MMF for the first time

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Hello readers let me tell you about Swati's first threesome... It was a hot summer day. Swati (Referred as S) invited me and Bhavya (Referred as B) to accompany her as she was alone at home. We reached her place by 5 pm at the evening... She lived in an isolated Neighborhood on the out skirts of the city. We knock at the door within a minute she answered and welcomed us into the drawing room. Sorry readers I forgot to describe our characters... S a hot 36-30-36 built Female 5 feet 6 inch tall she was wearing a Black printed tee with a Pink Bra (Strap was visible from outside) and Tank top inside and a tight blue jeans; B got an attractive built and was 5 feet 9 inch tall, he was wearing a White shirt with jeans; and I am a 5 feet 11 inch tall guy, I was wearing a blue shirt with black pants. So we were having light chats, after a while she invited us to watch a movie, we happily agreed to it and went to her room to watch the movie...

All of us were sitting on the bed and watched it for the next 2 and half hours, we got quite bored from watching that boring movie. Then something weird got into S's mind and she inquired us about playing striptease!!!

Both me and B were shocked and inquired was she serious... S replied that she was 100% serious and was quite bored and wished to try something interesting... We hesitantly agreed to it. We sat on the floor and placed an empty bottle in the center. We decided that to whom the bottle points when stopped rotating will have to remove a piece of his dress and will rotate the bottle next. And suddenly S got up and went out of the room and came back with some chits and told us that she will let us know what they are for later. And also said if the one pointed by the bottle disagree to remove one piece of his dress he/she has to do whatever the other 2 decide in common.

We asked S to rotate first... S rotated the bottle and the bottle pointed at B, he immediately threw off his socks... The next was S... She took off her belt... Soon the game began to take pace... The next was me... I took of my belt... It was again S turn ... She took off her tee... now she was left in tank top and Bra and her bulged boobs were amplified because of the tight tank top fitting and her deep cleavage was also visible clearly... Next was me I took of my shirt now I was in vest and pants ... Next was S again she then took off her tank top while teasing us simultaneously and revealing her pink bra... Next up was B; he took off his shirt revealing his light haired chest. Next up was me I took off my vest, then it was S, she disagreed to strip. We then tell her to let us feel her boobs. She resisted but on B's saying that you have to do it, it’s the rules of the game, she accepted to it.

B went first, he cupped and played with her breast for a minute or two and came back ... Then I went ... As I touched her boobs a short shiver went through my body, then I began squeezing her boobs... they felt soo soft that I didn't feel... Like leaving them. After 2-3 min she said it was enough lets continue... Next was me ... I took off my pants and revealed my black underwear... Next was S, she took off her jeans and revealed her pink panties ... Next was B her took off his jeans and sat there in his checked shorts, next was S ... She slowly un-hooked her Bra and slid it off ... We both were staring her hard nipples... She rotated the bottle and acted as if nothing happened and though she was left topless... Next was B he took off his shorts revealing his erect 6 inch long and 4 inch thick dick... Next was S again...

She took off her panties in the sexiest way I have ever seen revealing her shaved pussy... They both insisted on me too getting naked... I did as they asked ... I revealed my 7 inch long and 5 inch round cock.

She then took the chits and placed them in the center and said there will be 2 rounds of rotation and 2 people will be selected then they have to do what the chit says for the next 10 min and the 3rd will keep a check of the time... We accepted it.
The first one selected was me and next was S... She picked the chit... It said '' 2nd person sucking 1st private part''... S asked B to keep a check of time... And began giving me a blow job... I felt soo good she first licked top of my dick and soon to the entire dick into her mouth ... She kept on giving a blow job and played with my balls... I didn't have any idea how the 10 minutes went and we were back to our places...

