Marty No, Please No

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Oh crap it thought as I turned my car around and headed back to the house, I left it on the printer. I had an essay due today in my English class, I’d finished it last night and printed it then, I’d forgotten to pick it up. It was still up in my bedroom. I pulled in the driveway and ran upstairs, gathered it up and started back down when I heard what sounded like a sob, it was coming from my Mom’s room. I looked in.

Mom was lying on her bed drawn up in the fetal position, she was crying.

Walking towards her I asked, “Mom, what’s the matter?”

I’d walked to where she could see me, she looked up and said, “Marne honey, I don’t want to talk about it. Go to high school, you’ll be late.”

“Mom, if there’s something wrong maybe I can help.”

“Not with this you can’t, just go on to high school.”

I went but I was distracted all day, Mom was usually pretty cool, it wasn’t at all like her to be down in the dumps, she’d had enough heartbreak and pain earlier in her life, but she’d gotten over it and moved on.

Mom had married young, she was only nineteen, my father was forty-two; she was his trophy wife. She was a trophy too, Mom’s still a real attractive woman but at nineteen she was smokin’ hot, I’ve seen the pictures.

Anyhow, she had my brother Martin when she was twenty and me when she was twenty-two, Dad hadn’t had any children with his first wife and I gather from what Mom has told us, Marty and me, that he was elated. He wanted kids, now he had two.

I was five when a massive heart attack took Daddy, he was only fifty-one, not old by today’s standards, but he was gone. Marty and I lost a Daddy; Mom lost her lover, the love of her life. His passing left her rich, Daddy was a successful businessman and well insured but she was also left alone and bereft, lost and heartbroken.

Five years, five long years, psychologists, counselors, drug treatment she stayed depressed; if it hadn’t been for the support she got from her mother, my grandmother I don’t know if she’d have made it. But she did, after five years of pain and mourning she made the decision to move on with her life. She had two children to raise, Marty and me, and she finally aspired to do some things for herself. She came back to life, Marty and I had our Mom back; he was twelve and I was ten.

She didn’t work, she didn’t need to but she was active. She was a member of the country club where she golfed, swam and played tennis nearly every day and she had her friends, cards in the afternoons, she played a killer game of gin and had master’s points in bridge. Along with various charitable and volunteer works Mom stayed busy.

About three years ago she started dating Al DiPino, a gentleman she met at the club. Marty and I aren’t absolutely crazy about him but we’re not dating him, I guess Al’s ok, Mom seemed happy with him.

So what the problem I wondered as I drove home; I was a senior in high school and had parking privileges at school.

When I went up to my room, Mom was still where I’d left her, I went in.

“Mom, I know something’s the matter, something serious, you just don’t stay in bed all day. Should you see a doctor?” I asked.

She rolled over and looked at me, I could tell she’d been crying, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna have to see a doctor.”

All the fears came to me, cancer? What?

“Mom what is it?”

“Sit down Marne; I guess it won’t be a secret very long.”

I sat on her bedside.

“Marne, I’m pregnant.”

Just like that, she said, Marne I’m pregnant.

“What? Are you sure?” I was incredulous, Mom was thirty-nine, accidents just didn’t happen like this.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure. My breasts got a little tender and I was sick in the morning but I didn’t do anything, I guess I was in denial. But I have all the symptoms, like I said, tender breasts, morning sickness and now I’m constipated.”

“You and Al,” I asked. I don’t know why, it wouldn’t be anyone else, just a stupid question.

“Yes, I mentioned it to him.”

“You mentioned it to him, what does that mean?”

“Marne, I told him I thought I might be pregnant.”

“So, are you two going to get married?”

“No, I’m afraid that’s not gonna happen. When I told him he said, “Get an abortion Marie,” I told him there was no way I’d get an abortion, I may be a backslider, but I was raised a Catholic, I couldn’t do that.”

“So, what’s he gonna do?”

“He told me if I wanted to have the kid, that’s what he called it, the kid he’d pay me child support.”

“And, Marne, I had to know for sure, this morning I took one of those pregnancy tests, it gave a positive reading.”

“Mom, have you called your doctor, made an appointment?”

“Not yet Marne, I’ll do that after I miss my next period, I’ve missed one already.”

“Mom what can I do to help?”

With a wan smile she said, “Give me an enema, I feel like shit.”

Not Mom’s usual language but technically correct in this case, I guess.

I looked at her in surprise, “Mom, I don’t know how to do that.”

“Ah I can tell you how; I just don’t want to do it myself.

“Ok, what do I do?” I asked.

“The stuff you need’s in the bathroom. Under the sink are some Fleet enemas and rubber gloves, get one of each then, in the drawer under the sink there’s a tube of KY Jelly, get that, too.”

I gathered up the stuff, when I came back to the bedroom Mom had her panties off and her night gown was raised above her hips. She was lying on her left side with her right knee pulled up.

“Ok, what now,” I inquired.

“First get the enema ready.”

I took it out of the box and screwed the nozzle on.

“Put on the glove, squeeze some of the KY on your finger tip and stick your finger in my butt, I want a little lubrication, then put the nozzle in me and squeeze the bottle.”

I followed her instructions, I put on the glove, added the jelly, lifted her right cheek and stuck my finger in, she gave a slight sigh when I did that. I could feel fecal matter; I pulled my finger out and stuck the nozzle in.

“Squeeze the bottle slowly,” she said.

I squeezed, the bottle emptied and I pulled it out.

“What now,” I said.

“I wait a few minutes then I go to the bathroom.”

So I just stood there for about five minutes, then she got up, went into the bathroom and closed the door. I sat on the bed waiting for her to finish.

When she came out she had a most unhappy look on her face.

“It didn’t work, all that came out was what you put in and I still hurt.” She came over and lay back down on the bed.

“What now Mom,”

Her face said it all, she didn’t want to say it and she didn’t want to do it but she needed it, “I guess your gonna to have to give me a big enema, Marne, really, two”

“How do I do that?”

“Get the coat rack out of Marty’s room, the thing he hangs all his hats on and bring it in here, I’ll get the other stuff.”

I brought the rack back, Mom was in the bathroom; I stuck my head in to see what she was doing.

She’d gotten a box from under the sink; she took out this red rubber bag with a hose attached to it. On the sink was a cup of hot water, she’d put a little soap in it to dissolve.

