My mother in law and me

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I had always wondered why elder women were attractive to me. May be they looked sex starved or they were big breasted or may be I could enjoy them without worrying about them getting pregnant. What ever the reason was, the bottom line was that I was always attracted to them and used to look starvingly at them at every opportunity. I never had an opportunity or the courage to go after them. But the one woman who attracted me most was my mother-in-law. She was shorter than my wife, slightly heavier but on the whole very attractive and sexy. She had large breasts, firmly put in place by a tight blouse and always the pallu of her saree was fully covering them, without giving me any chance to look her curves. In the initial days of my marriage with her daughter, she almost hated me because of my middle level income, compared to her jet-setting first son-in-law. Later, she realized the love and comfort with which her daughter lived with me and slowly came to accept me. Of late, she used to talk to me well and I could some times detect a touch of attraction towards me, could be my imagination what with all my fantasies about making love to her. With this new equation ( imagination), I used to take every opportunity to visit their house with my wife and watch her wide swinging hips and protruding breasts from the edge of my eyes.

Recently, it so happened that my father-in-law wanted to visit a nearby town, for a couple of days, on property matter and my wife and MIL were to accompany him. At the last moment, my MIL decided to drop her going on the trip claiming that she had joint pain. I took my wife and FIL and dropped them at the bus stand by 6 pm. On the way my wife told me that my MIL had asked her to tell me that any time I wanted I could call upon her for food. Though this was music to my ears and potential feast to my eyes, I decided not to go there as I was not confident of restraining my visual impulses while alone with my MIL. As soon as I reached my home, the telephone rang and my MIL was on the phone. She asked whether I had anything to eat that night. I told her that my wife had prepared food in the morning and that would be enough. She was not prepared to take that for an answer and insisted that I go to their house straight-away as she had just prepared fresh food. Telling my mind to control sexual urges and limit my visual curiosities, I reached their place, which was just a couple of miles from my house.

MIL opened the door with a smile and called me in. She was wearing a dark blue saree perfectly matching her light brown skin colour and a tight dark blue blouse. I went and sat in the TV room and she brought a glass of water and offered me. I was surprised to see that the pallu of her saree was not fully closed as usual. As she bent down to offer the glass, I could see the V of her blouse and a little part of two bulging brown balloons of her smooth breasts. My imagination went wild and a sudden surge of blood in my lower part made my tool elongate straight and bulge against my zip. I just hid my emotions and enjoyed the moment full and returned the glass after gulping down water. I thanked my providence as she had not seen any of the internal struggles and resumed my TV watching. For some reason, she asked me whether I need more and getting no for an answere smiled sweetly, as though to tell me she understood my crush for her.

