Mommy's Bodysuit

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

It was a Monday afternoon and I had gotten home from classes early. Mom was at the gym with Rose and Dad was off to a job that would take him away for the better part of the week. I knew that I had the house to myself for at least the next hour or so. I maintained a state of total arousal, due to all of the things that had gone on before. Having been caught with Mom's panties over my face, being made to put on Mommy's bodysuit and service both dad and mom, together, not to mention our neighbors or Gwen and Scott, where all reasons for total non stop sluttish behavior.

That afternoon, I entered the house and made my way to the bathroom. As usual, I opened the hamper and removed a pair of Mommy's worn panties along with a bodysuit that she had on the day before. Bringing it to my nose, I was able to enjoy the essence of Mom's true sluttish femininity. I inhaled deeply and was immediately hard. Raising the bodysuit, I noticed that it was not only wet but also that Mom had no doubt climaxed in it. Was it something that Dad made her do before he left, is this the remains of Mom and Rose's day at the gym? Did Mom finger herself to a climactic end while thinking about all the dirty things that could have transpired? All questions that will be found out later. Mom's scent was not of strictly sweat but also of sex. I smiled as I unfolded it and gazed onto it's surface.

I stood up and removed first my shirt followed by my pants and lastly by my socks. Now standing in the bathroom nude, I decided to make my way to Mom and Dad's bedroom. Why there room and not my own? Simple, I enjoyed the risk factor, the fact that acting in this manner was crazy but doing it in my parents bedroom simply made it totally stimulating beyond measure. I was out for the thrill and my choice had been made.

As I entered Mom's bedroom, I noticed that the bed had been made and that everything was in order. This would take some doing to ensure that I was not caught but that would be a problem that I would not have to delve into later that night. I immediately went over to Mom's dresser drawer and opened her top drawer. The drawer that she keeps all of her panties in. All shades of light pinks, beige and white, all folded up nice and neat as they glimmered as the light cascaded over there surface. The next drawer was Mom's bras, all shades to match the panties and then some that didn't match anything. All of them folded up of course. Next to Mom's bras where Mom's stockings, knee highs and pantyhose. All rolled up nice and tight all colors, all textures, all types. All very sexy to me. I removed one and brought it to my nose and inhaled deeply as I enjoyed her scent, I noticed something behind the pantyhose that I had removed.

Reaching down, I came in contact with a full sized dildo. It had the shape, length and girth of a true lifelike dick. Even the veins where evident as I gazed onto it's surface. There was no doubt that this toy had recently been in service as I brought it to my nose and took a long breath of the scents captured on the rubber material. Traces of Pussy juice and other areas of arousal where evident. A smile came to my face as I know what Mom, Dad or Mommy and Daddy where doing with this new found toy of pleasure. The bottom drawer contained some slips, a few foundation pieces including a body shaper and Mom's gym outfits, all folded up nice and neat. Mom had acquired three black bodysuits, two red and one blue. All of them my favorite, especially after being made to put one of Mommy's on while mom and dad watched me.

Inside of Mommy's room standing in the nude, holding one of Mom's recently enjoyed bodysuits, I decided to put it on. There was no one around, no direction from anyone and no orders. This was simply on my own account and this made it very stimulating for me.

As I opened up the neck and put one leg into it as I made my way to the leg opening with my foot, it hit me. I was putting on Mommy's bodysuit that she had climaxed in. I was immediately HARD and stroking as one foot made it's way into the leg hole and then the next. I immediately started pulling the bodysuit up and was once again welcomed by the cool dampness that could be nothing other than what I truly know it to be. Mom's spent pussy juice. God, was that HOT.

I finished by pulling the bodysuit over my shoulders in short being held in by the damp crotch below and the short sleeves/shoulders above. In essence, by putting Mom's bodysuit on, I was enjoying the sensation of being able to step into Mommy's skin. This thought alone kept me hard for months. Just the thought of thinking about it kept me at a total high state of arousal.

I walked as seductively as possible around Mom and Dad's room in Mommy's body suit before I decided to sit on the bed and make myself more comfortable. Relaxing for a moment, I laid down on Mom's side of the bed and reached for the full sized dildo that I had discovered earlier in her lingerie drawer. I brought the dildo to my lips and began to suck on it. Then a strange thought came over me. I looked at it after taking it out of my mouth and turning over on Mom's bed, I pulled the bodysuit aside and began to position the Dildo at the crack of my ass.

Positioning was followed by tempting and lastly by pushing as I thrust the dildo into the depths of my anal zone. An area explored before but only by men, not by toys. As the pain was replaced by waves of pleasure, I began to enjoy the new entry and with each thrust in and out, the sensation was increased beyond measure. I laid on Mom's bed for what must have been over an hour as I thrust the dildo in and out of my bodysuit covered being. Each time getting wider and wider. One of my hands was busy pushing and pulling at the dildo as the other hand was busy rubbing my bodysuit covered dick, keeping my state of stimulation at an all time high.

As I inserted the dildo in once more, I heard noises coming from the hallway. Not wanting to be caught, I simply turned on my back and allowed the dildo to slide all the way in, it remained inside of me, humming as it had been turned on prior to it's entry.

Mom walked through the doorway wearing a skirt and blouse with stockings and pumps. As she walked into her bedroom she noticed me laying on her bed in the bodysuit she had worn the other day. Once again a smile came to her face as she knew that I had on her bodysuit that she had climaxed in.

