Meeting Caitlyn Part III

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 Alyssa slowly sat up in the large king sized bed and yawned. She found herself naked, it was a chilly morning and Alyssa was shivering, she pulled the covers up to her shoulders. She then felt a warm hand on her stomach, Alyssa sat up straight in confusion as the hand moved up to her left nipple, the hand embraced her tit and rubbed it gently. Recalling what had happened last night, Alyssa smiled and laid back down. She found Caitlyn under the covers already working on her again. She pushed herself down and gave Caitlyn a kiss, deeply and passionately. Caitlyn was then lying on the bottom, Alyssa pressed her naked chest into Caitlyn's, Caitlyn was nude as well. Caitlyn smiled and kissed Alyssa as she rubbed everywhere on Alyssa. The cold air on the Sunday morning surrounded the two, Caitlyn sat up after the last kiss and got out of bed, she slipped on a silk robe and walked into the bathroom. Alyssa followed, shivering as she walked towards the bathroom. Caitlyn tossed another silk robe at Alyssa, it landed over Alyssa's head. Alyssa giggled then slipped it on, attempting to tie it but Caitlyn came out of the bathroom and stopped her. Caitlyn smiled and pulled Alyssa into the bathroom gently by the arms, kicking the door shut and locking it. Caitlyn had let the water start running into the gigantic tub as she let her robe slip to her feet. Alyssa did the same and wrapped her arms around Caitlyn's waist.

"Not a shy girl anymore huh?" Caitlyn said smiling, Alyssa nodded slightly and made her way in front of Caitlyn, letting her smooth, just shaved cunt touch Caitlyn's right leg. Caitlyn put her hand on Alyssa waist and brought her into her arms and kissed Alyssa. Alyssa backed her way up the three stairs to the tub, it was big enough to have a threesome in. The water filled up quickly, just before it began over flowing, Caitlyn stopped it and stepped into the steamy water. Alyssa stepped in after Caitlyn laid back into the back slowly, giving a small gasp as the hot water caressed her body. Alyssa glided towards Caitlyn and sat gently into Caitlyn's lap, Alyssa held a bar of soap. Caitlyn set her hands on Alyssa's thighs as Alyssa started to rub the bar of soap in her hands. She let the soap plop down into the water, landing on Caitlyn's cunt, Alyssa then, with her soapy hands started with Caitlyn's neck.

Caitlyn let her head fall back as Alyssa massaged her way to Caitlyn's shoulders then chest. The water easily washed the soap off Alyssa's hands as they made contact. Caitlyn sat up and pushed Alyssa off her lap and brushed her fingers by Alyssa's clit. Caitlyn took a bottle and squeezed half of it out, bubbles began forming. As the two moved around bubbles foamed up, Caitlyn took a handful and playfully threw it at Alyssa. Alyssa caught it and slowly made her way to Caitlyn, bubbles interrupted as Caitlyn and Alyssa attempting to kiss. Alyssa spat and giggled, she ran her hands on Caitlyn's breasts and down to her stomach. Caitlyn pushed her finger into Alyssa, Alyssa gasped and leaned back. Alyssa was extremely sensative, she was already close to cumming. Caitlyn leaned forward and kissed down Alyssa's neck, sliding a second and third finger in. Alyssa winced a little but was adapting to the three inside of her. Caitlyn pushed in deeper, she took Alyssa's nipple in her mouth and nipped. Alyssa's head fell back in pleasure, feeling her self getting closer. Caitlyn's fingers slid in and out of Alyssa's hole faster and faster, harder and deeper. Alyssa was about to scream and let it out when Caitlyn stopped. Alyssa looked at Caitlyn, with her brown, begging eyes. Caitlyn stood and got out of the tub, she started to let the water drain. She turned on the shower and sprayed the bubbles off her body and did the same for Alyssa. Alyssa's cunt was soaking with juices, Alyssa decided to resolve in masturbating but Caitlyn stopped her. The two dressed and went downstairs for breakfast, Caitlyn smiled at the innocent and begging look on Alyssa's face. Alyssa's panties were soaked, she needed so much to let it all out. After breakfast Caitlyn drove Alyssa to the mall, touching Alyssa's leg as they talked and brushing by Alyssa's cunt. Alyssa looked as if she were ready to burst everytime Caitlyn arroused her. Caitlyn parked into the closest parking space and got out of the car. Alyssa followed reluctantly in with Caitlyn. Caitlyn and Alyssa entered a clothing store and chose out adorable outfits. Caitlyn winked at Alyssa as she pulled out two outfits,

