Mom's Changes - An afternoon in the Pool

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

The summer was in full swing and the weather was hotter that day than usual. I had just gotten up as I had worked the night before. The time was about 1:00 in the afternoon and the house was quiet. All the lights where off. The only thing I could hear in the back round was the humming away of the pool filter in the back yard, it was a sound that I had come to enjoy because it meant that the pool was open and that meant that the day's heat could be put aside for a couple of hours.

I made my way to the back yard and initially didn't notice anyone in the area. Closer observation however revealed Mom on two rafts, one under her head and the other under her stomach area. Rose was to the side of her, Roses hands where under Mom's raft. This usually wouldn't be anything special however Mom and Rose where in front of the filter and the pools vacuum cleaner hose was still in the water and connected.

I just stood at the back door inside of the house and continued to watch the festivities that unfolded before me. It appeared that Rose was standing near Mom with the vacuum hose in her hand and she was allowing the suction of the hose to caress Mom's nipples and Mom was enjoying the attention and ultimate stimulation that she was being a part of. Rose's other hand was down near Mom's pussy as Rose had pulled aside Mom's bathing suit and was allowing the pressurized water to stimulate Mom's lips. Rose was no stranger to the enjoyment either, she was constantly stimulating My mother as I looked on, totally undetected.

Mom was really getting into this because she was pulling herself back closer and closer to the water thus increasing the degree of stimulation that she would be enjoying. Low Moans where beginning to be heard and there was nothing that I could do. For that matter, I do not think that there was anything that I would wish to do other than participate.

Rose looked up first, since my leaning on the door let out a noise that captured Roses attention. Rose just smiled and Mom recognized that something had changed and with that, she looked up and over and noticed me standing there.

I was told to come out to the pool, which I did. Mommy spoke first and asked me if I liked what I was seeing. Well, we all know my answer to that question. Mom smiled and said that she wanted me to get in the pool with the two of them. I began to go over to the steps when I was told, not in my shorts. Mom followed by saying , Joanne , you wear my stockings, panties, hose and now pantyhose as well as dresses. Is it to much to ask you to go put on one of my bathing suits. I smiled and made my way up the stairs to her bedroom and soon had a pretty black suit in my hands only minutes from putting them on.

I went into the bathroom first to relieve myself and there hanging over the curtain rod again where a pair of Mommy's pantyhose. I brought the crotch of the pantyhose to my nose and inhaled deeply. What I smelt was the remnants of pussy juice, Mommy's pussy juice as she had simply rinsed them out and did not take any actions to use any soap. I'm glad that she didn't. I took another deep whiff and with that my dick was beginning to come to attention. It was time for me to change because I knew if I waited to long, that Mom may have a change of heart or Rose may decide to do something else.

I didn't know what was to take place but the last thing I wanted to do was to miss out on the enjoyment. I took off my clothes and left them on the floor of the bathroom as I opened the neck hole of Mom's one piece and stepped into it. The material like her Body suit was very clingy and ever so soft. One leg made it's way through the leg hole and then the other. I stretched out the upper part to allow me access and began to raise it up my body. The sensations the sheer fabric being pulled over my now ever growing dick was enough to bring me over the edge. I had to hold back though and I decided to do so.

I straightened everything making sure the front of the bathing suit was in the right place. I adjusted the shoulders as well as the breast cups. I cupped them in my hands as I knew that the enjoyment would be ongoing once I made it out of the house and was finally in the pool. I looked down and as I did, I was glad to remember that the other day, I had given myself a manicure as well as applying lotion to my feet after using a pumice stone. My feet where now as smooth and soft as the two ladies that I was soon to be in the pool with. I checked myself in the mirror and made my way out.

As I opened the door, Mommy was moaning while Rose was bringing the vacuum hose to her nipples and then moving it away. Mom's feet where over the runner that ran around the pool and she had her legs bent. By bending her legs, she was able to bring herself closer to the filter jet and increase the pressure even more. This was not under Mom's control and she was having nothing of limiting her pleasure that she was receiving.

I made my way to the steps and Rose looked over at me and began to clap, she loved me in Mommy's bathing suit the same way she loved me in Mommy's body suit. In short it was the same thing, only this time it was to be worn outside where others could see and soon we where all to be in the pool basking in the non stop pleasure that would be shared by all of us together. Mom looked over at me and smiled, while saying, My little slut daughter is going to join her Mother and her lesbian friend, isn't she? I nod my head yes and scurry up the ladder onto the pool deck. I am soon in the pool and making my way over to Mom and Rose.

Rose says Joanne, feel this. I extend my hand and feel the suction that Mom is enjoying on her now quite stimulated and extended nipples. As Rose pulls it away from Mom's breasts, Mom moans in hate and to offset the stimulation that she is not enjoying, Mom bends her legs and soon has her pussy lips only inches from the water jet. The water is rippling as it hit's Mom's pussy lips and cascades down into the still water below. Mom is moaning because this is obviously doing the trick. She isn't missing the loss of the suction as she races toward an orgasm. I tell Rose that there is a lot of suction on this thing and she says, yes there is. With that, she brings the hose down to the front of the bathing suit that I am wearing and puts it against the fabric, before she begins moving the hose down the front of my body. I pull away a little but she grabs hold of me and says, "Your Mother enjoyed it, don't you want to be just like your Mother. I stand still and allow her to do her business as I race from one height of pleasure to another. Mom looks over and smiles because she knows what Rose is doing to me and is only hoping that I am enjoying it as much as she has. I assure you that this is not a problem.

