Mom was angry so she taught me a Lesson!!!

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My mom is indian, and she has the nicest ass, when she wears her office knee skirt.

This one wonderful monday morning, she enter's my room at 6 in the morning and wakes me up to tell, "Sweetie, I have to go to Sudbury Ontario for three days. Our neighbours will take care of you, just ask them for help."

So I fall asleep, but as she leaves the house, I hear the hard bang of the door as it closes behind her. Minutes later, not sure why I did it, but I walked to my mom's room. Her clothes were hanging over the bed, the dresser, along with few of her panties across the floor. My plan was to get one of her panties and a photo of her, to smell em and wear them, and play with my cock eventually.

But the minute I was about to do that, I spot a nice pair of bra sitting on top of the dresser, so I approach it, and try it on. Minutes later, I find myself wearing a bra, panties, one of her nice office skirts, and a nice sexy top. Then I go around looking for her dildo/vibrator. I know she has one because she is divorced, no bf's, doesn't bring home a fuck buddy either but yet sometimes I hear her moaning. Then 10 minutes later, I find a 8" dildo put away in a shoe box under the bed.

So here I am now, all dressed up, with lipstick and a nice pair of sexy heels. I am constantly sucking on her dildo, tasting her cream that was left on the dildo the previous night. As I continue doing this, my eyes are closed, and let me tell you that pussy cream tasted so good. In all this pleasure, I did not hear my mom come back in, she has been watching me ever since I started tasting the dildo.

When I open my eyes, she is standing right in front of me, her hands on her hips, and says "Sweetie, are you crazy. What the fuck are you doing? And why is my dildo in your mouth?" Here I'm thinking, I'm dead for life. Instead of yelling at me, she says to me, "So you want to be like a girl, you want to get fucked and dress up like one!" Instead of saying No, my head says "YES".

So now she orders me to take off all of the clothes I am wearing. She then tell me to wear one of her lace see-through panties. Then the bra, and forces me to stuff 2 pairs of shirts in them, to give the idea of them being busty. At this point, I am thinking, what have I got myself into. A tear runs down my face, my mom spots it, and yells at me, "bitch you better wipe it off or I am going to kick you out." I wipe it off, now she orders me to wear one of her corset's and garters strapped to the stockings. She tells me to wear heels.

Then she tells me to get in bed, get to the center of it, ties my hands and legs to the four corners, and takes her dildo, puts it not up her pussy but up her ass. She says, "sluts always do dirty things, and putting a dildo up the ass is required." She slowly gets on the bed, comes up between my legs, and takes the dildo out, and puts it in my mouth, making me suck on it.

Then after a few minutes of sucking, she unties me and tells me, go to the garage with your heels on, and bend over the large garbage can. She comes downstairs, takes a piece of rope, ties my hands down. Then rip a piece of duct tape, and put it over my mouth. She goes upstairs, gets my laptop, comes back down to the garage, puts it over a table. She doesn't tell me, what she was doing, but I know I was going to be posted on the Internet. An hour later, 3 older men, each more than 45 years old knock on the main door. My mom answers and explain to them how bad I was, and how I want to be treated like a girl.

They walk in naked, my mom comes in too, she has a video camera set-up and says you are going to be on camera. The one guy unties me and forces me on my knees bent over. Minutes later, I am the slut in a 3-Man gang-bang being fucked like crazy. And yes I got cum in my ass, on my body, even including my mouth.

After they left, my mom said, we will be doing this again, and if you refuse I am going to upload to your schools web feed and give a copy to all your friends who watch porn. So I said yes, Till this day, I wear her clothes and every now and then get guys to come out and fuck me while my mom watches and gets her own pleasure out of it.

True story, and I never regret saying YES, because honestly I love get fucked and drilled.

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