Mommas and Sons Who Drink Together

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Dark haired Lucette, being short and curvaceous with large jugs, wide hips and a very protuberant ass, was in great demand amongst the men while she tried to rear a eighteen year old boy and also meet her growing needs for variety in men.

Lucette's need for alcohol had accompanied her growing nymphomania. Although gifted with very lovely facial features that glowed adorably with each drink, the lovely mother had low instincts and a pudendum that swelled with anticipation of another night out amongst men with equally low appetites.

"You're not going out again tonight, are ya mom?" her son, Freddie, scolded when he saw his mother massage her breast.

Lucette, already tipsy, hadn't noticed she was arousing herself, and startled, gasped, "Ooohh darlin, I was hoping I could stay home, but that show on TV has gotten to me.

"You're not driving tonight, are you, mom?" Freddy admonished as he saw Lucette pour herself another Martini.

"No, my date is picking me up at seven, darlin."

"What's his name, mom?"

"I'm not really sure, darlin. Wait now. You must know. You took his call."

"He didn't say who he was, mom. All he said was, 'Let me talk to that big assed broad; the one with the tits.' I thought he might have mentioned who he was. Or at least, you might have asked."

"No darlin. I'm not sure if I asked or not, but I know what he looks like."

"An that's all that matters, right?"

"YES GODDAMMIT! That IS all that matters. I'm not looking for a husband, ya know. I juss wanna have fun, so, I don't really need ta know a guy's name to have a good time wif him."

"Yah, but how often do you have a good time, mom? Sometimes you come home sobbing."

"Crying doesn't mean I haven't managed to aahh, do what I like to do. If I'm drunk, sometimes I can't seem to not cry.

"An then you try to get another date, even though you're too drunk to dial the phone."

"I try an get other dates, sometimes, because I've had a good time an I wanna have more of a good time. Here's my numbers to call for other dates. I'll leave 'em home 'cause, uhh .."

"You're gonna come home too drunk to call tonight again, right mom?"

"Yes, I'll probably be drunk again, an I may need your help dialin the phone, darlin."

"FUCK YEEUW!" Lucette's dress was ripped and a garter belt was pulled off her teddy from the party as she staggered in the door.

“MOM!” The boy shouted as he tried to prop the half empty bottle of rye whisky between the couch pillow and arm rest. “WHAD DID I DOOOO, MOM?” he wailed drunkenly remembering that his cock was in full view but forgetting to stop the porn tape. 

“THASH MY BOOZE YEEUR DRINKIN!” Lucette wailed as she weaved over to the couch and grabbed for the bottle, but in the process, fell across his lap, trapping his erect cock between her breast globes that had fallen free. Just then, the sounds of love-making interceded on her awareness. Looking at the TV, she howled, 

“Where did yew find my videos?”

“Next to where you keep your vibrator.” Just then, she felt the head of his cock between her breasts, and twisting into a sitting position holding the bottle and gazing at his erection, slurred, “Ooohhh my God!” 

“There’s more booze in the kitchen, mom.” The boy reassured as he watched his mother’s jug-like breasts bounce as she guzzled from the bottle. “Can I drink with you?” Freddie’s cock had gotten harder. 

She handed him the nearly empty bottle, and admitted, “I forgot, darling, There’sh ‘nuther bottle I had stuck unner the coush.” 

He reached to stop the porn tape, and she slurred, ”No, honey! Don’t, I like thish part. He get’s her off on the table, an the other 2 pull her down on the rug, an she get’s off again.”

“I know, mom. I’ve seen it a dozen times. It gets me off.”

“Me too, Lesh watch it together!”

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