My married virgin maid

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My wife had expired eight years ago. I was nearing 48 years of age, when I was posted out to a small town a couple of hours from Bangalore. As part of my job responsibilities, I was asked to take up a long term assignment of computerizing the banks and I was also given a promotion and a fatter salary. Since my children were in their colleges, I decided to let them stay in Bangalore with my brother and continue education. And thus landed in this town all on my own. I settled quickly into a rented house and immediately got into the job. Initially, the pressures were less and I used to do my own cooking and household works like cleaning and washing clothes, etc. Quickly, I got tired of these and hired a maid for the chores, except for cooking.

When I started looking for a maid, I found it was extremely difficult to find one as I was a man living alone. When I offered to hike salary beyond the normal paid by people of the town, many maids started showing interest. I finally selected a young girl of around 18 yrs, but it took a lot of convincing on my part to her mother about my intentions and no-nonsense behaviour, the girl being unmarried at that time. Her mother agreed to send the girl every day for about 2 hours in the morning for the work. The girl was Usha and initially she was very shy and distant, for obvious reasons. Although, she did not have a great body to attract men ( she was small and very lean), she did have a pretty face which became really prettier when she smiled. I was careful not to cross my limits, and quickly she became very friendly and used to talk to me about all and sundry things. I was quite fascinated by her girlish enthusiasm and happy outlook towards life. I realized quickly however, that she was getting attracted to me as would a girl not exposed to sex life. She used to look from the side of her eyes whenever i used to come out of bathroom slantly clad. But i ignored these as i had no intention of seducing a young virgin girl.
Six months down, I had really got used to her and would find it very tough to manage without her. One fine day Usha acted very shy and reserved and when I enquired she told me that her parents had arranged a boy for her and that she would be married very shortly. I cursed my luck and resigned to the fate of finding another maid. But Usha told me that her husband wanted her to continue in the job because the salary was high. I was relieved at this and sure enough Usha was back after her holiday for marriage.

Usha was very happy in the initital days of marriage and quickly I realized that something was not all right. She had become less talkative, always brooding, careless in her work and always worried about something. I did not venture to pry into her affairs. One day I saw her washing clothes and I realized that she had quit washing and staring at wall with a blank expression. I stood for a long time watching her and she neither averted her blank stare nor realized that I had been watching her. I then decided to talk to her and see if there was something I could do about that. I could never grasp how such a bubbly young girl had changed over a matter of just couple of months !

When Usha had completed her work, I called her and told her to sit down in a chair opposite mine.
"Usha, what is wrong with you, you look very unhappy ? "
"No sir, I am fine" she tried to bluff.
I did not take no for an answer. "Are you happy with your marriage ?" I asked
"Yes, sir" she said in a feeble voice.
"Your husband is cruel to you ?"
"No sir, he is .. he is a very mild person "
"Does you in-laws create problem for you?"
"No sir, they are very good and helpful"
I waited for her to continue, but she did not venture any further information. I gathered she wanted to talk but was too shy to venture information. I decided to drag it from her.

" Is there something wrong with your sex life ?"
She looked so startled and tried to cover it up that I knew I had hit jackpot with my question. I realized that I myself had got sexually excited with that question what with eight years of celibacy.
"Tell me if you want, I may be able to talk to your husband and straighten things out" I continued
After much insistence from my side, Usha finally agreed that all was not well with her sex life with her husband.She told me that right from the first night, she never enjoyed sex as her husband fails to enter her fully and continue long enough to make her happy.
"what does your husband tell you, does he get satisfaction ?" I asked
"He feels satisfied but complains all the time ...?
"Why should he complain when he is satisfied, does he not ejaculate ?"
She looked fully embarassed but said haltingly " he says I am too tight there" but added immediately " but he always ejaculates and calls me all kinds of sweet names" she said shyly.
I was beginning to understand her problem and wondered whether her husband had really consummated the marriage and whether usha's hymen was still intact. As i thought of this, my penis had started showing signs of bulging and as much as i tried to contain it, my penis quickly recoiled and became a oversized banana. I was surprised at the amount of lust I had been suppressing all these years of living without a woman. Now i was seeing usha as an object of sex rather than a simple girl. Her husband cannot give her happiness but has a sex partner, where as I could perhaps give her all the happiness she wants, but she is out of reach. But, is she really ? Is there something I can try here? As my mind drifted off and on again, I realized that Usha was saying something about not telling anybody about this conversation.
I quickly reasured her and said " Why dont you two go to a doctor and consult?"
"My husband doesn't want to and says the fault is with me", her eyes were moist
"What do you want to do? You cann't continue like this without sexual satisfaction for ever" i observed
"yes sir, I wish there is somebody to help me and tell me what is wrong with me and suggest some medicine" she said

"You see I could have helped you diagnose your problem but I am a man. You should consult a doctor" I said, much against the wished of my bulging and struggling penis inside my pyjama

