Mom's Changes - We all love sexy lingerie

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

While Scott and Gwen have been enjoying the nightly swaps that my Mother and Father have been having with them. The sneaking around, the hiding, the running out at all hours of the evening had been putting a strain on the relationship that they had been building with my Mother and Father. True, there was an ultimate desire but before Carolyn's initiation, her bringing into the fold, there was always hesitation, anxiety and tension that was ever evident. This all changed the night that mom and dad brought Gwen, Scott and Carolyn over there house and had them put on the blindfolds and enjoy one another's presence or should I say essence for an entire evening along with the two of them and myself.

Gwen, Scott, Carolyn, Mom, Dad and I had spend that night together racing from one orgasmic moment to another. There was no sign of rushing after the initial shock had been dealt with. In fact, everyone except for Gwen had accepted it immediately and only Gwen took some additional coaxing. Once Mom and Dad had worked there magic though, there was no further resistance from Gwen, only acceptance and enjoyment of the evenings happenings.

The following morning, Mom had gotten up early as the six of us had shared Mom and Dad's King sized bed that prior evening. True it was close but we all had our tongues or lips somewhere during the entire night and no one seemed to mind the closeness that we where sharing.

The smell of Coffee and bacon rose from the kitchen and soon the essence was drifting into the bedroom where we had all been. I woke up first and slowly removed my head from between Gwen's beautiful stockinged legs. Gwen moaned a low pleasurable sound and as I got up, she opened her eyes and smiled at me, still in Mommy's blue bodysuit. There where signs of dry juices and cum and she noticed them as she smiled an even bigger smile, licking her lips as I smiled back. Was it Gwen's juices that had been on this bodysuit last night. We will have to wait for another time to answer that question. As I exited the room, I noticed Gwen reaching for Carolyn's breasts and smiled because I knew how Carolyn was going to soon be woken up by her mother. This simple move by Gwen told me that she had totally accepted the new developements that happened last night. The new stage was now set, new hieghts of pleasure would be enjoyed by many different unions.

I made my way downstairs and was treated to seeing Mom in her short silk robe, the belt was hanging down by her sides and she had her back to me. Her hair was a mess as she had not had time to fix herself up before beginning her morning meal preparation. Good Morning Mom, I stated and she turned around, making no attempt to close her robe. Instead, Mom walked over to me, brought her arms around my neck and gave me a quite sensuous morning kiss. Our tongues danced in one another's mouths as Mom's breasts pushed up against the sheer material of her blue bodysuit that I still had on from last night. As she brushed against the silk like material, Mommy started to rub from the left to the right and as she did this, I noticed that her nipples where once again beginning to get nice and hard from rubbing against the fabric. I immediately brought my hands to just above her waist as I began to allow them to travel further behind her. Beneath her satin robe, my hands grasped onto her beautiful round cheeks as she pulled herself even closer to me pushing her breasts harder and harder against me. Low moans where coming from deep in Mom's throat and I continued my attention as I traced her buttocks and brought my fingers down to between her now drenched lips. As I initially traced the outer lips, Mom shuddered and moaned with great appreciation of my attention.

As we stood in the kitchen, I heard the floor creak and as Mom and I turned to the door, we where treated to seeing Gwen and Carolyn, standing in the doorway watching us kiss and caress one another. Carolyn was still nude and Gwen now was wearing only her stockings, nothing more. As we looked at one another and then back to the lovely ladies. Mom said how long have the two of you been there? Carolyn spoke first and said let's see, we saw Joan put his arms around you and you turn around. OH, My God, they had been there for the entire 10 minutes or so that we where enjoying one another. Mom said, Oh, I see. The two ladies started laughing and the tension that was previously so thick in the air had immediately been cut down and we where all engaged in chat.

Mom got four cups and brought them to the table and had everyone sit down. I sat next to Carolyn and Gwen and Mom sat next to Gwen and Carolyn as our kitchen table is a very small table we sat very close. 