“I haven’t used thing since I quit douching; that was ten years ago, I hope it’ll still hold water,” she said as she held it under the spigot and filled it.

She held it up, it didn’t leak.

“Looks ok,” she said and she poured the dissolved soap in and added a nozzle to the end of the hose.

She laid a towel on the bed and lay back down on her side.

“Get a glove, you gotta do the same stuff,” she said as she raised her right leg toward her chest.

So I got a glove and I greased her up again.

“Marne, hon, see that clamp on the hose? After you put the nozzle in me open that up so the water can flow.”

Putting a little of the gel on the nozzle, I lifted her cheek, stuck it in and started the water. I held the nozzle in with my right hand; my left was resting on her hip.

It looked like the bag was about half empty when she moaned, “Marne, stop the water, oh, I’m cramping.”

She was writhing a little and holding her belly.

“Marne please rub my tummy, please.”

With my left hand I stroked her stomach; I started the flow of water again when she gave the ok.

“Keep rubbing, please, a little lower, that’s where I’m cramping, oh that’s better.”

“Ooooh,” she moaned as another cramp hit her.

I rubbed her abdomen, that’s where she seemed to hurt.

Mom put her hand on mine, she looked over her shoulder and whispered, “Please Marne, please,” as she pushed my hand lower.

I’d never touched a woman before, well I’d touched me, lots of times, I’d touched me, but never anyone else; I was now.

She’d guided my hand so far down it was now on her lips; she opened herself and put my fingers on her clit.

“Mom?” I said.

“Marne, please, it helps, please do it for me.”

So here I am, 18 year old Marne Morgan, with a tube up my Mom’s butt and a hand on her twat, God what a life.

As the bag emptied, she gave a quiver and groaned. I think she had a little orgasm.

“Honey, I need to lie here for a few minutes to let that stuff work, please keep rubbing me.”

I couldn’t understand how where I was rubbing helped with the cramps; guess it kept her mind from thinking about them.

After about five minutes I could see that the pain was getting worse, “Help me up Honey,” she asked.

I helped her rise, put an arm around her waist and assisted her to the bathroom. She raised her gown and sat on the commode.

“Thanks Marne,” she said, dismissing me. I left, closing the door behind me.

Through the door I heard her groan then gas and splashing, she was voiding, I sat on the bed waiting. I couldn’t help myself; I brought my fingers to my face, smelled them and sucked on them. I now knew my Mom’s scent and flavor. I tasted about the same, acidic, but hers was more powerful, stronger.

It was ten or fifteen minutes before I heard the flush.

Her voice weakly called, “Marne can you help me?”

I went in, she was still on the throne, she looked like the devil. She was sweaty and her hair was stringy and matted.

“Help me back to bed, Honey, please.”

I took her outstretched hand, helped her rise and led her back to bed.

“I’m sorry baby, but you have to do it one more time, I need to rinse the soap out. Fill the bag with clear warm water for me, will you?”

I refilled the bag.

“Hang it on the lowest post, the water can flow fast, I shouldn’t cramp, it’s just water, it’s the soap that irritates and causes the cramps.”

I hung the bag. She was crawling up on her hands and knees.

“It’s better this way for the rinse,” she explained.

I pushed her gown up over her hips. Looking under her I could see her breasts hanging down, her nipples looked swollen. From behind I could see her anus and her labia, her lips were puffy. I pushed in some gel and twisted in the nozzle.

The water did fill her rapidly and she didn’t cramp. I helped her up, I couldn’t help but stare a little, I knew what she’d look like in her ninth month; her tummy was bloated from the water. I left her on the toilet.

When she came out she put her panties back on and climbed back into bed.

“Thanks Marne, I feel so much better.”

“I’m glad I could help; Mom, are you going to tell Marty?” I asked.

She paused for a few beats before answering, “I guess I need to,” she finally said.

“Mom, I’ll tell him if you don’t want to.”

“No, I’ll do it, I owe him that much; when you see him ask him to come here.”

I found Marty in his room.

“Hey Sis how come all my hats were on the bed and where’s my hat rack?” He’d stacked his hats on the dresser.

“I took it, Mom wants to see you, she’s in her room.”

“Why’d you take my hat rack?”

“I’ll tell you when you get back, go see Mom.”

I waited in his room, sitting on his bed. I wanted to see his reaction.

I wish I hadn’t waited; he stormed back, “That stupid woman, that utterly stupid woman.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Marne, do you know how she got pregnant?”

“The usual way, I guess.”

“She wasn’t on the pill, she doesn’t have an IUD, Al used condoms and the bastard ran out. She thought she was safe; it wasn’t her fertile time, so they had unprotected sex. The rhythm method, the way Catholics used to do it. Marne, you know what the call couples that use the rhythm method don’t you?”

I shook my head no.

“Parents, damn it, they call them parents; it just don’t work.”

He continued, “I’m so damned mad; mad at Al for being a jerk; she told me what he said and I’m mad at her for being so stupid. If she was my daughter instead of my Mom I’d spank her.”

“So what did you do?”

“I called her a slut and walked out.”

“Marty, you didn’t, you didn’t really call Mom a slut?”

“Yeah, I’m afraid I did.”

Marty was working my shorts and panties down over my hips while he was talking to me.

He tossed them aside, shucked his jeans and underwear and got between my legs.

Marty and I had been lovers for two years; I’d given my virginity to him when I was fifteen. I wanted him; he wanted me so we did it.

He ran his cock along my slit, I was damp, not soaked but damp enough, he pushed into me.

So much for foreplay; Marty was a gentle lover with me, not today.

He rammed into me and fucked me like I was his bitch. He had my legs over his shoulders, slamming me so hard I knew I’d be bruised and sore when he was finished.

God, it wasn’t making love, it was a violent, viscous assault. His pounding was frantic and frenetic, like he was trying to slay a dragon in my vagina with his mighty sword.

It hit me, he wasn’t fucking me, I wasn’t anything more than a surrogate, he was fucking Mom, he was even, under his breath saying, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch; every time he crammed his cock in me, bitch.

When he came it was like buckets of his jizum flooded me, he’d never been so hard as he was, his cock even felt bigger, like he was swollen and he’s never shot so many loads into me. He dropped my legs and fell over me, he was spent.

“Feel better,” I asked.

He didn’t answer but I heard a little sob, Marty was crying.

