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I have known for years that my mother wanted me sexually. I don't know when it started but my first signs came a few years ago. I am 18 now with an older sister who recently went off to college. One day, I was sitting in the family room watching TV when mom came in wearing some shorts and a wife beater t-shirt which did nothing to control her tits or prevent her erect nipples from nearly burning a whole in the almost transparent cotton. It was warm in the house so it surprised me when she grabbed a blanket and laid on the couch across from me. We were watching TV or at least I thought "we" were until I started hearing slight sounds coming from my mother's direction. Her eyes appeared to be locked on the TV. My eyes, unable to make contact with hers, began to wander down her covered body. As I got down near her waist I could see a slight motion of the blanket. I stared at that spot for a while to make sure it was moving. The slight sounds were getting a little bit louder. Then I looked up at Momís face again and now her eyes are closed as if she is asleep. She can't be asleep, the covers are still moving. After a while Mom did open her eyes to look at me. It was a quick glance then back to the TV.

A few days later while our parents were out I was walking by my sister's room and looked in to find her wearing nothing but her sexy panties that Mom had bought her. She and Mom often go shopping together and they like to go to Victoriaís Secret. Mom recently started wearing panties again when she met a guy online that wears panties. They have fucked once and are often online talking about sex. I guess I should thank Momís friend, not just because she has started wearing panties, giving me hers and my sisterís to play with, but also because they often talk about incest. This talk often leads to him encouraging my Mom and Dad to teach my sister and me about sex. We are both virgins. He tells her that mom and dad should teach us using demonstration and hands on style.

Oh, but back to my sisterÖ I can always tell when my parents are not home because my sister immediately finds some reason to be in her room with her door open wearing barely nothing or nothing at all. We have never done anything but we both enjoy her nudity whenever we are alone. She has a body almost identical to Momís and that is VERY nice. This day she was packing her suitcases for her soon trip to college. As she often does she invited me into her room. We talked briefly and before I left she took off the panties she was wearing, walked over to me, hugged me and gave me her panties. She told me she has known about me masturbating in her panties for years and she also knows that I have used Momís panties as well. She said she wanted me to keep that pair to use whenever I thought of her. Then she kissed me full on the lips.

Mom and dad drove my sister to college. While they were out, I had plenty of time to search my sisterís room. In my search I found a few pair of discarded panties but one had a note attached; To my brother, these got wet while you were watching me, enjoy themĒ.

By the time mom and dad returned I had put all of her panties back in their place so my fun would go unnoticed. The next few days were uneventful. But then one day I was looking for my mom and walked into her bathroom just as she was pulling her shirt over her head. She had her arms inside the shirt over her head. She didnít have on a bra so I was afforded a brief sight of her naked tits that so reminded me of my sisters.

About a week or so later, after dad had left, I was walking past my motherís room. Her door was wide open and she was standing in front of her dresser wearing nothing but her panties. She could see the shock on my face while she was totally calm. I just stood there in the doorway, shocked, but admiring her beauty. She told me that my sister had told her about all the times I saw her wearing her panties. My sister and mom are very close and share everything. She even told mom how wet she would get while being alone with me in her panties or nude. Mom had to be pulled from the ceiling until sis assured her we had not lost our virginity but she enjoyed letting me see her dressed like that. She also told mom that she knew I would steal her panties and masturbate in them. She even told her that I did the same with hers (Momís)

