Male Rapture Across Cultures

(Part 1 from 3)

The following is an account of fantasy collaboration between me and a cyber-friend. It is our imagined intimate encounters during his student days in this country. All the usual disclaimers apply.

The university I was attending was in a mid-Atlantic city just the other side of a precariously reputed neighborhood from where I was residing during my tenure of graduate study, that night there was a commotion of breaking glass and strident "ghetto voices" spewing a torrent of racial and homophobic vitriol just off route from my destination. This gritty boulevard served as part of my pedestrian passage to either home or class.

The noise seemed to emanate from an alleyway, and I reached into the breast pocket of my leather jacket for my small blunt ended .38 as I carefully approached the scene. In the darkness it was difficult to visualize clearly, but four or five tall and generally broadly built males had a smaller man pinned to the side of a wall and one appeared to brandish the open end of a bottle to their defenseless victim. Oblivious to my presence, another guffawed and yelled out something like "hold up blood! I got my own bottle pulled out and I'm 'bout to poke his little ass with it."

The remark prompted a round of crude banter until, unnoticed I had stepped back from the entrance aiming my weapon down the alley, I loudly insisted that they desist and exit immediately. With angry shocked expressions they protested the interruption in their heinous assault and reluctantly withdrew from the alley in strides of tough gait and menacing glares.

"We seen you white boy. You best watch your back when you bring your fairy ass to this part of town. Your little friend there can't fuck you nearly as good as we could." I kept my weapon trained on one and then the other until they were nearly out of sight several blocks away. "Datís right, white man, you keep that gun out and pointed. Next time, we'll have a special kind o' gun for your tight ass."

With my weapon still drawn, I carefully stepped into the poorly lit trash strewn alley noticing the victim apparently dazed and looking about confusedly. I softly declared my good intentions and on closer inspection, I realized he was naked. He appeared to be Asiatic of ruddy bronze complexion with pleasing boyish features but somehow lanky, betraying a more mature reality. He spoke almost matter-of-factly. "I need to find my clothes." He arose from a bent over position from which he had been picking over some refuse. At that moment, I was astonished to notice that his dick was stretched hard. It certainly was not big, but his cock in the soft light appeared invitingly supple in exotic hues of olive colored smoothness. This surprising exposure seemed to mellow out for me what had been to this point, a terrifying situation.

"Here, wear this in the meantime." I had taken off my jacket and presented it to him as his only covering. Trying to set an optimistic tone, I weakly suggested he continue his search while I sought help. His amazingly calm expression briefly shifted to one of distressed panic as he implored me not to stray far a field. I had barely made it back to the entry of the alley before sirens were audible and police squad cars were coming to an abrupt halt on the pavement adjacent to the sidewalk perpendicular to the alley.

Before the officers had climbed out of the vehicles, I had laid "my piece" on the ground next to me. In the ensuing confusion of the intervention, the victim identified me as someone who had come to his aid. He was covered with a blanket and remained in a bafflingly stoic and steady composure through all the mayhem of the investigation. I imagined had I been brutalized in the same fashion, I would have been a blithering idiot in the aftermath, my nerves frazzled by shock and trauma. He sustained bruises to the neck and arms, probably the result of the struggle in his involuntary disrobing. An ambulance rushed him to a nearby hospital and the police were polite enough to tell me his name in exchange for my agreement to file a report of public display of my gun (which I assured was registered in the city) and to remain in town for at least the next forty eight hours. Later that night, when calling the hospital, I was told my new acquaintance had been admitted and would be held for observation for at least a day.

Despite the fearful events of that night, I was determined to meet with the victim at least once more. It was such a stunning welcome to encounter the man's meat this way. I couldn't get it out of my mind. His steely demeanor through it all had a breathlessly attractive quality. I stormed into the apartment that served as my shelter during my brief course of study ignoring my roommate. I furiously threw off all my clothes tossing them randomly aside and was naked before I reached the bathroom door. "Why do you have a boner? Have you met someone?" he called out as I carelessly slammed the door. In the shower I beat off, culminating in the most intense convulsive
ejaculatory spasms I could recall in recent memory.


The next morning I had a meeting at campus with department faculty about my proposed thesis, but my mind was elsewhere. Even several hours later, I was distracted by the memory of that magnetic meat and pondered whether or not I would ever enjoy a repeat encounter. In this free-spirited city with its thriving gay population, opportunities were manifest and I had seen many nude aroused males since the beginning of my sojourn here. But for the first time since my arrival, my breathing had become shallow and I became very sensually conscious of my body. While I had engaged in several episodes of casual sex, for the first time in years I sensed the unmistakable symptoms of falling in lust.

I cravenly lusted for the man I was to visit in the hospital later that morning and for the first time in several years, I feared the possible rejection from the one I so physically coveted.

