Mom and the watchmen

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Hello! My name is Kaddu (my mom and friends call me that). I stay in Mumbai and am a Maharashtrian guy of 21 and I am the only son of my parents. My mom is 48 and dad is 52. My dad works as a sales representative for Wipro Computers and for that reason he many times goes out for work. My mom is a schoolteacher in a nearby school.

The entire story begins because of a cheap reason. One night some of my friends & me went for roaming. We ate food and I am sure because of that I am suffering loose motions.

That was going to be last night of dad in home for next one month, as he was suppose to go for outage on next day for a month, I remember clearly, it was a Saturday night. I came at 12:00 in the night and I slept at 12:30. mom and dad were already sleeping and within few minutes I went to sleep.

In the morning around 7AM, I felt desperate for going to shit. So I woke up from sleep and as soon as I opened my eyes I observed mom and dad sucking each other’s sex tools. Although I wanted to shit, after seeing that, it all went in. I could see them very clearly and may be many people from other buildings have also seen them sucking, as the light of room was on and the doors and windows were fully open. I was really surprised to see them in that position, as like this I have never seen them before. Dad was pinching mom’s erected nipples one by one and she was moaning with pain and satisfaction. Her boobs are 95 D sized (I got from her bra), and to my great surprise, dad’s dick is more than double of mine. That means is should be more that 8”.

They licked each other for half an hour and then mom cum so mom ran absolutely nude towards toilet. Dad also went behind her. I sad on the bed and kept my eyes on them, the door of toilet was open and both of them standing together in the toilet. Mom was trying to pee and dad was jerking his. Mom peed all over the toilet as she was standing and doing so, and dad shot load of cum on mom’s body.

When they were coming back, mom doubts that I am peeking at them. I think so because as soon as she came out of toilet she paused for a moment looking at my bedside & took a cloth kept for drying and covered her extreme hairy pussy. Then she came near my bed and observed me for a while. I acted as I am fast a sleep and so she made herself comfortable. Both of them went to bed and dad again started to suck and pinch mom’s tits & she started moaning.

She stopped dad and said, “I want to tell you something.”

Dad asked, “Is it so much important that you want to tell that now!”

“Yes it is really very important and is matter of trust.” Mom said.

She added, “When you were on outage last time, I was suffering to heavy sexual urges and I lost control on myself.”

Dad said, “I can understand your condition and I have got idea what you have done and what you are going to tell me, but I am sure you haven’t crossed the limits”

Mom said, “I sexed with watchman of our school.”

I was totally shocked and I think dad was too. They departed from each other and there was pin drop silence in the room. After few minutes dad took mom in his arms and kissed her on her lips, mom also replied by kissing him. I think by doing this, he forgave mom.

Dad began to lick her tits and was willing to fuck her, as he wanted to satisfy mom. He understood that he is not able to satisfy her, as most of the times he is on outage. Mom also was responding him by which she was mentioning that she wanted a hard fuck. He just started fucking her and mom suddenly stopped him.

Mom said, “Kaddu will woke up so let’s go in the other room!” and they both went (in fact they were so excited that they rushed within few seconds) in the computer room.

I confirmed that they are in room and got down from my bed. I first went to shit. After shitting I passed besides the computer room, the door was not locked so I peeked in the room. I opened the door a bit more so that I could see bodies of both of them but not the face. Dad was ridded on mom and fucking her wild like never seen before even in the porno movie. Mom was moaning, in fact she was making some disgusting noise, real disgusting, I never heard such noise before, but I remember one of my friends has told me the same voice when they saw a newly married couple having sex. I was so excited at that time that I cum in my pants without touching my dick and without much erection.

After my climax I went to bed and after a few minutes’ mom and dad came in the room. Mom was covered in a small towel and dad wearing his shorts. They were talking and kissing when the phone bell rang around 8:30, that was my call. Mom woke me up (she thinks she woke me up) and gave me call. Before giving me phone, she wore her gown, which was totally unbuttoned. It excited me too much and I decided in my mind that what ever cost I may have to pay, but I will fuck mom!

In the evening dad, mom and I went to airport. We drop dad and mom and I came back at home around 10PM. As soon as I went to computer room, mom called someone and talked with the person for a long time. I understood that she must have called the watchman to tell him that the jungle is open for him. The watchman of her school is a tall guy with a heavy body and I am sure that he must be more efficient that my father.

After that instant I started spying mom. I tapped each of her telephone call and checked her schedule. I got that her school hours begin at 12:30 PM and end at 5:30 PM. As there are some extra classes for weak students on Fridays and Saturdays and it goes from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

On the very next Thursday, I got a tapped call in which mom and Pratap (Watchman) had conversation regarding tomorrows extra lectures.

Pratap, “Madam are you coming for tomorrows night lectures?”

Mom, “Yes of course, I want to take extra lecture for you also.” Pratap, “That’s great, I’ll be waiting for you!”

Mom, “See you tomorrow night, my love.”

I was so excited with this conversation that I masturbated twice within an hour. I immediately called one of my friends and asked him to exchange my bike with him. He agreed with that as I told him that I want to reach very early morning in the college and my bike don’t work that fast. We exchanged our bike that night only and I took his jacket and helmet also.

On Friday evening around 7:15 PM, I went in the school. It was totally dark and only two classrooms, one on ground floor and other on second floor were lit up. I went near the class on G floor, students were solving the given assignment there and non-of the staff member was there, so I rushed to second floor.

I was really relaxed when I saw mom and Pratap hugging each other. They were so confident that non-of the window or the door was closed. I think they have just started. Pratap started unbuttoning mom’s blouse and mom was standing with her eyes closed. Pallu of her sari was lying on the floor. He removed her blouse and to my great surprise, she was not wearing her bra. He squeezed her boobs and pinched her nipples and stretched those. Her nipples elongated like a rubber. When he licked her nipples, they became pair of black pebbles. Then Pratap removed her sari, parkar (Indian woman wears it under sari) and her very tiny panty.

Pratap started fingering mom’s pussy and said, “Why don’t you shave your pussy? I would like to see your shaved pussy. I myself shave my wife’s.”

Mom, “You ask me this question every time you sex with me. I tell you every time that I like to play with my pussy hairs when I am alone.”

Both of them started laughing and Pratap interrupted her by inserting his three fingers in her pussy.

Mom moaned, “Aaahhaaa, it feels so good, do it faster.”

Pratap opened chain of her pant and took her huge dick in his hand. It was really huge, almost 8” but very thicker.

Mom looked at his tool and said, “Come on darling, fuck your rand (prostitute) as you do every time.”

He fucked her very hard and all the time she was making very guilty sound. I took some of their snaps with my digital camera and waited to see what happens next. After few minutes he cum and spread his cum all over her pussy hairs. Mom spread his cum with her hand and then licked her fingers.

By the time it was 7:50 PM. She quickly started dressing up so I ran from there I reached home within safe time with my original look and bike.

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