“You were fucking her weren’t you, you were fucking Mom, do you really want to fuck your mother?”

“Since I was twelve,” he whispered, his face was buried on my breasts, “Since I was twelve,” he repeated.

I smoothed his hair, “Marty, I’m not her. I want to make love to you but when you’re with me I want you to want to be with me, Marne, not Mom, please, don’t do this again.”

“Ah Sis, I’m sorry, forgive me, won’t you?”

“You’re forgiven…this time,” I added.

I fixed dinner, Mom usually does the cooking but I went ahead and did it, a simple meal. I tossed a salad, fixed pasta with a marinara sauce and toasted some garlic bread. I poured Chianti for everyone; I thought we could all use a little wine.

The meal was a quiet affair, Mom and Marty weren’t speaking, he’s called her a slut, she wasn’t happy about that and he was pissed at her for getting pregnant. I felt like a referee.

After dinner Mom went back upstairs. Marty helped me clean up the kitchen. He poured us both another glass of wine and we sat down to talk. I can’t keep secrets from Marty, even though I knew it might enflame him I told him everything that had happened in her room earlier, the enemas and her getting me to play with her clit.

He didn’t get angry or, if he did he didn’t show it; instead he took me to bed and made gentle and passionate love to me. He started by kissing me, treating me like a lover. He kissed down my throat to my bared breasts, he took first one nipple in his mouth, sucking, tugging and nibbling while he fondled my other breast, twisting and tweaking my nipple, they were swollen, almost painfully sensitive, he gave them equal attention then he kissed down my body, trailing kisses over my tummy to my mound. He nuzzled my auburn curls then parted my lips with his tongue and slithered his tongue down my slit, all the way down. At the bottom, he licked my rosebud, it tickled, then he started back up. He tugged at my labia with his lips, he tasted the fluids flowing from me, my vulva was slick with my moisture, then he came to my clit.

Marty covered me with his mouth, enveloping my clitoris then he sucked on it and batted my tip with the tip of his tongue. That was all it took.

I bucked my hips, slamming into his face, riding his tongue, I was trembling, shaking under his ministrations, my climax slammed me,

I wailed, “Aaaaaah, aaaaaah, oh, God Marty, oooh, oooh.”

He continued until I begged him to stop. He licked my slit and sucked from my vagina, he said, “Oh your sweet nectar,” and he drank from me.

I wanted him in me; he rose between my thighs, on his knees as he thrust his cock into my hungry vagina.

“Oh, yeah, I’m fucking my baby sister, I’m fucking my beautiful sister,” he chanted as he pumped me.

We came together, I had a series of small orgasm that rippled through me, contracting my pussy, squeezing Marty and he came with a gush and a groan.

We just lay quietly holding one another for thirty minutes or so then I picked up my clothes.

Mom missed her second period a week later; she finally made a doctor’s appointment. She made it for late afternoon; she wanted me to drive her.

We arrived at the doctor’s office thirty minutes early. They’d asked us to, there was a lengthy medical questionnaire to complete. It dealt with all the usual health issues but had some that were pregnancy specific.

When the nurse called Mom in she asked me to go with her. She told the nurse that she wanted me to be there with her while she was examined. She gave Mom a specimen cup and showed us to an exam room. She said she’d have to get the doctor’s ok for me to stay then pointed Mom to the bathroom saying,

“When you’re finished just sit the cup there on the counter then undress.” as she handed her one of those silly gowns.

While Mom was still in the bathroom the nurse stuck her head in the door, “Doctor says it’s ok for you to stay.” and backed out.

When Mom came out she was already in her gown, she’d hung her clothes in the bathroom.

The nurse came back in, measured her height, weighed her, took her blood pressure and drew four vials of blood for testing; she left saying, “The doctor will be here in just a few minutes.”

When the doctor came in she said, “Hi Marie, long time no see.”

Mom has skipped her annual exam the last two years, she replied, “Hello Doctor Jahn, how are you.”

“I’m fine Marie, thank you for asking. Could you sit up on the table for me?”

Doctor Jahn checked across her back with her stethoscope, asking her to cough at various points then she asked Mom to lower her gown, she repeated the process on her front, checking across her chest and under her breasts.

The doctor explained what she was doing at each step; she checked Mom’s ears, eyes and her thyroid gland then asked her to lie down. She then felt her breasts, asking Mom if she checked herself, Mom nodded yes. Finally, she twisted and pulled on her nipples checking for any discharge.

“Everything looks good up here Marie, if you’d scoot down, we can get this over with.”

I saw a look of distaste flash across Mom’s face as she complied with the doctor’s request.

“Ok Marie, put your feet in the stirrups, that’s right, now scoot down until your bottom touches my hand.”

I asked if I could watch. The doctor glanced up at Mom, she nodded ok, I stood behind the doctor looking over her shoulder.

The doctor pulled an overhead light down and put on two rubber gloves.

“Marie, you’re going to feel me touching you,” she said.

She pressed on her mons, and the area between her thighs and torso then opened her outer labia, talking as she went, telling Mom what she was looking for and assuring her when nothing was found.

She opened Mom’s labia, pushing back the hood of her clitoris then opening her wide, looking for redness or lesions along the vulva.

“So far so good,” the doctor said, “Now I’m going to insert the speculum. I’ve warmed it with warm water, I won’t use any lubricant because I need a pap smear, and lube could contaminate it.”

Doctor Jahn slid the speculum in then opened the bills and locked it in place. We both were able to look into Mom’s vagina; actually we were seeing her cervix. The doctor used a wooden spatula like device and took a sample from the outside of Mom’s cervix then used a big Q-Tip looking thing and stuck it through the throat of her cervix taking an internal sample. After she’ finished she unlocked the speculum and pulled it out.

“Marie, I’m going to start my internal exam now, I’ll be inserting two fingers. You’re going to feel some pressure, I’ll be pressing down toward your rectum then I’ll place a finger on each side of your cervix, “You’re not feeling any pain or tenderness are you Marie?”

Mom said, no, no pain.

“Marie, I’m going to be pressing on your abdomen now, you may feel an urge to urinate, that’s normal. My abdominal hand and my vaginal fingers are cradling your uterus, checking for size and consistency; everything feels ok there, next, I’ll palpate your ovaries, hang in there Marie, we’re almost done,” Doctor Jahn said as she withdrew her fingers.

