Mom's Changes - Mom, Dad, Rose, Phil & I

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

So there I was, laying on my parents bed dressed in a pink body suit that I had just been given and told to put on by my mother. mom had pulled aside one of the leg openings and had fished my now erect dick out from beneath the shiny pink bodysuit and was sucking on my dick. Mom ran her hands over the sheer fabric of the bodysuit, I now know that Mom was getting into this as much as I was especially since Mom was not only dad's slut but also bi.

I grasped onto Rose's feet as she, ate Mom out. It was a sight, two pink bodysuits on two of us and Mommy totally nude. I wish I could have captured the moments on film. A best seller for sure. Mom, always was gentle with me, guess it was because Dad was not always gentle with her or me for that matter. Sort of trying to balance things out I guess. We kissed, sucked, licked and rubbed for about 10 minutes.

Mom came first because Rose was of course a true bifemale and total slut too. Rose stood about 5'6" and weighed in at around 115 pounds with long brown hair halfway down her back, a hazel brownish eye color and was of american indian descent. She was well shaped and always done up to the nine. A very elegant woman that was never seen out of her house in anything other than a skirt or blouse with pumps at the least. Oh, sure, once or twice she would be in jeans, but they where always designer and always tight as if they had been painted on her beautiful form. She walked out to her Lincoln in her high heels and anyone around would stop and stair, she would just smiiiiillllllleeeee. She knew she had a package that everyone loved and wasn't afraid to show it off. She also knew the limited number of people that she would allow to be anywhere near her, sexually speaking that was.

I came to find out later that during there weekly meetings, Mom and Rose would go at it like there was no tomorrow, usually the guys would watch but sometimes they joined in after the ladies had pleasured themselfs for at least an hour or more.

Sure, Mom loved her ladies in bodysuits and loved being in one as well. There was just something about the sheer sensuality of the whole thing that would often hieghten her climactic release. Many times, I found Mom and Rose, with pussies pushed against one another both of them wearing bodysuits as they held onto one anothers legs for support, or was it to add to the sensuality of the moment. Both Rose and Mom loved lingerie, stockinged lege and even woman's feet, especially when they where encased in hose or pantyhose. This I would come to find out later. Mom and Rose holding onto one anothers stockinged legs simply pushed as hard and as deep against one another as earth shattering orgasms racked them one after another if not together in unison.

In addition it seemed that they both loved pussy and yes, even ass. They would go to the same gym three times a week together also and no one knows what went on in the locker room of the gym for that matter. One thing that everyone will agree on though is that they always came home happy, with a definate glow. In hine sight, I think I know exactly what went on in the gym, I'll just never know for sure. Mom and Rose both died, mom first in 1989 and Rose in 2003.

Well, back to the five of us in the bedroom. We where all going at it when all of a sudden, Dad stood up. He held onto Roses shoulder and pushed her down on the bed. Then he made Mom straddle her face and basicly sit on her face as Rose dove her tongue deep up inside of Mommy's dripping pussy.

so deep honey,
GGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD she feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllsssssssss sssssssss00000000000000 ggggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooood

Dad then went to Rose and entered her as Phil went over to Mom and had Mommy suck on his dick, as his wife Rose licked her from below. Dad was never one to be kept out of the action so at the same time dad then positioned himself and started sliding his dick into Rose's now dripping pussy as he looked up at Mom who was being eaten as she sucked off Phil. Mom was pushing harder and harder onto Rose's delving tongue and Rose would have it no other way as she grasped onto Mom's hips and puller her even harder down to her probing tongue.

Dad then called me over and had me lay on my side so that he could suck my dick at the same time. I layed down and my hands went to Roses beautiful breasts and as I initially touches her Rose moaned loudly in satisfaction. We switched positions a couple of times and once he even had Rose lay ontop of Mommy's face. I'll never forget that time, it was one of my favorite. Mom was laying on the bed and Rose basicly sat on Mommy's face and then layed down. This opened Rose's rosebud to Mom's talented tongue and Mom took no time snaking her long tongue deep into Rose's deap innermost zone. As Mom was rimming Rose, Dad had me start licking her delicious pussy as I straddled the legs of both Mom and Rose.

I put myslef into position and as soon as I was into it and was licking Rose like there was no tomorrow, I felt the bed shift. I payed no attention to it until I felt a set of hands on my bodysuit covered ass. I didn't think anything of it at first as I was enjoying the sweetness of Rose's pussy. Rose was bumping up to meet me and down to fully allow Mom's long tongue to make it's way deeper and deeper into her innermost depths. Rose was moaning from both of our attentions and of course, Dad was tracing his hands all over Mom's body as well as Rose's.

At that very moment that I was really getting into it, I felt my bodysuit being pulled away, and then all of a sudden, a finger make it's way between my cheeks then in. Ouch, that hurt a bit, no lubrication, only the wetness of the lady's pussy's that was still on the fingers then Dad came to the side of the bed and touched my shoulder. I looked up and as I gazed into Dad's face, it hit me.

Dad simply smiled and said, you now know. With that I felt Phil, remove his finger from between my cheeks only to be replaced by his massiive dick. I thought Dad's was big and it was, but nothing like Phil's. He pushed my hole apart as he pushed unforgivingly against my innermost being reestablishing a new dimension in my anal cavity. Pain, pleasure, all rushing through my being as I only dove deeper into his wife with my tongue. Rose looked up and looking into Phil's eyes said, you're going to make him into one aren't you. Phil just said, he is going to know how it feels both ways. With that I pushed my head down with as much force as Phil was pushing into me and Rose simply yelled as her orgasm swept over her entire body. Rose couldn't make her mind up if she was pushing up against my tongue or down against my mothers probing tongue but in any event, wave after wave of total unubstructed pleasure raced through Rose's body as she started to squirt her orgasmic fluid into my awaiting mouth, only to drink it up with total abandonment.