"Wanna go try these on?" Alyssa looked in confusion, Caitlyn laughed and hinted again,
"In the fitting rooms..." Alyssa tried processing the information then gave a grin. Caitlyn pushed Alyssa ahead and found the biggest fitting room. The two entered quickly and shut the door, locking it. A few other women were in the other dressing rooms, one young high school junior was fitting in one of the stalls beside Caitlyn and Alyssa. Caitlyn and Alyssa flung their clothes off, Alyssa was yet still uncomfortably wet. Caitlyn knelt down and kissed Alyssa's bare cunt. Alyssa gasped, her juices dripped, Caitlyn caught every drop in her mouth. Caitlyn rubbed her hands up and down Alyssa's legs as she let her tongue tickle Alyssa's clit. Alyssa begged for more. Caitlyn plunged her tongue into Alyssa's clit gently, not wanting to hurt Alyssa...yet. Alyssa moaned as she approached quickly, Caitlyn decided to finish Alyssa off fast and hard, but not yet. Caitlyn rubbed Alyssa's clit as she stood and kissed Alyssa, bringing her tongue into Alyssa's mouth. The fear of being caught hit Alyssa but she was in too much pleasure to care at the moment. She moaned in pleasure, louder this time,
"A little louder babe." Caitlyn said smiling, Alyssa couldn't control her volume, Caitlyn rubbed faster, she kissed down Alyssa's whip lines once again. Alyssa winced in pain, the wounds were still healing, and not very well as Caitlyn continuously re opened them with the licking and kissing. Caitlyn's fast rubbing stopped, Caitlyn bent down and kissed Alyssa's cunt again, grinning. Alyssa always worried at the grin Caitlyn gave during these things, Alyssa panicked, then a sudden shock of pain shot through Alyssa's hole, Alyssa screamed. Caitlyn had rammed her fist in deep and hard into Alyssa, Alyssa's scream ended with a moan as she climaxed. The high school junior shaken jumped onto the stool in her stall and looked over the top, Caitlyn was kissing Alyssa and comforting her from the pain. The other girl smiled at Caitlyn as Caitlyn looked up, the girl grinned and slipped under the opening under the wall separating the stalls. The girl removed all her undergarments and stood by Caitlyn. Caitlyn was sitting by Alyssa, kissing her gently and rubbing up and down her body, whispering to her that she was sorry.

"Baby did you like though?" Alyssa nodded weakly.
"I'm sorry but it's so nice when I see you in pain then pleasure." Alyssa gave Caitlyn a worried look, Caitlyn looked up at the girl again.
"Hey Jessica." The junior smiled and plopped her naked self down by Alyssa.
"I didn't know you were that way." Jessica said then took Alyssa's hand into hers, Caitlyn shrugged and smiled again.
"Jessica, this is my adorable girlfriend Alyssa."

Alyssa said in a small voice,
"Hi." Alyssa still in pain even after the pleasure, leaned against Caitlyn. Caitlyn smiled and winked at Jessica, Alyssa saw, not knowing what this meant. Jessica grinned and moved herself up onto Alyssa, pressing her own D cup breasts into Alyssa's.
"She is adorable isn't she?" Jessica said and gave Alyssa a soft but short kiss. Alyssa didn't know what to do or expect so she just nodded. Alyssa felt Caitlyn move to the side,

"Lie down sweetie." Caitlyn said, as she moved behind Jessica. Jessica moved aside, allowing Caitlyn on Alyssa's right, Jessica took Alyssa's left nipple in her mouth and sucked gently. Caitlyn did the same on the right, Alyssa moaned, her cunt began to get wet again. Jessica had long blond hair and beautiful light blue eyes, her figure was relative to Caitlyn's but less toned. Jessica's hand made her way down to Alyssa's cunt, Alyssa wriggled a bit but was settled down by Caitlyn's kiss. Jessica noticed the whip wounds then smiled, she found one on Alyssa's stomach and sucked it hard. Alyssa winced and a small scream escaped her mouth, the sucking was much worse than the kisses and licking. Jessica's three fingers slid easily into Alyssa, Alyssa felt barely any pain this time. Jessica was about to fist Alyssa when Caitlyn stopped her. Caitlyn pushed Jessica back and kissed her, inserting four fingers into Jessica. Jessica took the four in easily,
"Not a virgin are you Jessica?" Jessica smiled,

"Nope. I had a twelve inch yesterday."
"Bisexual." Jessica nodded then started to rub Caitlyn, Caitlyn was doing two things at once. Rubbing Alyssa and rubbing Jessica. Jessica was sensative as well and came hard after Caitlyn rammed her fist into her. Jessica slumped back and gave a contented sigh. Caitlyn went back to Alyssa, kissed her cunt and started to lick. Caitlyn went on and on until Alyssa finally came the second time, cum dripped onto Caitlyn's hands and legs. Alyssa got up and started to lick Caitlyn's legs clean, Jessica helped. Jessica moved up to Caitlyn's tits and took one in, sucking hard and biting a bit. She swirled around tongue around Caitlyn's tit and sucked harder and harder as Caitlyn's nipples became rock hard. Alyssa rubbed Caitlyn's clit gently but fast, getting faster.

Alyssa then inserted four fingers in, moving faster and faster going deep each entry. Caitlyn was dripping wet, Jessica moved to the other nipple and moved her hand down to meet Alyssa's. Jessica rubbed Caitlyn's clit as Alyssa's fingers slid in and out faster each moment. Caitlyn couldn't stand it anymore, she tried holding it in but she couldn't. Her back arched as she shot a load out, Alyssa caught the load just in time and made sure not a drop hit the cold floor. Alyssa kissed Caitlyn's cunt and up her stomach, the two were now kissing deeply. Jessica stood and slid back over, putting her clothes on. Caitlyn and Alyssa did the same, still kissing as they came out. Alyssa's walk was a bit odd obviously because of the pain but Caitlyn just put her arm around Alyssa's waist.

"You got a fisting too." Caitlyn giggled,

"But that was revenge." Alyssa said whining a bit, her hole ached from the stretch. Jessica followed closely behind the two,
"I'll see you two tomorrow. Nice meeting you Alyssa." Jessica said and ran out going the opposite direction. The cashier looked the two in confusion, they had not tried on the outfits nor had they brought them back out. The cashier curiously went in and could feel the hot air of sex around her, he watched the two girls leave the store arm in arm.

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