The dinner was ready and we both sat on the table and enjoyed the great food she made as always. I took calculated risks, in between, to look at her pallu which was covering her large breasts. Once, she just caught me at the act, and on an impulse to divert her, I said " Your saree is very nice and suits you, is it
new ?". She was pleased at my observation and said "Yes, only a couple of days back I purchased it". I said "it looks really nice on you" and then left the topic there and finished my meal. She looked tauntingly at me and I was surprised when her feet touched my feet below the table. Though taken aback, I owned the responsibility and said sorry and left the table. While watching the TV, I saw her coming with a tray in hand with two bananas. She bent slightly towards me and offered them. This time the view of her V cut was ample and I had an amazingly long look at her big, firm breasts, just waiting to bulge out. With great difficulty, I controlled my urge and exploding bulge of my pants and just took one of the bananas. Her large brown eyes looked at me and said smilingly "both are for you only ". I took the other one mechanically and asked an innocent question " what about you, you do not take banana?". She gave a mischievous smile and said " i do not like this kind of banana". As a fool I asked "which type you like, the small ones of coastal region". Her answer stunned me "No, the large ones which resemble the kerala type, but I like them hard and a bit hot". Saying that she smiled coyly at me and went inside, looking back again and again. I was totally zapped at her outright remark, my tool had grown long & thick and literally dancing with anticipation, and I was still unsure of how to tackle the situation, when she came back. She said "You liked my blue saree. Come inside, I will show you the other new ones". As I got up mechanically to follow her, she said "by the way close the front door properly, it is too windy here". I obeyed and closed the front door and went inside the house and into the kitchen. She was not there and searching I found her bedroom door slightly closed. Hesitatingly I tapped on the door, and she said " come right in". I opened the door and stepped inside. Inside the room was dark with only a small bulb at one corner throwing light and there was a full length mirror and a small table below it. My MIL was standing near that with a smile on her parted lips and asked me to come near to see the sarees. As I went near her, her arm touched and held mine sending electric shocks through my body and she said " which colour you like most?". My head was just reeling at the situation and I mechanically pointed to a red saree with a lot of designs on it and said "this looks just fine". "you mean it looks nice on me" she asked and I agreed. "would you like me to wear this and show you". I said "no, not required, blue saree is quite nice". Then she asked a direct question "you liked my blue saree or the blue blouse or the bulge inside that ?" and so saying she removed her pallu and let it drop to the ground. My eyes just ogled at two large bulges insdie her blouse. She said " if you want to look from the back, you can do so" and so saying she turned towards the mirror letting me the view from the back.

I could control it no longer and by now fully realized what it was she was offering. The fantasies of all my years lay open before me and her bulging breasts on the mirror were beckoning me. I love to take my woman from the back and she was just giving this as though she knew it. Slowly, i took my hands out and placed my palms on her middle and started squeezing her and pulled her close to me from behind. She purred and turned her head with eyes blazing and asked "how long you take to understand my desires ?". Her thick parted lips were beckoning and with no answer ready with me to her question, I surged forward and pressed my lips fully on hers, hard. Her whole body shivered at my hard kiss and she clung to me hard. My hands encircled her tummy and i raised them just below the bulging breasts making them almost jet out, while still keeping my lips tight on her lips and started sucking them. I don"t know how long i kissed her and finally when i let her go, she looked fully satisfied with her peacefully closed eyes slowly parting and said
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" next time you kiss me, make it mild but no less passionate". To this i raised her literally from the ground putting full pressure on her breasts and slowly kissed her all over her face. She was enjoying every kiss of mine and started moving her head to offer me different parts of her beautiful face for my kisses. I kissed her on her eyes, on cheeks, on forehead, moved down to her small, projecting nose and licked her pointed nose and slowly moved to her chin, kissing all over it, moved to one of her small ears and took it fully in the mouth making slurping sound. She said "Ahh" and as i moved my kissing lips all over her neck and reached the other ear, she eagerly offered it to me. I then moved back to her lips, kissed them umpteen number of times passionately, took out my tongue and parted her lips and started licking her lips from the inside. Her lips were wet and dripping honey and as i started licking her whole of the lips, she opened her mouth and offered her thin, long tongue. I eagerly took her tongue and pulled it straight inside my mouth and started sucking it hard. I was still at her back and now took my both palms and caught her two breasts from over her blouse and started squeezing them round and round. They were like two large water melons, only firm and too soft and they eagerly bulged to my touch. With my left palm firmly on her breasts and I lowered my right arm to her naval, softly squeezing her tummy and moved lower on her saree and started kneeding her thick soft thighs. With my tougue deep in her mouth rolling and licking hers, my left hand kneeding her breasts one after the other and my right hand squeezing her thighs, she was trying to press her body and her large buttocks against my large bulge between my thighs and she started making loud moaning noises. I moved my right hand away from her thighs and moved it right beween the thighs to where her feminine beauty lay. Even through her thick saree, petticoat and probably nighties, i could discern her thick lips of her cunt, dripping wet. I could control it no longer and i abruptly raised her saree and passed my hand inside. I could feel her smooth hairless legs and thick, vibrating thighs and her gasp for breath and extreme urge at this sudden move from me. I quickly moved my palm all the way up and tried to hold her nighties and jack it down.

