Marnies first time with her boyfiend and his four friends

(Part 1 from 1)

Hey whats sup every one, I'm Marnie 24 years old engaged to my boy friend of 2 years. Last night my boy friend and I were watching a porno of a girl who was being used like a toy, by 5 guys. I

 was getting so wet watching it that my boyfriend saw and asked me if that was something that turned me on. I told him not to get mad at me but I really wanted to be that girl in the porno, I wanted to be used and treated like a slut.

I rubbed his cock with my had as I told him what I wanted to do. He was turned on by what I told him and shot his cum all over my hand. That weekend he told me that he had something planed for us, I got very excited thinking about what he had in mind. That night we went to his friend's auto shop, my boyfriend went into another room to talk to his friend jay. 

When my boyfriend came back he told me that jay had to leave, we had the whole place to our self. He began to kiss my neck and take off my shirt was getting so wet. Then he laid me on he office table and played with my pussy, he felt so good inside me. 

Then he asked me if I was ready to be his toy tonight. He covered my eyes with a rag, and took my tit's out of my bra. I could not see anything, all I could feel were his hands all over me. I felt him start to lick my pussy with his toungue, and I began to moan. 

As I was moaning, I felt a cock rubbing my tit as my boyfriend was tounging my wet pussy. Then I felly hands all over my body. There had to be 5 boys in the office, and I wanted them all. I began to feel there cocks touching my body, spilling pre cum all over me. 

I took one of the cocks in my mouth as my boyfriend started to fuck my wet hole. The cock in my mouth felt so good, as I sucked it like a slut. I felt the boys coming on my tit's & belly rubbing there cocks in the hot wet cum. The cock in my mouth shot cum all over my face, while my boyfriend came in side me. 

Then they all took turns fucking me and cuming in side me. I love being slut and cant wait to tell more of my sex stories

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