Mens Plaything

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“There’s no need to put panties on under that skirt. They’ll just get in everyone’s way.”

My boyfriend Jason was impatient to get going to his friends house. There were at least 7 of his male co-workers waiting on us. This was going to be the first time this group would use me as their fuck-toy. All of them had ‘girlfriends’ that had been gang fucked by all of the men at some point during the last 6 months. Now it was my turn.

Jason had started working as an investment banker with a new firm less than a year ago. It’s didn’t take him long to find a group of his co-workers who believed as he did-that their girlfriends (and sometimes wives) were made just for men to use as cum-dumps.

Jason and I had started dating when I was 18 and he was thirty. He knew I was just a toy and has let me be used as a mans fuck doll since the beginning. I have no idea how many men have filled me since Jason-his old college friends, some of his family like his dad and uncles, and mostly strangers he finds online or in clubs.

Jasons been whoring me out for 7 years now. He got married almost 5 years ago. He doesn’t want his wife to be fucked by groups. Jason told me she was made for one man to marry and I was made for all men to use as a fuck puppet.

We rode to the party in silence as usual. Jason says my lips should be used for sucking cock not talking. It was fine with me. I was so nervous about this party. I knew Jason wanted to all his friends to be able to use me as they wanted and I did not want to let him down.

Once we pulled up, I followed Jason into the house. This was going to be one bog party. Standing around the entryway were 8 guys and I could see at least 5 more off in a room to the side. They all had a drink of bottled beer and each of them was looking me up and down. I could only hope they all thought I was worth fucking.

Jason walked me to the side room where I saw that instead of 5 more guys, there were 7. I had never been gang fucked by 15 guys before.
One of the guys stepped towards me and reached out towards my tits. He stopped and looked back at Jason.

“Hey, can we just start fucking her?” he asked.

Jason frowned and shrugged

“I don’t know why you’re asking, it’s what she’s here for. I don’t care what you do with. As long as she gets stuffed full of cock she’s doing what she was meant for.”

The guy (who I later heard called Paul) turned back to me

“Why are you still dressed?” he asked as he drank from his beer bottle.

I immediately dropped my skirt and pulled of my top. It was the last time I saw either.

“Leave on the heels” Jason said

“Look at these tits boys!” Paul called out as he roughly grabbed each of them with his free hand.

“These big ass tits are going to be bouncing tonight!” he said as he continued to grope each of my D size tits.

One of the guys was sitting on the couch with his pants already off and his considerable dick standing up.

Enough of the foreplay, get your mouth over here so I can fuck it.”

I went over to the couch and dropped to my knees.

“Wait you dumb whore, you don’t need to waste any of your holes. Bend over the side of the couch here and I’ll stuff this right up your hole.” Paul said, pulling what looked like a 9inch cock out of his pants.

I did as I was told and bent over the couch with my head in the other mans lap (I never found out his name). His cock slammed in my mouth and my cunt was immediately wet when I felt him thrusting in and out of my throat.

Paul started rubbing his cock between my round ass cheeks and was resting his ice cold beer bottle right on my tramp stamp.

“Jason, can you get some lube so I can jam this up your sluts fuck hole?”

“Dude, why bother wasting lube on her, she’s just a plaything. Just shove it in there.”

“Fine, I won’t bother lubing her up, but I still want her tight ass wet” and with that said Paul up-ended his beer bottle and shoved it neck deep up my ass.

The bottle must have been close to full because ice cold beer gushed up then out my ass. I could feel foam running down the back of my legs while my throated was still being fucked.

“Hey that works pretty well” Paul said and pulled the bottle out of my ass with an audible ‘pop’.

“And look, there’s still beer in it!”

He then rammed his thick cock balls deep in my pussy and pushed the bottle neck right back in my ass. Before he could even start thrusting with cock or bottle I had an orgasm that shook my whole body and nearly caused my legs to buckle. Instead of giving out though I bobbed faster on the cock that was fucking my mouth, stroked it with my right hand, and held on to the back of the couch with my left hand.