So how did you two enjoy last night? Mom asked as she looked at first Gwen and then Carolyn. The largest smiles that my Mother and I have ever seen where now proudly displayed on the faces of Carolyn and Gwen. Mom smiled at me and I smiled back. I think the four of us should make some plans on getting together regularly, maybe just us girls and some of our toys. Carolyn and Gwen where confused as they looked at me and said but what about him. Mommy laughed and said, can we really call him a he as he sits there in front of the three of us in my bodysuit and pantyhose after being fucked by not only his father but also by your father Carolyn.. Not to mention that Joan also sucks cock quite well. The two of them laugh and say, I guess it will be OK but he will have to be just like us whenever we are all together. Mom looks at me and says, Joan, if we invite you to get together with us. Can you promise that you will always play the part of the girl, dress up in our lingerie and outside of being asked to slide into any one of us for our pleasure, agree to only cum as a girl. I look at Mom, then Gwen and finally Carolyn as I shake my head yes. What else was I to do. The only way I could participate with them was to be one of the girls. I guess that meant that I was to be one of the girls. Not a problem with me, especially since I enjoyed wearing Mommy's lingerie, hose, heels and yes even her soiled bodysuits.

The stage had been set and we no sooner end our conversation then the two guys come down to the kitchen. What where you  teen ladies, going to do, leave us up there all day to sleep it away, Dad asked as he brushed my shoulder. No Honey, us girls where just having some girl talk. You don't mind, do you. Dad thought about it for a second and said, I guess not as long as it does not involve you ladies messing around with any other guys without us being present. Mommy smiled at Dad and said, Honey, the only way that we would participate with another male is if you guys where with us as well. That's OK with you two isn't it. They looked at one another and agreed together and then where ushered into the kitchen and offered some breakfast. The guys had plans for the day and that left the ladies home alone. I was invited to join the guys. I was told however that if I joined them, I would have to be dressed like a boy and take off all those things that I had on. Since I did not have any real love for ball games, I decided to stay home. The guys left and that left the four of us home alone.

Gwen and Carolyn said that they had some things to do at home and if we where open to it, they would love to come back a little later, since we knew that the guys would be gone for the rest of the day and maybe even call late and make it an overnight at one of there buddy's homes since they had a habbit of drinking to much. Mom agreed and the two of them left. That left Mom and I standing in the kitchen. Mom still in her short robe and me still in her bodysuit. Mom came over to me first and bent down kissing me on the lips. I accepted her advances and was soon kissing her back like there was no tomorrow. Mom's hands traced the shoulder of her bodysuit followed by the side and as she made her way past the midsection, she brought her hands up to where breasts would be if I was actually a woman. She let out a low moan and continued down the fabric, coming to rest on the mound that was just about belly height. I see, Joan is getting excited, Mommy said and as she did, I leaned to her and brought one of her nipples between my lips and began sucking hungrily on it as it extended into my mouth that was providing the stimulation that allowed it to grow. Mom moaned deeply as a result of my actions and was soon holding my head against her chest saying, suck it Joan, suck Mommy good, suck Mommy real good. I did what any good girl would do and continued to administer the service that Mom was requesting. 

Mom then pulled back and said, Honey, we had a great night last night and we have all of these smells between us. What if the two of us go up and take a nice shower and then dress in some lingerie and enjoy one another in a more proper way. I look into her eyes and agree as I shake my head yes.

We go back to her master Bedroom and are soon both totally nude. Mom steps into the shower first and then ushers me in after her. She hands me some soap as she takes some for herself. She turns around and says, Joan, will you wash Mommy's back for her. I bend down ever so slightly and begin to administer the soap to her beautiful back with her nice wide shoulders. My hands make there way around to her breasts and Mom moans lightly as I raise them making sure to wash below them as well as above them. Mom's appreciation is evident as she pushes her butt back to me and captures my hard on in the crack between her beautiful cheeks. She smiles as do I. We must spend about 30 minutes in the shower, making sure that every area is soaped and rinsed. The rinsing is a final rinse that is performed by kissing the part that had just been cleaned. To say, I kissed my Mommy's Ass would be an understatement, but then again, I had done that already and done it often in the past. 

