Man Of My Dreams - The Sequel

(Part 1 from 3)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I woke up the next morning having the memory of my brother making love to me the previous nigh. I lifted up my nightshirt and played with my breasts while my other hand slipped between my legs and pushed my panties to the side. I caressed my aching pussy slowly running my fingers up and down my wet slit.

Last night had been the most wonderful night of my life. I'd finally been able to express my love for my brother Tim. I could still feel his kisses on my lips and his hands all over my naked body. I moaned very quietly knowing my parents' room was next to mine and might be able to hear me. My finger was sliding in and out of my pussy fast, with thoughts of my handsome brother.

Tim had been in a horrible car accident that left his face somewhat disfigured. Yet that didn't stop me from having the urge to make love to him. I'd fallen hard for him; there was no doubt about that. I began to squirm on the bed coming close to my climax, but once again was distracted by my mother knocking on the door.


I groaned frustrated. "Yeah?"

"You're father and I are going to the market so I need you to please finish some of the laundry I have already started."

I raised her body off the bed and pushed my long dark black hair back. "Yeah Ok Mom." My parents worked on the weekends at a local flea market selling antiques. A few minutes later, I heard my parents' car pulling out of the driveway. I got up and went to wash up.

My hair was pinned up and I put on a black tank top with short blue jean shorts. I began to unload the laundry when suddenly I felt a familiar touch. It was Tim putting his arms around me from behind. His hold was so loving and warm.

"Mmmmm there you are beautiful," he whispered in my ear.

I giggled and turned to face him. His hair was neatly combed and his smile was making my heart flutter. "Morning," I said softly putting my hands on my brother's face.

Tim leaned down to kiss me. Our lips parted and our tongues slid into each other's mouths. I felt my brother's hands run up and down my body causing me to get wet.

"I dreamt about you last night," Tim said running his fingers on my lips.

I blushed. "Oh really?" I moved my hand down and put it on my brother's erection.

Tim laughed. "See what you do to me sis?"

I put her arms around my brother. I'd never felt so blissful around any other male in my entire 18 years. "I'm so in love with you Tim," I blurted out.

Tim pressed my body harder against his. "Nicole, I need to ask you something."

Nicole searched her brother's face. "Yes?"

Tim held my hands in his. I could feel his palms a bit sweaty as if he was nervous. "Nicole, I want you to... I want you to be my date for the prom."

I stood there frozen. I didn't know whether to do a cartwheel or be worried about the whole thing. "I-I..." I stuttered.

"You can say no. I mean I know it's probably not a good idea but I can't think of anyone else I'd like to take than you sis."

I tiptoed and gave my brother a hard kiss on his lips. "Yes! Oh Tim Yes! I will be your date!"

Tim picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He lifted my body up and sat me on the washer. He was horny indeed. Tim took off his t-shirt and scooted my body to the edge of the washer.

"I want to make love to you again Nicole," Tim rasped.

I moaned at the touch of her brother's hands on her breasts over her tank top. His hands began to remove my top slowly. My breasts became exposed and I watched Tim's eyes drink me up. His mouth moved down to my neck and then to my breasts. His lips took one nipple and sucked on it fiercely. I tossed her head back and pleasure. His warm saliva was coating my nipples and his hands were roaming down my body. He spread my legs open and began tugging on my shorts.

"I need these to come off you now!" He said in a husky tone.

I bit my lower lips and smiled at my brother. "Take them off me. Get me naked."

He groaned in sheer delight and lifted by bottom off the washer as he pulled down my shorts. My shorts slide down my legs and fell onto the floor. Tim began to undo his shorts and let them fall to the ground along with mine. His boxers came off next and he stood there with his raging hard on ready to fuck me. I was left with my white lacey panties and Tim grinned wickedly. His hands gripped both sides of my panties and he slid them off me. I felt the warm atmospheric air hit my pussy. He looked down and began to rub my clit with his fingers.

"Hmmmgghh!" I let a moan slip out.

"You're already wet. You want this as much as I do don't you Nicole?" He asked now letting a finger slide inside of my wet pussy.

I gasped feeling his finger opening me up again. Tim had been the one to pop my cherry and I was still trying to get used to having his fingers and cock inside of me. I wriggled my body but soon enough I was moaning in pleasure having my brother finger fuck me. I spread my legs more giving him more access and letting him know he had complete control of me.

"Ooh Tim! This feels so good! Faster! Please faster!" I whined loudly.