She tugged off her glove then snapped on a clean one and lubricated her index and middle fingers.

“Marie I’m going to do a bimanual exam. One of my fingers will be in your rectum and the other will be in your vagina. When you feel me enter your rectum, please push down.

First in was her middle finger, she slid into Mom’s rectum then probed into her vagina with her index finger while pressing on her abdomen with her other hand, checking her uterus and ovaries, she pulled her fingers out and added a little more jelly to her index finger then pressed against Mom’s anus, when she felt her relax, she pressed in. She rotated her hand first to the left then back to the right; she explained what she was checking as she went along. Finally, she pulled her finger out, threw away the glove. She handed Mom a box of tissues and left saying she’d be back in just a couple of minutes to go over the results.

Mom got cleaned up and dressed.

“Darn, that’s pretty invasive isn’t it?” I asked.

She gave me a little smile, “Yeah, it sure is.”

When the doctor came back, we all sat down to hear the results.

“Until I get the lab results I can’t check everything. I’ll call you with the results when they’re in. My examination only showed one problem, Marie, you’re developing hemorrhoids, have you been suffering from constipation?”

Mom told her yes.

‘What have you been doing about it?” She asked.

Mom told her she was getting an enema every few days when the pain got bad.

“Marie, I want you to use a Fleet enema every day, let’s stay ahead of the problem, I don’t want you straining.”

I kinda cringed when I heard that, I really didn’t like giving enemas.

“Marie, let’s set a follow-up appointment for two months, here’s some literature on prenatal care and diet.”

On the way home Mom suggested that I should get a physical, too. I told her I’d take a pass; I didn’t a doctor up my booty.

She said she understood.

Time went on. Mom’s morning sickness ended in her fourth month; I was thankful for that and so was she, she’d been living on tea and dry toast or crackers.

She was now half way through her sixth month, the morning sickness was long gone but not the constipation. I still had to give her an enema every morning and she still wanted to feel my fingers while she waited for it to work.

I had a field trip for school the next morning, I had to be out of the house and on my way by five, the bus was leaving at five thirty.

“Mom, I won’t be here tomorrow morning. Can you give yourself your enema or do you want me to ask Marty?”

She thought for a few moments, it was evident that either alternative was distasteful, finally she said, “I just can’t do it. Ask Marty.”

Marty was downstairs watching TV, I talked to him.

“Marty, I gotta get out of here early tomorrow morning; would you give Mom her enema?”

His face said it wasn’t something he was looking forward to, his mouth said, “I guess.”

He already knew what I did; I told him where to find the Fleet, the glove and the KY Jelly.

Marie was awakened the next morning around seven; Marty had lifted her gown and was pulling her panties off.

“Good Morning Mommy, it’s time for your enema,” he greeted her.

Marie groaned as she rolled onto her left side, her belly was swollen, her back ached and her breasts were tender, just rolling hurt.

Marty had everything ready, he put on the rubber glove and squeezed a bit of the lube on his finger tip, lifted her cheek and thrust in.

He didn’t pull it out, he pumped it.

“Marty, what are you doing, stop that,” she said.

Marty didn’t stop, instead he reached over her, finding her clit he rubbed it.

“Marne told me you like this, do you like it Mommy,” he whispered.

“Marty, please, just give me my enema,” she pleaded.

“Of course Mommy,” he said, removing his finger and replacing it with the nozzle, his other hand continued to masturbate her.

The bottle emptied quickly but his hand didn’t stop, the other was now caressing her bottom.

“Makin’ Mommy feel good, does it feel good Mommy?”

Her answer was a quiver that ran through her and a little moan, Aaaaaah.”

“Marty, help me up, I gotta go,” she said.

Marty helped her to her feet. She walked to the bathroom and shut the door.

Marty had checked her out, she was clumsy, her body shape had changed, she waddled when she walked, her breasts were large and sagging, and under her gown her tummy was a soccer ball and her bottom was broad. He took off his shorts and waited for her.

Marie came out to find Marty sitting on her bed, he was naked with a huge erection, he was stroking it, just looking at her, it was engorged with the head nearly purple.

“Marty what are you doing,” she rasped as she continued walking toward the bed.

“I think you know Mommy.”

She had reached the bedside, she said, “You’re going to rape me, aren’t you?”

“Unhuh, I’ve wanted you since I was twelve.”

She awkwardly lay down and rolled onto her back.

Marty was raising her gown, she said, “Please Marty, don’t.”

Marty put a knee between her thighs, she spread her legs, still saying, “Please Marty, don’t do this.”

He ran a finger along her slit. She was moist, lubricating. Her mouth was saying no but her body was betraying her.

He reached up and squeezed her breasts, her gown got wet.

“Mommy are you making milk, you are aren’t you,” he said giving her titties another squeezed.

Marty slid into her, she was wet and slick, she said, “Marty, please don’t.”

He stroked her hard and fast, “I’m in my Mommy’s pussy, I’m fuckin’ Mommy, oh feels good, feels good. Mommy I came from here, now I’m back, fuckin’ Mommy.”

Marie intoned, “No, no, no, no.” Each time he bottomed out in her, it evoked a “No.”

But she was raising her hips, meeting each thrust with a thrust of her own, and gyrating under him.

She climaxed with a gush, her love juices flowed from her, her vagina contracted and with a roar, Marty came.

She wailed, “Nooo Oooo, nooo, nooo,” as she gushed.

Marty was roaring, “Cummin’ in Mommy’s pussy, cummin’ in Mommy’s pussy, oooh, Mommy’s got a cunt full of Marty’s cum.”

He leaned forward, gave her a kiss and pulled out.

“Don’t go anywhere Mommy; I’ll bring up your breakfast,” he said as he left the room.

And he did, two poached eggs, buttered toast and orange juice followed by a cup of coffee on a lap tray. He set it across her lap.

“Call me when you’re finished, I’ll get the tray.”

When I got in that evening the first thing I did was check on Mom.

“Hi Mom, was everything ok today,” I asked.

“Oh hi Marne, yeah, everything’s fine.”

“Marty took care of you?”

“Yeah he did, he took good care of me.”

Mom was spending most of her time in bed, her body was clumsy; she wasn’t confident going up and down the stairs, she slept a lot and read or watched the TV she had in her room.

It was just at the end of her seventh month, I wasn’t expected until about four-thirty but there was a teacher’s meeting scheduled for the afternoon, they’d let us out at one. So, it was about one-thirty when I got home.