We both emerge from the shower, totally ravished by the activities that have just taken place and collapse on the bed. Mom sits up first and going over to her dresser takes one of her perfume bottles and begins by lightly spraying herself, it smells so nice and I let her know that I enjoy it. She smiles at me and comes over and sprays me with it as well. I look at her and she says, Joan, all girls wear nice perfume, you are one of the girls, aren't you? I shake my head yes as I realize what I have just admitted to. If I was going to be playing with the girls later today, I would have to be one of the girls. She smiles back at me and next she goes over to her dresser. Mom removes from it a pair of sheer stockings and a black bodystocking, some bras, a garter belt and some panties. Mom sits down on the bed first and begins to put on her bra. She looks over at me and says, aren't you going to get dressed. I look down and say, with what. 

Joan, you have put on my bodysuit that was covered with my cum, as well as someone elses, you have put on my pantyhose, now it is time for you to put on my bra, this garter belt, these stockings and lastly a pair of my silk panties. But, No BUTS, Mom says. You have already confirmed your interest and acceptance, hell, your father fucked you while you where dressed like his little daughter and you loved it. Especially while his little daugher ate her mother while he was being fucked. But you whore them, I said, Joan, I whore all of these, the only thing is that these are clean. I look down and submit uncontrollably as I know that there is no going back and I wouldn't want to if I could.

I place the bra on, attach the garter belt, place on the stockings and lastly step into a pair of Mommy's panties. Mommy looks over at me and says, most guys would put the panties on first then the stockings and garter. How did you know to do it the way you did. I look over at her and smile and she says, you spied on me or me and my girlfriends, didn't you. I just let out a small grin. You dirty  girl. How long have you been into this before we introduced you into it fully. I look at her and say, years Mommy, Years. She smiles and says, so our teen boy really did want to be our teen girl. I shake my head yes and with that she continues to get herself ready.

The phone rings and Mom says, get that honey will you. I reach over and on the other phone is Gwen. Can we come over, she says. I say hold on and ask Mom if it is OK for Gwen to come over with Carolyn. Mom says yes, just tell them that they have to have on some real sexy lingerie or don't bother coming at all. Tonight is just for us ladies. I pass the message on and in about 15 minutes the two of them are at our front door. Mom floats to the front door in her black ball gown with it's high slit and below it she is wearing a pair of sheer stockings and black sandal pumps. So sexy, so hot as I watch Mom welcome our guests into our home.

Gwen comes in first followed by Carolyn. Gwen is wearing a short red skirt, low cut blouse and black sheer stockings with a seam running down the back of them. Her top is revealing just enough to capture someone's attention but not enough to let them see the goods. Carolyn is behind her in her black bodysuit complete with a tootoo very similar to the one that I had on the night before when I serviced them. Mom smiles as she just loves ladies in bodysuits. That is one of the reasons that she had joined the gym. All those ladies in all those beautiful outfits.

The ladies make there way into our home and Mom offers them a drink. They both accept and after Gwen has had about 3 to 4 drinks her resistance is once again lowered. Mom bends over and kisses her right on the lips. Gwen offers no resistance and opens her mouth and accepts Mom's probing tongue as Carolyn and I look on. 

Carolyn, reaches between her legs and starts rubbing herself lightly at first while witnessing her mother being taken by my mother. Mom raises the dress she is currently wearing over her head and is soon adorned only in a bodystocking. Gwen smiles and reaches for her stocking encased breasts. As her hands caress Mom's nipples, Mom moans deeply into Gwen's mouth as they continue there hot kiss.

Mom says, ladies, I have a surprise everyone upstairs. We all make our way up the steps and as we open the door to there bedroom notice an array of toys spread over the King-sized bed. Mom ushers Gwen onto the bed first. She takes her place in the center of the bed. Next Mom hands Carolyn a strap on harness and dildo that attaches to it. Carolyn immediately knows what to do and affixes the dildo to the harness. Mom speaks out. Carolyn, Joan, you are going to both be fucked at the same time while you are fucking, is that clear. I look back at Mother and she smiles asking again, is that clear. We shake our heads yes. Good.

