Mum's Mature Friend

(Part 1 from 2)

This happened early 70's when I was 18.

I was in disagreement with my Mum as she wanted me to go on holiday with her and my Aunt to a holiday camp for 2 weeks in the summer holidays and spending 2weeks with mum & aunt was something I was going to avoid at all costs and which I won but was informed that mum's friend would pop in to see how I was etc .

I had been to the park to have a a kick about with mates as I play football and Rugby for school and was drenched in sweat as was a hot day so got home and had a nice cool bath which was heaven.

I put on my summer dressing gown which was a sort of short kimono style ,as I was going to my bedroom I passed mums bedroom ,now this was a no go and was never allowed in there since I was young. Well, being 18 and mum away for 2 weeks curiosity got the better of me and my and went automatically to the handle and then I was in her bedroom.

I went to her wardrobe and open it and there was a few draws which had her knickers which were plain big sort ,same with her bra's and tights nothing exciting and her clothes hanging up were mainly ordinary work clothes.
In the other corner was another wardrobe which was locked and the key missing, after looking round saw a small jar on the table as I shook it there was a tiny rattle and tipped up and a key dropped into my hand .

The wardrobe opened and was the same as the other ,a few draws which I looked into but the knickers were completely different ,there were tiny G-strings most were very shear & see through also there were crotch less ones in various colours ,I held a few up and they were very see through .

There were suspender belts, corsets ,bras and stockings in the other draws, the bras were like the G-string very shear see through also some bras and corsets were 1/4 cups which I never new about so a surprise ,stockings were all sorts and colours ,seamed ,fishnet etc .
Hanging on the rails were various uniforms, school, nurse, maid etc plus a few dresses which looking at were very short and had very low front ,some were PVC and leather others were the clingy material.
I was completely shocked but very hard .

There were lots of shoes and boots all had Hi Heels and various colours Red, Black, White & Patent , as I looked at these I saw a shoe box under some shoes and being nosey I pulled it out and took a look inside and what a Fucking shock, inside there were Polaroid photos of mum.

There was a picture of mum in a school girl uniform ,blazer ,shirt tie ,gym skirt ,white shocks & black shoes standing with hands behind her back looking down, next was her bent over showing white panties ,next was a older man dressed as headmaster canning my mum panties another with them down being caned could see the red marks. Then was one with her stripped except for tie socks shoes being caned , the last was of her being fucked by this guy .

As I went through them there was more naked pics of mum doing various things especially with Vibrators ,dildos, candles ,cucumber .Mums cunt was very smooth no hairs any where plus her nipples were pierced, there were pics of her with other men and women her being Gang Banged and with women of all ages, also pictures of my Aunt with guys & females including my mum both licking each other and kissing .

By now I was rock hard ,I put the box back making sure it was how I found it and had a look at Mums bed side draws as I pulled one draw open I saw various sex toys dildos ,vibrators all sizes .I picked a black one up and looked and sniff it could smell mums juices and for some kinky reason I licked it then put in my mouth and sucked it but after a few seconds realized it was weird and put it back in draw .I looked in the 2nd draw and there was magazines in there the Swedish type showing a woman being Gang Banged ,there was a few of these below these was another magazine looking through it ,it had letters from readers stories and contact ads etc

I started to read one when the phone rang so rushed down stairs and it was mum asking if I was ok and they had arrived ok etc I was in shocked as I kept seeing in my head what was upstairs and got off the phone quick as I stood there with an almighty hard .

I went into the lounge sat on the sofa still had the magazine in my hand ,so laid on the sofa had my gown open and was reading a story while gently rubbing my 9" thick cock ( donkey was my nickname at school) I was doing this nice and slow ,I looked up and saw my mums friend reflection in the TV screen this made me more hard as I rub myself pretending to read but looking at Mary ( 65 married to older husband who been ill for over 18 years drink problems etc) I could see her staring at my cock and feeling her tits over her blouse while pressing her hand on her cunt through her skirt .

Saw her just looking at my big cock ,I moved a bit and open my legs for her to see my big balls ,I could hear her breathing hard and this turned me on more .I turned and faced her but I don't think she saw me as she stared at my huge cock. I decided to just go for it so I said " Mary come in and sit next to me" " this startled her but she came in and sat next to me still looking at my cock .I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock and gently rubbed it up and down ,all Mary kept saying was " Oh Fuck ,Oh Fuck its huge " as she was rubbing me I was gently undoing her top and exposed her huge tits in her bra ,I noticed her nipples were poking through so I pinched them as I did I heard a sigh and moan from Mary lips .

I pinched them and twisted them hard and Mary was saying " Oh yes Harder please Harder " .

I grabbed Mary head and pushed it down but she was resisting and saying I cant I never done it with my husband it horrible but I pulled her hair she still resisted but I think she loved to be forced ,so I slapped her face hard and told her to suck me ,she didn't do anything so I said " Go on you fucking Slut suck my cock now " then slapped her again as I forced her head down, she suddenly open her mouth and I pushed her down onto my cock she started to gag on it but I kept her head down .