"I am afraid of going to doctor but why don't you help me sir, please ..." she begged
"Usha how can i help you ?" i said
"sir you know me well and i trust you fully that's why i told you my problem which i have not told even my parents. Why cann't you help me?"she pleaded
"Usha if something is wrong with you as your husband says, then i have to examine you ..." i hesitated " ... from inside, you know ?"
All of a sudden usha became shy and turned her face away. I cursed myself for having said that and offered a meek sorry. I thought usha would run away from there, but she stood looking down for a couple of seconds and slowly raised her eyes. She looked very beautiful to me and I decided to push my luck further.
"You would better consult a doctor, usha, otherwise if you trust me, i promise i will not do anything which you would not like me to" i said

"You mean you want to put your hand inside my .. my ... saree and check ?" I nodded my head.
"for how long?" she asked
"3-4 minutes, thats all" i said

She became shy once again and looked away. She turned and looked determined again.
"all right sir, I trust you. If you cann't diagnose my problem, i will have to go to a doctor isn't it" she said and i nodded my head up and down with such happiness that she too guessed it and said with a twinkle in her eyes " you can examine me but within limits"

"let us not sit here" i said and led her to the spare bed room. She was too eager to learn about her problems and immediately followed me inside. I sat on the bed and asked her to stand in front. When she did, I asked her to remove her underwear. Still showing signs of shyness, usha lifted her saree slowly. My penis was so long, hard and tight that it was forming a large tent shape on my pyjamas, but luckily out of view of usha as i had put on a long shirt. As usha slowly lifted her saree, I saw her two beautiful hairless legs slowly opening to show her silky thighs. Midway she stopped and asked me to examine. I was hoping that she would pull her saree all the way up and show her cunt and was disappointed. Usha wasn’t interested in sex, solution to her problem was uppermost in her mind.

I put my hand inside her saree, moved upwards blindly trying to tough her cunt. As my hand went up, so did her saree a little and a sweet pungent smell of her cunt drifted to my nostrils. My tool was dancing madly for a fuck and i found it very difficult to contain my animal instincts. Still, word is word. I worked silently upwards and suddently touched her pubic hair. Usha too felt my hand on her cunt and quickly inhaled with a barely audible " aah ...". Her pubic hair was silky but fully wet indicating that she was excited too. As i moved a little, my fingers touched her clitoris which was literally dripped and i felt her soft cunt lips kissing my hand. My fingers parted her lips and usha gave another moan, this time a little more loudly. I moved my fingers slowly down, feeling increasing wetness and after a long downward movement suddenly felt her cunt hole sucking at my fingers. I moved my fingers around her cunt hole feeling the tender muscle and increased pungent smell and usha said " ooh sir, quickly please".

I said "yes usha, this will take only a minute" and inserted my fingers into her wet, dripping pussy. Usha moaned deeply and her cunt walls eagerly sucked my fingers inside. I took my time slowly touching her cunt walls against ooohs and aaah outbursts from usha. Finally as i dwelled inside, my fingers stopped against a thin and dripping curtain, her hymen fully intact. Poor usha, her husband was not hard enough to break her cunt and that was the real trouble between the two. I wanted to tell her about my discovery but decided to play around a bit. You don;t get chances to explore a virgin cunt time and again. I moved my fingers all aroung the inside of her pussy and her pussy eagerly sucked at my fingers and showeverd thick cunt juice all aroung my fingers and on to my palm. I looked up and saw that usha was fully aroused but eager to know what I had seen.
"Enough of that sir, please remove your fingers" i obayed. She quickly lowered her saree, and said "now tell me is there something wrong"
I did not want to let her go without looking at that beautiful honey pot of hers, so near yet so far from my watering mouth.
"Usha, there seems to be a problem with your hymen. It looks as though it is intact but to confirm I need to see myself not just feel around"
I was really skating on thin ice and gambling against my integrity. I could see usha debating the pros and cons.
She reached a conclusion and said " all right but only for 10 seconds, after that i will have to go". My penis danced and i said "thats all i need, usha"

I asked her to lie on the cot with her legs hanging down and switched on the light. She rose to protest but quickly realized that the room was other wise dark and smiled shyly at me and fell on the cot. I got on my knees, moved towards her and lifter her saree fully and pushed it over her belly. I saw a big triangle of neatly cut pubic hair between her thighs, fully wet. She had a large clitoris with a big hood waiting to be sucked. I put my two hands on her cunt and opened her cunt lips to reveal dark purple walls of her cunt with generous white patches of cunt juice. I inserted my fingers from both hands deep inside her cunt, opened her lips wide and pretended to examine. Usha was breathing heavily, moaning loudly and writhing in anticipation of my touch. My tongue was literally begging me to taste her cunt juices and kept staring at her beautiful cunt for a long time.

"Finish fast, sir, you are taking too long inside there!"Usha said.

