Meera's Multiple Pleasures

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I was just about to have a bath, when the telephone rang. Cursing it, I lifted the telephone. The caller was my wife's office assistant Meera. The moment I said "hello", her words came literally pouring into my ears. Obviously, something had gone wrong at the office and she was desperate for my help. 

"Sir, the computer is not working. Madam (my wife) has given me lot of work to finish before she gets back from Madras, but the computer is not booting. Please come sir. If I don't complete the work, madam will be very angry. Please !"

Her calls for desperate help made me decide to go there. Though cursing my luck, i told her that within half an hour she can expect me there and hung up. 

As I turned the tap for shower, I started thinking about Meera. This girl had been working in my wife's office as an assistant and a stenographer with experience in computers. There was nothing particularly attractive about that girl. I generally am attracted to well build females, especially with large bulging breasts and this girl was just the opposite. She was thin, tall and just had wee bit of protrusion (s) her breast. She was married to a small time business man, always on rounds and had a daughter a couple of years old. She used to leave her daughter in a day care center and work in the office, doing mostly typing work on the computer. She used to call me "sir". During her initial days of marriage, she used to talk a lot about her husband with my wife but of late she used to avoid the talk and my wife had learnt that they had frequent quarrels and altercations between them. On a couple of occasions when I had been to the office, I had seen her hand move between her thighs over her saree and rub her clit. This i had observed from the rear window of my in-law's place through a mirror on the wall. At that time i thought it was quite normal for an unsatisfied woman sitting alone by herself and me being averse to small tits, never intended to take advantage of her position. 

I started soaping my naked body and reached my penis, massaging it lovingly.

As my tool started bulging, I suddently remembered a conversation between two men on a bus on a night journey. They were discussing about women being fat and thin and how size mattered in bed, etc. I became very much interested and had bent forward to listen to them clearly against the roar of high speeding bus at night. The younger of the men was commenting how he liked big breasted women in bed and how he loathed and avoided women very thin and with little or no projections. The elder of the man heard the other and said " you fool, i also used to court only big breasted women. With experience i am telling now, don't underestimate the thin women. They may not have big breasts but they will have thin long and juicy cunt. Mostly they will have high sexual urges and they will be capable of multiple orgasms. Next time when you get a chance try fucking one of them and you will enjoy a very busy night indeed ! ". Remembering this i realized that my penis had enlarged thick and long and my mind raced to recall the body features of Meera I had seen a couple of weeks back. Imagining her naked and fantasizing about fucking her, my hand started vigorously masturbating my tool and soon my cum jutted out of my tool in multiple jets. However, i realized my chances were almost nil of having any amorous expectations, as my wife's office was just behind my in-law's house and any escapades in the office can be clearly seen from their rear window. My mother-in-law was an amorous woman herself, having seduced me once and inviting me to her house to eat her pussy and fuck her whenever she got a chance and such a woman would not let me go anywhere near an office assistant.

I quickly showered and got onto my bike and started for the office, which is just a couple of miles from my home. As I turned in to the road to my in-law's place and office, I was surprized to see my in-law's in party dress getting into their car. I stopped my vehicle and said "hello". My mother-in-law returned my hello with a wink reminding me of my responsibilities towards her sexual wants and said " we are going for a marriage and will be back in four to five hours. Do you need anything from the house ?". Thinking quickly I said " Ya, in this scorching heat, I need cool fridge water. It seems the computer has gone bad and Meera is anxious to get it set right. It may take a couple of hours for me to set it right". My mother in law got out of the car and said "Okay, you can have the keys to the back door of the house but you must stay till we are back" saying that she took me aside and handed the keys and whispered " How is your tool, I am dying to have it inside me. It's a pity we can not be alone today. However, in the bathroom I have put my undies in the basket and they are not yet washed. You can enjoy smelling my cunt, the whole of night i was thinking about you and fingering myself" She gave me a sweet smile, got into car and they drove away. 

I realized that providence was on my side and i would be with Meera all alone for a couple of hours atleast. I went into the office and saw Meera having kittens in front of the computer. On seeing me, she was very happy and wished me and pointed to the computer. She was wearing a nice saree and a matching blouse and being fair colored she looked quite attractive . My penis was just starting to tighten and 
the bulge coaxing my mind to imagine ways to seduce her, I forcingly shut my mind and decided to attend to the computer first. Within a couple of minutes I had discovered that the power cable to the computer had come lose, probably the handiwork of the enthusiastic servant maid while mopping the floor. This, i thought, was a chance to try some mischief. I turned to Meera and said " Meera, this looks like a bit of a problem for me to solve". For that she looked unhappy and said " Sir, madam has given lot of work to complete in two days time and if computer is down, i will have problems ". I just smiled and said " okay Meera i will try to repair it. But you have made me rush from home on a holiday ". She took my complaint seriously and said " I am sorry sir". I just laughed and said " don't be. I will try to get this repaired. But you will have to compensate me by giving some gift. Okay ?" She just nodded her head taking this as some mild joke. I pretended to repair the PC for a couple of more minutes and then fixed the loose cable and started the computer. Once it booted, Meera was extremely happy and thanked me a couple of times.

