Mom's Changes Changing Dad with the Girl's Help

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Subject: Mom's Changes Chapter 9 Changing Dad with the Girl's Help

After Dad's acceptance of Mom's rules a couple of days had passed. It was a Friday night around 7:00pm and Mom called a meeting in the living room. Mom started since she had called for the meeting.

Mom began by simply reviewing what had had taken place a couple of days ago when Dad was informed of the new arrangements in housing. Dad and I listened to Mom go on about his room and her room. Then Mom did something that was totally out of character considering the recent events.

Guys or should I say Girls. HeHeHe let me tell you about some new signs that will be around the house. From now on. These are signs that you can also use, they are not just for me. If a bedroom door is closed, you must not disturb whatever is going on inside. No knocking, no opening, no nothing. If you must, you may remain outside and listen, that is all. Next, if the door is open but not fully, you can stand at the doorway and watch but may not enter or interrupt. Lastly, if the door is fully open you may enter. If a chair is out of position you may only watch. If everything in the room is as it should be than you may participate unless actually
called upon. Is that clear?

Dad and I look at one another and shake our heads in agreement.

Good Mom says and sits down in the chair across from us. Mom is wearing a short black skirt black stockings with a pair of black sandle pumps and a low cut top, her beautiful toes are visible through her stockings and I notice that they have been painted a wonderful shade of pink. Her perfume fills the room and captivates both Dad and I. Mom is facing the front entrance to the house as the door bell rings.

Well someone get it. Dad gets up first and heads to the front door and upon opening it finds four of the woman from the local lingerie shop. They all stream in. There ages are from 21 through 55 and not a one of them looks a day over 35. To say they use there product would be an understatement. Closer observation of the ladies reveals that all of them have wedding rings on. Now I'm confused. Mom starts to speak and Dad and I make our way to the back of the room where we won't be noticed and simply observe the action that are taking place.

Mom stands up and says thank you all for cumming here today. You probably want to know why I invited you over. The answer is simple. I am about to make you an offer that you can't refuse. Over the past several months each and every one of you has become, let me say, close with me and I love you all.

The ladies started to look around the room at one another as Mom made her way back to her chair and resumed the position she had been in earlier as the Ladies filed into the house. Mom sat there, her skirt hiked up, her beautiful stockinged legs shimmering in the light. Mom knew what she was doing, she did not sit as a lady normally would, she sat with her legs open, showing everything to anyone that might wish to take a look. The ladies all had there attention focused on her, not only on what she said but on every move she made. Each time Mom wouild move her legs or reposition herself in the chair, the room would grow silent, the ladies waited for her to settle, hoping that she would remain in a visual type of posture. No one wanted to
lose sight of Mom's now dripping pussy and Mom didn't let the ladies down. She would always come back to having her pussy more than visible to the woman standing in front of her.

Mom continued,

Each and every one of you have become very close in fact, and I have become very close with each one of you. We all are married so exploring this further is a bit of a problem. I however have the solution to our problem. Ladies, this is my husband and my son. They know about this, they know about our brief get togethers in the store, they know about my passion for each and every one of you. They also know that I, like each and every one of you LOVE woman. More specificly, woman's Pussy and the juice it exudes.

The ladies continue to look amongst themselves and the guards that have been put up before are now beginning to come down. One of the ladies stands up and says "so you want us to what? Get together
here for an affair of sorts once a week?

Silence fell over the room until Mom's voice split the silence in the room. 

That's exactly what I want. Ladies, we all have clutches that we belong to, we do arts and crafts, we make plans for school events, we go out with the girls shopping. I am now offering you a set weekday when we can get together and enjoy each others company. A sort of day away from the Boys, literally.

The girls started to laugh.

Dad and I looked at one another for Mom's plan was actually beginning to work. As Mom continued, all of the ladies attention focused on Mom's every word as well as her every move. They did not miss the beautiful show she was providing for there entertainment during her speech.. It was like a hypnotic drug taking effect slowly. Each move was another dose and the girls where soon going to be under Mom's complete control.

I suggest that we make our first meeting today. Right now, We are all here, we all know what we are going to be doing let's seize the moment and enjoy all that can be ahead of us.

The girls agree and start removing there coats, blouses etc. until one of them looks over at Dad and I. 

What about them, I thought this is a girls thing.

Mom looks over at me and says, Joanne, why don't you go up stairs and get changed.

Joanne? One of the girls replies.

That's right, you will see soon enough.

I make my way over to the stairs and look back at Dad who is still standing there. Honey, you are here to service the ladies as necessary, is that understood?

Dad shakes his head.

The ladies loosen up and the fun begins.

Mom makes her way over to the oldest of the ladies and brings her hands down to hold onto the woman's head as she snakes her tongue deep inside of this woman's mouth. Moans of pleasure are the only thing that can be heard as Mom clutches onto her breasts and squeezes them ever so gently. Her head flies back eyes begin to flutter and Maureen gets lost in the pleasure of the moment.

