Mom's Changes - - - Scott, Gwenn, Mom and I (revised)

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

So here I am, 19, having been changed into my parent's little girl, since there can only be one man in the household according to Dad. I also have just found out about the block orgy practices that where occuring right under everyones noses. Talk about having a hard time walking around the area without getting hard. Almost impossible

Well back to the story, I had been on my best behaviour for the party. I did a lot of observing and a little participating, my participation on that first night was limited to Mom,Dad, Shirley and Phil. That was it, although as I did get into enjoying the company, most of the people at the party where already busy watching me and mom and dad and Shirley and Phil I guess you can say, there was a whole lot of shaking going on, there was also a whole lot of watching going on. I was a definate watcher. I saw the neighbors, go at it, break up and go at it again, I noticed them watching each other enjoy one another and I saw a lot of Bi, both male and female, it was all HOT.

When the party broke up Mom and Dad went to bed and I went up to my room. As you can already guess, the doors on the homes interior rooms where almost always left open. Nothing better than catching someone or better yet, being caught by someone. Always a level of intencity around the house. One night, I went to bed around 11:00pm and was soon fast asleep as I had a hell of a day at work, totally exhausting. I didn't make a whole lot of small talk when I came home, simply saying that I was tired and saying goodnight to Mom and Dad. Mom came over to me and kissed me on the cheek saying, good night honey. I simply went upstairs, hit my bed and was soon off to sleep. Nothing could have woken me up. Nothing except for the phone at 2:00am. Now, around 19, I slept with nothing on, nothing except for some of the things that they had me put on but outside of lingerie, the pantyhose and the bodysuit, there was never anything that was worn to bed. The phone rang, it only rang once but the once was enough to rip me from my sleep. I stirred a little and then started some laughter coming from my parents room. It was Mom laughing and then Dad would kick in then back to Mom. Sure, I could have gotten up, walked down the hall and asked what was so funny but I'm glad I didn't. In fact, I didn't leave my bed although I did lay there waiting to see what developed. See, by this time, I knew that something was up and that there was much more to come if things played out right, there was a light nock on the front door and I heard Dad go down the stairs to answer the door. There was some talking and I heard the talking get louder as Dad and this Man continued to get closer to my parent's room. They walked in and closed the door. This was different at this point so right there I knew that something was up. I just layed on my bed listening, with eyes closed, imagining what might be happening just down the hall. I wouldn't have to wait long as I listened, I heard Dad leave the room, close the door and head down the steps, next I heard the front door open and close and lastly I heard Dad start his car and heard him pull away.

Where did Dad go, what was up. All things that ran through my head. Then I heard Mom start giggling again, followed by the fimiliar moans and of course the yes, yes, yes, right there, that's it, don't stop, please don't stop. I listened for about 20 minutes than there was no doubt what was going on. Mom's bed started squeeking like crazy and Mom started moaning, first, gasps, words, broken up and finally outright begging for Scott not to stop. Scot, I only knew one Scot it was the father of one of my classmates. Her mother was hot as hell also and always wore dresses with high slits and always dark pantyhose. A very sexy lady. I didn't know what to do but to listen so that is what I did. Then I heard Mom start screaming in pleasure. Scott, don't stooooooopppppppppp, god gggggiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iiiiiiiiiittttttttt ttttttooooooo mmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Yes, Yes, Yes, that's it, right there, keep going, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I will, go on make me, go on Go On, Make Me? What was she talking about then I heard the answer to my question. Gooooooddddddddddd I taste soooooooooooooo nnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy My belief was confirmed right there that Scott had made Mommy taste herself. That was also to be confirmed later but let me not get ahead of myself.

Mom kept screaming and moaning and moaning and moaning and moaning. Did I mention that Mom was moaning.... :) I guess it could be fare to say, that Scott did pleasure Mom. Then I heard Scott yell, Yes, that's it, right there, yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh, oh, oh, oh, and a lot of panting at the end There was no doubt in my mind that Scott, like Mom had cum and was now spent. Mommy wasn't ready for it to end though because as Scott got up and started to get ready to leave, I heard Mom kissing and moaning. What she was kissing, what she was doing was unknown to me but I believe, I was pretty darn close The phone rang again, this time as I looked over at my alarm clock, I noticed that it was about 3:30am. The fun was over or so I thought. I got up, walked over to my door and looked in the direction of the noise. I observed Scott walk down the stairs, he had not seen me.

I turned around and saw Mom standing there, looking right at me, right at me with my hard dick in my hand. Mom was was wearing a little maids outfit, a short skirt, black stockings and no panties, good thing too because the insides of her legs where simply dripping with Scott's warm cum. Mom didn't know what to do so she did what any totally sex crazed woman and mother would do in the presence of her son. She reached down to her pussy with one hand and her breasts with another and started to masturbate in front of me. Our eyes locked and I walked over to her. She smiled at me and didn't say a word at first. Then, "I need it Joseph, I need it all the time. So does your stepfather and we need it in so many different ways, so it's always HOT. Mom said HOT as she pushed her fingers deeper into herself. I'm so ashamed." Doing this, telling my son about this. So ashamed. BUT SSSSSssssstttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllll, IIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIII NNNNEEEEeeeeeeeDDDDDddddd IIIIIIIIItttttttttttttttt.

