and held it in her hand and was quite amused and surprised to get such length from her young nephew.

She put the entire piece of meat into her mouth and started sucking like a lolly pop ,starting with the tip and slowly taking the entire thing in.It was even better than the boob job.She was actually going to pull the my liquid out when i pulled it out forcefully. " almost did me massi's not for your mouth but your pussy darling."

I then asked her to give me all she had and take all from me.She pushed me aside and got on top of me .Massi put some salive from her mouth on my already wet dick and some on her sexy pussy.Then she sat on my dick and took it in and started riding like a cowboy.Up and hard she went and after some 4-5 minutes as she came close to kiss my lips i put my arms around herpulling her down and taking the dick out ,only to to push it in right back with me on top now.I held both her legs with my hands and pumped her the hardest i could.I could see the pain and pleasure in her sexy eyes as she screamed out loud moving her head frantically and moving her hands through her hair." ahhhhhhhhhh......fuck me harder you dog .......yeeahhhhhh .........ooooooooooooooo...........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......ooohhhhhhhhh...god.....fuck........." Just before i was about to release it i pulled my dick out and slapped it against her pussy lips and on her flat sexy navel.

I then went down on her and jined my lips with hers.As we kissed long and hard she held my still errect dick and guided it into her ever waiting pussy.She closed her legs around my hips hard and i again started pumping her hard.Looking into my eyes she said "here i come jaz ...........ooooohhhhhhhhhhh...yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh....ahh........ah........ahhhhhhhh.ooooh.......... fuck..........oh god..."
Looking firmly into her eyes i waited for her to reach orgasm and then withdrew my dick and poured my hot and by now huge amount of jizz all over her sexy waist.I knew she felt how hot it was as she licked it up with her fingers.I then fell exhausted by her side.

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