I come down from upstairs wearing a pair of dark pantyhose and a bodysuit. The younger ladies start to giggle but Maureen and Mom stop there kissing and Mom barks at them saying there is nothing wrong with this. The ladies giggle again and Mom comes over to me pushing me down to my knees. She then brings Maureen over to where I am kneeling and tells her to raise her skirt. Maureen does as she is asked and I dive into her moist dark panties. Her juices are flowing through the material as she shudders as I push my tongue
against her slit that is beneath the soft material.

Mom looks into Maureen's eyes and asks. Does she do a good job? Maureen answers with nothing except for a YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS as I pull her silky black panties away and dive my tongue deep into her slit and snake my way even further inside. The girls look on and find themselves getting
closer and closer to us.

Come on over girls, watch Joanne bring Maureen to new heights of
stimulation. They all get closer and are now circled around us.

Dad looks on and Mom sees him standing there. Do you want to get in the action too? Dad shakes his head yes. Good then go upstairs and get changed into the items that I have put on your bed. Nothing else. Once changed come down and we will see what we can do to get you into the fun.

Dad walks upstairs slowly not knowing what is ahead of him. He is about to be humiliated, he is about to do something for his wife that he has never done before. Oh, sure he had introduced his son into the fun of all of it but never had he thought of doing these things himself. Dad goes down the hall passing Mom's room and enters his. There on the bed are clearly displayed a lone pair of pink silk panties nothing more. He sits down on the bed and can't believe what he is about to do. Slowly Dad takes off his shoes and socks, next his shirt followed by his pants. Dad now stands in his bedroom with all of his male clothing on the floor. On the bed, a single pair of pink silk panties. The noises from downstairs are now making there way up to his room.


Are you coming down honey?

Mom yells up the stairs.

Just a minute Hon, I'll be there in a second.

Dad looks back at the bed, panties still laying there untouched, never even moved. He simply says what the hell and removes his boxers and leans over to grasp the beautiful light pink silk panties. Dad begins to step into them, as he raises them up his legs, he is experiencing the same sensations and fears that I had so many months ago in my parents bedroom. I know the fear, anxiety, passion all associated with this new sensation. As he pulls it up to his waist, his now erect dick sticks it's head out of the top of
the waistband. Dad looks in his mirror and can't believe what he is seeing.

Standing there, in his bedroom wearing nothing but a pair of pink silk
panties. How sick was this but as he gazed on further he realized, how sexy and erotic he was beginning to feel. He stroked his dick once and it sprung to life becoming much harder than it had just been.

Coming dear, Dad yells back as he closes the door to his room and begins his descent down the stairs. What would be the reaction of his guests, how would he look in there eyes, what was to happen next. The Suspence was killing him.

Dad walked down the stairs into the living room and observed the six of us split up into two groups. Maureen Mom and I where all together enjoying ourselves and the other girls where on the other side of the room in a 69 with the third girl at there side, alternating between sucking the breasts of the girl on top of the 69 and the girl on the bottom. Jodi looked up from sucking on the other two woman's breasts and simply started to giggle.

The rest of the ladies turned toward the stairs and noticed Dad standing there in his pink panties. Mom looked up and smiled.

You ladies where wondering what I was doing purchasing such a big size pair of pink panty the other day didn't you. I guess now you know. They all giggled again. Dad came into the living room and sat on one of the chairs over to the side of the room.

Come on dear, get on the floor with us.

Dad got off of the chair and sat on the rug as he observed the situation unfolding before him.

Come here Honey Mom stated and Dad came over to her Maureen and Me.

Mom sat on the floor and opened her legs wide allowing her beautiful lips to open to Dad's gaze. Dad hadn't seen this for almost two weeks and had not touched it even longer than that. He gazed on as if in a trance. Mom wiggled her middle finger that was between her legs inviting him in for the sweets that he had not been allowed access to for far to long. Dad moved in until his face was right between Mom's open legs. Mom pushed her hips forward touching Dad's lips with her pussy lps. Dad shuddered as he gazed.

Do you want this Mom said? Do you want my sweet pussy juice? Do you want to taste your beautiful lesbian wife's cunt, do you?

Dad was hooked, there was nothing he could do at this point except to submit to his desires. He responded YES.

Mom said now girls, and with that one command, the four of the girls had surrounded my Dad, holding him in place. Dad tried to free himself but there was no use. Every time he would start to gain some footing and almost able to get out, Mommy would push her pussy forward as one of the girls pushed my fathers head down and held it there until he started eating Mommy out, tasting her juices and finally submitting to there holds. Dad did this about three times until he gave up trying, Mom and the girls had succeeded in breaking my father and now he was about to be totally broken. Dad was about to be introduced to what he introduced me to earlier. He just didn't
know it yet.