Carolyn is first to put herself between the legs of her mother she gazes into her eyes as her mother says to her. Slide into me Carolyn, fuck me, fuck your mother while you are being fucked by your boyfriend that is also being fucked by his mother at the same time. Go on, become one with us. With that Carolyn slides into her mother. A sound of acceptance and pleasure is coming from Gwen as she wraps her stockinged legs around the waist of her beautiful daughter pulling her ever further inside of the deep depths of her womanhood. Carolyn gets a rhythm going and Mom looks at me. Joan, do you want to be fucked by your mother, or do you want to fuck me, your mother while I fuck Carolyn. The choice is yours. 

I think about it for a moment and then say to Mom, Mom, first I want to fuck Carolyn while she fucks Gwen her mother and you fuck me your son. Then I want you to Fuck Carolyn while I fuck you. Can we do that? Mom gazes at me and says, so my little slut wants it both ways. I smile at her and she knows how much the total pleasure for me is ultimately important. Mom agrees ushering me between the legs of Carolyn. I grasp onto her beautiful hips and slowly begin to pull her bodysuit to the side. Mom looks on and says, my little girl, dressed in lingerie is pulling the bodysuit of his girlfriend away so he can penetrate her while she is sliding into her own mother. I pull it aside allowing me to see the beautiful pussy that is beneath. I bring my dick to the lips of her dripping pussy and as I slide into her, she lets out a whimper of pleasure. I bend down and whisper into Carolyn's ear. You are fucking your mother as I fuck you, my little slut. As I say this, Carolyn shudders in orgasmic preparation as she dives deeper and deeper into her mother. Gwen pulls her down to her so that they kiss for Gwen heard what I said and was excited by it as well. Mom then comes up behind me and brings the lubed dildo to my ass and slides into me saying. "Joan, I am fucking you as you are fucking your girlfriend who is fucking her mother. We are so sick, so totally erotically sick. With that Mom pushes deep inside of me as I push deep inside of Carolyn who in return pushes even deeper into Gwen as we all Moan in unison racing from one orgasm to another.

This continues for about an hour or so, nice and slow, light touches, kisses, nibbles and caresses, weight ontop of us, us ontop of another person back and forth until we all climax and are spent. Mom pulls out and then says, Pull out Joan, I do and Mom immediately puts the dildo that was just buried in my ass deep inside of Carolyn, Carolyn shudders as Mom pushes deep into her thus pushing Carolyn even deeper inside of her own mother. I gaze on a little and then Mom says, don't just stand there. Fuck me, fuck your mother Joan, your mother that is fucking your girlfriend while she is fucking her mother. That was all that I had to hear and I was soon buried deep inside of Mom pumping for all I was worth, bringing her from one orgasmic release to another. We all spent the rest of that afternoon and even early evening in Mommy's bed waiting the return of our fathers and husbands to only share with them the pleasurable experience that we had been able to have in there absence.

Before they arrive though, Carolyn, notices a black box over in the corner of the bedroom. She looks at it and says, what's that. Mom looks in the direction that Carolyn is gazing and begins to get a redness to her face. Mom gives up and says. Carolyn, Gwen, you now know that we are sex maniacs, basically sluts. My husband purchased this device for my training. After we started to meet with other couples and woman, the need for it was not any longer necessary so we simply left it in the corner. Carolyn was first to get up and go over to the box, opening it up. It consisted of a half circle tube about 24" in length and about 15" in width and just as high. To the top of it was affixed a device to witch other devices where to be attached and to the bottom of it was a black box with knobs that controlled speed, thrust, sensation and the like. I immediately knew what it was The girls would know shortly after I did.