I found him in a hospital bed which the back had been mechanically propped up half way to a seated position. The bed next to him was unoccupied, allowing our encounter in the room to be unaccompanied. He was disinterestedly reading an academic text provided him from a fellow student who had visited him earlier in the morning as I later learned he was in his last year as an undergraduate at the same school. I was able to gain a more complete impression of him in better lighting. He had lean good looks and a friendly but reserved expression. We exchanged pleasantries and he thanked me sincerely but not effusively for coming to his assistance. He informed me that he was comfortable and suffered only minor soreness. He regarded me with piercing dark brown eyes which suggested he was gleaning from me more information about me non-verbally. Somehow the conversation turned to the event of the previous night and the fact that he had all his clothes stripped away. Nervously, fidgeting, and unable to look him directly in the eye, I stumbled on my words as I gallingly attempted to inquire about his erection. In another stunning gesture that again caught me off guard, he sternly snatched up the front of his hospital gown exposing his naked torso and once again revealing for me his small but elegantly complexioned mesmerizing swollen man meat.

"Is this what you were looking for?" he asked with no special intonation. I gasped with a sense of good fortune. I figured it to be 5" with wet and slick uncut foreskin sweetly adorning a partially uncovered crown with a prominent slit for a pee hole. It was nestled against a not prominent but nonetheless strikingly conspicuous jet black thicket of man bush. Oblong marbles dangled in an olive colored sac, already festering the earthy ingredients that would be such an important part of our impending intense physicality.

Instinctively, I bent down and opened my mouth sticking my tongue part way out to become more intimately acquainted with this beauty. Before I could make contact, he just as severely pulled his gown back down, hiding all these charms from my affections. "Are you NUTS? You can't do THAT in here! A nurse could walk in any moment." Of course, his pragmatism was well considered. Less than three minutes later a nurse arrived to check his chart and provide more painkillers. She announced that unless a later examination by the doctor showed a worse diagnosis, he would be released before the end of the day.

He assured me he had adequate transportation to the dorm where he resided and I provided him with my phone number and e-mail address. I bashfully but emphatically asserted that we must meet again. He responded with a wink and a smile.



From: Malay Guy <>
To: <>
Date: March 26, 1997
Subject: Let us meet, I think you are sexy !!

Dear Blonde,

Thank you again for saving me from my assault and thank you for coming to the hospital to visit me. I think you discovered then how I feel about you.

Although I am Malaysian, I think white men are sexier. I am very attracted to blonds and I think you are hot. My country is very conservative and I have refrained from having sex with anybody in your country. You seem very pleasant and would probably be discreet if we enjoyed sex.

For this reason, I would like us to make plans to meet and have sex. You have seen me naked and now I hope you provide me the opportunity to be with each other without any clothes. I want to see if you have much body hair (including the pubic zone) and if it matches the blond hair on your head.

Please call or write back soon.



I read this e-mail message two days after his hospital stay and it had the effect of triggering my dick to jump and swell in my pants. Indeed, my cock filled out to full mast and tented my jeans probably quicker than any other stimulus in several years. This verbiage was refreshingly to the point in a city where the chase is regarded a matter of false sophistication. His message was so direct, devoid of the usual coy innuendo; nothing suggesting any covert tests, games, or ulterior motives. He plainly and lustfully expressed his interest in having sex with me. He bluntly expressed a need to satisfy a yearning curiosity about my physical attributes. In a more perfect world, this is the way it should be between men. Being versatile in the manner of how I physically interact with other males, it was of no concern to me that he did not express any desire for the specific nature of our impending intimacies.

The next day, we spoke on the phone and hashed out the logistics of our first physical encounter. Since his roommate would be away all weekend, we would meet at his dorm. I confessed to having been aroused to self-coital pleasure twice since having received his e-mail and made no attempt to conceal the eagerness with which I anticipated our rendezvous. In return, he calmly asked me to give very detailed accounts of my masturbatory technique. How much pressure did I apply? Did I use specific fingers or whole hand? Did I fondle my balls or play with my crotch and asshole? He asked for specific details of my fantasies about him as I pleasured myself. I shamelessly admitted that I obsessively contemplated being acquainted with his tantalizing meat once again.


I arrived at the dorm building shortly prior to our agreed upon time: Friday at 11:00 PM. I was not just hard, but my loins were coursing with sexual electricity.

He was right about our meeting occurring in a quiet and generally vacant time and place. The dorm lobby had a student sitting at the front desk who did not bother to glimpse at my entrance, so absorbed he was by whatever it was he was reading. In one corner, a young couple sat at a Barcelona-like bench talking softly. They were almost equally disinterested by my entry. My decision to wear loose fitting jeans in the style favored by younger people in our time seemed prudent, as my nearly gasping excitement and enthralled anticipation was transparent to all whom I passed in my fervent intention for passionate physical rendezvous. I was alone in the elevator, disembarking on the floor required according to instructions. Walking out into the empty hall, I heard heavily based rock music from behind only one or two closed doors. There were few residents this night restrained in the role of "lonely hearts".