Then it S first and then B ... The chit instructed 2nd to anal fuck 1st... B asked for some lubricant and then he first applied it to his dick then to S's anal hole... Then pushed his cock against her anal and then entered her tight anal... And soon 5 inch of his dick were inside her... He began slow and enjoyed every moment of his task... Whereas S was mourning louder and louder... Soon they came back.
Next was me and B ... I was thinking what it would be ... It was me fucking B... OMG I was going to have a Bi-sexual experience... As I looked at B he seemed confident... And said that he always wanted to have one... So I did as he said ... I put lubricant on my dick and in his hole and then tried my way in... It was too tight for my dick to go in ... He spread his ass and provided me some way in... Then at a sudden my dick was inside his ass it was very rough it resisted my dick's motion inside him...

Soon the time was up. The next up were S and then me... The chit asked S to fuck me... I commented that it is practically not possible; to which S replied it is!!!
Then she searched her cupboard and took a 8 inch long strap on out of the cupboard!

I stood there in I shocked and asked myself was she serious ... She announced that she has brought it about a month ago and wished to try it since a long time. The next moment she had the strap on dick strapped around her pelvic region and gave a naughty smile to me... I was very nervous about it... She asked me to bend down towards the bed and she would like to fuck me from behind.

I got into the pose as she instructed... She applied lubricant in my hole... I was unable to see what’s going behind me... Soon I felt something pushing against my anal... And within a min she had the strap on dick inside me... It pained a lot as this was the first time I had something inside me... I screamed as she increased the pace and my hole began to stretch... After 10 minutes of hard labor she took the strap on out and I almost collapsed on the bed... She took off the strap on, kept it aside and thanked me for letting her try her fantasy... We both got back to our places.

Next up was B and S ... The chit asked them to have a smooch... They both began like strangers and ended up like some passionate couples.
They both got back next was again me and S... Now the chit asked me to fuck her... It was the time for my revenge... I asked her to lie on her back... She did as I asked she spread her legs apart... I got on top of her and I was facing her... I could see that she was excited about it... I rubbed my hard 7 inch dick against her pussy lips... And slowly and slowly penetrated my way in... She began mourning like crazy as I began gaining some pace inside her. Soon her walls began getting loose... I increased my speed... Her face began turning red... Soon she began enjoying it... Her pleasure morns were echoing in the room... Her 36 C boobs began bouncing with my rhythm of going in and out of her vagina. Soon B announced that the time was up... I told myself ''shit why the good times has to end to early''.

As I slowed and began taking my dick out of her she grabbed me and said enough of game I wish you to please me longer... Those words of her were like stamina boosters for me... I continued fucking her. B got surprised and asked WTF is this happening!!! ... To which S replied come on join us it would be more fun with more number of dick!!!

B jumped on the bed as soon as she completed her words!!!... S grabbed B's dick and started giving a blow job while getting fucked by me!!! After a while B demanded to change places... Both S and me happily agreed to it... S layed on her back... B got on top of her and slid his dick into her already loose vagina and began gaining pace... On the other hand I began mouth fucking her, I got on top of her face such that my cock was over her mouth then I began Dipping my cock in and out of her mouth... After sometime I got off her and sucked her 36C boobs and hard nipples and simultaneously enjoying her morns.

After a hard labor B got off her... As soon as he got off her S asked me to lay down she wants to take charge now. I layed on my back and She got on top of me... She held my dick and got it inside her pussy as she descended herself... She began riding my dick... Jumping over my dick... It was feeling awesome she had my entire 7 inches inside her as she came down... It was a fantastic sight to she... Her boobs were bouncing up and down and then B stood up beside me and put his cock into S's mouth... She gave B a blow job simultaneously... She gave B a blow job with her head going back and forth his 5 inch dick and balanced her body with her left arm while rubbing over her pussy with her right hand in order to control the pain of my cock striking her walls.

Sooner I began to feel that her pussy was getting tight... Her vagina walls were collapsing... No sooner she said she is about to cum.

