Memories Of Joseph

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Christine couldn't believe her eyes when she caught her 17-year-old son and her 16-year-old daughter kissing in the living room. She'd gotten off work early that day and it was raining outside as it usually was in Seattle. She ran inside the house hearing music blaring loudly from the living room stereo and she almost choked when she saw her children kissing so passionately on the couch.

She didn't say anything at first. She just stood there watching them kissing and whispering sweet things to one another. It was so wrong! It was incest! She had to stop it immediately. But yet a part of her didn't want to interrupt them. A part of her wanted to let them enjoy each other a little longer.

Damnit Christine, what the hell is wrong with you. It's wrong! She reminded herself.

"What the hell?" She asked loudly and sternly interrupting the children kissing.

Michael, her son and Laura, her daughter both got up quickly fixing their clothes. Both looked so scared and nervous. Christine wondered how long they'd been doing things like this. Ever since her divorce, 3 years ago, she hadn't had time to look after them. She was so swamped with work at her law firm that she rarely paid attention to her children at times. Being 42 years old and a single mother hadn't been easy at all.

"M-mom! I-I-" Michael stammered as he began to turn off the stereo.

Laura just looked down in embarrassment. Christine felt her heart almost stop. She didn't know what to say either. It was such a strange situation. She felt her hands begin to shake as she always did when she got nervous.

"Both of you go to your rooms now!" She shouted furiously.

Both teens didn't say anything and just followed their mother's orders. Christine walked over to the kitchen pouring herself a glass of red wine. She paced in the kitchen back and forth thinking of what to do. She was upset but in a way she wasn't. She'd tried hard to block out memories of her own past.

After about an hour of just pacing and thinking, Christine went up to Laura's room first. She knocked softly on the door and let herself in. Laura was lying on her bed sobbing quietly. Her long brown hair was a mess and her big green eyes looked up at her mother as if she was begging for forgiveness.

"Laura, don't cry now sweetheart. I was just in shock. I just want you to know that I'm not angry with you or anything," Christine said trying to comfort her daughter.

Laura's bottom lip quivered as she cried. "Mom, I can explain. Michael and I were just…we were just experimenting."

Christine knew that wasn't true. She saw the way Laura had her arms wrapped around her brother as they kissed. If in fact her children were lovers she had to try to find a way to cope with it. She wasn't going to let them go through the same pain she went through.

"I understand. But I hope that's all it was. I mean I just want you to be honest with me."

Laura nodded seeming so unsure. "Y-yes that was all it was. I promise you."

Christine had no choice but to believe her, even though she knew Laura was lying. She cupped her daughter's face and kissed her cheek. "Well I think you need to be alone for a while. I'm going to go talk to your brother and he will need some time alone too."

Laura just agreed and Christine left the room quietly.

Christine went off and knocked on her son's door. He was also lying on his bed thinking hard.

"Mom?" He asked sitting up on his bed.

His green eyes searched Christine for forgiveness as well. "Michael, let me just say that I'm not upset OK? I mean I guess things like this happen. I assume you were just curious about one another right?"

Michael looked away for a moment and then looked back at his mother. "Y-yes that's right. Just curious nothing else."

"Ok that's good to hear. Now I just talked to your sister and I think you both should just spend some time alone away from one another at least for this evening."

Michael nodded and bit his lower lip. She knew he wanted to see his sister more than anything. Christine kissed her son on his forehead and walked out taking one last look at his somber face.

Christine felt better after having confronted her children. She wasn't hungry she just felt somewhat tired. She decided to head on to her bedroom and relax at least until dinnertime. She would order a pizza since she was in no mood to cook.

Her bedroom was big and she spotted cozy bed, which she couldn't wait to lie on. She kicked off her red heels, took off her coat and threw herself on the bed. She stared up at the ceiling watching the ceiling fan go in fast circles. She closed her eyes for a moment and suddenly she could hear laughing and splashing of water. She could feel the warm summer air caressing her skin. Most of all she could remember him.

The memories were still there. She sighed slowly unbuttoning her white blouse slowly until her white lacey bra was exposed. She licked her lips still remembering the first time she had kissed him. It had been the sweetest kiss ever. Her first kiss. She was only 16 at the time and yet it seemed just like yesterday that everything had happened.

She could see it all. It was late that night. The air was hot and the smell of summer filled her senses. She was fast asleep in her tiny bed up in her parent's little summer cottage down in Texas. Her small little gray cotton shorts were slightly ridding up her firm buttocks. Her little pink tank top kept her cool. She felt the warm touch of his hand on her shoulder waking her up. She opened her big green eyes and saw him standing above her. His smile was sweet and he looked so gorgeous.

"Christi, wake up. Let's go out to the lake and swim. mom and dad are fast asleep," he whispered.

"Joey?" She asked rubbing her eyes.

She stood back and laughed softly. "Yes it's me. Now come on let's go."

She raised herself up looking at her brother. He was spending the summer with them one last time before he went off to college. He had just turned 18 and had gotten a full 4-year scholarship to a university in New York.

She got up slowly pushing her long brown hair back. She grabbed a large white towel, slipped on her white sandals and headed out with her brother. Joseph had always been that way. He was fun and adventurous. She loved him so much and was saddened when she'd heard he was going away to college. Ever since they were small, he was always a role model to her. She had always felt lucky to have a brother like him.

They walked out that night closing the door behind them slowly. It was a small, but private lake that their parents had. Joseph was wearing his white t-shirt and long swimming shorts and carried a big blue towel with him.

"Hurry up sis, I'm dying to get into that cold water. It's so hot tonight!" He was walking fast in front of her.

"Wait up!" She called after him.

They finally arrived at the lake and she watched as Joseph took off his shirt. He had a nice upper chest and his stomach was flat and muscular. She couldn't help but stare.

"What? What are you looking at?" He asked looking puzzled.

She quickly looked away. "N-nothing. Ok Let's get in."

They both ran and dove into the water. It was freezing cold but it felt good to swim on a hot summers night. Christine swam and Joseph kept doing little silly tricks in the water. They were laughing and having a great time as they usually did.

"Christi, can you do a back flip on the water?" Joseph asked his sister.

Christine laughed. "Yeah right. No! You know I can't."

Joseph swam close to her and dunked her head underwater playfully. Christine immediately got back up with her long hair drenched and narrowed her eyes at her brother.

"You jerk! I'm gonna get you for this!" She shrilled.

Joseph swam fast away from her but she managed to catch up to him. With all her strength that she had she managed to dunk his head underwater. He got back up laughing hysterically.

"Oh man you got me good. I didn't think you had any strength sis."

She stuck her tongue out at him. "Well now you know!"

They started to splash water on one another. She began to laugh and so did he. Christine couldn't remember ever having a more wonderful time. It might have been the essence of youth or the fact that she felt her heart fluttering every time she was around her brother.

"Why do you have to go so far away Joey?" She asked him as she stopped and floated in the water.

He shrugged. "I don't know. I guess I just like New York. I needed to get away from Mom and Dad for a while. You know just become my own person."

Christine looked down at the water. She could see the moonlight reflecting on it. "And I guess to get away from me too huh?" She asked nervously.

He swam closer to her cupping her face. "No sis. I'm really gonna miss you. I mean you are probably really the only one I'm gonna miss."

She looked up at him. Her heart was pounding. She never remembered being so close to him before. She wrapped her arms around his neck and felt him put his hands on her waist. He looked down obviously enticed by her nipples poking out from her tank top.

"I'm really going to miss you Joey," She said as she felt a tear roll down her face.

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