To my surprise, she was not wearing anything inside and my hand stuck the rich haul of pubic hair, which was wet with her juices. With my fingers I parted her cunt lips and was rewarded with thick, bulging clitoris. I held her clitoris between my finger and slowly started squeezing it. She started violently moving her hips with pleasure. Slowly she freed her mouth from mine and looked with lustful eyes into mine, turned facing me. She said " i thought you will go for my breasts first but never imagined you will reach my cunt so fast ". So saying she removed her bouse and removed the clip of her bra from behind. I could not believe my eyes. Her breasts enlarged twice their size and just jutted at me taunting me to suck them. Her hands closed on the back of my neck and saying "come on, suck me" she just pulled my head and lips straight at her breasts. I took the thrust between her breasts first and started licking and kissing all over her mountainous pleasures. She literally yanked my head and thrust her large breast against my lips and said "come on, suck. I am just waiting for it". With all my energy, I took her large breast in my mouth and sucked deep inside, hardly managing to take a quarter of it. She loosened her right hand, slid down my tummy and removed my pants almost immediately. She pulled the elastic of my underwear and gave much needed freedom to my tool. My penis immediately jumped out and i was surprised at the speed with which it bulged again to its largest ever size, virtually dipping. Her slender fingers closed on my shaft and immediately she started moving it up and down on my penis, folding and unfolding my foreskin at each stroke. My penis head must have overgrown its size, as i was feeling pain first time after many years, and it was just relishing the reciprocating motion she was offering it through her soft palms. My wetness increased and my penis happily parting it into her eager hand. I came to my senses, moved my stunned right hand again, squeezing her clitoris, slowly parting her thick lips and down and down a long way to find her cunt hole. After what looked like an eternity, searching among thick grown pubic hair, feeling wetness of her dripping cunt, i slid my fingers deep into her hole. She just moaned loudly and started massaging my shaft much faster and stronger. Then she suddenly said " dont make me stand all night here" and shook free of my hands. She simply pulled my shirt and said "wow, you are really sexy" looking at my bare chest and quickly removed my underwear exposing me fully naked. "I hope you are not as shy as you want me to believe" so saying she removed all her cloths and stood totally naked in front of me. She led me to the large bed, propped a pillow against the wall and asked me to sit with my legs parted. My penis had grown to theoretical size and with parted foreskin was looking straight at her. She laughed at my penis, lovingly caressed it and took hold of my balls and squeezed. She crossed her legs on mine and sat on my thighs. Her wet cunt lips fully parted were pressing against the length of my shaft. She took hold of my head and put it between her breasts. As i sucked her breasts one after the other, she started moving her hips up and down, opening and closing her cunt lips tightly against my penis. As her speed of movement increased, my penis started oozing my cum all over her cunt and her cum simply dousing my thick penis from head to balls.

As this went on, we were both moaning with pleasure and i slid my fingers through the parting of her round smooth hips, all the way to the other side, catching her clitoris, squeezing it, parting her cunt lips. I could read lust in her eyes as she savagely sucked and kissed my lips and said " i want all my lips to kiss you lips, you know?". She freed her buttocks from my hands and breasts from my sucking mouth, stood on her knees and brought her thighs to my mouth’s level. As her thighs parted and revealed her opening cunt, i could get a strong smell of her sweet juices. I eagerly buried my head between her thighs and pushed her down on the cot. I asked her to fold her thighs up and open and greedily went for her cunt. My lips brushed past her thick hair and my tongue lashed out against the week defences of her pubic hair and rested on her cunt lips. I moved my tongue and opened her cunt lips and took the thick knob of clitoris and slowly started to lick and encircle it. I took her clitoris in my mouth and sucked straight in. She cried out in pleasure and dug her fingers deep into my skin of my back. Licking and sucking all the way, i moved down, parting her lips further and found her cunt hole. It was full of oozing liqiud, soft and hot. As i moved my tongue all over her hole and sharpened it and moved right in her hole, she almost burst with orgasm.