I looked at her beautiful body reached out for her chin and raised it so that our eyes met once again. Mom, it's OK, she sniffled a little and then said, you are so ashamed of me. Mom said this without ever removing her fingers from the depths of her dripping pussy. Oh, sure, she slowed down her speed but there was no doubt that Mom was still pumping her fingers in and out of her now flowing pussy. I said no, I'm not and with that I reached out for her pussy. Mom wasted no time, and put her hands over mine and pushed my hand hard against her wet mound as she pushed down while she bent her legs. Mom whispered to me, put your fingers inside of me Joseph, please put your fingers deep inside of Mommy. I did as I was told and soon Mom was bumping up and down on my fingers. She bent over and kissed me, as her tongue delved into the deepest part of my mouth I could taste the remains of Scot. That simply pushed me on even more as Mom sucked hungrily encouraging me on to new heights of total pleasure. I must have been there in her arms, kissing her almost 10 minutes, too long not to be discovered. Mom looked down the hall and found Dad standing there watching Mom and me. Mom had me continue fingering her and kissing her at the same time.

As Mom would begin to cum, Dad would walk around her, bring his hands to her breasts and whisper into her ear, loud enough for me to hear though, he is going to be drinking Scott's cum out of you. We have had him clean you out, as well as Shirley and now he is going to be cleaning out Scott's cum from deep inside of you. Wait till he tastes Gwenn's juices direct from the source. With that Mom shuttered and pushed down with all of her weight. No resistance was offered by her legs and Moms full body weight was now pinning me to the bed below me. I wasn't moving though as there was no place I would rather be.

At the same time Mom looked down at me and asked me if I was ready to taste Scott. straight from the source and not from her mouth. I smiled because I knew what Mom was about to do. I layed down on her bed and Mom straddled my head and slowly lowever her dripping swollen lips to my awaiting lips and tongue and soon I was diving my tongue deep into the depths of her womanhood. Mom would push down further and harder as she raced toward yet another one of her strong orgasms. This of course would only add liquid nectar to the cocktail that I was already enjoying. I must have eaten Mom for almost an hour and all the time, Dad was rubbing and massaging Mom all over, her feet, her legs, her breasts and yes even kissing her deeply and passionately. Usually when she would orgasm, he would be in the middle of a long kiss. Mom finally came as much as she could in that position and she released me from her warm confines of her beautiful thighs and warm pussy.

I rolled over and Mom took my hand smiling and keeping my hand against her mound and my fingers once again deep inside of her pussy, Mom brought the two of us down to the beds mattress as she layed out and opened her legs wide accepting my hands, body and total being for her pleasure. Soon Dad came over to the bed .. As he climbed onto the bed, Mom said, let me taste and with that Dad stood up came closer to Mom. Mom put her hands around his dick and brought it to her lips. Dad moaned and Mom said, honey, you taste so good with Gwen's pussy juice all over your cock. Mom looked at me and said, "do you want to taste Gwen?" I smiled and shook my head yes. With that Mom brought Dad's dick from her lips to mine and soon was encouraging me on and I was sucking Dad off and getting him nice and clean.

"Tell me Joanne, does Gwenn taste good?" I simply knodded yes and Mom was soon pulling Dads dick from my mouth back to hers saying that's enough. Mom looked at Dad again and said, she must have been crazy with desire as you fucked her. Mom said this all the while looking at me as I leaned into her, feeling her warmth, her softness of her breasts, the smoothness of her legs that where now between my legs as I pushed my dick down on the soft skin and received the response of total pleasure. I guess you can say that by this time, I was rubbing against her upper thigh as I looked into her face while she sucked Dad off, all the while smiling at me or kissing me.

Dad didn't last long and was soon ready to give Mommy a mouthful of cum. Mom never stopped and soon had a mouthful of Dad's cum. She smiled, moved away a little and then turned to look at me. She locked eyes with me and I instantly knew what to do. I put my lips against hers and we kissed. She pushed Dad's cum into my mouth with her tongue and soon we where french kissing enjoying the pleasure of this wonderful man. The man that took our world and opened it to a level of total non stop exploration, stimulation and orgasmic delights. This dominant man that has pushed our limits and reestablished our bounderies and brought us into a world of total tabboo and incest, not to mention bisexuality and experimentation. Before his arrival, I would have never thought of having sex with mommy but now, it was looked forward to, especially when I was turned from Joseph into Joanne. God that was so hot.