Rose get's a wicked smile on her face and returns to Mom. I follow close behind. Rose grabs the back of my head and begins to push me closer and closer to Mom's lips. I of course have no problem with that and am soon kissing my Mother passionately as our tongues snake there way from one of our mouths to the other. Mom is smiling because she knows that there is nothing that I won't do for her. Rose brings the hose back to Mom's breasts and stands in front of Mom so that she can't move away from the filter jet. Rose looks at Mom and says the following. You are going to stay right here, I am going to stimulate your beautiful breasts with this vacuum hose as well as kiss your lips and hopefully experience the total passion that you will most definitely have while Joanne Massages your pussy lips with his one hand as the water cascades over your stimulated pussy lips. It isn't going to stop there though, Joanne is also going to pull your bathing suit away and kiss, lick and rim you while he drives his fingers into your beautiful ass. Mom moans in anticipation as she is just waiting for the waves of pleasure to begin. She knows once it starts, there will be no stopping her. We all know it and are all looking forward to it.

I come to Mom's side and prepare to do as Rose has suggested, my hand first finds her beautiful lips and begins to stimulate them as well as enter into her warmest of depths. Mom is moaning into Rose's mouth as she kisses her passionately. I pull the bathing suit aside and expose her beautiful cheeks. I bend down never stopping my attention on her lips and kiss her beautiful round ass, as it bobs on the surface. Mom moans in pleasure and this is my green light to go further. I pull apart her cheeks showing a tightly puckered hole. Keeping my hand at that top part of her beautiful ass, I bend down and penetrate her depths as I wiggle my tongue not only between her cheeks but also into the tightest region of her being. Mom lets out an intense moan into Rose's mouth and Rose brings the hose all the way onto one of Mom's extended nipples and then brings her hand to the surface clasping Mom's face and even more passionately kissing her for all she was worth. Mom's moans of pleasure got louder and louder and she pulled herself all the way to the water jet as I continued to open up her lips for the new visitor. Mom was racing from one orgasm to another at this point and no one was going to make any attempt to cut this short at all. Especially not Mom, Rose or myself. Mom stayed at this height of stimulation for almost 30 minutes until she fell into the water from pure exhaustion. We made sure that Mom was on the surface breathing again before we did anything else.

Rose got up on the rafts and said, My turn, My Turn. Mom and I laughed and Mom took my place as I looked over and took Rose's. She smiled and then the whole thing was begun again, this time Rose on the raft. Rose didn't take as long as Mom to fall into the pool as she was cummming as soon as she hit the water, intensified as she enjoyed Mom and my attention. Rose was screaming passionately into Mom's mouth and Mom just kept massaging her nipples, and kissing her for all she was worth. The hose was also at work and Rose couldn't take it as close as Mom had but she was still enjoying it.

When Rose had cum, It was not my turn. Rose made her way up to the deck and sat at the edge of the pool, Mom came close to her and bent down bring her lips to the now quite stimulated lips of Rose. I came up behind Mom and pulling her bathing suit aside freed my dick for the first time since I had put on the bathing suit. Mom reached back grasping onto my member and guided me into her deepest depths. I smiled on as I fucked Mom in the pool as she ate Rose out, all the while being spurred on by Rose as she raced from one orgasm to another, ever building. There was a lot or banging on the deck as she bounced her ass up and down as Mom just continued to lick and probe her friend.

Rose looked over Mom's head and looking into my eyes said the following. "You are fucking your mother, wearing her bathing suit as she eats me out. How does that make you feel? With that I thrust once more deep into Mom and climax inside of her filling her deepest crevice.

Dad had made his way back from one of his business trips totally unannounced and came to the back door just as Rose had asked me that question and I was answering it. Dad didn't say a thing. Instead he just stood there like I had done earlier. Rose noticed Dad first and said Hi, there, want to join us?

Mom raised herself from between Rose's legs and looked in the direction that Rose was looking, I did the same and we all noticed that Dad was there. Tell him, Rose said to Mom, tell him how Nasty things are right now, Tell him how NASTY you feel, how Horny you are right this second. Mom stopped pulling away and gazed over in Dad's direction as I stayed firmly planted inside of her. Mom began to talk. Honey, God, I need it, I NEED it SO bad. You started this and I can't ever get enough. I'm not simply a wife anymore, now I am a slut wife, YOUR SLUT WIFE. With that Mom pushed back against me bringing me even deeper into her deepest depths.

Honey, you started this, now I am eating Rose out as my son, Our Son pushes his penis deep in my womb the same one he had come out only 19 years ago. HE is also doing it dressed like our daughter. He wants to be our little girl and he will do whatever I tell him to do, this includes being transformed into our daughter or dressing like our little girl. Do you see what you have started. We long for sex, we desire sex, we are addicted to not only sex but more importantly incest sex. God, Honey, thank you for starting this.

Dad looked on and without a word, removed his coat and shirt and climbed the steps to the deck, he freed his dick from the pants and brought them to Rose's lips. Rose smiled as she swallowed the entire length of Dad's dick. Mom looks over at Dad and says Honey it isn't that Easy.

To Be Continued . . .

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