Me And My Landlordís Wife Ė Part 3

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Hi friends this is Vikas after a very long gap with my new story or continued part with my land lordís wife I hope you all will like it. Since I took a long gap to post my stories I know some thousands of peoples will be now users, authors of my faviort site. So let me introduce to new users. Myself vikas(NC) now Iím just 21 years old doing my engineering in Bangaloreís collage Iím just of 5.8Ē height and my 6Ē shaft has got all its strength and stamina to satisfy any girl and bang her until she squirt where

I found it possible with my shaft and Iím very proud of my cock that in this encounter. Anitha became a whore in the same night with and nastiest slut in my life even my best sex partner and dirtiest friend, she was a whore who loved to get fucked like a bitch. I just could not get enough of this bitch. I wanted to fuck her and lick her and suck her till she was screaming like a bitch. I had been fucking her till from last evening. And once when I was fucking her I recalled my past aunties in my life but she was extraordinary

Awesome mind-blowing her lusty looks her curve balls hot navel was making my cock to feel her heat, I said,Ē Anitha Your a real whore! And youíre her ass? Your really mouth watering bitch. I will swear! Iíll give the best of your life and make you as my slut you fucking bitch she looked at me strangely,Ē So you are eyeing on my cute ass ah! Now you really want to fuck my ass ah! You bastard you mother fucker you wonít my ass ah! Yes, yesssss I need it at any cost? Ho! Now youíre ready to pay ah!

I was little bit running my mouth without control and crossed certain level she was now little angry on me.ĒDonít be a fool, my ass is still virgin and Iím not ready to keep it in front of an animal. Now I was more excited to hear those words from her I just moved close to her she just covered her from blanket and let me to reach her not even to lay my hands on her body,Ē She asked me to go and have bath as she was leaving to her cousins house I was really very sad and I started to apologies to her for my words but she kept a serious face

And started t shout at me go go just you mother fucked cover your dam cock and get out of my site. There was no way out in my mind so I went into bathroom and turned the shower on it was 15 minutes I just kept my body bellow shower but my body heat was not getting low and my desire to fuck her whole day was missing out of my hand after a while she started to shout from bedroom as I finished it or not I just didnít responded her she just repeated two-three times and asked what you doing out there masturbating yourself ah!

I just shouted yes when youíre not their what can i do better than this I think she just barred to the door and started knocking the door honey fuck why are you simply wasting my juice by hearing to her words I just came out. Suddenly everything changed she looked at my sleeping cock which was in it normal (small) size and she just slapped me your trying to cheat me ah! You ugly monster and ho! This is what your cock look like in its normal size it so small

I didnít seen it at night she just kneeled down and started to hit my balls you little monster wake up! Wake up! Is it time for a sleep she took it in her hand and started to stroke it. And she started to give me blow job throw her mouth sweet heart I was so worried that you will send me out and youíll go to your cousinís home and Iím so sorry what all I spoke earlier honey take it lithe I just like the way you before and your uncle will never be able to satisfy my desire youíre my jaan and

Iím your whore and no women will be ready to miss this chance and will go to her cousin house I just wanted to see your reaction even I too sorry for that she again started to stroke my cock I can see she was showlloing my hole cock her saliva was fully sticked to my cock and my cock was fully dipped in her saliva I started to mone lightly see just came to I was just ready to explode she started to stroke even faster I cummed into her mouth and all over her face and very little juice as been relies from my cock she just tasted every single drop off it.

She gently started to move bare skin in to and fro motion the reaming cum was just coming out she licked it with her tong and pulled me down by holding my cock and we too kissed each other and exchanged her saliva she just whispered in my ears to carry her to bathroom to have shower with me I just carried her in my arms to bathroom. Honey not this one the bathroom is below I just I canít carry you for so long. See if my feet touched ground no fucking nothing ok Iíll we both were nude I was having fear of if loss balance on steps so

I was afraid of carrying I donít that I trust my husband I carried her out of bed room to 1st floor and she showed me the way as its in this second bed room it was one more attached bathroom I carried her to bathroom as she opened the door I can the tub with no water you should carry me until the tub fills I just nodded my head it took 3 to 4 minutes all though it was having two taps opened thank god that she was not heavy like ordinary indian women I slowly put into the tub and I too joined with her.

