Modern Marriage: Impregnation Resort 2

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Through all of this I inadvertently was touching myself. Then with the most of tactfulness, Janeda guided us through many naked bodies to our room.

Our suite was a spacious one. Through the French double doors we could see the distinct blue of the Caribbean. The center of the room was occupied by an enormous four post bed. To the side was an OB/GYN pelvic examination table with calf and ankle stirrup supports as to keep woman’s legs spread open for either examination or breeding. Everything in this room was designed for the woman’s impregnation pleasure.

Janeda took me to the side, undid the dress’s little belt and helped me to step-out of it. At the same time, Kanesha was helping my hubby to be naked as well. “Let me run the water in the shower, and then you’ll be fresh and I’ll help you put on your makeup. I see that you have had a Brazilian, that’s wonderful. Kanesha will make sure that your husband is shaved as well. After few minutes in the shower I came out, Janeda set me down at a vanity table and made me look beautiful. As my husband and I were being prepped, there was a knock on the door. “It must be Dr. Gilliam” and as she opened the door, Dr. Gilliam walked in with Montague close behind him. My jaw simply dropped. Montague was naked except for a small triangular piece of clothing covering his privates. Now I could see how perfect a specimen of a man he was. Broad shoulders, strong arms, six-pack abs and even when covered his private was impressive.

“I’m Theopolis Gilliam, but everyone calls me Dr. Theo”, the good doctor said. “Thank you for choosing us. As you know our mission is to make couples like you happy and the lady blissful with a child. We try to make your experience as erotic as you wish and our special gentlemen are known for their abilities to make the woman feel special and their proven reproductive powers. We ask them to abstain from sex for two days day prior to meeting their lady. This is because the short abstinence keeps their system flushed with fresh high quality total sperm counts and total motile sperm counts.” He continued, “Believe me, their sperm has been clinically tested and many ladies will testify to their successful insemination”.

He looked at me and said “Would you please go to the examination table, Janeda will help you”. I climbed onto the table; Janeda spread my legs wider than at any other examination that I had ever had. Then she strapped my calves into the stirrups and strapped my arms to the table sides. My back was in elevated position and the curious thing that I had noticed was a mirror strategically placed so that I could see my open pussy lips.

Then, the doctor turned to my hubby. “You know of our rules for the hubby. Kanesha will place your little penis in CB3000 chastity cage and lock you. It is for your own good and wellbeing.” From my vantage I saw Kanesha lock my hubby then lead him to where I was and pushed him down onto his knees so that his face was at the same level as mine.

After few moments of silence, the Dr. Theo and Montague walked over to me and stood facing me and right between my spread legs. Montague’s impressive beautiful private was at full display. It was long, thick, bulging, with the purple head peeking out of the dark shroud of foreskin. It could have belonged on a small pony and not on this beautiful, black Adonis. I wished that they would stop playing and do me right then and there.

As I was looking at Montague’s cock, the doctor came closer, touched my pussy lips and pulled me even more open. Then he put his finger into me, moved it around and played with my G-spot. “This is as it should be” he said, “your cervical mucus is sticky and in good volume, you are definitely in ovulating period. I’m going to give you a shot to make sure that you ovulate and your eggs will be ready to receive the sperm.” Then Janeda prepped my arm and I received an injection. The little sting did not last for long.

“Now it’s time for affirmation” Dr. Theo said, “Kanesha, please tell her hubby the lifestyle’s Ten Commandments”. In a normal but forceful voice she said.

“01. You shall honor your wife.”
“02. You shall obey your wife.”
“03. You shall find your wife a suitable lover.”
“04. You shall respect your wife's choice of lovers and honor them.”
“05. You shall willingly leave your place in your marital bed for your wife's lovers.”
“06. You shall always clean up both your slut wife and her lover when told.”
“07. You shall care for your wife and her children.”
“08. You shall always wear a condom if your wife offers you sex.”
“09. You can have sex with your wife if she asks you, and you must stop when she tells you.”
“10. You must not speak in the presence of your wife and her lover unless asked to speak.”

My hubby nodded. The she continued “Now, give your wife a kiss on her forehead” and he did so.

“Montague”, Dr. Theo started “You are this couple’s Bull and your duty is to make her happy and inseminated. Now, let hubby kiss the tip of your cock”. Montague walked over to my kneeling hubby and got a small kiss on the foreskin exposed cock. Then he turned and walked over my spread legs. With every step his magnificent cock swayed and I wanted to grab it and put into me and make me cum. As he got to my pussy he lowered himself and started eating me. I could feel my juices overflow. With his tongue every flick of my clit I was moaning and pushing my hips into his mouth. Just as I was about to explode, he straightened himself grabbed his cock and teasingly put it at my opening and rubbed its head up and down my open lips.

Then he pushed just the head letting me adjust to its size. He pushed in another inch and then withdrew. I looked down at the contrast of my pale white stomach and his coal black cock. Its tip was shiny and wet from my crème juices. Pleadingly and wordlessly I looked into his eyes asking him to end this tortious teasing. But, as I looked down between us seeing the color contrast of his cock impaling my pussy I heard myself let out a muffled noise of pain and pleasure. It was something obscene, taboo and yet utterly erotic. Montague forced an inch in and then slowly withdrew. I tried to adjust to the feeling of intense fullness when I felt another lunge and another two inches of solid black cock found its way deep into my stretched womanhood. He allowed his cock to slip back an inch before he pushed forward again. As he thrust his muscular buttocks forward his strong arms pulled my waist to him.

He allowed his cock to slip back before he pushed forward again causing me to gasp for air as he penetrated me. I felt like I was a virgin again having something so large in me. When I began to get my breathing under control Montague started his thrusting movements causing me to squeal with pleasure. My sex was on fire. My poor hubby, even when erect could never fill even half of what this prime specimen of a man was doing to me. He straightened himself with a push and I felt his cock pressing against my cervix. "OK?" he asked, apparently wanting to be sure his extra length was not hurting me. "Yes," I responded. I had never had a cock inside me that was quite that long and thick. I felt quite full... happily full. I liked the new pressure sensations against my cervix. He kept changing his moves and rhythm so I could not get in sync with his thrusts.

He knew just how to make a woman submit and I felt right away that this man knew how to fuck a woman. He sensed my body submitting to him and began to fuck me harder, sweetly obscene and wet noises emerging from our joined loins. "That's're my black cock slut, aren’t you, "OH FUCK ME, PLEASE GOD, FUCK YES, CUM IN ME, FUCK ME crazy AND cum in my pussy...FUCK...CUM...PLEASE!" I was losing myself. With every long stroke he my pussy was filled. Then he held on to my hips and let his cock ram hard against my cervix and then it happened--he actually jammed the head of his cock into the opening of my cervix I shrieked and he just bucked harder and harder and jack hammered into me keeping a firm hold of my hips. The intensity built up so much that I screamed with my orgasm and Montague swore as he fucked me harder than he'd ever fucked anyone before.

He was like an animal gone wild. He just rammed and rammed and finally dove deeper than ever and held himself firmly in my depths and let his cock spurt load after load of his fertile seed directly into my womb. I felt branded--totally mated to this male. He had made me his. I wanted to hold him in my arms but the straps did not let me. All I could do is to squeeze my pussy muscles and keep him in me for as long as I could. After a while, his magnum sized cock got smaller and he slowly pulled himself out of my vagina. My legs were still in the stirrups and I was as open as a cracked watermelon.

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