Meek Mum

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When dad died my mother sort of went to pieces for the next six months, I ended up doing everything around the house on top of my school work and had it not been for the insurance money I would have had to find a way to earn money. As it was we were comfortably off, though by no means wealthy, even so I had virtually no time to call my own for the entire period. Gradually the strain began to tell on me and it began to show in my schoolwork, my grades started to fall and it looked as though I would fail my 'A' levels. Much as I loved my mother something had to be done about the whole situation and one fateful Saturday I took matters in hand and confronted mum.

Sitting in the living room facing my mother I could not believe how much she had let herself go, once a lively, attractive, vivacious woman, she was now dowdy and dull, her hair was a mess and her face was pale. Quietly and with great patience I talked to my mother, listlessly she listened to what I said yet showed no sign that she understood. Slowly I became annoyed and began talking more and more firmly until at last I lost my temper.

"Damn it mum," I exploded "go and make yourself presentable, do something with your hair, put on some nice clothes. Do something other than mope."

"Yes Paul." she said quietly and got out of her chair.

To say I was surprised at her compliance would be an understatement, as she left the room I shook my head and wondered just what it was that had finally got through to her. Something dad had jokingly said came back to me, he'd had a few drinks and had confided drunkenly that 'your mother needs a firm hand son', it had meant nothing to me at the time, but now her reaction to my angry order gave meaning to his words. Perhaps if I was firm with my mother instead of kindly she would respond more favourably, I decided to try it and see what happened. Ten minutes later mum returned to the living room, she looked like a different woman, her hair was neat and tidy, her face was carefully made up and her clothes were bright and even a little sexy, all in all a vast improvement. What I needed to do now was to put some of the old sparkle back in her eyes and some spring in her stride, I decided that a walk would be a good start, just getting her out of the house had been impossible over the past six months.

"We are going for a walk." I said firmly.

"All right Paul." she replied, "Do I need a coat?"

Hiding my surprise I answered her question.

"I don't think so, it seems quite warm out today." I said with a smile.

Making sure that I had my keys I followed mum out of the house, locked the door then joined her on the pavement, turning towards the nearby park I set off, mum moved along at my side. The sun was bright, the air fresh with a light little breeze that kept us from getting too warm, even my mother was finding it hard to be glum on such a bright day and by the time we reached the park she had a tiny smile on her lips. We entered the park and wandered aimlessly around the paths that criss-crossed it, we saw couples enjoying themselves, kids playing and dogs running, in other words signs of happiness and they infected my mother and broke down the barrier of her own self-pity. By the time we left the park mum was smiling almost happily and on the walk home she seemed more alive than she had been for ages.

"I'll do dinner tonight." mum said as we went through our front gate.

I was surprised at the change in her, but overjoyed that she had finally snapped out of her slump somewhat, I agreed to her offer of course. Later that evening, our meal consumed and the washing-up done, we sat in the living room and mum started talking, it was as though a floodgate had opened and I let her rattle on for as long as she wanted, relieved that she had finally let loose her feelings. An hour later mum smiled at me and sat back in her chair.

"I've been a right pain in the arse for the past six months haven't I." She said.

"Well, I wouldn't go that far," I grinned "but you have been very trying."

"I promise to behave myself from now on," she said "you'll be able to go out with your friends and have some fun."

I hadn't the heart to tell her that the past six months had cost me the few friends I'd had and as for girls, well, they were a dream that I hoped one day to fulfil. Smiling I agreed with her.

"I'm going to do the washing tomorrow." mum announced "In fact I'm going to take back all those 'little' jobs that you've been doing and let you concentrate on your school work and having fun."

"You don't have to do it all mum." I laughed, "Let me help at least a little."

"Okay." she laughed, "Now, why don't you go off and meet some friends for some fun."

It was with dread that I heard her words, it meant that I would have to go out, spend a couple of hours on my own and come home pretending that I had enjoyed myself. Something about me must have told my mother that there was something wrong and now she was back to her old self it didn't take her long to figure out what that something was.

"I'm sorry Paul," she sighed unhappily "I've ruined your life with my sulking haven't I."

"Not at all mum," I smiled realising she had worked out the true situation "if they had been proper friends they would not have left me in the lurch so to speak. No, I think I'm better off without them. Besides, you are more important to me."

"Thank you Paul." mum smiled "I know, let's go out together, I can pass myself off as a young woman with the right make-up and I'm sure we could have fun together."

"Okay," I grinned "you go and doll yourself up and I'll put on something respectable."

"I won't," she grinned, "I want people to think you've got yourself a sexy dolly bird."

"I've already got that," I laughed "any improvement on that will make people think you are a right nympho."

"Well that can't hurt your image." She laughed as she flounced from the room.

I was happy to see mum back to normal, rude, crude and so much fun to be with, nevertheless it would have been nice if I could have gone out with a girlfriend, I might have stood a chance of some fun at the end of the evening, but I would make the most of things. Making my way to my bedroom I took off my jeans and tee shirt, looking in my wardrobe at the meagre collection of clothes I tried to make up my mind what to wear, school uniform was definitely out and the rest of my clothes were jeans and tee shirts with one exception. That exception was a pair of leather trousers, I had bought them and so far hadn't worn them, at the same time I'd got the trousers I'd bought a pair of cowboy style boots and a black silk type shirt, I changed into this outfit and grabbed my leather bomber jacket. Going back to the living room I waited for my mother to join me, it was long wait, but when she finally appeared half an hour later the wait was well worth it.

"Whee-hoo," I whistled appreciatively "you look fantastic."

Fantastic indeed, whatever she had done with her make-up had taken years off her, she'd done up her hair in a style that had it draped to one side of her face and it took a few more years away, to top it all off she had changed into a dress that gave a new meaning to the word 'mini'. The dress was cut both low and high, so low as to show off a hell of a cleavage, so high as to reveal that she was wearing stockings not tights and that was while she was standing, what a sight it had to be when she sat. Had I not known it was my mother I could almost have believed that she was a girl of near my own age, not just a girl, but a beautiful, sexy girl and to my surprise I found myself feeling horny. Mum blushed at my words and it only made her seem all the more fanciable, my fingers twitched with an urge to handle her.

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