Tim was thrusting his finger in and out of my so fast and then he let a second finger slide in me. My eyes were fixed on his the entire time. As I stared at him I realized how many physical features we shared. Our eyes were the same misty gray color and we both had the long eyelashes. Our skin tone was the same and our hair was dark black. Any one who never met us would guess we were definitely siblings. Yet little would they know that we were siblings in love. Tim's face was still gorgeous to me, even after the accident. Hell, he could have been even more disfigured and I wouldn't care. I loved him so much.

My nipples were hard and I felt my body tense up. I arched my back and tossed my head back feeling the intense feeling of an orgasm ripping through my body. My lips parted and I wailed loudly.

"Mmmmggghhhh! Ahhhhh yessss!" I felt my entire body shaking as I came on my brother's fingers. He didn't stop after I came though he kept pumping my pussy harder and faster leading me to another orgasm right after the first.

"G-god! Oh My God!" I yelled out feeling my body weaken and trying to breathe. Tim leaned down to plant a hard long wet kiss on my lips. Our tongues moved in each other's mouth so violently. After slowly regaining my strength back, I finally felt Tim's fingers slide out of me. He slipped them into his mouth and looked at me, as he tasted my pussy on his fingers.

"Mmmm you're so delicious Nicole. I'm so hard for you sis."

I looked at his throbbing cock and grabbed it with my hands. He walked closer to me and I moved all the way to the edge of the washer. With his cock in my hands I began to slide it in my pussy. Tim stroked my hair and cupped my face.

"This cock is all yours Nicole," he whispered as he kissed my face.

I whimpered quietly feeling his cock begin to open my pussy up once again. He was quite large, but I was slowly getting used to his size. With one thrust of his hips, he managed to get all of his cock deep inside of me. Tim put his hands on my waist and began to pump his cock in my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist while he leaned down and sucked on my breasts. He caressed my nipples with his tongue and lips so gently. I put my arms tightly around him as we became one. Our bodies were united so full of passion and love. I knew from that point on that I didn't want any other guy. I only wanted my brother Tim. I'd be willing to go on with my life without ever being married or even having children just to be with him.

"You feel so good baby. Oh god I could drown inside of you! So tight. My beautiful princess!" Tim was moving faster inside of me.

We shared another wet and hard kiss and I never wanted Tim to stop. I wanted him to continue to make love to me until I couldn't take it anymore. I felt the walls of my pussy being stroked with Tim's cock. Each time he slid in and out of me I felt as if I were going to explode once again.

Tim was breaking a sweat now and being in the hot laundry room wasn't helping any either. Both of our bodies were sweaty and sticky but we didn't care. We were making love and that was all that mattered.

"Nicole, I'm so close! I'm going to cum so hard!" Tim said breathlessly.

"Cum in me!" I exclaimed.

"Oh god I want to! I really do! But you're too young to have a baby, sis."

"I know, but I want to feel your cum inside of me! I want that so bad!"

"Me too! I want you to take my cum! Hmmmmgghh! Nicole I-I have to pull o-out!"

Before I could even speak another word, Tim had pulled his cock out of me and I reclined my body back letting him squirt his cum all over me. The first shot of sperm almost hit my breasts and then the next few shots hit my tummy. The warm cum excited me more and I reached down with my hands and rubbed it all over me. Tim was catching his breath and his eyes lit up as he watched me rub his cum all over my fingers and body. I scooped up one large amount and began to finger fuck myself. The large glob of cum was slowly fading inside of me. I kept pushing my finger deeper in me, wishing it would hit my womb making my brother's baby in me. I knew it wouldn't happen but the thought of it turned me on more.

Tim watched me getting off on myself and I saw his cock growing hard once again. I fingered myself furiously with my brother's cum dissolving inside of me. I reached my peak once again and came hard.

"Mmmmmggghhhh! I'm cumming! Watch me c-cum!"

Tim did just that. His eyes were focused on my finger-fucked pussy. "Nicole that was just so hot! So sexy!"

I blushed and pulled my brother closer to me. He rested his forehead on mine and we stayed silent for a minute. We both regained our breath and finally he spoke once again.

"I want to be able to make you happy Nicole. Just the way you've made me. I mean after my face was ruined you still loved me. I don't think any other girl would have done the same."

I kissed his lips softly. "Well I'm not like other girls. Besides loving you like a sibling, I love you as a man. I love you more than you know."

He held me in his arms. "I don't know how we are going to get away with all of this without mom and dad finding out."

"We'll worry about that later. Right now I just want to enjoy you being in my life as my lover. Tim I love you."

He looked into my eyes. "I love you too."

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