Made from Scratch

(Part 1 from 1)

Leo was a relief clerk, assigned the work force board in a downtown metro area of Los Angeles. He worked the graveyard shift, alongside a senority laden clerk known as Melvin. Melvin not only knew the job description, but Leos assignment as well. Being so dependant on Mels knowledge, Leo had a certain admiration for his co-worker, which wasn't returned. Melvin spent half the night sweet talking his vanilla girlfriends, whom he'd fuck and then dump with the arrival of new pussy.

Mel came to work in thin tan slacks, platform dancing shoes, and parted one side of his hair with the shears. His wide lapeled shirts exposed these black burrs on his chest where a gold chain rested from the pawn on Fairfax. He would rest one leg on the desk and play with his long cock thru the thin vaneer of his slacks, as the phone rested on his shoulder with a new blond in the reciever.

Mel never had much respect for Leo, with his carnival designed t-shirts and weighing 20 lbs over. Leo was always trying to play basketball with Mel, to which Mel would laugh, "you aren't in my league Leo." Mel was only happy with a new woman in tow, and the expectancy of new ass in his flat along Avalon Blvd. 

Leo's wife, Gina, would call the office and Mel would nebulously switch her over to Leo's desk. One night, Gina was crossing town after a night with her mother, when she called and asked if Leo wanted anything to eat? She took both her husbands order and Mel's, burger with chili and extra onions. Gina wandered thru the back door with a box of food and Mel stopped in his tracks. She was wearing a white chiffon top, midriff and navel exposed, above these long blue slacks and leather platform heels. These oversized, sand dollar nipples shown thru the white chiffon and across the top of these burgers in a box. 

Mel instantly turned on this charm, second nature with the shock of this possibly being Leo's wife. "Your not married to Leo are you, nothing this lovely could be Leo's?" Gina was instantly addicted to what every one of Mels bed partners fell prey to. He invited her to sit at his desk, so he could take another look at her, while he hammered the extra onions. From this nite forward, Gina and Mel spent an hr a nite with each other on the phone, in audio from Leos desk. It was all about fun and a joke wasn't it?

Gina invited Mel to come out to our apt. and partake of her hobby, pies from scratch. It would be lemon mirengue, extra sweet lemony filling, but not before Leo and Mel played one on one at the park. Mel punished Leo in basketball, but with a renewed interest in Leos life, or wife I should say. Sitting along the chain link fence of the court, Leo asked a favor, "would you take my wife under your wing, dance with her on Saturday nite and change her attitude about dress?" Mel asked Leo if he trusted him to do that? He then said he didn't trust himself in her company, and with a wink, Leo said, "let's eat some pie."

That afternoon, Gina hosted in some bright yellow shorts, just a shade darker than this fresh driven snow pigment of her legs.
Mel would turn in his seat and look at her ass cheeks and then smile back at a grinning Leo. This was all still just a joke between co-workers. Leo announced that Mel would like to give her dance lessons, in lieu of Leos graveyard shift on weekends. It was a gesture to get her out of the house on a nite she so dearly missed as a partying one in her youth.

One month later, Leo came home from work at 7am, Gina was sitting at the dining table in these black leather pants, black patent hi heels with an ankle strap. Her toe nails 1/8" longer in metallic marroon polish and wearing a bright red halter top of lace. She now spent her afternoons by the pool, noticable with her white ass and titties, and tender nipples from Mels lips and fingers. A stretch from her first date with Mel in a butterscotch skirt and white sandal heels. She barely resembled the wife who loved making pies from scratch. It was time for Mel to give her back, along with that extra dry crust I loved so well.

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