Mom and Dad Help break in my new apartments

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I was so proud that I finally got my first apartment even though I was sad that it had to be half way across the country from my family. I called my parents nightly, even though there wasn't really much to talk about. I guess they knew that I was a little homesick because they both decided to come and visit me.

They gave me pretty short notice so I had to clean up my messy bachelorette pad and make up the spare bed for them. I felt happy and excited to show them how much I was growing up. It was just last year that I was in highschool and now I am off paying my own bills and doing my own thing.

I got to the airport to pick them up and tried to help take some of the bags to the car but my dad, being always the gentleman, told me not to worry and to show them to the car.

The weather was a little warm and I prepared them for it so my mom was wearing a tight low cut very thin shirt with jeans. I've always admired the fact that she kept herself fit after having 4 kids. Her body is so tight and beautiful and she keeps her make-up natural because she doesn't need much.

My dad is sort of a musculary guy so he likes to wear sports jerseys. I think it's because of him that my mom keeps herself up. His body has always been very strong and he gets tanned so it just looks great. Watching his arms flex with all of the bags made me blush and I hoped they wouldn't notice.

We got to my apartment and I showed gave them the grand tour. I showed them the itinerary I had made of how we were going around town to see all of the sites. They put their stuff away and we all went to sleep to prepare for the long day ahead of us. I still had to go to work the next day as well.

As I lay in my bed, being happy they were here, I could hear them talking. I thought it was talking but then I just started to hear noises. They left the TV on and obviously started to make love because when I pressed my ear to the wall, I could hear my mom whispering how much she loved his cock. I would have been shocked if it were something I had never heard before.

For some reason I became excited and I wanted to watch. I went out into the hallway, hoping the door would be cracked open but it wasn't so I went back into my room. I listened to their pants and moans and exchanging of dirty words and I couldn't stop. I quietly ran to my bathroom and got my vibrator and ran back to keep listening.

I could hear my mother come and it was so inspiring that I came too. Then my dad, calling her dirty names, came as well. Knees weak, I walked back to my bed and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

I came back from work the next day and my parents were sitting in the living room watching TV. I told them that after I changed we could leave. I was standing in my closet, wondering what to wear when my dad knocked on my door. I put my robe on and opened the door.

"What's up, Daddy?" I guess he wasn't expecting me to be in such a thin robe, I completely forgot what it looked like, I just knew it was comfortable. He looked down and pushed his way into my room. I was stunned but I just thought he had something important to tell me.

"Listen, I wasn't going to say anything but your mother was came into your room to look for a hair dryer and she found... well she found your toy on the bed. I'm sorry, I just wanted to let you know in case things get a little awkward."

I sat on the edge of my bed thinking about whether or not this would affect the rest of the trip. My dad came and sat next to me and put his strong arm around my shoulder and told me not to freak out about it. He said it was only natural that I have certain urges and that he was proud that I wasn't out searching for random guys to have sex with. He hugged me and I could feel his strength through my robe. I could smell his cologne and for some reason I remembered what happened last night and I became excited.

I rubbed his back and thanked him for letting me know. He told me to stand up and give him a spin so he could see the robe. He said it was nice and that he should get one for my mom. He asked what else I had in my closet and I showed him. He closed the door behind him and I asked what was going on. He closed the light and told me not to make a noise.

Before I could yell out for my mom, my dad untied my robe and grabbed my waist. He told me how much prettier than my mom I turned out to be and that he was proud of me. He pulled my hair and roughly kissed my neck. I tried to escape his hold but with such ease, he turned me around and put his hand down my panties. I was stunned so I couldn't say anything. He pushed me against the wall and took off my bra and ripped off my panties. He told me it didn't have to be rough but it could be the best thing I would ever experience.

He reached around and continued to play with my clit until I became so wet my inner thighs were sticky. Then he forced me to bend over and he got on his knees. He licked the cream from my swollen pussy and stuck his finger in. He whispered something about my asshole and started licking it, while his finger was thrusting in and tight twat.

He stuck his finger, wet with my juice, in my asshole. He told me to go into my bathroom. As we walked out of the closet, both naked and obviously horny, my mom knocked on the door and asked if I needed help with anything. We didn't know what to say so we stayed quiet and she came into the room. She saw my dad and I, running as fast as we could to the bathroom, shiney and smelling of sex. We were stunned and stopped all movement.

Standing there in the middle of my bedroom, my mother said she had been waiting for something like this for so long. She came over and cupped my breasts. Her cool hands felt amazing and she bent over and sucked on my nipples.

My dad, never one to miss a cue, came over and continued to finger my asshole. My mom took her clothes off while she watched my dad work on my tight ass.

My mom lied down on my bed and played with her pussy. My dad signaled me to go over and I started to kiss my mom's neck. I kissed her neck like my dad kissed mine and I worked my way down to her hot older twat. She was clean shaven, just like me. I spread her legs and licked her juices. My dad raised my hips in the air and stuck his hard cock in my tight pussy. I shivered as he filled my pussy. I sucked on my mom's clit, making her scream louder than my dad could last night. She called me a dirty slut and told me to lick her pussy clean.

My dad thrust his long, thick dick in my pussy slow and fast and slow again. I put my finger in my mom's twat as I sucked and licked her clit. She came and squirted all over my face, the whole time, calling me a bitch and saying I should worship her and that I had to do this every time we visited.

My dad kept screaming that he was ready to come and my mom told him to stop. Daddy got on the bed and told me to lay on top of him. My mom put his throbbing cock into my warm asshole. Mom went into the bathroom and came out with my vibrator. As my dad fucked me in the ass, my mom rubbed my clit with the vibrator. I screamed with pleasure and told my dad he was the best. "Fuck me daddy! Oh god, I can't live without your cock! Make me your dirty slut daddy! You're the best fuck every!" Over and over again my dad thrust me hard, rubbing my tits, telling me he was going to take care of me and that he was going to make his little girl come harder than I had ever come before.

My mom stuck the vibrator in my pussy while my dad fucked me from behind and I came screaming and shaking while my mom was sucking on my tits. After that, I got off of my dad and laid down on the bed. My mom opened the blinds to the room which showed the back alley and they told me to kneel down in front of the window. My dad stood infront of me, with his hard cock red and swollen, body sweaty, and my mom reached around and started to jerk him off in front of my face.

"Pose for daddy, baby. I want to come on your tits. Show me those tits baby." So I did. I pinched my nipples and reminded Daddy of how hard he made me come and how good of a lover he is. He told my mom it wasn't enough, that he wanted to come hard. I lied on the floor and my dad bent over. My mom got on her knees and started licking his asshole. She was still jerking him off and he looked at me, still calling me his little girl, telling me how proud of me he was. He let out a loud moan and called me a dirty whore and said he was going to keep fucking me as long as I kept my perky tits and tight pussy and asshole. He told me to open my mouth and my mom's grip became a little tighter and her motion became faster.

He came all over my face and in my mouth, screaming and swearing. He fell ontop of me and told me he wanted to see his pretty little girl swallow his come. I swallowed what I had in my mouth and licked what I could from my face. My mom came over and rubbed what was left over all over my tits and licked them clean.

After all of that we were so tired we jumped in my bed and watched tv naked until we fell asleep. I woke up with my dad sucking on my tits. "Let's do that again." I asked if I should wake up mom but he said, "I want to focus on you baby girl."

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