Mom Moves In - Part One

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Mom Moves In - Part One. Note : This story is completely fictional!

10 years ago when I was 28, my parents were in a car accident, which killed my father. He was 68 and Mom was 48. Dad left us a ton of money and after 6 months I called my mother and said look Mom, why dont you move east and weíll buy a duplex together. Weíll live in one side while Iím remodeling the other side. When one side is finished weíll move to the other side and remodel your side. She was ecstatic with the idea and 2 weeks later she showed up at my door with a moving van. I hadnít seen her in about 5 years and she was beautiful. Tanned, brunette and built. She jumped in my arms and kissed me all over my face and finally on the mouth. It was a little strange but I liked it a lot. We spent the day unloading the truck and getting her things situated in her room. I said Mom I canít believe how gorgeous you are. She said lots of plastic surgery my dear. Finally she said, I have to take a shower, I feel really grubby. I said Iíll leave you alone then. Mom said no, stay and talk to me. Do you have a robe? I got her my robe and sat back down and watched her undress. She pulled off her sweatshirt and jogging pants as if I wasnít there. She put on my robe and with her back to me pulled off her panties and stood up and removed her bra. I was kind of used to it because she would dress in front of me when I was a kid. But I didnít remember her breasts being that big. She sat down on the bed next to me and we just talked for a few minutes. God she was a sexy woman. I finally said, so you had a boob job too? Mom said Junior! You noticed! And with that she wheeled around on the bed and said, look at them. Before I could protest she had her robe open and her breasts were in front of me in all their glory. I couldnít help but stare with wide eyes. I said, uh, MomÖ And she said, how do they look? I said, theyre perfect. And they were. Mom said, feel how soft they are and grabbed my hands and pulled them forward and before I knew what was happening I had them cupped in my hands.

I stammered, MMMom I shouldnít be doing this. She said, donít they feel good? I said Yes! They did and out of instinct I rubbed my thumbs over her nipples and they got really hard. I pulled my hands away and Mom pulled her robe together as if nothing had happened and said OK Junior Iím taking a shower now. I got her towels and showed her where everything was. She said, leave the door open so we can talk. The shower took her about 30 minutes and I sat on the edge of her bed and we talked about everything and how excited she was about living with me and fixing up the duplex. She stepped out of the shower with a towel around her and one around her hair which was so sexy. We talked as she brushed her hair dry. Then she stood up with her back to me and dropped the towel and put on my robe. She turned and faced me and said Ok bub, your turn. While youre showering Iíll try to fix us an early dinner cause I want to go have drink later. I got in the shower and soaped up and my cock got rock hard thinking of holding those breasts. I soaped it up and was stroking it when the curtain flew open and Mom said here, try this soap its great for the skin, as if we were married or something. I said Mom! She just said its no big deal, Iím your mother. She looked down at my cock as she pulled the curtain closed and just said, Damn! I started smelling something good cooking so I got out and wrapped a towel around me and went to get dressed. I was standing putting a shirt on and Mom walked by on the way to the bathroom and slapped me on the ass and said, nice cock Junior, and shut the door. I finished dressing and when she came out I said, Mom sit down here by me. We have to talk. I said why are you acting like this? Its not like you. She started to cry and said, I just wanted to fit in and not have you think I was an old woman or something. I said, Mom youre one of the most beautiful women Iíve ever seen. But Iím your son and weíre not supposed to be seeing each other naked. Mom said I donít want to be a mother anymore. I want us to be pals and business partners. We fix up this duplex, sell it, buy another and keep turning them for a profit. I said OK, sounds great but just behave if you can.

After dinner Mom said I want to go out and have a drink or two. I said the only place close is a place down the street but all there is there are a lot of leering old men. Mom said, great, just what I need! We started to get dressed and I heard Mom call me and I went to her room and she was standing in front of the mirror with white panties, white garter belt with white hose and white stiletto heels and no bra. As I entered I gasped at the site of her as she was slipping a white dress on with spaghetti straps. With her dark tan she was beautiful. She turned and said, well, what do you think? I couldnít speak. I just stood there with my mouth open. Mom said I want to play a little game that your father and I used to play. He would let me off at a nightclub and I would go in and sit at the bar. After about 30 minutes he would walk in and by that time I would have a bunch of guys around me. He would walk to the bar and tell the bartender to send me a drink. He would push his way through and would ask me to dance. The guys would all say get lost pops. I would walk with him to the dance floor where we would put on a show and then return to the bar where I would gather my things and I would say, sorry boys but we are leaving. Then we would go home and make love all night. They all thought he had just picked me up. I loved playing the part of a slut. I said so you want me to pick you up. She said yes! Itíll be fun. So I agreed. We drove to local tavern and I let Mom out. I went back home and changed clothes so I looked nice. After about an hour I walked into the tavern and there was Mom with 4 or 5 guys around her, all trying to impress her. I walked up to the bar and listened as all these 45 to 50 year old men come out with every come on known to man. Finally, in a loud voice I said, Why donít you try a younger man for a change! Mom leaned back and said, would that be you Junior? I raised my glass to her and she said, wanna dance? I put down my glass and walked to her and held out my hand as she slid hers into mine.

