Mom Finds the Tapes

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Not long after Di and I spent the weekend at Audís. My mother left me home on a Saturday as she went off to Audís and some shopping.

I called Diane and got her over to spend the afternoon watching TV;-). She got there and her clothes were off before her mother was out of our drive. Our love making had improved since Audrey showed us how to be patient and caring about each other of coarse we were very good students!! Di left about 3 as I floated in the after glow of our lovemaking. My mom came home around 5.

She acted very strange and each time she looked at me I sensed something was wrong. We ate dinner and I hit the shower. As I soaped up I heard the door to the bathroom open, mom asked if I would like my back washed. I said sure she took the soap and wash cloth from me and commenced to washing my back and down to my ass. It felt very good but it was Ma and not unusual she had been washing me for 18 years, so I thought nothing of it.

She said I should rinse and when I turned to rinse my back she started to wash my chest she slowly worked her way down to my pubic area but instead of the normal quick wash she started to stroke the soap around my cock! I didn't know what to think but I knew I was getting hard and a little embarrassed. But she carried on she had a strange look in her eyes and a slight smile on her lips. I interrupted her "Ma" she looked as if she was waking up.

"Oh I must have been thinking about something, she turned and ran from the bathroom. I finished rinsing curious as to what my mother could have been thinking about. I wrapped a towel around myself I had to walk past her room to get to mine. I herd her crying. I knocked on her door and asked if she was OK. She said she was fine and for me to go to bed. My heart was still pounding from the near encounter I had with my mother.

As I lay in my bed thinking my cock still hard I couldn't believe as I reached for myself I was about to masturbate thinking about my mothers hand around my cock. It stood like an iron bar and as I started stroking eyes closed pretending my mother was!! It was so forbidden and excited me so much. I wished I hadn't stopped her. I was totally immersed in my fantasy, my first shot of cum hit me on the chin as I pumped myself for all I was worth. I hadn't realized I was also moaning quit loudly. Now it was my Mom's turn to knock and ask if I was Ok.

Out of breath I tried to answer but it came out a mumble. So she did what any concerned mother would, she opened the door and gasped at the site before her. There I lay still holding my cock a trail of cum from my chin to my cock. I couldn't move the impact of my ejaculation had me frozen in position.

I tried but to no avail. My Mom started breathing again and said "OH MY I UM AH" as she backed out of my room. I finally was able to sit up and wipe myself, with the bath towel I had wrapped myself in. I slipped on my PJ bottoms and went to the bathroom. Where I deposited the towel and left my after cum pee. I flushed and went back to bed to the worst night's sleep of my life. With recurring dreams of getting touched and than caught by my Mother!!

The next morning I didn't want to see my Mom so I quietly dressed and attempted to sneak out the back door. To get there I had to go through the laundry room. As I got to the door to the laundry there was my mom her back to me, she was getting ready to do a load of clothes but she was holding the towel I had used the night before. Not just holding it but holding it up to her nose and inhaling deeply. I was stunned but my cock knew right away what she was doing and in a heartbeat was hard.

I backed away and went back to my room where I got naked and opened the door a little. I stroked myself slowly as I waited for my Mother to come down the hall. I don't know why I was setting a trap for her but I was. I heard her coming and started moaning she stopped outside my door, I knew she was there I couldn't see her but more felt her presence.

I was putting on a show for my mother as I played with my balls and cock I whispered loud enough "Ohhh Mom that feels so Goood! I thought I heard her breath catch and the door moved slightly as if she leaned in too far. I know she could see the bottom two thirds or so of the bed, so she couldn't see my face. But she could see what I was doing to myself. I moved my hand over my cock and balls and I spread my legs as far as I could allowing me to slid my finger to my ass now and than. I kept moaning and talking in a whisper about how good it felt and mentioning who my hard on was for, finally I could take no more and I whipped myself into a frenzy.

At this point I forgot Mom was watching all that mattered was my cum I was moaning for real now as I erupted, again a tremendous amount of sperm onto my chest and stomach. As I came down, I heard the water in the shower running I got up and as I opened my door I could smell my mothers musk.

Since Audrey I learned to love the smell of a woman's excitement as well as the TASTE. I walked to the bathroom and opened the door, I announced my presence and let Mom know I was going to use the pot. When I finished I asked her if she would like me to wash her back. I half expected her to say no. But she said "Yes please". Her hair was in a plastic shower cap so her back was all mine. ( I have to stop here and tell you that my whole life I had seen my mother in various states of undress I never thought anything about it.

