Mind and Matter in Mejico

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

It would be the last resort vacation in Mejico for the three of us for separate reasons. Leo and Amanda reclined in their poolside chairs across from one another in dark shades. Angie, my wife lay next to me in her two piece and quite remarkable for a mid-aged wife. The years had been dificult on her thanks to Leo and his pervasive sex drives, but modern science had created this lady with a body resembling the day we married. Angie held up a bottle of Olive Oil, "do me Leo." As I rubbed her shoulders down and saturated her fair skin, Amanda smiled behind those large dark shades. There was a secret between the three of us unspoken, but secrets plural of our own separate making in desire.

Some 23 years prior would have found Felix, my Mexican buddy fucking my wife in our bedroom and behind Leo's back. It was my idea to pricktease Felix, but not fuck my wife in our marrital bed along the beach. Felix did something that Leo had failed to do with Angie, hit a home run with that circular movable dart board known as the egg. I harbored no ill will toward Felix, afterall we were military brothers in war, but fucking my wife wasn't part of the deal but no deal.

Was Amanda part of Felix's deal? It has long been rumored, but only between my wife and I at midnite and sex chat between pillows. Angie says "yes," but maybe only for Mind over Matter and hotter sex as our marriage began to waver. In Leo's case, it was about Matter and a long lasting affair with Amanda, no thot given to payback for Felix and Angies rumbles behind my back, or was their "thought" here possibly? Felix grew up just 50 miles from poolside and why I loved this resort and seeing Amanda in a string bikini, tied at the hip, exhibiting those long lean tanned legs.

Felix and I met at a tradeschool, how convenient. One day we stopped for beers in a bikini bar and the subject of sex with the perfect "look" on a woman came up. Felix described my wifes "look" to a tee! Was this a subliminal message of sorts for sex with my wife and my ok? Leo never gave a thumbs up, but Felix the bastard, took Matters into his own hands and fucked her behind my back. What he gave me in return was perfection in "look" and what I now desired in my own marrital bed, Amanda. But for Amanda, it was about the Mind and interaction with Leo known as Father Time to her. Whatever works, right?

After "doing" my wife and staring down at those megabucks lifted tits of hers with Olive Oil on my fingers, it was time to "do" Amanda. Angie paid no attention to my more thorough rubbing of Mandy's shoulders while very little covered her soft straight titties and body with no noticable earmarks. Amanda and Leo had an affair here just a year ago, near the winery and next to the Bullring. It always meant doing double duty with Angie and Amada, but I was up to it, just like rubbing them down with oil. I only wished Felix could see me now.

"The Bullfights begin at two Mandy, we better run along." No way my wife would go to the Bullfights, against such cruelty, but she never had a problem of busting Leo's pinata or finishing him off. Felix was just one matador she allowed to humiliate me. Leo became a struggling bull with an uncontrollable wife, who fancied picadoring me with another man. She dominated and controlled my every urge, but similar to Felix, had given me a gift of Love without realizing it. Or did she, did she mind or was it sexual Matter to her?

I entered Mandy's room to watch her change. We were always an open household, free spirited with no hang ups on nudity. Mandy put on some tight leotard black pants, shimmering in a dark blue and that perfect body. Tip toeing towards me, she put on a red blouse and "do me Dude!" I buttoned up the back and pulled it straight. She turned and put her arms around me, we kissed and though my attempt at soft, she pressed her lips against mine and ran her tongue around my gums. She pushed out a wad of gum into my mouth, which she deems funny always. The same Dubble Bubble I'd purchased her for years. Standing at near 6ft tall, she put on these red platform sandal heels with one hand, and now stood 6 feet tall. Felix was a tall Mexican dude and Mandy wrapped her legs around my thighs like an octupus.

She pulled her hair back in a tight bun on the side, coal black hair, straight and stuck a red flower with a yellow center in it. "Don't forget the tickets Dude," and she laughed. We both knew we would need no tickets to morbid Bullfighting this day, just a ruse and excuse for a shopping spree, the cantina and the cabana. We both wondered if Angie knew, but neither of us cared. Mandy was now competitive with mom and territorial. "Can we get the same room we had last year, you know how sentimental I am about things like that." Leo had placed a reservation months before for the same room overlooking the sea. With every thump and grind, Felix came to mind with the sensation of some twenty something years prior. We had deep sea fished together and he must be out there somewhere watching Mandy and Leo.

Alone in the taxi together, Mandy sat next to me like two star crossed lovers on a honeymoon. She reached into my lap and held my hand. The driver must have considered a spring and fall romantic fling here?
It would be three times this beautiful afternoon near the windery and bullring. Mandy lay next to me with her long tanned leg intwined with mine after the first. "You said you had to get something straight with me Dude?" No, not this time, maybe next year. It was hot for Mandy like this, Mind over Matter, so truth about Matter would have to wait. I didn't want to spoil what we had together, and my need to reminisce about Felix and my wife in the cottage by the sea. A soft kiss for Mandy as she went down on me, and a reminder we had to meet Angie soon for dinner with Felix.

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