My Wifes first nude photo session

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

First let me brief you about my family background & upbringing, I was born & brought up in Mumbai. I was an average looking guy with very sound financial background. I was found of luxurious life style since my childhood, I have joined leading pharmaceutical company immediately after my gradation. Due to my hard work & pragmatic approach I reach level of Zone in charge in short spen. I used to travel very extensively in Western Region for business purpose.

I meet my would be father in law first time at our local distributor’s place, he told me that they are search of suitable match for her elder daughter Mohini. I express my desired to meet her personally & personal meeting was arranged very next date. I was very much impressed and attracted to her due to her simplicity and intelligence. She was born & brought-up in small town of Madhya Pradesh. She was second child of her parents after her elder brother. Her mother was very religious, conservative and orthodox lady, she never uses to allow her to wear any other dresses then the traditional Indian dresses Punjabi suit or sarees. Despite of her up bring in small pace she was having an outstanding & brilliant academic career; she also used to participate in all extracurricular activities. In short she was an all-rounder; sometime she is expert in cooking all kind of dishes and household work. She wanted to do the job after completion of her post graduation in commerce, but her patents started searching suitable match as soon as she completed her education. Finally after personal meeting we have decided to marry.

I have decided to transform her completely & full filled her all hidden desire. I asked her to joined personality development & personal grooming courses immediately after our marriage. I gifted her western dresses of her choice; I used to encourage her lots to wear western dresses like miniskirts, skin tight tops, jeans, midi etc. Initially she was not comfortable and feeling awkward in wearing such dresses, but I was successfully able convince her that western dresses suits to her personality and she look more stunning & attractive in western clothes. So gradually I have moulded her as per my modern life style. In other word I transformed her completely from typical traditional housewife to ultra modern female of high society. Now she always ensure that she look alluring & centre of attraction in all parties or social gatherings, people apprised her for her dressing sense & she get lots of sexy compliments from my friends.

I was found of reading Indian version of PLAYBOY magazine DEBONIER; he used read & collecting all issues since my college days. I used to share my precious collection with my darling wife Mohini, we jointly use to read and see old issues of DEBONIER magazine in leisure time. One day I shown her an advertisement published in an old issue of DEBONIER magazine appealing broadminded housewives to come forward and pose as nude models for centrespreads. In the advertisement caption was very appealing, still I recollect even to-day “SHOW THE WORLD WHAT YOU REALLY ARE”. Other text message also was very very alluring “Have stared your nude body in mirror?” “How beautiful you are?” etc...They requested housewives and non professional female’s models to come forward & send three photographs one close-up of face, another full length in any western dresses and third photographs in two piece bikini or bra & panty along with personal details like height, weight, and vital statistics with contact details. They assured very handsome cash rewards if selected for photo shoot; they also assured that photo session will be done by internationally renowned photographers in presence of one family member.

I told my wife Mohini that she is having excellent sexy figure & attractive vital assets. Hence she is perfectly fit for such kind of modelling and as per my opinion she should grab this opportunity & pose for centrespread of DEBONIR. But she told me clearly that she is not interested in doing any nude modelling nor wants to undress herself in front of anybody except me. I said it is okay but please undress fully & stand in front of full size mirror and observe you from various angles that, how beautiful you are. She promptly undresses & stands in front of mirror observing her from various angles as per my request. She confessed that she was definitely much more attractive then all centrespread models who pose of magazine. Since that day I was obsessed with an idea of possessing my sexy wife’s nude photographs. I express my desire and requested her to pose as nude model exclusively for me, but she was very reluctant and adamant she refused to even pose in undergarments.

Next day I left for official tour of one week as usual and she was alone at home she undressed herself fully again and stand in front of full size mirror viewing her own body from various angles. She realised that I was cent percent correct that she is perfectly fit for nude modelling. She decided remained nude through-out the day, she did all household chores like cooking, cleaning in her birthday suit. It was very unique and unforgettable experience for her. She told me about it over phone; she also told that next day plan to remain in her birthday suit. I was very excited my unique transformation in her attitude towards nudity.

Her confidence level was very high; in night she was lying fully nude on bed & started reading some of old issues of DEBONIR magazine from my precious collection. She came across photo session of internationally famous husband (Photographer) & wife (Nude model) duo Mr. Ashwin Gatha and his model wife Flora Gatha. Mr.Gatha has clicked nude photographs of his lovely beautiful wife. In another old issue she across nude photograph contributed by another famous photographer Mr.Jitendra Arya with attractive caption “SHE GAVE SIX REASONS TO SAY NO AND WITHOUT ANY REASON DROPPED HER ALL CLOTHES ONE BY ONE”. My wife Mohini was inspired by both this contribution and decided to go all around and pose as nude model exclusively for me. She decided to give me pleasant surprise on my birthday by posing in her birthday suit as my birthday gift.

One day prior to my 30th birthday she went to famous book shops to purchase books on arts of nude photography. She selected couple of books & requested shopkeeper to gift wrap, she also brought latest digital camera as my birthday gift. Next day before I wake up in morning, she was ready to greet me MANY HAPPY RETRUNS OF DAY. Her entire body was covered with colourful balloons, she kissed me to wish happy birthday & whisper in my ear that surprise gifting is waiting for you. To get surprise gift I have bust all balloons one by one, I started busting balloons one by one & realised at the end that she was not wearing anything except balloons. She promptly handed over me gift hamper, which was beautifully, packed with message CLICK.....CLICK...CLICK... TILL YOU CAN. I unwrapped gift hamper it was containing three books on arts of nude photography and digital camera, which she brought as my birthday gift to enable me to click her nude photographs. I could not believe that, my wife can give me such pleasant surprise. I asked her from where she got this innovative brilliant idea, she simply replied from your unique collection.

I was surprised by this drastic change in my wife’s attitude, I was very thrilled. It was unique gift; I started clicking her nude photographs without wasting single second. She decided to remained in her birthday suit throughout day & serve me foods, drinks etc, so I can click her photographs as I wish while bathing, doing household work etc. Since then I never look back and keeps on clicking her topless, semi-nude, nude and full frontal nude pictures on every occasion, I clicked her photographs on various indoor locations as well as outdoor locations like beach in Goa as well as Aksa beach in Mumbai also.

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