I was on my way upstairs when I heard a wail, “Nooo, nooo, oooh, nooo,” it was coming from Mom’s room.

I peeked around the corner, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I saw her ripped underwear lying on the floor and I saw Marty.

He was fucking her, Mom was telling him no, she kept moaning it, no, over and over again and I could hear him.

“I’m fuckin’ Mommy; I’m fuckin’ Mommy’s pussy.”

When he came he said, “Cummin’ in Mommy’s pussy, Mommy’s got a cunt full of Marty’s cum.”

I ducked into the bathroom. Marty came out of Mom’s room, he had her torn panties, he went to his room.

I just sat; I was having a difficult time processing what I’d witnessed. I’d just seen my brother rape our mother. I went to her room. I told her what I’d seen, she said, yes, he’d raped her. I want to his room to confront him

“Marty, you’re a bastard, you really are a bastard, you mother fucker,” I railed at him.

“Hey Sis, what’s got your panties in a twist,” he asked.

“You mother fucker, I saw you, I saw you raping Mom, and she told me you raped her, that’s what’s got my panties in a twist.”

“Well, you’re partly right, she’s our mother and I was fucking her so, I guess I am a mother fucker,” he smirked at me.

“You’re a Goddamned rapist is what you are, I saw you rape her.”

“Tell me, what did you see?”

“I saw you fucking Mom and I heard her telling you no, that’s what I saw, but that’s not all. I told her what I’d seen, she says you raped her.”

“Should have been there earlier, you coulda caught the whole show.”

“What more was there to see Marty, I saw you raping her, are you denying that?”

“Yeah Marne, I raped her, all thirteen times, I raped her.”

“Thirteen times, you’ve fucked our mother thirteen times?” I asked incredulously.

“I think so, count the panties in that drawer over there he said, pointing, I’ve fucked her one more time than there are panties, she didn’t have any on the first time.”

I looked in the drawer and counted, there were twelve panties, all ripped and torn.

“Marty, what’s this about. What the fuck are you trying to tell me?”

“Backslid Catholic girl, no abortion, and certainly no incest, she screams no but she invites me in. She lies on the bed, no gown, only her panties and she waits for me. Sis, I suck her breasts first, that’s what she wants, she flows into my mouth and it’s something I like to do; it’s hot and creamy, it’s not milk, not yet, it’s something else but I like the taste; then I fuck her, I rip her panties off and I fuck her. I talk to her like she’s my slut and she wails for me not to fuck her. If I didn’t “rape her” I really don’t know what she’d do, she wants sex so much, you take care of her in your way, I do it my way.”

“Marty, you lie, my Mommy’s not like that,” that’s what I said but, in truth, it was not what I believed. I thought Marty was being honest with me; I realized how much she liked my fingers; why not his cock?

Marty was lying on his bed, “Still pissed with me,” he asked.

I wasn’t sure; my eyes had seen one thing but now I really believed it was an illusion; Marty was being honest with me.

“Ah Marty, I know what I saw, I think, but I do believe you. Is she really like that?”

“Sis I think she’s used that pussy like a man trap.”

“What da you mean?”

“Marne I was 8 ½ pounds when I was born; check my birth certificate then check the marriage license. mom and dad had been married seven months; pretty big baby for two months premature don’t you think? Dad married her. Now she gets knocked up by Al; she’s thirty-nine, she ain’t some dumbo but she gets prego; I bet she planned it to get Al; but it didn’t work. I could be wrong, it could all be circumstance, so I’ll stop right there.”

I’d cooled down enough, while we’d talked I’d sat down on Marty’s bed, he was lying beside me. He encircled my hips and pulled me down with him.

“Come here Cutie,” he said as he took my top and pulled it over my head.

“Oh I like these front release bras,” as he unclasped my brassiere letting my breasts free. He laid me back and he sucked me, my breasts, he sucked, he tugged he nuzzled, God I could feel the warmth clear through my body, he excited me.

“Lift your hips Sis,” he asked.

I lifted my hips, he took off my shorts and panties; then he fell on me. His mouth, oh his mouth, he covered my pussy, he sucked on my lips, his tongue licked me, he made me his. Marty owned me, my body, he owned me. I’d do anything he asked, he asked me to take my pleasure; he covered my clitoris with his mouth, his tongue teased my pearl tip, his lips sucked my blood engorged stem; I exploded, my God, I exploded. My cunt shot gush after gush of my love juice out of me, I’d never shot before but I did now. Marty was licking and sucking me, he was drinking my juices, swallowing me, my slick hot nectar, he drank from me.

Afterward we lay together, he was sitting with his back against the head board, I was on my tummy lying along side him, Marty was rubbing my back, stroking my sides, making me feel good and loved; I knew he cared for me.

“Marty, she’s our Mom, she can’t be like you say,” it wasn’t a statement it was a question.

“Marne baby, she’s everything I’ve told you. Does that make her bad? That’s for someone else to decide. Yeah, I think she used her body to get Dad and to try to get Al. Is that terrible? That’s not for me to decide, they obviously wanted her, well they got her, was she bad? You tell me.”

I hadn’t noticed, Marty gotten a small jar of Vaseline out of the drawer; it was laying on the bed. He was rubbing my back as we talked; it felt nice; he started massaging my bottom, that felt even better. I sighed, just enjoying the feel of his hand on me.

“Marty, why’re you doing that,” I asked.

He’d let a finger slip between my cheeks, he was touching me, touching my rosebud.

He was just circling me.

“Am I hurting you,” he asked.

“No, it tickles a little, that’s all,” I answered.

He took his finger away, I saw him dab a little of the lubricant on it; he put it back; he just pressed against me like Doctor Jahn did with Mommy, he just pressed against me until I relaxed.

His finger slid into me, it didn’t hurt but I still gave a little gasp, no pain but the invasion was unexpected.

“You have the cutest ass, Marne, want to give it up?”

“Maybe someday,” I answered, he was pumping his finger in me, it felt pretty good but I wasn’t ready to part with its virginity quite yet.

“Ah come on Sis, treat me nice.”

“I already treat you nice but you’re not getting that, not now anyway.”

“Why’re you holding out on me?”

“’Cause it’ll hurt, that’s why.”

“You really think it’ll hurt, want to find out?”

“Marty, I told you no.”