I took the other end she was having a smile on her face I asked her whatís the matter as she my desires are becoming true these type of situations I saw in movie I was wondering that will be my life same as in movies and my sex desires will became true at last god has provided me a good boy to satisfy me and my desires I was very pleased to hear all those from her I called her and pulled her towards me now we are in same side she was lying on me and she began to speak about her childhood and school days and her collage boyfriend cheated as he was managing two girls

I asked as she dated with her she just replayed before 6 years it was not possible and we dint had sex only kissingís she just turned towards me I can see her tears she kissed me I just hate those who lie or cheat to me so I just slapped in upstages sorry honey itís Ok we two settled their more than two hours and talked about each other she asked me many times as I was having any sex encounters before e I just said no but she was going to believe and started to questioning me as how can you fuck me like that and acquired a

Perfect position body balance and I just made her realize I do masturbate more at least 2 times but from last 2 months it has been doubled because of you and I always had a desire to try a each and every sex position in Kama sutra so I do watch more porn movies. So I do till now I dint fucked any girl the 1st is you my sex god. We just laid their only it was 12 afternoon when clock ring I walked her up and as it was 12 afternoon you still didnít broom the house or gate we just got up she just went into a pink colored gown and she started to laugh at

My penis said me to get my pants from bedroom as she will prepare food for both of us just put only my pants and came into hall and turned on her music player, she was moving her hips to the soft music in the room. I just asked as she got any interest in dance she looked at me with lusty eyes. I loved the lewd look in her eyes and my erect throbbing cock was proof of that excitement. She was gown which covered half her ass. She turned around said as she used to participate in cultural programs.

And she came with maggi in a single bowl today Iíll feed my baby and you idiot will always been thinking of fucking only na and that little master will never sleep na she started to feed me like baby as she was sitting next to me in between we had some romance while having breakfast suddenly she just said oh! Shit I didnít brushed you dirty boy having food without brushing very bad boy. Who me 1st you having ice cream without brushing you only bad gal. Stupid very smart ok now get up ago and do brush it was 1.00 clocks when

I went into bathroom she too came behind me was just washing yesterdays vessels I was standing behind her. She just looked at me and bent a little and exposing and tights. She just opened her gown tags and removed her pink gown now she was in her bra and panties I just moved close to her when she started to hid the boobs I went near her and removed her hands and took one of her breast in the mouth and holed the other one by hand she allowed for two minutes and she told me to make her sit I just made her to sit

On edge of the tub as she asked me to get the shaving kit from the self and shaving cream and she told me to shave her public hair I just obeyed her like a good boy I started to apply the cream and brush it for enough lather and started to shave her pussy and made it bald now I can see her pink vagina clearly she again shaved my small public hairs she wrapped her legs to my waist and I carried to the hall and made her to sit on the sofa when she sat on the edge of the bed I pushed her to lie on the bed and in no time

I was on her and tightly hugged her. I entered my finger to touch her bald pussy she resisted again then I pleaded to let me see her vagina I slowly bent down and made myself in perfect position and started to explore her vagina with my tong. I asked her can I fuck her she said again you monster wonít get tired ah! She saw it and closed her eyes I immediately spread her legs and inserted my Lund into her tight fluffy

pussy she now responded started respond my speed by lifting her ass up and allowing me more to fuck her we finished soon and ejaculated in her pussy. But I was still waiting for the night that Iíll narrate in my next story friend Iím not a story writer I just explained what went in between us at that day and if any spell or grammatical mistakes please forgive me if you people like please write your comments at shukla.sanjay62 at gmail dot com or call me at 9009530932 i am waoiting for yours call .I found she was really slut in that same night

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