Mom Fucks Us All

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

When I got out of the Army in the 70's, I moved back in with my parents. I drank a lot and was pretty wild. While drinking at the lake one day, I met a guy named Allen who told me he had just gotten out of prison a few days earlier. Allen was about 10 years older than me and very likeable. We became friends and went out drinking about every day. Allen always talked about how horny he was and that since he'd gotten out he hadn't had any sex. He said in prison there was always somebody to fuck or suck your dick. One day on the lake, he said he had to pee and walked about 10 feet away with his back to me. He stood there for a long time and then turned around. His cock was standing straight out and it was huge.

He walked back over to me and said he couldn't piss because he had a hardon. He unbuttoned and dropped his shorts and I could see all of his big cock and balls. He asked me if I could help him cum by jacking it for him. By now his cock was just inches from my face and it had to be nine and a half inches long and as fat as a soda can. It was very red and the head was dark purple and flared out. His big nuts were the size of tennis balls and dark brown and wrinkley with long pubic hair. He stroked his cock right at my mouth and I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and he held my head while he slowly fed his cock into me. It tasted salty and hot and oh so good. I licked him and sucked him and pulled him into me. He was telling me that I was a good cocksucker and that I was his cocksucker and he was humping my mouth with more urgency. Finally he said "oh God, I'm gonna cum, suck my cock, swallow my cum" and I felt his cock jerk in my mouth and his cum started squirting in my mouth. It was very hot and salty and acidic and I loved the taste of it and hoped he would keep feeding it to me. I was choking on his big cock but he kept shooting his hot cum down my throat and lubicating it. I'm guessing he must have pumped out at least 2 or 3 ounces of hot seed.

The next day Allen picked me up and we went to one of his friends house. There were 4 of his friends there, all of them his age or older. We were sitting around drinking and Allen and I were on the couch. He stood up and dropped his pants and then sat back down and started pulling my head toward his cock. I was freaking out because I didn't want to suck his cock in front of all these men. He said "its all right, their wanting to watch and get theirs sucked too". He told them to show me their cocks and they all started stripping. Allen pulled me around so I was on the floor between his legs and I just went crazy sucking his big hot cock. Everybody was rubbing on me and I was rubbing other cocks and occasionally I'd suck a different one for a minute. Somebody got my pants off and I could feel several hands on my ass. It wasn't long until I felt a finger probing my asshole, then I felt liquid and the finger seemed to move a little easier. I was devouring Allens salty hot cock and looking up at him, hoping he was liking it when he said here it cums and he pulled my head down hard on his cock and started cumming. I was slurping up all his hot cum when I felt someone holding my hips and shoving their giant cock in my ass. It hurt so bad, that I couldn't move. I didn't even notice Allen leave and another guy sit down and pull my head onto his cock.

I started sucking for all I was worth hoping the guy fucking me didn't split me wide open. Soon the guy I was sucking stood up and grabbed me by the hair and started roughly fucking my mouth. He was rasping as he humped my mouth and then his cock went off and I couldn't swallow fast enough. He kept saying "suck it bitch, suck it dry" and pumping load after load of his hot cum in my mouth. The next guy stood in front of me and said "get me hard, I want to fuck you". The guy fucking my ass was telling me he was going to fill my ass up and then I could feel his big cock jerk as he emptied his balls in my ass. The guy I was sucking was getting hard and I was getting worried. His cock was now about 7 inches but it was very fat and I didn't know if I could take it. I was trying to get him to shoot off in my mouth but he pulled my head off his cock and took his place behind me. Thank God I had a big load of cum in my ass because just as I said "go slow" he shoved his cock all the way in. The last guy stood in front of me and said "hurry, I'm about to cum" and as soon as I took him in my mouth he started shooting. He had a medium sized cock but he shot more hot cum in my mouth than all the others. Having finished him I could concentrate on the big cock in my ass. He was pulling my head back by the hair as he rammed his big cock deep in my ass. It felt really good and my dick was hard as a rock and then I felt him shove in all the way and he started pumping his cum in my ass and then I felt my own cock start shooting load after load on the floor in front of me.

