Mom's tutorial 2

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

After first sex me was eager for another . But my mom decide to check my patience. She started showing me her breasts and ass to make me lust for her . She often kissed me in my lips. But never allowed me touch her body for the nest few days. But the 9th day she called me to her bed after dinner. She was in a blouse and skirt both white in colour. Her bra and panty was also visible which was black. I looked at her lips . It was red like ruby. I went on and kissed her . Our tongues were locked and my saliva was flowing to her mouth. I unbuttoned her blouse and removed her skirt to see her in bra and panty. She made me nude to.

I kissed on her breast and kicked it with my tongue her breasts was slipping from her bra due to my saliva. I removed her panty to see her amazon forest that is her hairy pussy. I again kissed her and removed her bra while kissing to make her totally nude. I started to enter my cock to her pussy. She stopped me and said " it must be the last thing you must do to your slut". Saying this she took my coal in her hand and started sucking it .you won't understand the feeling . It was like in heaven. Her saliva lubricated my penis. She made of to bum almost when i took my coal and sprayed my sperm to her face and some to her mouth.

Them she asked me to lick her pussy . I kicked it and inserted my tongue inside her pussy and made her cum. I was mad and started circling her nipples using my tongue. She was crying for my cock inside her pussy. But i was too reluctane for that. But when she cried too much i semi inserted my penis into her pussy and brought my lips above her lips which she tried take inside her mouth. When i fully inserted my remis to her cunt she took my mouth into her mouth. She asked me to stroke her cunt. I stroked her madi and slowly and i put my whole load of cum in her pussy. Now she sat in doggy position and asked me to fuck her virgin asshole.

I slowly opested my lubricated penis into her ass and started fucking it . But it was so virgin that we both had to take a lot of pain so my mom asked me to stop and once again took my penis into her mouth and spitted her saliva into it and spread it using her tongue. I was almost dying when she was doing that. She again sat into foggy position and asked me to lubricate her asshole by my saliva . I took saliva in my hand and circled her asshole making it yet . My she asked me to put my penis into it. I did so and when my remis entered her ass she just give out al loud moan and it helped me to stroke her faster and faster which made her almost cry.

She asked me to reduce the speed but it was the last thing i will do at that moment. I stroked her ass till i empty my testis . I put my whole sperm into her body through various parts. I was not ready to stop i. But she was three and asked me to sleep . The next morning say my mom is my wife and we will come to you later again.

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