“No, no Marne, I mean would you like to watch me do someone else?”

That gave me pause, I suppose there’s a little voyeur in all of us, the idea gave me a little shiver, “You mean you want me to watch while you have anal sex with someone: who?”

“Mom, I’m going to have anal sex with mom; I already told her that I was gonna do her that way the next time.”

“Marty you really mean it; you’re going to do that to our Mom.”

“You got it, I’m gonna fuck her big broad pregnant ass; now do you wanna watch?”

I knew I should try to talk Marty out of it, I knew I ought to try but I wasn’t going to; just the thought got me a little wet.

“When are you gonna do it?”

“If you’ll help set it up we can probably do it tomorrow afternoon.”

“What do I have to do?”

His instructions were pretty simple. He wanted me to let her know that I wouldn’t be home until six-thirty or seven then he asked what time I could get home.

“If I leave right after class I’ll be here at about four-fifteen.”

“Ok, here’s what you do. First see if she’s lying on top of the bedspread with just her panties on, no gown, just her panties. If she is, the games on; hide in the bathroom, you’ll be able to see everything, I’ll go in at four-thirty.”

“Why would she lie there in just her panties but no gown?”

I guess it’s her way of inviting me in. She wants me to see her breasts, she likes it if I suck on them, so I usually do, she’s lactating, you know. Then I rip her panties off; that way she can maintain the illusion that she’s a rape victim not a mother having sex with her son.”

So, as they say in badly written mysteries; “The Game was Afoot.”

When I visited Mom before I went to bed I mentioned that several of us girls were going to the mall the next afternoon and that I probably wouldn’t be home before seven.

At four-twelve I parked my car at the curb; I didn’t want Mom to hear me pull in the driveway.

Stealthily I entered the house and crept up the stairs. Mom was laying on her side facing away form me. She was wearing a pair of panties and nothing else; I secreted myself in the bathroom.

I was nervous, like I wanted to pee but I couldn’t, she’d hear me. I took off my clothes, folded them and put them on the rim of the tub. I knew I’d want to touch myself while I watched; I was already getting damp in anticipation.

Marty walked in, he was naked and sportin’ wood.

“Hi Mommy.”

She rolled over on her back, her breasts were full and heavy, they fell to her sides, “Are you going to rape me again Marty?”

“Mommy I told you what I’m going to do,” he said as he crawled onto the bed and laid the tube of lubricant on the pillow.

He stroked her breast, “Do you want me to taste you Mommy?”

She didn’t answer; she just took her breast and raised it to his mouth, offering her milk.

Marty sucked her nipples, first one then the other; she had a smile on her face. She was making cooing sounds and stroking Marty’s hair.

When he stopped sucking he gave her a little kiss, “Mommy you taste nice, warm and wonderful.”

“Are you going to rape me now Marty, are you going to rape your Mommy?”

“Mommy I told what I was going to do. I want you up on your hands and knees, here, let me help you.”

As he steered her to her knees she whispered, “Aren’t you going to tear my panties off?”

Marty pulled her pillow so that she could rest her head on it; he pushed her down while answering.

“No Mommy, I’m going to take them off like I was unwrapping a gift, your gift to me.”

He slowly rolled her panties down, “Lift your knee, that’s right, now the other one, beautiful,” he said as he pulled them over her feet and tossed them on the floor.

“Now, arch your back for me,” he instructed as he pushed down on the small of her back.

Marty slid a little to the side, he knew I was watching, he wanted me to see everything.

The sight was almost grotesque, lewdly grotesque; Mom’s breasts hung down so far that they were resting on the bed and they were leaking, I could see wet spots on the bedspread, her belly was nearly to the mattress, so large that it looked like she’d ingested a basketball, her labia were puffy and swollen and her bottom, what had Marty called it, her big broad pregnant ass, well, it was big and broad.

Marty started fingering her, first one then two fingers pistoning in and out of her pussy, just like I was; I had two fingers in me. He took his fingers out and replaced them with his tongue, oh how I envied her, I wanted to feel that tongue, instead I brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked them, tasting my juice.

Moistened with her slickness, Marty had a finger in her bottom; he was pumping her while he licked. He teased her; he’d bring her to the verge of orgasm then back off. He repeated this four or five times, he wouldn’t let her cum. She was pushing her bottom back and forth and moaning but he just kept on the cusp.

He stopped and picked up the tube of KY. Squirting some on his fingers, he pushed into her.

He added a second finger, pumping her.

She was chanting, “No, no, no, no,”

And like a siren’s song to the ancient mariners, her sounds called me, I crept forward until I was standing behind Marty, watching over his shoulder, he was unaware of my presence.

He withdrew his fingers and gave her a sharp slap on the right cheek, “You ready Mommy?” He asked as he guided his shaft to her opening, glittering with the gel.

I watched as he pressed against her, my eyes were glued on her, I watched as her sphincter surrendered to his pressure, I watched as he thrust and slid into her.

“Aaaaaah, nooo, nooo,” She wailed as his cock powered up her chute.

It wasn’t feigned this time, her wails weren’t fraudulent, he was hurting her, she was in agony. Marty hadn’t been slow and easy with her, he’d stabbed deep into her guts and was pumping her with long violent thrusts.

“Does Mommy like it, does Mommy like Marty in her,” he intoned.

“Oh yeah, I’m fucking Mommy, I’m fucking Mommy’s big broad pregnant ass. Mommy, Mommy, your ass is so tight, Oh I love fucking your big ass.”

Her face was scrunched against her pillow and she was sobbing; she was my Mom, I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing.

I knew I couldn’t stop Marty but maybe I could help her get through it. I walked to her bedside.

I smoothed her hair, I talked to her, “Relax Mom, relax, it’ll be over soon.”

I reached between her legs and let her ride my fingers, massaging her clit, trying to take her mind off Marty’s assault.

She reached out for me, encircling my waist she pulled me down on the bed with her. She was trying to lift my leg over her head. I ended up with her pillow under my bottom, a leg was on each side of her head, I was facing Marty.

His face was a mask of concentration, she wrapped her arms around my hips and pulled me to her, I felt her tongue touch me, it was like an electric shock.

My God I thought, while Marty was sodomizing her she was performing cunnilingus on me, her 18 year old daughter. I hope it helped her, it was sure helping me.