We all got dressed and me and Allen left. On the way home Allen asked me if I new the guy who had fucked me last and I said no. He said the guys name was "Jim" and that he was the same Jim that my mom went fishing with and says is her cousin. Then Allen said "they
don't actually go fishing". He picks her up and brings her over here and they fuck her. This all sounded so weird but somehow it turned me on. Allen said Jim wanted us to come over Saturday when she would be there and join in. Allen said Jim was kind of kinky. When I got home, I couldn't help seeing my mom in a new sexy light. On Friday night mom told dad "don't forget, I'm going fishing tomorrow, so you boy's will have to fend for yourselves.

The next day I picked Allen up and we went to Jims. There was Jim and a big guy named Rob, Allen and me. We all agreed that I would watch from the closet until mom was really into it. Jim left to get mom and Allen pulled out his cock and said "get it hard for me" and I dropped down and started sucking him. Rob stripped and said we might as well get naked cause as soon as she comes in, she starts fucking. Rob turned around and his cock looked like a big hairy log. It was dark brown with a long purple head and thick veins. It was at least 9 inches long and very fat. He held it up to me and I took the whole head of it in my mouth and sucked. He told me my mom loved big cocks and especially his so I sucked him even harder. Allen told us they were back so I got in the closet.

When they came in my mom took both Rob and Allens cocks in her hands and asked if they had started without her. She sat on the bed and started sucking Allen as she rubbed Robs cock. Jim started stripping mom and himself. Mom layed back and said "somebody give me a hard cock" and Allen crawled between her leg. Her pussy was already wet and covered with brown pubic hair. Allen was fucking her gently and she was sucking Jims cock and jacking Robs big cock. She told Allen "spread me open with that big cock", "Don't worry, I can take all the cock in this room and then some". Allen stared pumping the hell out of my moms pussy and you could hear slurping noises coming from them. Allen got up and told Jim "you pump her for a while" and Jim mounted my mom and was fucking her like crazy. She had taken her false teeth out and was sucking Robs big cock and humping back against Jim. I was jacking off as I watched my slut mom fucking and sucking three men. I saw Allen walking toward the closet with his big beautiful cock swaying in front of him.

He opened the door and pulled my head to his cock and said "suck my cock Mike, get it hard for your mom" and when I looked my mom was strainig to see who he was talking to. As my mom was humping back on Jims big cock our eyes made contact as I took Allens big cock all the way down my throat. Jim told mom "he's as big a cock whore as you are" and then he said thats to much as he speared her and started pumping his cum in moms hairy hole. When Jim pulled out my mom said "don't make him cum Mike, I need the lubication for Robs big cock" so I let go of Allens cock just as Jim pushed his well used messy cock at me. He said "lick your moms cum off my cock boy" and I did and I loved it.

Allen was fucking my mom like crazy and they were wheezing and banging into each other and then Allen pushed in and started jerking as he emptied his big balls into moms hot pussy. He pulled out and walked over to me and we watched Rob push about half of his fat cock in my mom. She said "give it all to me I'm ready" and Rob rammed his whole cock in her and moms eyes rolled back and she started jerking and convulsing and she was cumming herself. As Rob continued to fuck my mom, I licked Allens cock clean. When i looked, Rob was pumping his cum in my passed out mom. When he pulled out I asked if I could lick him clean and he let me. Afterward Jim said "I want to see you lick all that cum out of your moms pussy". Her legs were still wide open and her cummy pussy looked red and raw and inviting. I licked and sucked and cleaned her while she moaned and humped my face. Finally Jim said "Shes passed out, you oughta fuck your mom" and the other guys agreed.

My cock was hard, she was a slut and I needed to cum so I shoved my cock all the way in my moms hot pussy. I couldn't believe how good it was even after all the cock she'd taken. I was pumping her as hard as I could and thinking about how slutty she was and how I'd love to make her pregnant and my cock started cuming in torrents. When I came back to reality , mom was humping back while pulling me into her and saying "give mommy your cum baby". Now I go fishing with them every Saturday.

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