Mom said now and the girls moved Dad up the bed a little as Mom moved down the bed a little. Dad's now erect dick was throbbing hard from all of the attention that had been going on and all the sweet nectar that he was being allowed to suck up from Mom.

Mom looked at Dad and said, so tell me honey how long has it been? Dad looked into Mom's beautiful eyes and said, too long Honey, too long.

Tell me Darling, would you like to slide that beautiful babymaker inside of me?

Dad just looked down at her and shook his head yes.

Good, you can you know, but only under one condition.

What's that Dad said.

Joanne is going to take you while you take me.

Dad coiuldn't believe what he just heard.

You mean our son.

No Honey, our daughter Joanne. She is going to slide into you as you slide into me. You know, the same way you had done to her on the first night. She came to love it and I think you will too.

Dad said, I can't do it, honey I just can't.

Mom said, that's too bad Darling, there are so many wonderful things that you are going to miss out on then.

Dad looked up and with that Maureen had removed herself from the group of girls holding him. Maureen very seductively removed her blouse, revealing a set of beautiful perfect 42D's held up only by a red sheer bra. Maureen approached the head of the bed and allowed her skirt to fall open and cascade to the floor, leaving her beautiful dark stocking encased legs to shimmer in the light. Maureen came to Moms side, still standing alongside the bed just up by the headboard.

Are you sure Honey? Are you really sure you don't want to do what I am asking of you, Are you sure you want to give this up, all of this?

Dad looked up at them and said again, YES, I can't do this, I just can't.

Mom knew how to get Dad to do what she wanted so with a little forward
motion on her hips and a little side to side movement, she brought her
beautiful now puffy and quite arroused pussylips to the head of Dad's dick. Then Mom moved forward a little and brought the head of Dads dick into her hot wet pusy lips. Dad shook a little.

Are you really sure Honey?

Dad couldn't believe the sensation that he was experiencing and yet again he held firm. Mom moved in a little further now having the entire head of Dads dick inside of her.

That's a shame honey, a real shame. To give up this beautiful pussy of your Lesbian wife. All you have to do is enjoy what you and I tought Joanne to enjoy that's all and you can have me, you can have me more than you ever imagined, in more ways than you have ever imagined.

With that last statement Maureen climbed up on the bed and brought one of her legs to each side of Mom's head and slowly started to lower herself to Mommy's waiting tongue and lips. Mom gazed up into the nectar producing center of Maureen's pussy as Dad gazed on into the beautiful sight that was unfolding before him.

Dad started to push forward but the other gorls stopped him. Mom just
laughed as she lapped up at Maureen's dripping pussy.

You can have her you know, you can fuck your wife while she eats me out. In fact, if you agree, you can even lick my pussy while you fuck your wife and she eats my asshole out. You would like that, wouldn't you?

Dad didn't say anythig just looked on as his wife conducted her Lesbian manipulation of Maureen's dripping pussy.

The other girls where holding Dad from sliding forward however they where carressing his cock and balls that where under his pink silk panties.

Maureen raised herself up off of Mom for a moment and went to her side
sitting on some pillows that where on the top of the bed. Mom looked into Dad's eyes again and this time moved back and forth causing some sensation on Dad's dick that was still buried inside of Mommy but only up to head.

So tell me Darling, here you are, wearing a pair of pink silk panties with the head of your dick buried in your lesbian wife as she eats out one of her female lovers right in front of you. Here I am asking only one thing of you so that you can make me so happy and you won't give it to me. How is that supposed to make me feel.

The girls stop massaging Dad and Dad looks up once again at Mom.

I can't honey, I just can't.

Yes you can and you will.

Dad looks up at Mom and she bends down and starts kissing Dad for all she is worth. The sweet nectar of Maureen's wonderful pussy on his wife's lips. His dick inside of his wife was just to much for him and with that Mom asked again.

Tell me Darling, do you want to be a part of this. Or do you want to give this all up?

Dad can't take any more and simply collapses and says, I give up, you win.

With that Mom simply says, now and with that I approach Dad as the two of them start to kiss.

Mom looks at Dad and says, Honey, my friends, our Daughter and I are going to convert you into our little bitch just like you and I did our son making him into our little girl. You are going to like that aren't you.

Dad Shudders before he answers and with bowed head submits to Mom's desires and I am given the go ahead nod from Mommy as I slide my dick into my Fathers back door. He is tight, very tight but all the while he is being encouraged by Mommy and the other girls and soon I am inside and pumping. As soon as a rhythm is established Mom slides forward and takes Dad into her warm depths of her womanhood. Dad is now fully inside of Mom as am I inside of Dad. We pull out together and thrust in together. Sounds of arrousal and satisfaction begin to fill the room.