I said " Meera, no point in thanking me. You have to give me a gift "

she said " Sir i don't have anything right now, i will get you some sweets tomorrow. is it okay ?"

i said " no Meera, you made me come now and so you have to give my gift now. Otherwise, you have to accept my gift. Which is it ?"

she said " how can i accept gift from you sir ?"

i said " i will tell what the gift is, if you don't like you can reject it and then bring sweet tomorrow"

she said " okay sir, what is the gift you want to give me ?"

I was waiting for her question, i said " i will kiss you once, that's my gift". Hearing this she turned away from me and stood facing the wall, but i could see she had blushed. I continued " Meera, if you don't like what i said, just forget it. I will go now and you can carry on with your work". 

I could sense that she was in a big dilemma, what to say. Since she didn't say no, i thought that she was considering the consequences of saying yes. Taking my chances, i slowly moved towards her and put my both palms on her slender belly, squeezed her middle. She stiffened and leaned back against me. I pulled her from behind, circled my arms around her belly and forced my body against her back. Meera was slightly shivering with excitement but kept her head lowered and said nothing. I tightened my grip on her, pulling her slender buttocks against my bulging crouch. My penis, fully blown, hard and erect was tightly pressed against the middle of her buttocks. I made her turn around and lifted her face to mine. She quickly closed her eyes, but her lips were parted and slightly wet. They were very thin and wide but seductive. I released her, pushed her against the wall and pressed my bulge between her thighs where her cunt lay. I took her face in my palms, bent down and started kissing her face everywhere. She moved her head in slow motion offering me her eyes, ears, nose, cheek and neck as i kissed her passionately. I put my hand inside her pallu, took hold of her breasts and started kneeding them slowly right over her blouse. She took a deep breath and looked at me with lust. I was immediately down on her, pressing my thick lips against her lips, her lips were wet and extremely thin but most pleasurable. I took out my tongue and parted her lips with that and started licking her inside. She moaned and hugged me tightly. I took her lips one at a time, sucked them in my mouth, they were sweet like jackfruit petals and dripping honey. I released her mouth and said " Meera, come let us go into the house, i want to keep on kissing you and fondling you for a long time " She looked frightened and said " Sir, what about madam's parents. i am afraid".
I said " don't worry, my in-law's have gone for a marriage and won't be back for some time and they have given me the key". 

I took her hand, locked the office and went to the back door of the house and opened the door with the key. Once inside, i bolted the door and led her to the guest bed room. I made her to sit on the bed and bolted the door. I sat beside her and drew her to me and said " atleast now can you give me some gift". She smiled a naughty smile and gave a small kiss on my lips. I was instantly aroused and pounced on her, holding her tight and kissing her everywhere on the face. As my tongue started licking her lips again, this time she opened her mouth and gave me her thin, long tongue. I immediately put my tongue deep into the mouth and we started rolling our tongues against each other. She was equally aroused as me and her passionate kissing and tongue-rolling was giving me pleasurable heights i had rarely known. 

I propped a couple of pillows on the wall and made her sit resting her back. I started kissing her on the ears, giving loud kisses inside her ear, taking her ears in my mouth and licking the back and inside. She started moaning and enjoying. I moved my lips to her long throat, kissed all over it and moved down and reached her blouse, pulling the pallu of her saree. 

Throught the V-cut of her blouse, i could see small but well aroused breasts. I placed my palms on her blouse, started squeezing her breasts and fingering her nipple. Her nipples instantly became hard and fully aroused. I kissed her deeply on her lips and said "Meera, show me your tits". She blushed and said " they are very small". I said " nothing doing, you must show me. I want to fondle them". Shyly she removed her blouse and black bra and her breasts instantly enlarged in size and with pointed nipples, hung proudly. I took both the breasts in my arms and squeezed them together till she cried out in pleasure. As i started kneeding, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples, she could not control, she held me by my neck and forced me on to her breasts. I caught her right breast by my mouth and sucked it inside fully. She cried out in pleasure and her hands pushed me even hardered against her bossom. I started licking, slurping and sucking her breasts one by one. Her breasts became pink in color and her whole bossom was spread with my saliva. 

I removed my shirt and unzipped my pants. I now sat with my back to the wall, opened my thighs wide. I caught her from behind, fully rising her saree above and passed my hands all along her smooth legs upto the thighs and started squeezing them. I held her thighs, lifted her saree completely and dragged her onto my bulge. My crouch was now wedged between her buttocks and she leaned back against it putting full force of her body on my penis. With one swift movement, I removed her panties and pressed my dick against her naked buttocks. They were unusually cool and for my hot penis this was a new sensation. I now moved my palms on her thighs, squeezing them and at the same time pulling her back onto my bare chest. She moaned sexily and bent her head on my shoulder, turning and taking my mouth in her mouth and started licking my mouth from inside. I moved my palms up and all the way up to her love spot. I could feel her thin and short pubic hair, fully drenched and with my fingers i started fingering her cunt. She had very thin cunt lips, but her cunt was very long. It was fully wet and hot and slippery. I caught hold of her clitoris with one hand and started squeezing it and at the same time moved my other hand, parting her cunt lips with fingers till i reached her cunt hole. Her cunt was literally filled with her juices and my fingers smoothly slid into her hole. She immediately stiffened, moaned loudly and started moving her hips to match my finger movements. 

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