Mom asked me if I missed seeing my sister in her panties? When I told her yes she asked if I would mind her taking my sisters place? I almost choked on the word before I finally got out my answer, which was no I do not mind. She then asked me if I got excited seeing her in her panties? Before I could answer she looked down at my crotch. The smile on her face told me that she could clearly see the bulge in my gym shorts that was caused by my hard dick. Mom told me to come closer to her. As I made my way across the room she spread her legs inviting me to stand between them. Looking into my eyes, momís hands touched my dick through my shorts. I was not wearing any underwear. She then asked me if this is what happens when I would see my sister in her panties. I said yes. She asked if that was why I masturbated in their panties. Still looking in my eyes mom pulled my shorts down to expose my hard dick. When she looked down she quickly looked back up saying that she is glad to see that I did inherit something besides good looks from my father. Still looking in my eyes mom grabbed my dick and pointed it towards her mouth. She took the head between her lips and sucked hard while running her tongue over it. Keeping her eyes on mine her mouth began to move down. Ever so slowly, while maintaining eye contact, my full 10.5-inch dick disappeared into my motherís mouth. Holding it there, without standing, mom hooked her thumbs in the waist of her panties pulled them under her ass cheeks and down her legs as far as she could.

Just as slowly as she took my hard dick in her mouth, mom released it. Before she let it completely out of her mouth she again ran her tongue over the entire head of my dick. She released it with a kiss. Her eyes returned to mine. She told me to take off my shorts. She then patted a spot next to her and told me to join her on the bed. Before getting on the bed with me mom, with her ass facing me stood, slightly spread her legs, bent at the waist and slowly reached to grab her panties from the floor. This gave me a delicious view of her pussy including the wet juices leaking from it. Mom straddled my body then started running her panties over my face, my neck, all over my chest, and all over my stomach. They were so soft. When she got to my dick mom wrapped her panties around my dick and gently stroked my shaft with her hands then used her tongue to caress my balls. She kept this up until she could feel the tension in my balls reaching the boiling point. Not wanting to let me cum yet, mom worked her way back up my body until her soft pussy lips were in full contact and wrapping around the shaft of my dick. Looking me in the eyes again she began to work her pussy up and down the shaft of my dick from the hard bulbous head all the way down to my balls. Her pussy was so wet her juices had my dick covered and shiny slick.

She continued to do this a little while longer. When mom raised up my dick seemed to be drawn to her pussy like a magnet. As she raised her body my dick kept contact with her pussy. When she was fully raised with her lips in full contact with the head of my dick she lowered her wet pussy onto the pussy juice soaked head of my hard dick. With the head of my dick covered by her wet pussy she looked me in my eyes again as she started to lower her pussy on my dick just as slowly as she had done with her mouth. Slowly, ever so slowly, while looking me in the eye mom lowered her pussy until my full 10.5 inch hard dick was completely buried to my balls in her pussy. Still looking in my eyes mom began to ride up and down on my dick going to the tip of the head on the up stroke, then back to my balls on the down stroke. Both of momís hands began to caress her body, starting from where our bodies were joined. Her hands moved up her body caressing her stomach even stopping to put a finger in her navel. With the sexy look in her eyes she wet a finger, then brought it back down to her navel. She rolled it around her navel while her other hand squeezed her breast and played with her nipple. Her hot pussy continued to ride the length of my dick. Mom put both hands on her tits, started pulling her nipples, as her body began to move faster and faster up and down the length of my dick. Faster and faster she went until she pushed down hard and her body began to tremble violently. So violently that she fell forward on top of me and stayed there until the tremors stopped.

I just laid there caressing her back holding mom tight to me. Mom started kissing my chest, then her hips started to move her pussy on my dick. As she kissed me her hands took my hands and put them on her ass. She grabbed my fingers and together we squeezed the cheeks of her ass as she worked her pussy on my dick. This is the position we were in when my balls tightened as momís pussy squeezed my dick. She must have felt my orgasm coming cause she grabbed my face, looked me in the eye then started kissing me with her tongue playing with mine inside my mouth. We were locked in the kiss when my dick exploded sending my hot load deep into her hot pussy.

Mom stayed on top of me kissing me, and that is how dad found us. I felt the bed move, shocked I broke the kiss to look around. Neither of us heard dad come into the room. But now he was sitting on the bed next to mom and me. He looked at me, smiled, put his hand on momís back and started caressing her. She rolled her head over to look at him then rose up to kiss. After their kiss Mom kissed me on my chest and neck then nuzzled her head into my neck. We lay there like that with my dick going limp inside her pussy.

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