Carolyn brought it to the middle of the room and said, show us how it works, I read about this in many magazines but I never saw one up close. Show me how it works, please. With that, Mom got off of the bed and brought the instrument to the middle of the bedroom. Mom plugged it in and selected one of her favorite attachments. She then affixed it to the unit and bringing one leg over the device looked at the three of us together. Are you sure you want to know what this does. Carolyn's answer of course was a yes, Gwen followed suit and I said yes Mommy, I just want to see you get yourself off again as you race from one orgasm to another. Mom said, it's not that simple ladies, I want to warn you. I have to warn you. Once I start, I can't stop, you will have to put up with me fucking this machine for all it's worth, no matter what you do, I can't stop, till I am through. I have been on this machine in the past for 30 minutes and I have been locked on this machine for six hours. I just can't ever get enough and each time it is different. Mom of course is saying this as she is rubbing her hands over the curve of the base, the shape of the probe and looking at it in a type of brainwashed sort of way, for she knows the pleasure, the stimulation, the hieghts of climactic energy that she will ultimately release. Those thoughts race through her head as she asks once again, hoping that we don't change our minds. Are you sure, are you all sure that you want me to do this? We all agreed again and I got my wish as I observed Mom straddle the device and slowly lower herself to the medium sized attachment that she had just affixed to the unit. It was buzzing slowly and as it met Mom's dripping pussy lips, Mommy shuddered pushing her entire weight down upon the device in one thrust. None of the unit is showing as it remains deep inside of Mom's pussy. She begins to breath rapidly and as she looks over at Gwen, Carolyn and I, she says, there is still stillll, 
ttttttiiiimmmmmmmeeeeeeee to change your 

Mom is now panting as she gazes at us, her eyes glazing over. Tell me you want me to, tell me, please tell me. 
you wannnnnnttttt mmmmmmmeeeeeeeee tttttoooooo sssstttttooooopppppp or 
teeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllll mmmmmmeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyooooooooouuuuuu wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnntttttttttttttttt mmmmmeeeeee tttttooooooooooooo tttttttttooooooooo tttttttttooooooooo fffuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkk 

With that I walk closer to her and standing at her side kiss her on the lips. Mom opens her mouth and thrusts her tongue into my mouth as I kiss it sucking her probing tongue deep into my mouth. The passion deep inside of this woman, my mother, begging to be let out is beyond measure. I know that this will be the hieght of her evening and something that she has to do, if not for us, than for herself. Later it will be something that she will do regularly with others, with family and friends and yes even with me but for now, she must do it for herself and her total pleasure. I pull away and say Mom, I want you to show us, I want to see you fuck yourself with this beautiful machine and cum for us Mom, cum for all of us. With that Mom's head flew back, both of Mommy's hands where now resting on the front of the unit, supporting her weight as her eyes fluttered while the probe buzzed away deep inside of her. Mom's ass was gyrating around in circles and back and forth not to mention side to side. I reached out and cupped one of her breasts bringing the nipple between my fingers. As I did, Mom let out a long moan, gasping my name, JOOOOAAAAAANNNNNNNN, GGGGOOOOOOODDDDDD YYYYYYEEEEESSSSS. 

Mom was beginning to cum and there was nothing I could do but make sure she enjoyed the ride. I kissed her lightly on the lips and she immediately opened her mouth, pushed her head toward mine and thrusted her tongue deep inside of my mouth. There was no doubt that Mom was enjoying herself and there was no way I was going to ever minimize that level of stimulation that Mom was undergoing.

Carolyn came up to the other side of Mom and grasped her other breast and Mom looked over and simply went to the top of Carolyn's head and started passionately kissing Carolyn's head, Carolyn, looked up and as she did, Mom raced toward her mouth and was soon french kissing her. Carolyn had an idea and turned around putting her dripping pussy right in front of Mommy face. Mommy knew exactly what she had to do and was soon lapping away at the pussy of my girlfriend. Gwen got up and went to the back of the device and started to kiss and lick Mom's ass basically rimming her. Mom just sat still as the machine raced her insides from one orgasm to another all the while eating and being eaten by her new bi female lovers.

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