Ma's Outlaw Sons

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Dammit, Ma! We stay cooped up in here much longer, Luke and me are gonna go crazy,” Jeb said as he turned and glared at his mother. She didn’t answer, just glared back. Jeb kicked the end of the broken down couch that made up half the furniture in the main room of the cabin. He turned away and cursed under his breath.

“You boys brought this on,” she said, “You had to go shooting up the police like that. Radio said that one fella was bad hurt.”

Luke stepped into the doorway from the one bedroom. He was dressed in his pants and an undershirt, his suspenders flopping loose from his waist. He held a Winchester rifle against one hip. “Dam if they didn’t have it coming. Jeb and me drew down on ‘em, they shoulda just turned tail.”

Ma shot a look at her younger son, “So says the next Johnny Dillinger. Lawmen do what they dam please. And now we got the lot of ‘em coming after us.”

Jeb spoke up, ignoring his little brother posing across the room. “Well, we need to get to where there’s some whiskey and some fast women.” He grabbed the front of his trousers. “Been so dam long since I had me some sweet little cunt, I’m about to bust.”

Ma shook her head, “What do you pups know about going without? I ain’t had a decent jump in the two years since your Pa went down for that job we did up in Hadleyville.”

Luke let his hand slide up over the action of his rifle. “What about that tractor salesman, that night in Mason City? You and him had the headboard wumpin’ up against the wall of that cabin.” The boys both laughed and traded looks.

“Shit, that fat little weasel had a pee pistol the size of my pointer finger, bit off down to the first knuckle. He had to keep humpin’ ‘cause his little weasel dick kept fallin’ out. I do hate a man that can’t keep his place.”

Jeb looked hard at his Mama. Rays of late sunshine lit up the dark red curls she kept pinned up close to her head. She had on a print dress the boys had stolen for her before one of their robberies. Her ample breasts strained against the buttons down the front. Her bare legs were crossed at the knee, one high heeled shoe dangling from her foot. Jeb shook his head, “This kind of talk ain’t helpin’ me any. I’m so horney, I’d fuck a goat, one happened by.”

Luke snorted, “The hell you say, big brother. Happened by. You’d drive twenty miles if you thought there was a goat to fuck when you got there.”

Jeb took an angry step, “You watch your mouth. I’ll take down them pants and stick my big old pole up your skinny ass!”

Ma slipped her shoe on and stood up, “Cool down, nobody’s going to stick anything anywhere.”

Both boys took a step closer to their mother. Luke let his rifle slide down until the butt hit the floor and he held it by the barrel. He looked over at his big brother and said, “Maybe Ma here could give up a little poontang and ease the tension around here.”

Ma looked down between the three of them and shook her head. “You two want to crawl in the same hole you came out of? There’s laws against things such as that.”

Jeb put his hand on his Mother’s shoulder. He said softly, “Shoot. Ma. We done broke most of the laws already. One more ain’t gonna get us any closer to hell. Besides, we’re only asking out of necessity, that ought to count for something.”

Ma looked from one to the other, square in the eyes. She pushed back her shoulders and tried to give them her best look of defiance. “Aren’t we talking about a couple boys trying to do a man’s job?”

Her straight posture only served to draw both boy’s attention to her breasts. Luke was already showing the beginning of a bulge in the front of his pants. Jeb said, “I’m twenty-one and junior here is nineteen. No gals we ever been with went away complainin’ about not getting enough lovin’.”

“Yeah,” Luke chimed in, “Ain’t no pointy finger, bit off to the first knuckle, in these pants.”

Ma looked from one to the other again. Color rose in her cheeks. Both boys could see the bumps her hard nipples were making on the front of her dress. Almost whispering she said, “Guess I could use some good lovin’ from my two big strong boys. Being stuck out here is making me buggy too.”

Jeb put his arm around her shoulders and walked them both toward the bedroom. Luke looked hurt as they passed him. Before he could say anything, Ma turned her head and looked at her youngest son. “One at a time, boy, I ain’t no New Orleans whore.”

Luke was left to flop in the chair and listen. The door to the bedroom was missing off its hinges. But they hadn’t needed it until then. In the two weeks they had been hiding there, they slept in shifts. The boys stayed awake and on watch half the time. Ma stood guard alone for the rest. Laying low while the law searched for them was hard. They never ventured out in daylight. Food was delivered before dawn by a cousin sworn to secrecy. Their best guess was another two weeks in hiding. Luke smiled to himself. He felt a tingle run through his balls. At least Ma had decided to give up her sweet little split tail and give Luke and his big brother some relief.

In the bedroom Jeb had shucked his clothes inside of three heartbeats. He laid himself out on the bed on his back. Ma was taking her time. She kept her back toward the bed. First, she let down her long waves of dark red hair. She knew she was vain about her hair. And it was hard to keep care of it in their reduced living conditions. She did her best. She shook out her hair with her head tossed back. Let little Jebbie get a tease, she thought, before she rode her young stallion and broke him to her needs.

She unbuttoned her dress slowly. When it was open all down the front she let it hang off her shoulders. She reached back under and unhooked her substantial bra. She stepped out of her shoes. The panties went next. As she bent to get them past her ankles she caught her own scent. She raised up and let her fingertips brush the tight red curls guarding the entrance to her sex. She knew her juices were forming inside her, anticipating the coming invasion.

“C’mon, Ma,” Jeb called from the bed. “I’m bustin’ here waitin’ for you.”

