Mack's Neighbor

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Mack was a bundle of nerves, and it was all because of his neighbor. Ever since Mack moved into his apartment, the place next door had been inhabited by three girls. April, Judy, and Sara were all nice, friendly girls, and Mack got along with them well. They generally visited at apartment complex get togethers, and on a few occasions had met for cookouts, movies, and other activities. Mack liked them all as friends, and even considered asking one of them out for a friendly date.

Things had changed, however, when Judy got a job in another state. April and Sara had advertised for a roommate, and soon Lisa moved in. Ah, Lisa! Now that was the stuff dreams were made of. Lisa had long dark blonde hair and a pretty face, with big blue eyes, a pert nose, and lucious lips. Her taut, firm body featured full, shapely breasts, without a hint of sag, a nice curve of waist and hip, and a great pair of legs. Suddenly Mack's relationship with his neighbors turned into one of stuttering, stammering, stumbling speech, embarrassed silences, and all the afflictions of a typical lovestruck schoolboy.

This burned Mack to no end. Man, he was 23 years old, not some dopey teenager. Why couldn't he act with some show of maturity when Lisa was around? Surely, he should be able to make a move on an adult woman. But so far he found himself paralyzed with inaction.

Last night, while sitting on his porch enjoying a beer, he heard the girls talking. Their porch adjoined his, but there was a solid wall between them, blocking the view, but not sound. He heard April say she would be gone all weekend at a wedding, and Sara note that she would be out of town visiting family. Lisa had facetiously complained about being left all alone, but had actually expressed pleasure at the chance to get some things done without her roommates' distractions.

This morning Mack had watched as first April, then Sara, had driven away. He knew this was his chance, but couldn't think of any good ideas. Finally he decided on the oldest ploy in the book. He would go next door to borrow a cup of sugar. Of course, if Lisa asked why he needed it, he would be at a loss. But he just couldn't come up with a better plan.

As he walked toward the kitchen to get a measuring cup, he noticed himself in the mirror. He stopped to take a look. Really not that bad, he thought. He was no Adonis, but certainly had a pleasant enough face. Regular participation in sports and workouts kept his body in good shape. Suddenly inspiration struck him. Quickly he peeled off his t-shirt. His tan, well muscled torso with its light carpet of hair across his nicely developed chest was certainly an asset. He hurried to get the cup and headed out the door before he could chicken out and change his mind.

Reaching Lisa's door, he knocked before he could lose his courage. No answer. Heart pounding, he knocked again. Finally Lisa answered the door. She was clad in a sports bra and running shorts. Her exposed skin, of which there was quite a bit, was covered with a sheen of perspiration over her attractive tan. Her sports bra was marked with splotches of wetness, causing it to cling seductively to her curves. Her nipples were erect and pushing out proudly against the taut fabric.

"May I help you?" Mack was so embarrassed! He was so fixated staring at Lisa that he hadn't said a word! "Um, I wondered if, ah, I could ..." "Borrow a cup of sugar?" How had she known? Then he realized that she was looking at the measuring cup in his hand. "Ah, yeah, if I could."

"Sure", she said, "come on in." He entered the apartment. "Actually, you could earn it, rather than just borrow."

"How?" "Well, I've been working out, and had just come to a stretch I do that really needs a spotter. I was debating if I should try it alone, but now that you're here, you can help me out." "Sure, I'd be glad to."

Lisa led him to the living room. The patio door was open to let in the air. A plastic mat had been spread out on the floor. From the damp spots of sweat it was obvious that she had put it down to protect the carpet. Lisa bent down, placing her hands on the mat. She told him to put his hands lightly on her waist, not supporting her, but being ready to catch her if she lost her balance. Then she raised her right leg off the floor, extending it behind her. The tension tightened her shorts, setting off her round, muscular ass, while the crotch showed the bulge of her pubic mound. Next she raised her arms up to her sides, causing the sports bra to tighten enticingly over her lovely breasts. Even though Mack was to the side and above her, it still was an exciting view. Finally, she raised up on the ball of her left foot, and held the position.

This was followed by the same action with her right foot on the floor, then the left, in alternation. On the fourth repetition she must have placed her foot on a sweaty spot, since it suddenly slipped. Without thinking, Mack grabbed her, wrapping his arms around her waist and lifting her off the floor. They remained frozen in this tableau for several moments.

"You can put me down now", she said. Instead, Mack lifted and turned her, setting her down immediately in front of and facing him. His instincts taking over, he bent to kiss her. He intended a brief peck, but his hormones were in control, and he instead kissed her deeply, worrying her lips with his, carressing with his tongue. Suddenly, he broke the kiss and looked at her uncertainly.

"I thought that would never happen!", she said. That's all he needed. He kissed her again, dropping his hands to her waist, then pulling them upward, catching her sports bra and pulling it up over her breasts. She raised her arms, allowing him to remove the piece of clothing. He quickly moved down, kissing her neck and chest, then sucking her left nipple firmly into his mouth. Lisa gasped. He wanted to move slowly, but his body seemed controlled by something other than his mind. He dropped to his knees and pulled down her shorts and panties in one motion, revealing the triangle of light brown pubic hair pointing to and guarding the entrance to her pussy. Her feet moved slightly apart as he finished removing her shorts. That was all the opening he needed. He shot his face to her crotch and buried his tongue in her vagina.

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