Mary has a baby

(Part 1 from 1)
Mary was upset.

"I want a baby" she sobbed.

"You know I had a vasectomy"

His wife cried uncontrollably and Brad felt sorry for her.

"You have my permission to fuck anyone you want to make you pregnant"

"Can I?" she ask while wiping away her tears.

"Put on a sexy dress and go to a bar and find a bunch of men to fuck"

"You're wonderful" she cooed.

Brad mounted his wife again and fucked her. When her husband went to work Mary dressed in sexy clothes. She put on nylons and a garter belt. She didn't wear panties or a bra. Marry looked like a slut. She went to a bar and let men buy her drinks until she was drunk. Mary went to a motel with four men. They threw the drunk woman on the bed and tore her clothes off. The men fucked her over and over filling her pussy with baby making sperm. They lasted until daylight then she went home to her husband. She went to the bedroom and woke him up. Brad opened his eyed and saw his wife, Her dress was torn and she had cum on her face.

"It looks like you had a good time"

"I did it with four men!" she said proudly.

"You look like it" he laughed.

"Fuck me Brad, I need you"

Mary pulled her torn dress off and got in bed with her husband. Her pussy oozed sperm. Brad fucked her sloppy hole until she climaxed. Then he got dressed and went to work. Mary went to sleep and dreamt she was pregnant. She woke up and put on another dress. She took a taxi to a different bar and flirted with every black man she could find. They bought her drinks until she was drunk. A large black man finger fucked her until the bartender told them to leave. Mary staggered to his car and got in. Two carloads of men followed them. Mary went in the motel and the men looked at her like she was a female dog in heat.

"I want to be raped" she said.

A large black man tore her dress to shreds. The other men slapped her and squeezed her breasts until they hurt. Then they threw her on the bed and brutalized her. Man after man fucked her hole and filled it with cum. Mary climaxed so hard she pissed and farted. They fucked her until late and went home. Mary called for a taxi. She left her dress behind. It was torn beyond repair. She got in the taxi nude. The driver saw her bruised breasts.

"Where to miss"

She gave him directions to her house. When she got there he ask for money.

"someone stole my purse" she said.

"You can suck my prick and forget about the money"

Mary sucked him off and went into her house. Brad was waiting.

"How many this time?" he ask.

"I don't know, I lost count"

"I bet you are pregnant" he laughed.

"If I am the baby will be black"

"I don't care" said her husband.

Brad sucked the cum out of her pussy and kissed her.

"I love you Mary" he whispered. She had a baby nine months later. Brad loved the little brown girl. Now they were a family. Sometimes she went back to the bar and let the men fuck her while her husband baby sit. She was a happy woman.

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