She looked back over her shoulder. Her hands came up under the bra hanging in front of her. She cupped her large breasts, knowing Jeb was aware of what she was doing. “Be patient there. Sometimes the thinkin’ about is better than the doin’.”

“Well, I’m gonna be doin’ all over myself if you don’t put a move on!”

Ma pushed back her open dress. It fell back and the sleeves slid down her arms. She loosened her bra straps where they had dug into the tops of her shoulders. She was relieved to get out of it. Ma knew the picture she was giving Jeb of her naked ass and legs was probably enough to make him shoot. She wasn’t ready to have that happen.

Jeb gripped his straining cock at the base. After the remarks in the other room, the last thing he wanted was to come too soon. When she turned and showed him her large tits, nipples jutting out of her huge pink aureoles, he dam near shot his wad. He moaned with the effort of holding back. Then his eyes found her thick triangle of dark red pubic hair. She was killing him with desire, and he hadn’t even touched her yet.

Ma looked down at both his hands struggling to hold back his eruption. She smiled and whispered, “Baby, when you growed up, you growed all the way up.”

She put one knee on the bed. “Please, Ma. You got me near to creaming myself!”

The lady moved quickly. She got next to him on her knees. Her hand took the place of his at the base of his manhood. Her fingertips found the ridge along the underside of his cock. She squeezed hard as she turned to look at him, “Go ahead and cum, sweetcakes.”

He threw back his head and moaned. His hard throbbing cock jerked and jerked again. His balls felt numb. Anger at himself pushed his lust aside. Then he looked down. His cock was still painfully hard. But there was no sign of his thick jizz anywhere. “I didn’t shoot off,” he said with surprise.

Ma smiled, “And you ain’t gonna until your Mama makes you. Now, get ready for the finest pussy you’re likely to get.”

She threw her leg over him and positioned her dripping cunt lips over his erect pole. She guided his hard tip with her fingers. When she felt his crown slip past her outer pussy lips, she eased herself down to engulf him. Jeb arched his back and let a long, intense moan escape him. He was lost in the hot caress of her tight wet pussy. She started to move. When he opened his eyes she was staring down at him. “You tell Mama when you’re gettin’ close to poppin’.

He could only nod, not trusting his voice. His Mama was taking him back to school with her pussy. She raised herself until his cock was held by just the wet folds of her outer cunt lips. Then she dropped, filling herself with his hard cock. The silky folds that teased the tip of his manhood, threatened to suck him in, balls and all, as her body fell. He wanted to cum, to empty his balls deep in her sweet pussy. But he wanted the sensation of her tight cunt around his rod to continue at the same time.

Ma was busy stoking her own fire. She found her clit with one fingertip and stroked along one side. She wanted it all. She wanted to trigger her climax just as she felt Jeb explode inside her. In her mind she knew it might have been too long since she was truly pleasured. But she, sure as hell, still knew how. Jeb was bucking up into her with every stroke. He was a good boy, trying his best to please his mama at the same time he pleased himself.

On and on they went like that. Ma raising and pounding down against him. He reached for her breasts and captured them in his big hands. Then he felt the unmistakeable tightening in his balls. “I’m gonna cum, Mama!”

She diddled her little clit furiously with her fingertip. Then she captured the first jerk of his hard cock and impaled herself on his full length. The wave broke for both of them at the same time. Her body trembled, along with his, as she drained his cock inside her. Jeb bucked from side to side, trapped in the cunt that bore him. He tried to descibe the sensation in his mind. Words didn’t come close to the task.

Ma smiled down at him, “Didn’t think fuckin’ your Mama would be that sweet, did you, boy?”

All Jeb could do was shake his head. He put his hands behind his head and wiggled his hips under her. “And you didn’t think I could fill your pussy.”

She rolled off to the side of him. Jeb’s cock bobbed in the air, soaked with their juices. They both looked down at it. She said, “Looks like he might have another go in him.”

“Not until my hard pecker gets a go!” Luke stood naked at the foot of the bed. He held his hard cock in one hand. “I get next. Shit, I already cum twice just listening to you two lovebirds. But I still got one more go round for you, Ma.”

The room had darkened with the sunset. Ma risked switching on a small lamp next to the bed. She and Jeb both looked down at Luke. He stroked his hardon as if he needed to reinforce his earlier statement. Ma smiled, “Well, git your skinny ass up here. See if you can add your spunk to the load your big brother pumped into me.”

Luke was on her like a duck on a junebug. She got her legs spread just in time for him to plow his hard cock into her hot pussy. He grabbed her bare ass with both hands and buried his face in her neck. Then he started stroking. Jeb could only sit back and watch his brother pound into her cunt like a man possessed. There was nothing gentle or tender about it. Just hard fucking both boys were used to, with the shop girls and waitresses they managed to pick up.

Jeb watched it go on and on. He thought Ma got into her climax twice but Luke humped right on past. Jeb’s cock was rising from the sight and smell and sound of them so close. When Luke finally humped deep into Ma’s pussy and froze, he yelled out, “Oh! Sweet Mama, I’m cumming so hard!”

No sooner had his cock stopped spurting when Jeb pulled him off. The older brother took his place between his Mama’s legs and fucked her again. Two hours later, all three of them drifted off into exhausted sleep. The smell of sweat and cum and pussy juice filled the room around their slumbering bodies.

That powerful aroma of hard sex was the first thing the deputies noticed when they stepped quietly into the room an hour later.


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