Dad had laid down on the bed and was simply enjoying the sensation of the moment and the pleasures of the sight that was taking place in front of him. His wife, my Mother was totally excited and no where near ready to stop her climactic moments of pleasure. He had made her this way though. In the beginning, Mom was reserved, conservative and did enjoy making love but for the sensuality and not the sexuality like today. He has opened many doors that he has made sure she has gone through and many that he has made sure that I have gone through. Of course, I am just like my Mother and also extremely sexual, once the heightened moment has been initiated. Like Mom, I can now never get enough. I will do almost anything and he knows that he has unleashed two extremely sexual deviants that must now get as much as they can, as often as they can. Two sex crazed deviants that will even go as far as having sex and making love to each other. In effect engage in incest for there pleasure. Luckily he enjoys this type of activity. Lucky for Mom and Me, we too now enjoy this type of total pleasure. Total NON stop pleasure.

Mom got up from the bed and went into the bathroom, she returned holding a pair of her worn panties and pantyhose that she had worn earlier the other day. As she floated toward the bed, my eyes got bigger and bigger. I knew what was coming and I looked forward to it every time. A large smile came to her face, as did one to mine. I knew what was about to happen, and so did she.

Mom sat down on the bed and looking into my eyes said the following words. "Joanne, take these" I reach out and Mom hands me her dirty panties. Mom grasps onto my hand and guides it to my nose as I hold onto the silk panties that are now coming closer and closer to my nose. "Do you smell me, Do you smell Mommy's pussy Joanne?" I smile and say yes. "Do you like my scent honey?" Again yes is my answer. "Bring it to your nose honey and smell me, smell me real deep" I do as instructed and take a deep breath of her essence, as I do, Mommy reaches out with one of her fingers and guides the rest of the panty into my mouth. As I feel her silk covered finger approach my lips, I open acceptantly and am soon sucking on her digit as I breath her scent in deeply. Mom smiles on as she asks for me to give her my foot. I sat up and handed it to her. As I did, Mommy rolled up her stockings and began to guide them up my legs. I looked on as she did the same with the other. Here I am sitting on the bed, pantyhose on from my toes to just above my knee. Stand up Joanne, I do and am soon having the pantyhose pulled up over my thighs, hips and lastly waist. Mom comes over to me and planting her lips on mine, kisses me passionately. I open my mouth and except her delving tongue.

Mom brings her hands down to my legs and guides them over my stockinged legs. You like when I touch you don't you. Yes is of course my answer. Joanne, you know that Dad left and went to Gwen's house and Fucked her tonight don't you. Yes is my answer. You also know that Scott just fucked me and yes filled me, you felt it before when you fingered me. I moan as Mom pushes up on the hosiery as it rides against my ever enlarging member. Joanne, lay on the bed. I do and as I do, Mom gets up and slowly approaches the side of the bed. First one knee and then the other is on the bed near my head as she kneels at my side. I want you to clean me out Joanne, I want you to clean all of Scott's cum out of the deepest part of your Mothers body. Can you do that for me, can you do that for Mommy. I shake my head yes and with that, Mom brings one of her stockinged legs over my head and as I look up into her dripping pussy, Mommy lowers herself ever so slowly to my awaiting lips. The sight, the scent, the anticipation as I finally have Mommy's pussy pushing down against my upward thrusting tongue. Mom begins to ride and slowly brings herself closer and closer to orgasmic release.

As her orgasm rips through her innermost core, Mom lays back against the headboard and then slowly slides down to the mattress as she disconnects from my lips. I trail her with my tongue for as long as I can. Mom leans back and takes a deep breath. I look up and smile at her as she smiles back.

Joanne, You did such a wonderful job cleaning me out, now it's time for you to lick me some more as Daddy makes you into his little girl again. With that Dad once more comes up from behind and slowly turns me over before spreading my cheeks as he gets himself ready for the entry. As Dad stands poised at the opening, my mouth is also at the opening, it is however the opening to Mommy's still dripping pussy. Dad slides into me again and I immediately attack the warmth of Mommy's pussy and bring her once again to the doors of orgasmic relief. The harder Dad slides into me, the more I enjoy the sensations of our time together.

As I am being filled and licking Mom's pussy, the phone rings. Mom reaches for it since she is the closest. The person on the other side of the phone is whispering as I can see Mom straining to hear the low voice. Carolyn, I can explain, no you can't, I will explain, no not now, no, no, no, no, Don't you dare. because, I said so, I'll explain everything, no, later, yes, no, not tonight, later, I'll let you know, no, not tonight, and not tomorrow morning. Listen, you will hear back from me by tomorrow night. Yes, I will call, no I'm not just saying that. Around 7:00pm. OK., I understand, yes, if I don't get back to you, you can go to your father, I promise. Fine, tomorrow night by 7:00pm
Good Night.

As the phone call went on, Dad slid into me again and again, it did feal like he was getting harder but I can never get that one confirmed. Mom hung up the phone and said to Dad, we have a problem. Carolyn knows. Now Carolyn is Gwen's and Scott's 19 year old daughter. Just as hot as her mother and just as much of a slut. The only thing is that she does not know that her parents are the same way and her parents don't know that she is the same way either.

Carolyn's introduction into the circle, next time . . .

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