I held her head and pressed her against me, feeling a woman’s touch, a woman’s tongue for the first time. It was almost like she was fucking me with her face, every time Marty pounded into her she was pushed forward, her tongue licking up my vulva and over my clit.

She quickly brought me to orgasm, I was already so aroused from watching and from my own fingers; she licked taking in my fluids but she couldn’t keep up. Between her tears, her saliva and my cum my crotch was a swamp, a pool was forming under me.

I lay back, her head was resting on my tummy now, I stroked her hair.

Marty had her by the hips; he was ramming into her, she was mewling like a hurt kitten. I could see in her eyes that Marty was hurting her, then he went off, God he was powering into her, driving her further up my belly as he drove further up her belly, deep in her bowels, he blasted, her face changed as he pumped pulse after pulse of his cum down in her guts.

Marty stroked out, draining his balls then pulled out. He went to the bathroom to clean up.

I pulled Mom down to the mattress, helping her to her side. She was facing me.

“Marne, I’m a terrible mother aren’t I?” She asked.

“No you’re not a terrible mother and you aren’t a terrible person either, Mom, we all have wants and needs, that doesn’t make us terrible, it makes us human, you’re a human woman with desires, I am too, and we’re not terrible.”

I’d watched her face when Marty had sucked her breasts; she’d had a whimsical little smile.

I took her breast, “Can I Mommy?” I asked as I lowered my mouth, taking in a nipple.

When Marty returned I was nursing like a baby, I was on my belly, she’d rolled on her back so I could get to both breasts; I was tasting her colostrum, warm and viscous with a hint of sweetness, it was a yellow fluid, she was cooing contentedly.

Marty lay beside me, he rubbed my back, along my sides and stroked my hair, “My beautiful baby sister, I love you and, yes, I love Mommy, too,” he said as he leaned over me and gave her a kiss.

I nursed for over thirty minutes, her supply was exhausted, I’d drained her breasts, I was lying in the crick of her arm.

Marty was still rubbing me, his hand wandered lower and he was kneading my cheeks, massaging my bottom. He slid his hand between my legs and fingered my pussy.

When he took his hand from me it was as though the atmospheric pressure had changed, there was an unspoken tension, a sexual tension between us, Marty and me.

He slid his finger, damp with my own moisture, between my cheeks, I felt him press on my rosebud, I relaxed, his digit slipped in.

He whispered in my ear, “I want you Marne.”

I rose to my knees, I wasn’t going to argue, I wasn’t going to fight him, he wanted me, he’d take me. I positioned myself between Mommy’s open legs, I was going to do for her what she’d done for me. It didn’t work out that way.

Marty quickly lubricated me, I felt pressure on my anus as he pressed against me, he pushed forward.

“Unnnnh,” I gasped, then the pain hit, a searing pain, I felt like I was being split.

“Ooooooooh nooo, God no, Marty, you’re killing me.”

I tried to drop to the mattress to escape; he held me up by my hips and probed further into me.

I didn’t taste Mommy, I buried my face in her auburn curls and cried, wracking sobs of agony, Marty just fucked me all the harder.

Finally, he settled on a rhythm, long deep strokes, up into my guts then out then back then out, it wasn’t quite as painful, I was quietly mewling on Mommy’s mons, wetting her bush with my tears.

Marty took a long time working up to his climax, he’d cum not long before so he was in me for over fifteen minutes, I knew I’d have trouble sitting tomorrow, later he assured that.

When he finally came, he held me by the hips and forced himself way up in me, I could feel the heat of his cum as he spewed in my bowels. He stayed in me until he softened and fell out.

We skipped supper; we just lay in the bed and talked. Mommy asked Marty why he’d raped her.

“You wanted it didn’t you, you wanted me, didn’t you?” He asked.

She turned her head away, in a low raspy voice filled with embarrassment and humiliation she whispered, “Yes, I wanted it Marty, I wanted it with you.”

I must have napped; it was after nine when a disturbance in the bed caused me to open my eyes. Marty was helping Mommy up to her knees again, she was still lubricated from before, I watched as he pushed into her,

“Ungh,” was the only sound she made when he entered her. He was much gentler this time, his strokes were slow and smooth, she wasn’t crying, I reached under her and let her ride my fingers while Marty rode her bottom.

When Marty came she gave a shudder, my hand was wet, she’d had an orgasm. He pulled out and helped her to lie on her side.

Another thirty minutes passed before I felt Marty’s hand on my bottom, he wanted me again.

I rose to my knees. Marty didn’t delay; he nudged my brown eye and pushed in. It hurt but not like before, he’d stretched me the first time, I was looser, easier to penetrate.

“Aaaaaah,” I sighed and lowered my head to the pillow.

Like with Mommy, Marty took it slow and easy, I even began to enjoy the feel, the sensations of fullness, the satin skin covering his iron rod sliding up into my depths, then he filled me with his cum, pounding into me for the last several strokes before I felt him swell and flood into me.

We all three slept together that night, we didn’t all sleep together every night but when we’d played hard and were all worn out we did. Mom was in the middle. I had my arm over her, rubbing her tummy, I felt the baby kick, that was neat. Mom and I both slept with bowels full of Marty’s spunk.

She was first up the next morning. When a pregnant gal’s gotta go she’s gotta go.

When she waddled back out Marty and I were both sitting up in bed.

She said, with a little chuckle, “Won’t need my Fleet enema today, seems like cum works just fine on that constipation problem.”

“I’ll see that you’re taken care of in that department,” Marty volunteered. He did, too, he sodomized her every night for the rest of her pregnancy, and she didn’t suffer from constipation again.

She crawled back into bed. We talked about what we’d done, did we want to continue? We all decided yes, we did. Marty and I weren’t gonna quit anyhow, now we had Mom to party with. It didn’t take much in the way of conversation to decide that sex with Mom would be oral or anal unless she wanted it from behind, lying on her side; we didn’t want to stress the baby.

And she did like it from behind, on her side. Marty’d get behind her, she’d arch her back, thrusting her tummy way out but opening herself. When he was in her, I’d suck her breasts and play with her clit. She had some mind blowing orgasms with both of us working on her, sometimes we worried that the contractions in her uterus and vagina when she climaxed would start labor but that didn’t happen; besides, she was willing to take the risk, she had one happy pussy and an empty rectum unless Marty was filling it for her.