I had no intention of leaving this time. I lunged forward, drew my tongue out and licked her cunt from cunt hole, slowly upwards, tasting her salty cunt juices all the way up to the clitoris. Usha cried out loudly and grabbed at my head with both hands and shouted "no, no, noooooooo sir"
I licked her clitoris, making circular movements with my tongue and usha gyrating her hips to match my movement. Although she was saying "no no", her hands were infact pushing me against her cunt lips. I licked her cut lips, kissed her cunt, sucked it and even bit with my teeth. Usha's cries of happiness was so loud and intese that neighbours might hear her. Her hips moved up and down and gyrating so fast that she herself rubbed her cunt all over my face and started yelling " aaah, ohhhh, ....".
When i realized that usha was close to her orgasm, I quickly moved my tongue down and kissed her cunt hole and pushed my tongue deep into her cunt. Usha cried out loud "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH". I moved my tongue in and out of her. Usha too responded by moving her hips and releasing her cunt juice all over my face. I kept rubbing my eyes, nose, tongue, teeth and even my cheek against her cunt and at last after a lot of OOOHs and AAAAAAhs, usha exploded her cunt into a massive orgasm on my face. I kept taunting and licking with my tongue as wave after wave of cunt spasms told me of her sexual desires and her ever increasing force on my head to dwelve deep into her cunt. After what seemed an eternity, Usha slowly reduced pushing her cunt against my face and couple of seconds later fell back fully satisfied on the cot. As soon as i got up, usha pinched me hard on my cheeks and said "naughty sir", got up and ran to the door. I ran towards her and caught her at the bedroom door. As usha turned to look at me, i could see the happiness and contentedness in her eyes. Her eyes were angry and glowing but wickedly mischievous too. I caught her head, dragged her to me and showered thousands of kisses on her face. She responded by offering me her eyes, nose, ears to kiss. At the end, I looked her into her large beautiful eyes and said "Usha, how beautiful you are and how hungry you are for sex" and immediately put my lips against her lips and kissed her strongly. Usha sucked at my lips and slid her tongue inside mine and rolled. As we both kissed and sucked at each other, usha suddenly drew from me and said "I have to go, please leave me"

I held her tight and said "Dont you want to know the result of examination?" with a twinkle in my eye
Seriously, i said "Usha your husband has not been able to penetrate and break your hymen. I think his penis is short and not hard enough for your cunt." Usha immediately nodded her head and said " i knew this all along. You were too naughty but thanks for that orgasm. I never had this beautiful feeling anytime in my life"

I said "Usha, don't you want to touch my penis ? You can compare and contrast with your husband's"
As though she was just waiting for such comment from me, Usha's hand moved down and touched my crouch and sqeezed my penis thorough my pyjama. Her eyes became wide and her expression wild as my tool became longer, thicker and juicier. I loosed my pyjama and undies and took her hand and placed on my penis.

"My God, sir, it is sooo big " cried Usha and started caressing my penis up and down. My foreskin moved up and down and I showered my pre-cum amply in her hand. Her hand became wet with my cum and as her hand slipped, she tightened her grip on my penis. I slowly pushed Usha down until her eyes were bang against my tool. I pulled my foreskin back revealing thundering pink head. I moved my tool to her parting lips, with my fingers opened her lips and pushed my tool against her teeth. She involuntarily opened her mouth and sucked my tool deep insider her mouth. I pushed my tool deep inside her and slowly fucked her mouth.

I removed my tool from her, lifted her and kissed her deeply in the mouth. I lifted her saree and stroked her cunt till she became wet all over again. I pushed my tool against her cunt and our juices mixed as she gyrated her cunt all over my tool. I simply lifted her and threw her on the bed and fell upon her. My penis was pressed against her cunt and my balls were up against her wet cunt lips.

" Usha, shall I fuck you? " I asked. She didnot answer. But her hand moved down and she clutched my tool from behind my balls. Slowly she pulled back my foreskin, circled her fingers against my tool, lifted it and moved her cunt into position. THen she shook my tool violently and urged me to move it down. As I moved my hips down, her cunt lips opened and caught my pink penis head and slowly gulped it down. My penis slid down deep inside her till it stopped against her hymen. Usha opened her eyes and kissed me on my lips.
"I am waiting for this since years. Please fuck me sir" she cried

I lifted my penis up and suddenly plunged deep inside her. For a fraction of a second her hymen resisted but suddenly gave way and my penis shot downwards till it hit her deepest of depths. Her cries echoed in the bedroom as I savagely fucked her up and down. Her initial cries of pain became cries of pleasure as she urged me to fuck her deeper and deeper. Her cunt walls reverberated my thrusts and released her juices to match mine. Usha too gyrated her cunt in a circle squeezing and sucking my penis and moved up and down to meet my thrusts. After a long time of fucking we both cried sweet nothings to each other and exploded orgasms against each other. After years of celibacy, my penis was looking for just such a cunt and waves of orgasm engulfed me and I filled her cunt full of sweet juices.

I quickly undressed her and fell over her naked body and we both kissed each other silently and passionately. We made love to each other many times that day.

Just before leaving, Usha hugged me and said "sir, please take me as your sex partner and fuck me daily, otherwise I don't find any happines in this world. Please .... "

I was too happy to have a tight cunt after all these years. Even to this day we fuck almost daily and no body is wiser to our dark secrets

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