Man Of My Dreams: Love Revealed

(Part 1 from 3)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Tim and I walked upstairs holding hands and my heart was pounding so loudly I thought the whole neighborhood might hear it. Tim squeezed my hand. I could tell he was just as nervous as I was. We were about to reveal that we were lovers to our parents. 

Tim had kissed me in front of all of our friends at prom and if we didn't tell our parents we were lovers, then they would eventually find out from someone else, which was something we didn't want.

We stood in front of our parent's bedroom and Tim took a deep breath. He looked over at me, "Are you ready for this?" He asked quietly.

I nodded. I wasn't ready but if we didn't do it now, then we would always just remain brother and sister and nothing else. I didn't want that. I wanted the world to know that I loved my brother, more than anything.

Tim knocked on our parents' door and I could faintly hear my mother answer "Come in."

Tim opened the door and never let go of my hand. Our parents were watching late TV comedy shows. Our parents turned to us, their eyes wandered to our hands. They saw we held hands like lovers do.

"Mom? Dad? We have to talk to you," Tim began.

My mother was putting lotion on her legs and my father was holding the remote. "Yes? Did something happen?" My mother asked nervously.

"You could say that," Tim said.

"What's going on?" My father asked sternly.

"Nicole and I…well we…," Tim took a deep breath. "We are in love."

I saw my mother's eyes widened and my father dropped the remote. "What? Are you insane?" My mother asked furiously.

"Tim what the hell?" My father asked getting up.

I saw the terror in Tim's eyes and he held my hand firmly. "We are in love," Tim repeated.

"I heard you, but I'm asking are you insane? What the hell do you mean you two are in love? Nicole?" My mother yelled.

"M-mom it's true. I'm in love with Tim," I said in a shaky voice.

"This is absurd!" My father yelled out.

I hid behind Tim. "Please, let's talk about this," Tim begged.

"There is nothing to talk about! Both of you, get to your rooms right now!" My mother yelled.

Tim held my hand and we walked out together leaving my parents talking among themselves. We stood in the hallway and I sobbed while my brother held me in his arms. "Don't cry sis, it's going to be OK. You'll see."

"I hope you're right. I saw the look in their eyes. Tim, they are so pissed off."

"Of course they are, they have to be."

I continued to cry and my brother comforted me. "I just feel bad for hurting them like this."

He looked in my eyes, wiping my tears away. "We had to tell them Nicole. Otherwise, they'd find out anyway. They just need some time to cool off for now. They're our parents, they can't be angry with us forever."

I sighed. "You're right."

He smiled and kissed my lips tenderly. "Now let's get to our rooms and give them time to talk this out with each other. This isn't going to be easy for them you know."

"Yes I know."

* * *

After a long warm shower I put on my cotton pajamas and crawled into bed. The entire house was silent. I tried to sleep but I couldn't. All I could think about was what was going to happen the next day. Would our parents forbid Tim and I to be with each other? Would they accept? 

My heart pounded and I began to cry once again. I didn't want all of this to tear our family apart but I loved Tim more than anything. If our parents wouldn't let us be together what would happen with our future? 

I'd probably have to marry someone else and be miserable for the rest of my life. Tim would marry some girl that didn't love him or could ever love him as much as I do. Then I kept wondering what would life be like if Tim wouldn't have been in that car accident that temporarily disfigured his face. I would still be secretly crushing after my brother and not knowing what a wonderful lover he really is. I felt lucky to have found true love, immoral love by the eyes of society, but true love. 

* * *

The next morning I woke up and went to wash up. The house was quiet once again. I figured my parents were gone off to the flea market. I walked down the hallway and heard my mother call me. I stopped dead in my tracks with my heart pounding.

"Nicole? Come in here please."

I took a deep breath and walked into my parents' bedroom. My mother was sitting on the bed staring out the window. I slowly walked in and stood by the door.

"Close the door," she demanded.

I quietly closed the door and walked towards my mother.

"Sit down," she said patting the bed.

I sat next to her and waited for her to begin her speech. She stayed silent for a minute and then looked at me with sincere eyes.

"Honey, tell me, what's going on? Last night you and Tim just came in here telling us you were lovers. I know that didn't happen overnight. I need to know what's going on."

I gulped. I knew I had to tell my mother the truth. She deserved the truth. "Mom, this all happened after Tim's accident. You know after his face was disfigured."

My mom nodded and listened attentively. 

"Well," I continued, " actually for me it was way before the accident that I found myself having…you know sexy dreams…about Tim."

My mom's eyes widened but she tried to keep calm. 

"I kept dreaming about him and I knew it was wrong for a girl to have these sort of feelings for her brother, so I kept trying to shrug them off. Well, after his accident when he got back to school, the girl he was going to take to prom treated him like crap mom. She embarrassed him by telling him she already had another date and I heard her saying she didn't want to come out on the prom pictures with him because of the way he looked. I got really pissed off so I slapped the girl."

My mom tried to hold back but she couldn't. She burst out laughing. "Nicole! That wasn't nice."

"But Mom! She was putting my brother down. I don't want anyone talking about any of my family like that."

My mom smiled. "I understand sweetie, go on."

"Well, Tim found out and he was so flattered. He came to me that day after school and asked me about that. I told him she was a fool and a bitch for having treated him like that. He thanked me for sticking up for him and gave me a nice long hug."

My mom's smile disappeared and her face got serious. "Then what happened?"

"We began to kiss," I began slowly.

My mom looked away and began to pace the room. "So you kissed your brother and he kissed you back…then what?" She almost hesitated to ask.

"Well, we…we slept together. He was my first." I said nervously.

My mom stopped pacing and closed her eyes taking a deep breath. She sat back down on the bed and it took a while before she could look at me again. "Nicole, this is serious you know that?"

"Yes I know."

"Honey, are you…are you on the pill?" She asked curiously.


She gasped. "Do you realize what could happen? You could be pregnant!"

"I'm not mom. Tim pulled out."

"That's not going to stop pregnancy. I mean it might but it's not one hundred percent. You are too young to be having a baby."

"I know mom, Tim said that too and he's been careful with me. Just last night we…" I decided to stop from giving any more details about my brother and me.

She narrowed her eyes at me. "Last night what?"

"We used a condom."

"Well now that's safer than the old pulling out method, after all that's how Tim was born."

I was surprised. "Really?"

"Yes, your father used to always do that pulling out method with me and by golly, I ended up pregnant with Tim. I'm glad though he's a blessing to me as so are you. I love you both so much."

"I love you mom," I said softly.

She put her hands over mine. "Now this shows you love your brother unconditionally and that you are truly a wonderful person. Nicole, I just want you know really think about this. Having an incestuous relationship will not be easy. Whatever you decided to do, your father and I will stand by both of you."

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