Dad looked upon the festivities from the side of the bed and then as everyone was beginning to calm down without ever stopping the action, Dad looked into my eyes and said the following in a very soft but authoritative manner. Joann, my mom and dad would call me that whenever I was dressed in a bodysuit or any type of lingerie, Phil is fucking you right now, not because you're eating his wife's pussy but because your mother is probing her tongue deep into his wife's ass while you are eating her pussy. Joanne, your mother and you are both total sluts, my total sluts. You are as horny and as deviant as your mother. The two of you need to be dominated, need to be made to serve, need to be made to eat, lick, and do as demanded upon you as you bring your partner or partners to new hieghts of total release and climactic pleasure. As Dad said this Phil was pumping into me and getting really turned on, I could feel him get bigger and knew that he was close to filling me with his hot cum. Dad knew it too and simply moved himself to behind Rose and with one swift motion, pulled Rose off of Mom's tongue and away from my grasp. This left Mom and I looking at one another. Mom was emmitting the scent of Rose's ass as I'm sure I was emmitting the scent of Rose's pussy. Dad looked down and said, the two of you have pleasured Rose quite well together now enjoy one another as you are enjoyed Joanne. With that, I lowered my mouth to Mommy's and we started kissing. Mom opend her mouth first and hungrily probed my mouth with her long tongue. The same tongue that only moments before where burried deep into the innermost depths of Rose's anal zone. As her tongue met mine and we shared the tastes of our labor, Dad positioned my dick at the lips of Mommy's pussy and as Phil filled me, I slid into Mommy. Mommy gasped at the new arrival and grabbed onto my hips and never wanted it to end. Mom moaned low and loud as I filled her while being filled.

Rose came to the side and began to suck off Dad as she watched her husband Phil slide into me as I slid into my mother while we shared a passionate french kiss. Our tongues exploring every area of the others mouth. We rode one another until Phil exploded into me and I began to feal the hot liquid running down my legs. At that exact moment, Mommy looked into my eyes and said, Joanne, cum inside of Mommy, please cum deep inside of Mommy. I let go and filled her furthest zone as Mom rocked back and forth in her own orgasm. Her legs wrapped around me, her hands carressed my bodysuit covered body and her hands brought mine to her breasts and other areas of her beautiful body. We cuddled for about an hour as Rose bent down over Dad and sucked him off as Phil filled her deep with his manhood. As Mom and I ressed, the sounds of total pleasure and release could be heard over our light moans of pleasure.

About a week later Rose, asked me over to her house to get something to bring to Mom, when I went over her house, Rose was standing there in her bodysuit. My mouth just dropped open when I saw her, all sweaty. She ushered me in and asked me if I liked cream, I said I did with that Rose pulled aside the crotch of her bodysuit and told me to come and get it. I just buckled at the knees and dove in, I didn't think about being caught, I didn't think about who's cream I was cleaning out of Rose, I didn't think about how I was going to explain my breath or my look. For that matter, I didn't think about anything. I simply didn't stop until there was no cream left, when that time came, Rose, brushed my shoulder saying, I think I'm all clean now. I looked up into those beautiful eyes and smiled and began to get up from my knees. Rose smiled and handed me the sugar that I initially went over for. I came back across the street and as I opened the front door there in the living room was Dad in his favorite chair with Mom sitting ontop of his lap, they where both totally nude. Mom was bouncing up and down and Dad looked at me and said, did you get the sugar? I said yes. He said, did you get the cream. My heart stopped right there. He knew. I trembled when he said that. Mom just kept on bouncing up and down as a smile came to her face. Mom layed against Daddy's chest. I think she even bounced faster when he asked me about the cream. I said yes, and with that, Dad told me to come over and kiss Mommy so she could inspect the cream. I went over to them and Mommy dove her tongue deep into my mouth and moaned as she continued to go up and down on Dad's dick.

He sucked her honey, he cleaned Shirley out reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaallllllllll goooooooooooooooooooooodddddddd. All on his own. With that Mom looked over at me and asked me. Honey, do you like being your mothers and fathers toy. I nodded my head yes. Do you like all the sex we are having? Again yes was my answer. Joanne, change into your bodysuit. I got up and put it on immediately. Mom said, honey, we are having a party tonight with lots of friends. I want you to be on your best behaviour, is that understood. I shook my head yes again. With that about 20 people came into the house that evening. I would later find out that this block that I lived on was a swapping block. The guys would leave there house 2 to 3 times a week and meet in the middle of the street in the middle of the block. They would decide who went where and then go over to each others houses. They would spend an hour to two hours with the other guys wife and then meet in the street again talk a little and go home. I was about 18 when I found out that our street had an outright orgy going on. It included about 15 couples and didn't include the rest of the block. For those that did participate, pleasure was an understatement. Many ladies smiled and said hello to many of the guys when ever we would pass them in the bakery, the food store, the bagel shop, the cleaners, the bank, wherever. I only wish I knew more back then and that I could have participated. When I was 18 there sure where many of my friends mothers that I would have loved to keep at a hieght of non stop pleasure but that is for another time.

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