Modern Marriage: Impregnation Resort 1

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Flying to Jamaica was extremely pleasant. It was exhilarating to see the Island’s green lush and practically skimming the waves of Montego Bay, just before the wheels touched down. As we disembarked, my hubby took my hand and held it lovey-dovey like. This small gesture made me warm, wet and my nipples got hard under my thin, light weight chiffon halter dress reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s white number.

The weather was unbelievable. Gorgeously sunny, with only a few fluffy clouds set against a deep blue sky. The mild breeze made the dress billow beautifully but the humidity made the halter cling to my breasts. I was happy, here I was walking with my hubby as other men were looking at me desirously and women showed feigned indifference. Deep inside I knew that by the end of this trip, I will be pregnant with my first child.

We have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. We both are on the other side of 35 and my biological clock was running out of time. I took the “expedited evaluation” and was pronounced healthy. My hubby on the other hand, was discovered to have a sperm count that was nil. The doctors pumped him with drugs with no results and his penis being the size of a clitty did not help the matter. After looking for traditional options, hubby found a unique natural method where I would be impregnated by a strong virile specimen of a man. That’s where we were heading, an Impregnation Hotel and Resort at Black River, Jamaica.

Few days ago I took the Ovulation Predictor test that indicated that today I was entering my ovulation period. After few moments I realized that people were staring at me and I realized my natural perspiration combined with humidity made my dress’s thin chiffon semitransparent and cling to my body. In other words, to the world I was semi naked and I did not care. I wore no bra or underwear and did not care that people saw my bare as a baby’s bottom pussy.

As we got to the pick-up area, my eyes immediately focused on a convertible, yellow Rolls Royce with its distinctive front grill and it’s little "Spirit of ecstasy," statuette. It’s chauffer was most gorgeous with his in the sun shining coal black skin, broad shoulders, strong arms and a smile that could melt an iceberg. He must have recognized us, walked directly to us holding a small bouquet of lavender roses and lilacs, perfect symbols of symbols of Enchantment, Majesty and Love at first sight and handed them to me. I was smitten by this Adonis. Without losing his smile and a strong gaze into my eyes he motioned us to the classic car. “My name is Montague, you wish to go to the Black River Resort, I presume,” my hubby nodded in affirmative.

Montague continued “I will take you there, depending on traffic we will be there inside an hour”. He came forward, gently took me by the hand, and seated me into the back seat. Then he lifted my hand and in a French manner kissed the inside of my hand. Looking into my eyes that made me feel like I was the only woman in the world said softly “Your photos do not do your justice. You’re gorgeous”. I got so wet; I wanted him to take me right then and there. When we were comfortably situated in the Rolls Royce’s backseat, he started up the engine and maneuvered the vehicle out and into the traffic.

After few minutes on the road, Montague closed the car’s convertible roof. This made me more comfortable and cooled off. I noticed that his rear-view mirror was trained on me. My hubby leaned toward me whispering “Montague likes you, show him that you like him too”. Without any more words, he opened my dress’s halter exposing my hard nipples. I did not protest. I liked this very much and being in a car with potential of strangers seeing me exposed, erotically electrified my senses. Like an automaton I reached and squeezed my nipples.

In this silent sex play, hubby reached into the in-car mini bar retrieving a crystal tumbler and as befitting a Rolls Royce, filled it with Grand Marnier du Centenaire. He poured few drops on my nipples and gave the rest for me to drink. It was absolutely luxurious to play with my nipples and gaze into the rear-view mirror’s reflection of Montague’s eyes.

The car simply glided through the roads and stopped in front of the resort’s well-appointed huge double doors. Montague gentleman like opened the car’s door and I stepped out and found myself in front of two topless gorgeous girls. They may have been just out of their teens, with only their bottom covered with a small triangular cloth that was tied at their hip.

“My name is Janeda and on behalf of all of us, Welcome to the Black River Resort”, the blond girl said. She continued in a soft accent, “Kanesha and I will do whatever you need and hope to make your stay pleasant and memorable. We’ll take you to your suite, after a long flight you may want to freshen up bit". Without any other words, Janeda took my hand, and Kanesha took my hubby’s hand and walked us through the resort’s massive double doors and into onto the huge pink marble-floored lobby. It was more than a lobby; it had many mini beautifully decorated antechambers with French style reclining chaise lounge that were designed for lovemaking. All white women seemed very comfortable in those chaise lounges and were being made love to by their black studs. The sight of women being impregnated in various settings made me Horney as Hell wanting to immediately to start my impregnation. I pulled my hubby to me and whispered into his ear “Love you honey. Thank you for bringing me here, I am ready this.”

As we walked I noticed a beautiful white woman the Napoleonic chaise just the right height for a perfect doggie. She was on her hand and knees as her muscular, jet black impregnator was pulling her hair and asking her why she deserves to be filled with his superior seed? Between her moans and groans she yelled at him “Because I need it, my pussy craves your big black cock. I am a slut for your cock. Make me pregnant”. With every thrust and pull of his massive cock, you could see her pussy wall skin clinging to his shiny manmeat. Her moans got louder and you knew that she was about to climax.

With an automatic reflex, he pulled her hips in to him and pushed his cock as deep as he could. She matched him by pushing her pussy back as far as she could. Through all of this, he did not let go of her hair. As his body stiffened just before him cumming, he pulled her hair and jerking her into a position from which she could not move. “Get ready! Here it cums!” He forced his dick as deep as he could and started flooding her with his load. After the last of his spurts he slowly pulled out took a small, thick dildo like plug and fit it into her vagina in order to keep most of the semen in her. When my eyes and hers met, in her flushed face I could see that she was very happy and blissfully exhausted.

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