Lucky Neighbor

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I sat there breathing hard, panting almost. Sweat was running from my brow and my heart was beating fast. I grit my teeth and started again. I pulled faster and harder than I had been doing up and down up and down. Still nothing happened. I was frustrated and losing it when just then I guess I had pulled enough because a trickle came out. Talk about anti-climactic. All of that work and all I got was a trickle. Where were the big explosion and the ropes of jizz? This was not the first time this had happened. Ever since I left my sister’s place and came back home my libido has been in overdrive. The two weeks I spent twisting her out had awakened something in me. I was a monster and could not get enough. I beat off four or five times a day and had tricked a sixty two year old neighbor into thinking she had seduced me and reduced her to a wanton cock-slut. I was contemptible. If it had a pussy, I would fuck it. I needed to get control back.

I awoke the next morning and looked over at Maureen. She lay there with a huge smile on her face as she slept. I guess if I were a sixty two year old pasty white woman with a big wide granny ass I would be smiling too if I spent every night being fucked senseless by a young heavily muscled black stud with an enormous cock. As I looked at her I became disgusted with myself. I could definitely do better and had but all of the young girls seemed to fall in love with the dick and I could not get rid of them so for ease I fucked this old bitch. Something that morning disgusted me though and I decided to call off this little arrangement. I felt somewhat bad though as she had done nothing wrong and I knew she would have a difficult time weaning herself off the dick. I decided she could have one more fuck and I would make it a good one. I would give it to her until I could not hold back and I could go for a long time.

“Maureen, Maureen wake up,” I said shaking her. She stirred asking what was going on. I explained that I did not think we could keep this up and that I had enjoyed her and our time but we just were not meant to be. I could see it in her eye that she was already missing my dick. I told her if she wanted, we could do it one last time and she lit up. One good thing about Maureen she could deep throat like no body’s business and she was on it like white on rice. Before I knew it she had me up and at full attention. Maureen was the only woman who ever had taken me almost to the base. For that alone she deserved what I was about to give her.

I told Maureen that I was ready and pushed her back on her back. She laid there her legs splayed and I looked at her. You could tell her pussy was well used as it rather gaped and her lips looked almost like roast beef you know as if they flap in the wind. Maybe you are wondering how I kept it up looking at that display well I did that to her. When we first did it she had a tight pussy as she hadn’t had any in 18 years. After we started though a combination of my not having to work , my libido, and her being independently wealthy and not having to work either meant that we were fucking non-stop for a month or so. Non-stop except to eat and sleep.

Anyway, Maureen was kind of like Pavlov’s dogs in that she had an automatic response to the sight of my dick-she got extremely wet. So as I stood over her I knew that no lubrication was needed. I looked down and her face implored me to do it, I hesitated slightly to increase her excitement and then moved the head towards her entrance. I was about to stick it in when I remembered that I owed her more than a quick screw so I moved the head around her lips threatening to penetrate but just not quite doing it. She began to buck upwards to get me to impale her but I simply moved back. I took the head and ran it up and down her slit bottom to clit. When I reached her clit, I made circles around it and it grew harder. She was moaning loudly and begging me to fuck her.

I moved on top of her as if I were going to mount her and her eyes grew wide expecting it. I moved down on her just as I normally would except I didn’t slip it in. I decided to lay between her legs and grind our pelvises together. After a short time, she came hard. Now I was ready to give her what she wanted so bad so I lifted myself on my elbows and glided the head into her hot slit. She tried to lunge forward and have me impale her but I held her back placing only the head in and stroking her in a circular motion. Her lips sere a violent red and she was extremely wet. Juices drooled out of her and she looked as if she sere in ecstasy. She was grunting like an animal and it was difficult to understand anything she said but somehow in a guttural voice she managed to beg me to fuck her.

I figured she had enough waiting and I slid it in all the way and stopped. She came hard again milking my cock as she did. The poor girl came down and exploded again before I even had the chance to move. I lay there and let her finish before I began thrusting. I thrust for a long time before I told her that it was time to finish it. A smile came over her face and she hopped of my cock faster than I thought she could move. Maureen turned around and got on all fours. She looked back “polish me off big boy” she said. I laughed to myself I had really made her a wanton cock-slut. Well, since it was her last time I dutifully obliged and slammed it home in one move. Her body convulsed and she let out a slight ‘oof.’ After that I knew that it was no longer about her orgasms she wanted me to pump it in and out until I had no choice but to cum. I had once done it to her at full speed for almost an hour before I could not hold back any longer. I was going to try to equal that or surpass it. I began stroking and she started backing back after about ten minutes her knees gave out and we fell to the bed she begged me not to stop and I didn’t I punished her in and out a furious speed she was moaning like a stuck pig and after about thirty minutes I could feel the swell coming. I squeezed my pc muscle and it helped but the cum was boiling in me and ready to blow. Sweat was poring down my brow and back and I had my teeth grit. I was thrusting hard and she was a mess. Nothing that came out of her was comprehendible. I was ready to cum but I promised that I would give her my all so I had one trick left I reached around between my legs and pulled my balls down that helped the need to come subsided some and I knew then that I would make it last long enough.

After Maureen left I felt a little sad and later a lot horny. I thought about calling her for one more roll but I thought better of it. I had to come up with someone else to feed my voracious sexual appetite. Just then, I remembered something that had slipped my mind. I looked at the calendar to make sure. Yes, I was right tomorrow would be a good day; I had a plan already. I awoke very early the next morning after all I had a long trip. Almost two hours but if I could get this piece it would be worth it. I arrived very early since there was no traffic on the road. “Greg what are you doing here I didn’t expect to see you today,” she said shocked at my presence. “Well it is your birthday and how would it seem if I didn’t even remember my former mother in-laws birthday,” I said with a sly smile on my face.

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