Me, mom and my friends

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

My mom is 40yrs old tall 5’8ft blonde petite and weighs something around 112lbs and smoking hot .She had me when she was just 23yrs as an result of an affair with a older guy actually her professor (which my grandma always reminded me).My mom left me with her mother and went away to start fresh and she got married 5yrs later and had 2 kids a son and a daughter at 30 and 32 and divorced due to irreconcilable differences at 35. I was still living with my granny as my mother’s ex-hubby didn’t want me around his family. She moved on after the divorce got herself a boyfriend and they had a son when she was 37yrs old. My grand mom died when I was 18 and so I was forced to move in with my mother. A year after I moved in my mom her jerk of a boyfriend left her so me my mom and my step siblings moved to the city to start afresh ………..

So here I was in this upper middle class neighborhood with a hot mom a bratty brother and a bitchy sister and a sweet kid brother. My mother was in the real estate business so we were well off as it was one of the business where you could see a lot of money particularly if you were a hot woman. Now about me I am tall 6ft, lean, reserved and a little bit geeky. However I made some friends to be accurate two one nicknamed PORKY who was fat short and dumb and really opposite one DJ tall well built and a member of the school athletics team and he certainly was a ladies man. Now let me get the divine afternoon blessed upon me and my friends!!!

It was a cold Saturday and my brother had gone to camp and my sister was staying over at one of her friends and my mom was getting ready for her date. Actually it was their third date and he was tall dark and handsome and I hated him for that. May be it was because I was not around my mom when I was young I was not able to see her as my mother. I always got turned on when she walked around the house in her lingerie or her nightgown. Actually I had shagged many a times watching my mom and her shitty boy friend make out. One thing about that fucking loser is that he was really good at it. As my mother asked to take care of my sleeping little brother and left I was haunted by thoughts of her and that guy. I really got frustrated called my friends around and we played pool and smoked pot and drank beer and talked about the usual stuff girls, ass, tits, pot and our unattainable dreams.

As we were getting high I head someone pullover at our driveway and just within seconds I heard the front door bell ringing we quickly hid the pot and I opened the door to find my mother standing there angry and bored. She came in and saw my friends then gave me a hard look and went in and stood near my pool table which was between the living room and the her bedroom across the dining room as she took in the scene I think she knew what we had been doing as she turned to me and just,”don’t, overdo whatever you are doing”, and just left to check on my little brother. We were left there just standing and looking dumb but we regrouped ourselves and started playing again as if nothing had happened…………….

After nearly 20 minutes my mom came down and asked if she could join our game as she was bored . She was still in her flower printed cotton blouse a skirt which barely hid her knees and a woolen sweater. And suddenly we had just completed 2 rounds when I heard my mother say,” do you still have some stuff. I really could use some.” I was shocked and just couldn’t react but PORKY had already started pulling the stuff we had hid under the couch and my mother looked at us and just smiled. after 10 minutes PORKY said that he was getting bored and DJ said that we should make the game more interesting before I could ask how my mother had asked the question and he said “every time someone puts a ball in the guy who put it in would say something which the others should do” as I was analyzing this my mom said that she found it interesting and said we could try it and porky seconded her opinion and I was left with no choice but to join them. As PORKY got a ball in, in his first chance I was thinking what dumb thing he was going to ask us to do his words nearly took me out. He said,” take of your shirts, losers”…………….

Before I could even get back my mom had taken off her sweater and her cleavage was clearly visible through the blouse and DJ had taken off his t-shirt so I did the decent thing and took my shirt off. Even though my mom was tall and lean like a model she had decently good breasts with big nipples which could be seen poking on her blouse. As dj put one in I just knew what was coming even before he said it he wanted us out of our pants. And so it was what my mom did she took off her skirt as slowly and sexily possible. And oh my god even though I had seen it before here ass was just perfect as it could be even after 4 kids. I was just standing there looking at my moms ass when POIRKY slapped me on my back and called me a ‘pussy’ and what my mother did afterwards was more excruciating as she came to my rescue and said,” he is not a pussy, he is just too much decent “, and helped me off my pants. And I could feel my cock getting hard. And as I turned around and saw PORKY his cock was practically going to blow out of his underwear... ………….

As my mom and my friends enjoyed the game and got high I was just standing and doing things mechanically as I thought this was all a dream my mom standing part naked and smoking pot with my friends .and now it was my turn and I had been waiting for this as I thought if I could put one in I could restore some normality back by making them put back what they had taken off. And I don’t know why but even though you are good u just are not able to make it when needed most and was it god, was it fate or was it karma I was not able to put one in when everybody seemed to make it. As my mom took her turn I wanted her at lest to put one in and she did it and I had just thought that god, fate or karma whatever it is was not so bad if one way closes another opens and open it did not a way but my mouth as I heard my mothers voice say,”take of your fuckin undies freeloaders”………………………….