She collapsed over me her breast were resting on my chest... She held me tight and stopped her movements... I then started to move my pelvic region up and down taking the control of the intercourse. She was still on top of me... She was looking tensed... I planted a kiss on her juicy lips to help her stay calm while my dick was still drilling inside her. B got behind her and asked me to pause for a while... He inserted his dick into her anal and began going in and out of her ass... I too began moving my pelvis region and fucking her... We were double penetrating her in a good rhythm... I was able to feel his cock while penetration her vagina.... She began mourning louder and louder... I thought of having more fun and I began squeezing her boobs and playing with her nipples simultaneously.

She mourned louder and louder '' ahaa ahaa uhhh aaaaaa'' were the only sound echoing around.

No sooner my cock released out cum inside her pussy... And she too orgasmed on my cock... We asked B to get off and she too got off my dick... I layer on my back S came over me in a 69 pose... I began sucking my cum and her juices from her pussy while she did the same from my dick... B got being her again and inserted his dick into her ass hole again... And fucked her while we were sucking each other dry... She first licked my dick top cleaned and then deep throated my cock.... While I first kissed her pussy and then sucked her salty juices... Later I inserted my tongue in her vagina and licked clean her pussy in and out. No sooner B cummed in her ass and all of us layer down due to fatigue.
B seemed to be unsatisfied so I asked him what the matter was... He explained that he also wished to try S's pussy.

S giggle at first then she pushed B on his back to bed and got on top of his dick and her back was facing B... And began riding his dick... She invited me to join in... She layer her back on B's Chest and B grabbed her boobs and began squeezing them hard while moving his pelvis regions and penetrating her from behind

I came in front of S; bend down and began sucking and licking her pussy while B was still fucking her... I began jerking my cock while sucking her... After a while I asked B to pause for a while... I stood up and spread her pussy lips apart while B still had his dick inside her... I took my Rock hard cock and pushed it against her cunt.

After some heavy pushes I was able to loosen her walls and penetrate my way in... She screamed ''ahaaa'' as I slowly and slowly inserted my cock deep into her... It was very tight inside her since we were trying to double pussy fuck her... I began adjusting with the circumstances and slowly and slowly began fucking her in and out... She began mourning heavily... Telling very frankly I never heard her mourn this heavier throughout the intercourse... I began enjoying her mourns and continued to gently fuck her... No sooner B also began drilling her... Both of us began gaining rhythm and kept on increasing the pace inside her...

She sooner began enjoying it and asked us to fuck harder and harder... I leaned down and began kissing her while my dick kept penetrating her... And B again began playing with her 36C boobs while her right hand rubbed over her pussy.
B announced that he was going to cum... And he speeded up his dick to his limits and releases a massive amount of cum inside her. My dick was able to feel his hot cum floating inside her... That sticky and slippery cum acted as a lubricant for my dick to slip in and out her vagina... I too felt the tension building in my dick and began Speeding up in and out of her... Her mourn turned louder from before... I announced I too was going to cum... I could feel the pleasure in her mourn as she said.... ‘‘Ohhhh... Ahaa.... Cum in me please ... Deep into my pussy!''

I released a huge amount of cum in her pussy... The cum began overflowing from her pussy... And began dripping out. After the cum we slowed our paces... And gently fucking her.

She asked us a favor in her mournful voice '' oh please make me cum ahaa ohhhh ''... Both me and B passed on a naughty smile and began jerking our cocks in her pussy... My cock strikes her vagina end and stuck harder every time... Her walls began to tighten and she released a massive orgasm covering both of our dicks with her juices... We took our dick out and rested aside... S got up and said '' I want to taste me pussy juices mixed with your cum's ''.

I got down sucked her pussy and kept some juices in my mouth and then got up and began smooch her exchanging the juices in my mouth with her spit and our tongues playing with each other... then B did the same and we continued this till her pussy was cleaned... We all got up took bath together got dressed and prepared to leave... When we were about to leave S kissed B and thanked him... And next she gave me a smooch and thanked me for the special size 7 inches experience and whispered me to come back some day to try it again!

The end.

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