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This is a true story. First of all, I am a certified massage therapist. Sometimes, I kind of go-with-the-flow as some women don’t really know what they need until they are relaxed. Some women come to me for vague reasons, but clearly because they need to be touched by a man in a loving way. So, the massages proceed in different ways depending on whether or not there appears to be any tension in the client. Jackie came to my house for her appointment and we shook hands (she was very short as I am 6’1”) and said hello. I could tell she was pretty shy and not all that sure of herself. Jackie was 28 years old. About a year and a half ago, she had her first child, and she told me she was still nursing the child. She was 5’0”, full-breasted (I would guess, 34C), a little extra weight from the pregnancy and very shapely legs and ass. She told me she had been feeling tired and kind of depressed lately and just felt like treating herself to a massage to feel more positive about life. She told me that she had heard I was very good and since I had posted a ‘Half-Price Mother’s Day Special’ on local bulletin boards, she decided to check it out and see if it might perk her up. After a little more talking about any physical conditions I should be aware of, I led her into the massage room. I asked her to undress and lay on her stomach and to let me know when she was ready. I showed her the sheet to cover herself with. I left the room and waited to hear her call.

In a minute or so, she called that she was ready and I went into the room. I started the CD player with soft meditation music. I lit a candle. I made small talk and made sure she was comfortable, put a pillow under her lower legs so that her ankles were not bent sideways. I straightened the sheet that covered her. I put my hands on the middle of her back on top of the sheet and become familiar with her breathing. After a minute or two, I pull the sheet from her neck and folded it over her buttocks and legs, exposing her back. I noticed that she had left her panties on. This did not surprise me as I sensed she was pretty shy. So, I told her that the strokes would be much smoother and the massage much more pleasant if she would let me remove them. I also told her that almost all women prefer being naked to get the most benefit from the massage. She hesitated but decided to trust me as I have good references and she felt safe. I moved to the foot of the table and reached underneath the sheet and removed her panties, keeping her covered all the time. I then moved to the head of the table and put oil on my hands. I knew that she can hear the sound of me oiling my hands and she smelled the aromatic oil. She now began to relax more and there was even a hint of the energy of anticipation, which began to fill the room. She wanted me to touch her but she also was a little afraid that she might reveal her desire to me. Having a man touch her was what she had really been missing and we both knew it, and she knew I knew it. I worked the oil into her back with long slow strokes. The strokes began at the neck and went down to the bottom of her spine. The strokes started in the middle of the back and widened out to the sides of the back. The strokes moved lower each time and moved onto the top of her buttocks, over onto the sides of her hips and then up the sides of her torso. As my hands got close to her underarms, I lightly touched the sides of her breasts. Then, because she was short and my arms are very long, I continued with these strokes, moving further down until I was now going over her buttocks and onto the tops of her thighs, around to the outside of the legs and back up, moving underneath just slightly as I reach her breasts. I can tell that she was enjoying everything even though she was still not making any sounds. Then, my strokes began to go over the middle of the buttocks without being invasive, down the inside of her thighs and then across to the outside of her legs, and back up to the sides of her breasts again. I did several of these strokes and I could tell from her gentle hip adjustments and the way her legs relaxed and spread just a very little bit more than at the beginning, that she was now feeling very safe.

I moved around to the side of the table and removed the sheet from one of her legs. So, now, her back and one leg are exposed. The sheet still covers one leg and half of her butt. I began at the bottom of her leg and worked slowly with long strokes up over the buttock, onto her lower back and back down the side of her leg. I repeated this stroke several times, moving the stroke just slightly each time, toward the inside of her leg. Now, my strokes are going all the way up on her inner leg and thigh and just before I get to the top of her leg, I move to the middle of her thigh and continue over her butt. I moved her leg just a little toward the edge of the table and repeated this stroke several times. Then, I moved over to the other side of the table. I then moved the sheet into the middle of her legs, so that it covered the crack of her buttocks and her private areas but left everything else exposed. I began the same as the other leg. After several strokes, I moved this leg a little further toward the edge and repeated the strokes up the inside of your legs. Her legs were now about 2 ˝ feet apart at her feet. But, she feels safe and her hormones are now on fire. I knew she hoped I’d continue to be bold but she had still not passed through her own barrier of admitting to herself that she had allowed this to happen with her consent. Her body was hot to the touch. I could tell that she was anxiously awaiting each stroke, almost willing my hands to make the strokes. Then, I moved to the bottom of the table and with hands on both legs, I stroked the insides of the legs, moving all the way up, over her buttocks and around to the sides of her legs and back down. Her legs were now spread to the outside of the table and the sheet covered only her private areas.

Then I next stroked up the inside of her thighs and my hands accidentally pulled the sheet away just a little as I went over her buttocks. I move the sheet back. Then, I began to massage only her upper legs and buttocks; the sheet moved off of her buttocks a little with each stroke. I knew that she could feel the air as it touched her private areas and she knew that I could see her pussy. My strokes became more insistent and my hands moved over the crack of her buttocks. My fingers accidentally passed down over her crack leaving a trace of oil. I noticed the hair on her pussy had beads of moisture. I moved to one side of the table and began to massage only her buttocks, spreading each cheek just a little and exposing her anus to my eyes and the air. She was now feeling a little scared but also very good and unwilling to stop me and also not willing to let go completely. We were both still silently involved in our own fantasies. Then, my strokes began to go under her upper thighs and my hands massage the lower stomach, always passing just on the side of her pussy, never touching it. As both hands moved underneath her upper thighs and stroked her stomach, each stroke moved her hips open just a little further. Even though the sheet was still covering her in a very small way, she was now totally open to my eyes and I noticed that her hips started to raise up from the table on their own as my hands moved underneath, opening herself even more. As her breathing became more rapid, I put the sheet over her and asked in a very professional tone if she was ready to turn over. She agreed with a moan and I covered her with the sheet again and lifted the sheet like a tent so that she could turn over while being covered up.

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