Porky was the first to comply his 5 inch thick fat cock bounced out and his balls were hanging down with patches of hair here and there maybe this is how the hanging gardens of Babylon looked like. My mom was now looking at us two and said,”cmon I am older than you and have seen a lot, Now, just let your young puppies out, lets see what you have got”. Next to strip off was DJ after hearing my moms inspirational speech his strong nearly 7 inch member look hard and ready for action and at last slowly but surely it was me myself stripping off my underwear to allow my partly hard and lean 8 incher to step into the show. And suddenly Porky bluttered out,” now we want to see you as you have seen us”. I was shocked of what more I was gonna hear but my mom just thought for a moment and took off her blouse she was just wearing a bra with laces and it barely managed to hide anything. Both my friend’s eyes were feeding on my 40yr old mom’s hot body and certainly there was also an extra pair of eyes doing the same. My mom turned towards my friends and said,” Why don’t you do the honors “. Porky immediately grabbed the laces and took off her bra and dj helped her with the panties……………..

And there she was standing my mother completely naked with strong breasts stiff nipples and a shaved pink pussy. Porky again blurted out what we were all thinking and she suddenly looked at me and my mouth went dry and I just looked back and she said,”Okay”. Maybe if I had said something at that moment this would not had happened but that moment had passed and Porky was practically mashing my moms breasts as he sucked on her nipples and seeing what porky was doing DJ went down on her as he fingered her pussy. Porky suddenly bit her left nipple and she cried out and laid herself on the pool table and dj took this chance and started tearing apart her wet pussy with his mouth……………………

My moms was crying with pleasure and her vagina was pouring out juices and Porky had moved up now and was now kissing my mother in her lips and he certainly didn’t know how to kiss properly as he was flimsy and he was biting my moms lower lip off which started swelling and he again moved down licking every part of her sucking her nipples and he was now concentrating on her belly while down there DJ had opened up her pussy as wide as he could thrusting his tongue everywhere he could and his middle finger of his right hand was ass fucking my mom and I was just left out as a mere spectator. My mom was crying out and she came off hard as DJ was eating her ass and Porky was licking her shoulder ankles which were wet with her sweat. I was watching all this and without my knowing my hand was on my cock and doing what it did best .and as my mom came of the table porky and DJ stuffed their cocks on her face.
As she saw me with my hand on my cock she took Porky fully on to her mouth while stroking DJ. She shifted her mouth from porky and dj all this time looking my hand work on my cock. DJ grabbed her and made her choke on his cock and his cock was dripping with her sticky saliva seeing DJ’s cock porky made my mom do the same while he made her swallow his balls. My mother chocked on his hairy balls but he didn’t ease his grip and when she came back for air his balls were watering with my mom’s saliva. And they both grabbed her arms and took her to her bedroom………………..

Once inside the bedroom they got her in the bed and were impatient as they wanted to enter her. So she asked Porky to get some condoms from her drawer but there was only one and he got that one. And he used it and rubbed his cock on her tight wet pussy and entered her slowly. As his short fat cock entered her, my mom moaned and he started moving in and out rapidly making grunting noises. DJ who saw this was so turned on that he asked her to move about and tried to put his 7 inch penis in my mom’s ass. As his shaft entered my mom she cried out with pleasure. And they started fucking her in rhythmic fashion and my mom called me over. As I got near her she took my cock in her hand and started sucking and just within seconds all my pent up sexual energy burst out and I came hard on my moms face and there was cum on her mouth , hair and eyes. And she was sucking my flaccid penis DJ cried out and came inside my mom’s ass. I couldn’t believe that PORKY was still able to fuck my mom he made her cry out like and she was crying out to fuck her harder. Along with me DJ struck his penis in her mouth and she started to suck it eagerly……..

Porky came in his tube inside my mother and I just watched as my mom had an orgasm along with him .And now both DJ and Porky had their cocks in her mouth. I just waited before I entered as watching them really turned me on. Porky was fiddling with my moms nipples as his cock was being sucked. DJ moved down and with his unprotected penis entered my mom who didn’t seem to mind. Porky JIZZED on my moms face and fell onto the bed and I went in and put my penis in her mouth. She wiped of all the cum on her face and rubbed it on my cock and sucked it TAKING IT DEEP INSIDE HER MOUTH. DJ moved out and let me take his place and her pussy seemed all wet. As I entered her she moaned and I started picking up some speed. Meanwhile DJ got a blowjob from my mother. And I moved up and was above my mom and fucked her in the missionary position and she kissed me on my lips AND I RETURNED HER THE FAVOUR AND WE USED OUR TOUNGUES AND CONTINUED TO FUCK PASSIONATELY. And as my mother came for the third time she closed her legs around my cock and I could fell her juices flowing all over my cock and I lost all my control and my head was throbbing hard as I came inside my mom . I really felt incoherent and lay near my mother for a few minutes when we heard MY MOTHERS DATES VOICE AT THE DOOR...

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