By now her Bra was off and I saw her Tits they were huge but not droopy but firm and I saw her nipples which were big and thick as she sucked my cock ,I pinched them hard and heard her moan as I twisted them. I pulled her head up and asked if she was a slut she said no so I slapped her face hard still she said "no" so slapped her again and said " Are you a Slut and do you want to suck my cock "

"Yes I want to suck it " I pushed her head down but not let her suck it .She begged me to let her suck my cock ,she said " I want to suck you"
"are you a slut "
"yes I am a slut ,let me suck your huge cock, please"
" are you dirty fucking slut "
" yes I am a dirty fucking slut, please I need to suck that huge cock "
" suck it you fucking slut "

she went down on my cock and sucked it as I pushed her head down ,I felt her gagging and she tried to get up but I forced her further down till it was all in which no one has ever done with my cock, she came up choking but then went down again and I forced her as she tried to resist as I called her a dirty fucking granny slut.

After a while told her to stand up and take her skirt off she didn't want to do it but I slapped her tits hard and ordered her to remove it after another slap but on her face ,she removed them and stood there in her high white granny knickers her hand over her cunt ,told her to remove her hands to reveal a big wet patch by her cunt.

"Remove those wet Knickers slowly"
as she pulled down she revealed a big hairy bush
"what you want to do now slut, tell me"
" I want to put your big cock in me"
" where in you"
"in my vagina"
" it's called a CUNT"
" I cant say that "
" come here and sit on my lap facing me "

she sat on my lap facing me as my cock rested against her cunt ,gradually rubbing it up and down ,she tried to put it in but told her no not until she said the word cunt but she said she hated the word as I rubbed my cock against her cunt .
Her breathing was getting heavy as I rubbed my cock against her ,she was begging and tried several times to mount me until she could not take it any more and begged me to fuck her wet hairy cunt .

She lowered herself onto my big cock ,as she did she kept saying " oh my god, oh my god I cant take it " I slapped her then forced all of it in her ,her eyes went wide and no sound came out of her mouth.
Suddenly there was a scream as I kept pumping ,she started to beg me to stop saying she cant take it ,its to big & thick that she hasn't been fucked for over 20yrs but just went faster till she cum then after that she kept cumming and begging not to stop as she started to hump my cock as I twisted her nipples and slapped her as she beg me to slap her harder ,saying
"I'm a dirty fucking slut fuck my cunt harder ,hurt me please "
of course I obliged .

She begged me to stop as she couldn't take any more but I had not cum yet ,I got her to kneel down and rest on sofa as I entered from the back doggy style which I loved ,I really fucked her hard for about 10mins her begging for me to stop ,when I did ,begging for me to fuck her .She passed out a few times as she cum so hard .

I asked her if she want my cum ,she said yes want it all in me fuck me harder cum in me as I shot my load she cum as well .I pulled out and saw my cum dripping out of her cunt told her to scoop it out and lick it up ,she didn't want to but now she was my bitch and a few slaps and she did what she was told .

I fucked her for the next 2hrs she begging me to fuck her hairy cunt ,she loved using dirty words and the word cunt ,she also took all my cum in her mouth I wanked my cock into her open mouth telling her not to swallow but to move it round her mouth then swallow , she loved the taste and wanted more which she eventually got my load . .

She got dressed and I told her that she will need to shave her cunt smooth no hair anywhere on her body and to dress like a slut when she next see me .
During that 2 weeks my mum was away we spent hours fucking ,I showed mums stuff and got Mary to wear them for me we even went out at night in them and fucked in her car in and out .

We drove out one night and went to a picnic area car-park down a long track and parked up ,there were a few cars there and we got out and walked up a small path into the woods to a spot where there was a table .We kissed and of course I groped her big tits and nipples. Mary had a short skirt from mums wardrobe a see through top stockings hi heels and lots of heavy make up .Mary got down and pulled my shorts off as she started on my cock slow and deep ,as I looked up I saw a few guys coming up the path and standing behind Mary watching her sucking me,as she took it out of her mouth could see the guys looking at it .

I pulled Mary up and turned her around and showed her off to the guys saying she my step-grandmother and a dirty slut ,Mary was shocked and tried to turn but held her arms as I told the guys to come over and have a feel of her ,Mary was begging me let to go but I said "you are my dirty slut whore aren't you"
" yes I am a dirty fucking whore slut "
"Tell them who I am "
"he my step grandson and his whore "
at this the guys hands were every where ,her top was off and skirt up as fingers went in her cunt as Mary moaned with pleasure .

Pushed her down onto her knees and told her to take out there cocks and show what a whore you are ,Mary went round and took each one out wanking and sucking them some coming in her mouth, tits ,face etc .
Forced over the picnic table and told them she a fuck bucket fill her ,one by one they fucked her about 6-7 guys some twice all coming in her ,Mary was cumming lots as she was gangbanged by guys she got into the whore swearing and screaming to be fucked harder ,getting on her knees sucking them and begging to be fucked again .

The guys looked at my cock and said " you should be proud of that ,son how big is it "
I told them and one guy came over and asked if he could feel it at this time I was so sexed up said OK ,he grabbed it and gently stroked it then he was on his knees sucking me off it felt so good told Mary to join him and had 2 mouth sucking and licking after a while I shot my lot into both mouths and saw them kissing and licking each other clean.

The guy said its time for you to fuck your grandmother cunt .They watched as Mary begged to be fucked by my big cock and kept shouting "Fuck grandmother cunt please" ,the guys kept egging me on as I teased Mary until she grabbed my cock and jumped on it within a few seconds she was screaming as she cum several times as I humped her hard.

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