It was after all my mother, no big deal. I had helped her into her girdle, fastened her bra but never looked at her in a sexual way. till that day. )My mom was 46 she had very nice legs, a pot belly and 40-DD tits as I washed her back I also noticed she had a very nice ass. The girdle was only to hold in the belly. I was in a position I had been in a hundred times before. Standing behind my mom washing her back, but it was a whole new thing. I rubbed the soap not just to clean but to make her feel good.

It was working she was mmming! I allowed my hand to go lower than ever before she leaned slightly and opened herself to my fingers. I slid my soapy hand into her crack and allowed my finger to tickle her ass hole I bent and washed the backs of her legs. Finished washing I told her to turn and I would do her front. Not really expecting her to but she did her nipples( which I had seen a thousand times and didn't notice) were huge, bigger than a silver dollar much bigger. The nipple itself was aroused and protruded about an inch. and big around as my thumb. I soaped her neck and ran my hand down to her breast. Trying to clean and not play!! I did pretty good till I got to her pubic mound where I couldn't help myself!

I ran my finger over her clit, her legs buckled noticeably. I pushed my hand between her legs. I felt the heat come from her pussy. I knew I had to get my mouth on her I decided to finish washing her first. All this time I had not thought about the cum I had sprayed on myself. I looked down at myself and found my cock had turned to iron again. I stepped into the shower for a quick rinse. Mom stepped out and began drying off, she said she would be in her room.

When I got to her room with a towel wrapped around me she had a bath robe on. I told her that I enjoyed washing her up today. She looked at me with heat in her eyes. She said she had a confession that she had watched me masturbate earlier. She said my door was open and she heard me calling out to her. (my trap worked)She said she ran to the bathroom when I started cumming. So she wouldn't get caught but the way she felt at this moment she didn't care if I knew. While she was telling me this I knelt at her feet and rested my head on her knee.

She ran her hand through my hair and asked if I really was thinking about her as I did myself. I said to her rather than answer let me show her. I pushed her legs apart and planted my first kiss on her knee. I flicked my tongue and kissed again. She moaned and lay back her robe open wide as were her legs, nothing more need be said at this point. I was trying to be patient and prolong my destination as long as possible.

She wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled me into her dripping pussy. she started cumming soon as my tongue touched her cunt. (a word she do sent like me to use)I didn't think she could get wetter boy was I wrong her juice flowed I did the best I could to drink it all in. I ended up with my face and hair sticky with pussy MMMMM I kept at this till she was begging me to stop and to give her a hug. I moved up next to her on the bed she looked at my face and said in shock' Is that me? Referring to the wetness of my face. I nodded with a smile, and told her she was very tasty!

OOOHHH god she said I havenít cum like that in I don't know if I've ever cum like that. I bent and sucked on her nipple and said that it was only the beginning. She moaned and reached between us and grabbed my cock she slid her hand up and down. Squeezing when I bit down. I pulled back and propped my head with my hand I had to ask what happened that we found ourselves in this position. She continued stroking and thought for a moment.

She finally said she was at Auds after their shopping. And took advantage of her hot tub. As she was relaxing she clicked on the T. V. and noticed a tape in the V. C. R. not knowing what to expect she started watching. She knew Aud had some XXX rated stuff around. It took a min. or two to realize that her son his girlfriend and her best friend were the stars. She said at first she was outraged.

But rather than act on the rage she counted to ten several times all the while watching the show and playing with herself. She told me it was the most exciting thing she had seen in her life. When she was helping with my shower she was seeing the tape. Thatís why she was washing my cock so good. We laughed and kissed I told her I loved her as I moved my mouth back to her nipple. I started sucking hoping for some milk my memory told me that sweet milk was to be found at this location. My mother pulled me on top of her moving my cock to her pussy.

She rubbed it up and down the crack wetting the head and finally pulling me into her. I was surprised to find her to be quite tight but so wet that I moved in her smoothly. I was caught in the moment and for a second I thought of the old joke about spending nine months trying to get out of her pussy and the rest of your life trying to get back in. Well I was there and I was also wondering why I ever wanted to get out of this one it felt so good!

I moved in deep and ground our pelvises together and pulled almost out slamming back in. I was building tempo to heighten our pleasure she met my every thrust. She wore a slight smile a bead of sweat above her lip and on her fore head. I licked all this off her the smile got bigger. We pounded each other for quite a while my previous cum adding to my staying power. My mom had several small quakes and a couple that stopped me so she could regain her breath. When I finally came it was pulled from my depths it felt so good I wanted to cry.

I didn't but I collapsed with contented sigh. Mom leaned over and kissed me and trailed her mouth down my chest licking the sweat from me. Coming to my cock she took the softness into her mouth and cleaned our mixed juices from around my pubis she sucked my balls into her mouth I felt myself stirring again. Why not it was only 9 in the morning!!

I wondered if Diane would like to CUM over for lunch?

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