Paul was pounding my asshole with the bottle and slamming my pussy with his cock.

“Damn cunt, your little fuck hole is so tight I’m about to fill it”

“just wait man. I’m about to give her the load she wants down her throat so you might as well cover her face with one.” Said the man with his cock in my throat.

He then put his hand on the back of my head and shoved it down the entire length of his cock. I felt hot cum shooting down my throat.

“Good enough” grunted Paul. He pulled his cock out of my pussy, grabbed the back of my hair, yanked me off the cock that was pumping my mouth full of cum, and spun me around and down to my knees. Cum poured down my chin as I knelt in front of Paul.

“Here pig, I plan to see you covered and filled before the nights over” He jerked his cock and splashed his load all over my face.

The two of them had been fucking my holes so hard that I hadn’t even thought of the other men in the room. Now, with cum splattered on my face and beer still dripping from my bottle fucked ass, I looked around. There were 13 stangers and Jason with cocks out, ready to use me as their fuck whore.

I spent the next 4 hours being stuffed with 16 cocks. I was airtight and double fucked. Having every one of my fuck-holes filled at the same time was fantastic. I can remember cumming just from the number of cocks jammed in me at once.

Jason told me later that I passed out twice. Luckily no one cared and the guys just kept fucking me.

The best part of the whole night was when Paul and Jason double stuffed my pussy while some guy with a fat cock lay over my face and slam fucked my mouth. Talk about getting used for what you were intended!

My ass was stuffed and pounded by every cock in the room and even by a few beer and liquor bottles. I lost track of how many times each of the men used one of my holes. It was better than I had even imagined it would be to have lots of men let me be their cum dump.

By the end of the night all the guys were tired of stuffing my holes with cock. I was covered and filled with cum. My tits and face had been the most used by them men to spray their loads. Every man there had used me as his cum wearing whore.

“Have you seen my clothes” I asked Jason when I saw he was ready to leave.

“Nope and we’re not hanging around to find them. You can ride in the car naked. And make sure you rub all that jizz you’re covered in around your tits. I don’t want you messing up my car.”

I had wads of cum on my tits, face and ass and running from all my holes. I rubbed it in as best I could and ran out to his car.

On the way home Jason told me to get on my hands and knees in the passenger seat with my cum filled cunt and asshole facing my window.

“I’m going to let you suck my cock. Put your cum-holes up in the air so people passing will know you’re just a fuck puppet.”

I hurried to get in position because there’s nothing better than Jason face fucking me.
The rest of the way to my apartment complex I swallowed his cock and could hear people honking their horns and shouting things like “Suck it pig” and “Feed that bitch”.

The car eventually slid to a stop and Jason pulled my head from his lap. We were at the curb in front of my complex but my building was still almost a quarter mile back. Jason slid his seat backwards and dropped the back down all the way.

“Hold the wheel and bounce your ass on this”

I turned around to hold the steering wheel and slid my ass down his fat pole.

“This isn’t a date-bounce that ass hard

I gave gravity a boost and slammed my ass down. After a few minutes Jason pulled me down by the waist, filling me with cock. I felt his cum shoot up my ass.

“Alright, I’m done with you’ Jason said, shoving me back towards the passenger seat “I’ll let you know when I find anyone who wants to fill you up”

“Could you take me all the way to my building since I lost my clothes?”

Jason always dropped me off at the front of the complex instead of taking me to my building. He always said there was no reason he should have to keep driving me around when he was done using me for the night.

“No, I want to get home to my wife. I don’t like her having to wait up for me. It’s dark anyway, no one will even know you’re there. Besides, anyone can fuck you if they want so they can certainly see you naked.”

He was right, if some man did stop me he was entitled to use me for whatever.

I got out of the car, my body shiny with dried cum and my ass giving up the load Jason had just shot up it. I walked home knowing I had been totally used as a fuck-doll and would be again.

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