Dad keeps on pumping into Mom as I keep pumping into Dad and Maureen climbs over Mom's lips again and lowers her pussy onto Mom's awaiting tongue. Before she does though, Mom says to Dad. Why don't you rim Maureen while I lick her from below as you fuck me. Dad simply agrees and as Maureen lowers herself onto Mom's waiting tongue, you hear a moan of pleasure. Dad lowers his head into the crevice of Maureen's beautiful buttocks and starts licking her and diving for the rosebud in the center. Maureen let's out a much lower moan.

The other girls know what to do as Dad is into submitting, they approach Mom, Dad, Maureen and I and come to each side of us. One girl pulls on Maureen's right ass cheek and the other girl pulls on Maureens left ass cheek. Once they are pulled open, the third girl pushes Dad's down and holds him there tightly against Maureen's rosebud. Dad simply dives in for all he is worth and snakes his tongue deep into Maureen's rosebud. Maureen pushes harder against Mom's probing tongue and the sensation, stimulation and climactic satisfaction that is filling the room is beyond measure. Dad
is really getting into this as I continue to fill him as he fills Mom and Maureen.

Dad and I are both pumping and as I pump into Dad he is getting bigger and bigger and Mom is enjoying the ride beyond measure. Moans, Groans, and a whole lot of panting are filling the air as each of us is racing toward one orgasm after another. I explode deep inside of Dad as he explodes deep inside of Mom while she orgasms and coats the sheets with there juice. Maureen pulls herself away from all of the attention after she too has climaxed and sits once again at the head of the bed on the pillows that sarround Mom's head. Jodi and the other three girls look on. Dad bends down and passionately kisses his wife like he has never kissed her before.

How do you like my girlfriends scents, how do you like her rosebud, how do you like tasting the pussy juice of a woman on your wifes lips?

Dad shudders as he remains inside of Mommy still regaining his breath from all that has taken place.

You're mine now Honey, you are your Lesbian Wife's slut whore, you will do what ever I say and like it won't you.

Dad bows his head in defeat and simply softly says, yes. He has no idea what Mom has in store for him later on in the week. If he only knew.

Maureen, Mom, Dad and I have all enjoyed ourselves but Jodi and the other two girls Nicole and Doreen still have not enjoyed themselves. Dad is spent as am I but there is still much more to do. Mom goes to her bedroom and removes from under the bed a toy box that contains all of her most favorite toys. She brings them down to the living room and offers them to the remaining three ladies. They each pick out there favorite and make there way back to the living room. Jodi is the oldest of the remaining three and has been there mentor at work since she joined the company. They all look up to her as though she where the boss, although she was only the senior floor person. Jodi sits on the couch first holding a beautiful curved dildo to her puffy pussy lips. Doreen attaches a dildo to the step on harness
that she had taken out of the box and Nicole takes her double headed dildo over to Jodi. The girls all approach the couch and Jodi does as she always has done, she takes charge.

Ladies, let's sit down on the floor and bring our toys with us. Nicole, why don't you come over here and allow me to slide that beautiful cock into my hot pussy, would you like that.

Nicole approaches Jodi and gets herself ready by laying on the floor. Jodi approaches Nicole with that beautiful dildo sticking up from her body and smiles for she knows the pleasure that will be awaiting her in just a moment.

Are you ready Nicole, Jody asks.

Why did she ask, simple, that dildo and harness have a reciprocating
stimulation device that keeps on pleasuring the person wearing it as well as the person having it slide into themselves. Jodi lowers herself onto the member and gasps as the girth of the dildo stretches her womanhood. She lowers herself further and stops as the base bottoms out on her hip bone. The dildo is all the way in and there is no more. Jodi just enjoys the full feeling that she is enjoying from Nicole.. Doreen approaches and looks over at the two of them. Doreen tells the two of them to get on there side and the two ladies, Jodi and Nicole turn to there side in unison, never allowing the dildo to escape the dark wet depths of Jodi's pussy.

Doreen sits there enjoying the show as she takes her double headed dildo and slides it into herself. The ladies all look on for they don't know where this is actually going to end up going. Doreen approaches Nicole who is still sliding her beautiful dildo into Jodi and brings the other end of the double headed dildo to the lips of Nicole's stimulated puffy pussy. Nicole simply moans as the initial contact is made and she knows what is going to happen next.

Nicole pushes forward and brings the strap on, all the way into Jodi just as Doreen brings the other end of her double headed dildo to Nicole's lips. Then without warning, Doreen pushes the other end of that beautiful double headed dildo deep into the womanhood of Nicole. A thrusting is established and the ladies all get into the groove. Each woman, racing toward there own orgasm, all different but in a strange way, all the same.

Than as if planned, almost in unison, the girls all start singing the moans of climactic pleasure.

Next time, Dad's Mom visits and learns.

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