We walked to the dance floor with all the guys watching. We started slow dancing and Mom said pull me close Junior. I did and she laid her head on my chest. My arm was at her waist and she whispered, are they looking? I spun around and said yes they are. She said, move your hand down to the top of my ass. I said, Mom! She said, just do it Junior. Lets have some fun with these losers. I moved my hand down and pulled her closer. She looked up and said, isnt that better? It was nice. Moms breasts were pushed against my chest and spilling over the top of her dress. I looked down at them and then into my Moms eyes and she said, kiss me Junior, please. Stunned I reached down and pecked her on the lips. She said, great now kiss me for real. I lowered my mouth to hers and we kissed for at least 15 seconds. We looked up and everyone at the bar was staring.

Then Mom said squeeze my ass and kiss me like Iím your girlfriend. I did and our tongues touched and my cock started to get hard. Mom could feel it press against her and kissed me harder. My cock was straight down my pants leg now. Mom reached between us and felt it and said thatís what I wanted to feel. To see if I still had it. I said youíve still got it alright and if you keep it up youre going to get it all. Mom looked up and said Junior! You wouldnít fuck your own mother would you? At that point I knew she had too much to drink and said no I wouldnít fuck you but I would make love to you. At that point she looked at me with wide eyes and mouth open. I leaned down and kissed her and said its time to go. I walked behind her so no one would see my hard on. She picked up her things and as we walked away I gave a little wave to the guys and they all raised their glasses to me as we walked out.

We drove home in silence. When we walked in Mom turned to me and put her arms around my neck and said, Junior did you mean what you said about making love to me? That was so sweet. I said Mom I was just playing the game with you. She said Oh, I thought you meant what you said. I said, Mom if it was anyone else Iíd be fucking you on the floor right now. Feel better? She looked down and said, I guess. She walked towards her room and as she walked she reached back and unzipped her dress and let it fall. I watched her walk to the door in those white heels and garter belt and thought, fuuuuuccck, why canít I meet someone like that. I watched as she turned to close the door and could see those perfect breasts and she looked at me with those sad eyes and slowly closed the door. We got ready for bed and I knocked on her door. I already had too much to drink but I said, you wanna have a nightcap. She said sure baby. When she opened the door she had on a see through nightgown and with the light behind her I could see eveything. I said WOW Mom! Thatís all I could say. I said you fix the drinks and Iíll find the music. She came back in as I found a good easy listening station. We sat on the couch and I took a sip of my drink which was all booze and I said damn Mom you trying to get me more drunk than I am? She said, Junior stop being a pussy and finish your drink. The more I drank the more light headed I got. Mom leaned against me and said, I miss your dad so much Junior. I said Mom you just need to get back out there and find someone. She said, I cant stand the thought of another man touching me. But when you held me tonight it all felt so right. No one has ever kissed me that way. I said I know Mom, it was great but we have to think of other things to help us stay out of trouble. Mom said, Ive stayed out of trouble my whole life and now I want to live a little. When I saw your cock in the shower today all I wanted to do was get down and suck it! I said Mom!

We canít! She just said, in a low whisper, but I want to. I threw back my drink and said finish your drink, we need to get to bed. We stood up dizzily and we hugged each other. Mom looked at me and said thanks for tonight Junior. And thanks for wanting to make love to me. It made me feel good that I was still sexy. I said you are Mom and kissed her goodnight. I got undressed and fell into the spinning bed. I always sleep with just a sheet. Later I felt the bed move. All I could do was raise one eyelid and look at the clock. I could see 3 am. I went back to sleep and again I felt the bed move but I though I was dreaming. Through the haze I felt the sheet being pulled back and off of me. I was laying on my back with one leg pulled up and my cock was lying across my leg. I felt a hand pick up my cock and then a warm mouth go around it. I raised an eyelid just a crack and I could see the outline of my mother, naked, sitting on my bed sucking my cock. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and started stroking it slowly while just sucking the head. I didnít know what to do but just lay there and enjoy it.

I would stir occasionally and she would stop and watch me and then I would fake snore again and she would start back up sucking me. It was all I could do to lay there and not move while she stroked me softly. Her hand sped up and I was about to cum. I was so hard and as I reached orgasm she put her mouth on my cock and spurt after spurt went into her mouth. She just sucked and I could barely lay still. She milked every drop into her mouth and then she kissed the head of my cock again. I stirred a bit and she grabbed the sheet and pulled it up over me. She bent over and kissed me on the mouth lightly and said I love you. She turned and shut the door. My eyes flew open and I laid there all night wondering what I was going to do. My mother had just sucked me off!

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