Mom walked over to the bed and sat down next to me. "So, my little Joanne, you like wearing Mommy's bodysuit." I nodded my head yes. "You especially like wearing the ones that I have enjoyed myself in before?" Again, a smile came to my face. "Did you smell them before you put them on?" A smile came to my face again and she once more said, "good girl"

Mom started rubbing my body through her body suit and said "Joanne, did you figure out how I climaxed in the suit yesterday?" I smiled up at her and said, "No I don't but I know you are going to tell me, aren't you?" Mom smiled once more. "Yes, I am and I know you are going to love this one" With that Mom began to recound the events of the other day. "Joanne, Rose and I had finished working out at the gym the other day. We had done the circuit, first her then me. Rose would leave the machines wet from her perspiration and while the top of the machine was simply damp, the seet of the machines was dripping when ever she got up. A few of the other girls started to take notice and while I was next in line, I thought I would have a little fun. I started by playing with the moisture on the machine and would do so by running my finger through the wetness. The girls simply sighed as I carried out this escapade. Then it hit me, I traced my fingers through the wetness and then without thinking, raised my saturated fingers to my mouth and started to suck hungrily on them. I watched the reactions of the woman in the room and found that there was one of them that positioned herself on a machine that was opposite us. She was our keeper and I knew it. As Rose went to the next machine, she left behind a pool that you could have swum in. I wasted no time with that treasure and was immediately down on my knees licking up her secreation. The woman looked on and raising herself from her machine came over to me. She slowly bent down over me and whispering in my ear said the following." "You two are true sluts and I can't wait to be able to join you" "My name is Marie and like the two of you, I am also a true slut and also bi on the brinks of being lesbian." "You let me know when you're ready" With that, Marie stood up and went back to her machine and continued her workout, all the while watching Mom and Rosie's bodies as they went through the motions of the exercise routine.

"Joanne, Rose was on the last machine when Marie came over to me and without warning, grasped my hand and guided me to the machine Rosie was on. Rosie's legs where spread and outstretched, Marie, whispered in my ear, eat her out and rub yourself against her leg. I know you will cum in buckets for her." Well, that didn't take long to convince me and I soon had Rose's bodysuit pulled aside with my tongue burried deep inside of her as I straddled one of her stockinged legs. I didn't start moving at first until Rose, started racing toward her first, then second and third orgasm. One after another ripped through her body and there was no way I wanted to stop her from enjoying herself. For that matter, at that point, I don't think I could have stopped her if I wanted to. Just then, Marie, leaned down and pulling my face away from Rose's pussy, kissed me square on the lips. Diving her tongue deep into my mouth, tasting Rose. She simply moaned and pulling away, said to me. Eat Rose out and make sure you rub your pusy against her beautiful legs. With that, I returned to licking out Rosie as I slid up and down on Rosie's beautiful legs. Rose came first and then I started to cum again and again. Marie smiled down at us and once more came over and said, feel Rose as you rub against her beautiful legs. I smiled and returned to eating her and rubbing on her. This went on for about 30 minutes and left my bodysuit dripping with sweat and pussy juice. Mostly my pussy juice.

After Mom explained to me how her bodysuit got wet with her climactic juice, Mom sat on the bed and brought her legs up onto the mattress as she got herself comfortable. Where have you been Mom? At the gym with Rose and Marie, but you're wearing your work clothes. Only because we had to stop off at the office for a minute. Trust me, underneath these clothes is my most sensual outfits.

With that, Mommy starts to unbutton her blouse as the third button is opened hints of Mom's bodysuit become evident and I look on. "Help Mommy get out of these clothes Joanne" I reach down to her shoes and remove first one and then the other. Before me, are her beautiful stockinged feet. "Go on Joanne, kiss them" I bend down and bring my lips to her stocking covered toes and soon find myself licking on them like there is no tomorrow. Mommy is moaning as her arousal is raised. Soft, gentle kisses followed by massages for her stocking covered legs and lastly her mound is stimulated as I rub her through her bodysuit. With each rub, Mommy pushes down hard and long against my upward thrusting hand and digits. Moan's of pleasure can be heard as I do my best to keep Mom satisfied.

Next comes the skirt which is pried down her beautiful legs. Mom raises her buttochs from the sitting position to allow easier access and removal of the skirt. As it is discarded, there lays Mommy next to me, both of us in her bodysuits, me in one that is still damp with climactic juices and one that Mom is wearing that is full of sweat and moisture from her stimulated pussy. Mom looks over at me and smiles as we both have on a similar color and are now rubbing one another as we gaze into one anothers eyes.

" You like being my little girl don't you darling?" I smile and push against her harder as I say yes shuddering from my lips. "You would do anything we requested wouldn't you to be our little girl and slave lover isn't that right? Again Yes is my answer and Mommy smiles once more.

Mommy, listening more intently now, realizes that there is a buzzing going on. I'm caught as she questions what the noise is. I don't say a word but instead go for pleasuring her. Mom pushes me away and asks once more, what is that noise Joanne. I simply roll onto my stomach and Mom realizes that her dildo is humming away deep inside of me. Mommy looks over at me and without saying a word, bends down and kisses me deeply.

You know what Mommy likes the best don't you darling? I look on confused, what would that be Mommy. "I love to have you slide inside of me while you are being slid into" "Joanne, I am going to wrap my arms around you and thrust that dildo deep into your ass as you thrust into me." "I know you will love it so much more that way because I will feel you getting bigger and bigger as you thrust in and out of me, your Mother" " And when you cum inside of me, I will drain your balls deep into my pussy and the heat will fill me and we will stay wrapped in each others arms all night long." You will love that won't you darling?"

I shake my head in anticipation, Good Girl, Good, Good Girl

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