Marty teased her, “Mom, why not tell your doctor about your constipation cure, I’ll volunteer to give her patients the treatment…well only if they’re as cute as you and Marne.”

And he did take care of Marne, me, not every night like he did for Mom, he still liked pussy and I still liked him in my pussy but two or three times a week I got a meat enema.

Mom’s been home from the hospital for a month now, her episiotomy’s healed, she’s ready to play again. Tonight, Marty and I have something special for her. I’m the babysitter; I’ll take care of Marilee, our new addition, Mom’s daughter and Marty’s and my baby sister. I’m gonna sit in the big overstuffed chair in her bedroom and watch. I’d never thought of sex as a spectator sport but, like I said earlier, there’s a little voyeur in all of us; I want to see. If the baby wakes up it’s my job to hold her.

When Marty and I went to her bedroom Mom was nursing Marilee, it was fun to watch. Mom’s face would go from a little pain to a lot of pleasure and back and forth. Marilee sucked hard, it caused a little pain, Mom liked the feel of her on her breast, it caused her uterus to contract, which gave her a lotta pleasure.

I took the baby, burped her and rocked her ‘til she fell asleep. We’d set up a bassinette in Mom’s room, I put her down and sat back in the chair.

Mom was in a sexy little nightie and her panties when Marty lay down beside her.

I could see that she was a little nervous, it had been one thing when she was pregnant but now she was fertile again; Marty would use condoms until Doctor Jahn fitted her with an IUD.

It was almost like a seduction; Marty took her in his arms and kissed her, a passionate kiss, she returned it, their tongues were intertwined, tasting each other, he nibbled at her ear lobed then kissed her neck, she laid her head back, exposing her throat to him, a motion of surrender. He helped her to raise her nightie off then took one nipple in his mouth while he toyed with the other, twisting and tugging it while he suckled at her breast. Both merited the same attention. He trailed kisses down her body, licking her sides, tonguing her belly button. He cupped her sex, through her panties and rubbed her.

“Mommy, let me take these off,” he asked.

He rolled them down; she raised her hips as he lowered them, along her legs and over her feet.

I watched, He kissed down to her mons veneris, her mound with its wild curly auburn pelt. He took time to nuzzle her there, to tug at her flaming hair with his lips, tugging and teasing her before he moved down.

He used his tongue, he split her labia with its tip, ticking her clit as he passed over it, he laved her vulva. She was lubricating, he was drinking her juices, he continued down, at the terminus of her vulva he licked across her tender flesh then he pierced her anus with the tip of his tongue, he was able to enter her, she was still loose, the muscle stretched from earlier.

He licked back up her vulva, stopping along the way to suck and nibble on her labia; he’d nibble on her outer lips, her labia-majora, her meaty outer lips and suck on her moist pink labia-minora, her tender inner lips then he dipped his tongue into her vagina, sampling her lubricating slickness.

Marty couldn’t see Mom like I could, she had a breast in each hand, she was squeezing herself and milk was flowing down her chest and off her sides, she was panting, her breathing was ragged she was ready and Marty made her wait, he took her to the brink then made her wait.

She was ready to explode, so ready, so hot, she was wailing for relief, she was panting and swinging her head from side to side, her long auburn locks were whipping her, she cried out,

“Please Marty, please, pleeeese.”

He covered her clitoris, he sucked it into his mouth, his lips caressed her engorged stem, his tongue teased her little gem, her pearl and Mommy erupted, she arched her back, pounding her hips against Marty’s tongue and she screamed out her pleasure,

“Yessssss, oh fuck yessssss, oh, oh, oh,” ejaculate gushed from her, with every contraction of her vagina another cascade flowed, another and yet another, Marty stayed on her until she begged him to stop, she couldn’t take any more, then he cleaned her. He left her clit alone but he licked the fluids from her vulva, he sucked her vagina, drinking from her chalice of flesh, imbibing in her heady brew.

He rose between her thighs, “Is Mommy ready?”

I’d picked up the condom from the night stand, I rolled it on him.

She pulled her legs up, she had her knees nearly resting on her breasts, she was open and waiting, “Mommy’s ready,” she answered.

He directed his cock to her hungry cunt, he thrust in.

“Ooooh, Mommy’s tight, so nice, so tight.”

She wasn’t so aroused yet that she couldn’t have some fun.

“Oh yes handsome son of mine, I had them take an extra stitch just for you.”

He knew it was just a joke, none the less, as he smoothly slid into her he teased back,

“Well your handsome son really appreciated that his beautiful Mommy was thinking about him.”

He was slowly stroking her, “Mommy I really did want you from the age of twelve, I thought you were the most beautiful, the most desirable woman in the world, you’re still beautiful, you’re still desirable, but now I want you and I want Marne, too, not just you, I’m not twelve anymore.”

I was excited that he’d mentioned me, Marty was my lover, and he’d just admitted he was mine, too.

My fingers were dancing over me, I felt my wetness, I tasted me yet again, I was acidic and citrus in flavor, I stroked my clit.

His butt cheeks clenched, I watched as he powered up, he thrust into her and pounded her.

“Ugh ugh, ugh, ugh,” he was pounding her and she was grunting with every powerful stab, he was lancing into her, parting her pussy lips, making her feel it, making her ache, he fucked her, oh God did he fuck her, he was pounding her so hard I could hear his balls slapping her bottom.

She cried out, she moaned and she wailed,

“Aaaaaah, yessssss, aaaaaah yessssss,” she wailed.

One more time, just one more time he had to mind fuck her, she was with us now, her ass, her cunt, her mouth and hands, they were ours, still Marty had to jibe her one more time.

“Does Mommy like Marty, does Mommy like Marty in her pussy, does Mommy like Marty in her bottom,” he bugged her.

“Yes, damn it, Mommy likes, she likes it all and she wants more; are you happy now?” She asked.

He just kissed her, “I love you Mommy,” was all he said. She rolled into his arms, letting him hold her.

Later that night, after Mommy was asleep I quietly walked down the corridor between my room and Marty’s, his night light was still on, he was probably awake. If he was he’d do what I wanted, I knew he would, Marty would never let me down.

In the dim light I could see that he was awake, he was naked on his bed, he was slowly stroking himself, his cock was turgid, hungering for a woman.

I interrupted him, I walked into the room and handed his the tube of KY Jelly I was carrying, I climbed on the bed on hands and knees, I needed my “Enema.”

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