I entered the first knob less door on my right. True to promise, this was the lavatory facility. To my left, were discreetly stalled off showers. Across from them to the right, was a row of sinks against a partition, the other side housing a row of urinals. To the far right was the toilet stalls against the wall. I heard the shower running in at least one of the stalls and sniffed the soapy odor and felt the humidity of showers currently and recently in use; over the tiled top of one of the stalls hung a multi-colored beach towel. This was my promised signal that my new love interest was waiting for me in that unit. Impatiently, I acknowledged one tall and portly student shaving at one of the sinks. He asked me if I was a guest of one of the dorm residents and I concurred. Someone else was cheerfully singing and humming a popular tune as he peed into a urinal. Despite the nearly empty premises, the moment proved inopportune to meet with the object of my affections whom I sought with such ardor. I casually walked into a toilet stall and locked it behind me. My midsection on fire, I was annoyed that I had to wait until the two users of this facility made their exit. When I heard the peeing man talk to the shaving man at a nearby sink, I was struck by the loud acoustics and seriously considered just how quiet my new intimate and I would have to be in our sex play.

When finally I heard the squeal of the door announce the exit of both, I quietly exited the stall and walked to the other side of the room where the signaled shower stall concealed the friend with whom I was assured I was about to become so delightfully familiar. Confident that no one would catch sight of me, I carefully pulled back the thin vinyl curtain to find a disrobing vestibule set off from the shower itself. My patience was rewarded as my waiting companion seated on a bench arose to greet me already completely disrobed. He thrust the palm of his small bony hand over my mouth and pressed his forefinger of his other hand to pursed lips. The curtained off shower behind him was running. His eyes gleaned with a mischievous expression. As he pulled his palm away he thrust his mouth against my lips and we were instantly exchanging tongues in passionate embrace as we silently but enthusiastically sought to deprive me of all my garments. As I pulled my mouth away to kiss and taste him about his neck and shoulders, I swooned with giddiness while freely exploring his exotic bronze body, confidently stroking his sweet cock, at last. An exquisitely smooth hairless torso revealed lean pecs centered with button-like but invitingly erect brown nipples. I happily sucked and nibbled about one as I kneaded and played with the other.

With only my tented boxers to remove, he seated himself again and quickly sniffed about the expanding wet spot. Flicking his tongue he tasted some of the excited wetness I had left behind on the fabric. With fingers lined up against either side of my waist, he pulled at the band of my boxers and dropped them at my feet to acquaint him with my own 6" uncut twitching cock for the first time. His nimble fingers warmly wrapped themselves around the turgid shaft and I gasped to his touch on my demanding flesh. He guided my sex to directly under his nostrils and inhaled in a deliberate deep sniff. His dark eyes darted about, as if he were intently contemplating and cerebrally cataloguing the new aromatic data he had just experienced. He broke into a sweet smile of approval and we were once again embracing in wet passionate kisses, this time both of us naked to manually explore about our warm velvety surfaces: pale white on bronze, bronze on white. Two or three inches taller than my new partner, I was able to glance over his shoulder in a tender hug and gaze studiously for the first time on his supple pair of bronze toned glutes.

I immediately hoped our impending acts of intimacy would entail at least a close-up sensual exploration of these alluring buns. My companion in lust must have been alerted to the responsive twitches and bounces of my sex against his warm lower abdomen. With sparkling eyes and knowing smile, he turned steering my pulsing cock to the inviting crack that parted those sumptuous mounds of flesh.

Tugging on my arousal, he guided me past the second flimsy barrier of shower curtain and we immersed us under the wet rush of the hot but not scalding shower. He bent over at a perpendicular angle clinging to the shower fixtures, signaling me that he was ready to proceed with the essentials. On the contrary, I wanted an up front and close encounter with the dazzling toned gender prong that endeared him to me with such physicality. I gently twisted him around and wrapped fingers around his twitching cock as I kneeled down to enable my urgent oral embrace, which was now second nature to me. His sweetly veined satiny textured small roll of man flesh responsively flinched and throbbed as my tongue enthusiastically swept up and down the satin tender surface. Within seconds, I had the animated living staff engulfed by lips, tongue, and sensitive palate in a vigorous grip of unyielding suction. I thrilled to the sweet and salty taste of his mounting male pleasure as he sighed responding to the intensity of my ministrations; both his hands clamped firmly to either of my temples. My tongue explored about the crown as well as the shaft, tracing and pulling, and invading under his pliant ample foreskin. After only a few minutes, I was able to wrest from him the eruption of his climax. My tongue greedily lapped at the musky slightly congealed sluice that spewed from his gaping pee hole following each of several throbs of his over-excited sex organ.

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