She controlled somehow and said "oh, come on. suck me all you want. i never had this pleasure before". I sucked her cunt to my full satisfaction, released her and sat back with my back on the wall. I helped her raise herself, took her neck with my hands and said " it is now your turn" and dragged her lips against my penis. She started licking all over my penis, started to move my shaft up and down and greedily licked my pink head like ice-cream. She pulled my foreskin full down and caught hold of my balls and started kneeding them slowly. She made her mouth round shaped and took my pink head in and sucked and sucked till my full shaft was deep inside her mouth touching her throat. She moved her head up and down on my shaft, coating it with her saliva all over my shaft with her tongue and kept on playing it, as though for ever. I said "come on. stop this and take my penis in your cunt mouth. i cannot hold much longer" I simply lifted her, held her buttocks and squeezed them with her large breasts firmly against my mouth. I slowly pushed her down on to my cock. Her wet parted lips met my cock head-on and my shaft smoothly slid in to her hole. It was the wettest, hottest and silkiest cunt i had ever imaged and she simply swallowed me full length and started fucking me up and down hard. My foreskin never had that kind of fucking before and all strength of her thighs were used up in fucking my shaft. She screemed "oh god, you are such a sexy fucker, i want to keep fucking you all night. it is ages since i had any sex and you have come at the right time with the biggest ever fucking penis i ever imagined” and laughed aloud.

Moving up and down, her breasts were dancing to her movements, and my penis was trying to put up the biggest ever , hottest ever and hardest ever size it could possibly manage and was thrusting deep into her dripping hot cunt. She looked at my mouth and said "oh your mouth is fully coated with my cunt juices and look my mouth is full with your penis juice. why don"t we unite the juices as i am uniting your penis with my cunt ?" Saying so she brought her lips against mine, savagely opened my lips and started licking my mouth all over outside and inside. My pulsating prick was taking the bangings hard and fast and i now took hold of her buttocks and started squeezing and moving savagely against her cunt. She just said "oh god" and reciprocated my action with even more vigour. After eternally long fucking she broke off her kiss on my lips and cried "OHHHH, i am coming, i am coming. Oh please you also come inside me. i want my cunt filled to the brim with your juices. oh come on. come on" We both could not hold it any longer, as her cunt lashed out against my prick with vigour, my penis throbbed against her insides, spreading her juice and mine all over the insides and we both cried out loud and started coming. I could feel the throbbing of her cunt muscles as she came and came inside me and my penis jetting the fluid inside her in ever lasting orgasm.

When we were both drained, we lay in each others arms. She gave me sweetest of her kisses and said "the way you always wanted me, i wanted you all along but never had the courage just like you. Today i thought it is now or never and hence cancelled my trip. Please stay with me overnight. I cann"t control the urges i get towards you and your penis only can give me this happiness. Please stay". She begged me and i said " i never knew why i was so much attracted to you and used to have sleepless wet nights thinking about you and your body. Now i know how sweet your love making is." She kissed me deep on the lips and said " i wanted to fuck you atleast twice but with one fuck you have made me totally tired. No matter, the whole night is in front of us and i am not going to leave you free. Fuck after fuck me till my body is totally drained off my juices, and i will wake you with hunger every time my cunt twitches. For now, my love, sleep with me." So saying, she put my head between her large breasts and moved her cunt against my dripping penis and kissed on my head thousands of times. Totally tired we both slept in each others arms, totally naked and fully satisfied.

That night she woke me up two more times and each time she was demanding and we made love madly to each other. As the dawn broke, she kissed my lips, moved down and took my tool inside her mouth and slurped it. Then she came to me and whispered "whenever situation permits from now on, i will call you.You have to come and bang my cunt this way. Ok?" . From then on, my MIL and I became regular lovers.

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