Loving Aunt Sarah...Chapter 1

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Note to my Readers: This story does not simply jump into the incest relationship. In fact, this will probably as legitimate a story as you will find on this website, or so I intend it to be. The first chapter sets the stage, and I hope it will captivate you enough to read on. I'll continue this story until I know how to end it. So you can look forward to many more chapters.

Loving Aunt Sarah
Chapter 1

The family’s annual Halloween party, held this year at my Uncle David and Aunt Audrey’s house, was in full swing. There were fourteen of us at the party, including myself and the one child who was still too young to know where the hell he was. Even he had a Halloween costume on, made for his small size. From he, the youngest, all the way to my 54 year old father, everyone got into the spirit of the holiday. However, not everyone dressed in something scary. I was one of those.

I currently lived in the finished basement of my parent’s house. It wasn’t quite like having my own place, but I couldn’t beat the good deal they gave me on rent (family discount), and they respected my space. Though it was in the company of my Aunt Sarah that I arrived at this party. My costume this year, if it could so be called, was a white, Chinese-style dress. It was extremely short-sleeved, both sides of the skirt were split quite high, and the dress was highlighted by the embroidery of golden dragons.

Mind you, my Aunt Sarah isn’t a very big woman. She’s actually very petit. I was actually lucky to fit in her dress, for you see, I’ve always had a very small body frame. Fortunately for me, I was small enough to fit into her things. On a normal basis, I believe she would object to me wearing one of her favorite dresses, but she seemed to have no problem with it in lieu of Halloween. Back at her house after she helped me into it, she playfully told me that I actually looked sort of cute in her dress, along with the shoulder-length, black wig that I wore with it. I opted not to wear any make-up, as I knew I wouldn’t be fooling anyone. But I knew I’d look “wrong” without the right hair.

Of course, David and Audrey’s youngest daughter Angela was home. The young teen was dressed in her usual vampire outfit, having quite the obsession with those creatures. Their two elder children Adam (age 23) and Kelly (age 26) had come also. Adam, with his wife Katherine, and their year and a half old child Craig. Kelly brought her boyfriend Nathan with her, who had made a fine addition to the family, regardless of his reckless teenage years. At sixteen, he had his first child Megan. Three years later (shortly after Kelly and Nathan had met), Kelly mothered a half sister to Megan, named Danielle. Though they were so close to one another, you’d never know the girls were only half sisters.

You should probably know, I wasn’t generally a cross dresser. At least, not openly. Since I was a young child, I’ve known that I should’ve been female. I’ve never been comfortable in this male body of mine, hence why I always dressed like a woman for Halloween. Such was the only time of the year that I could get away with it without my family thinking twice about the matter.

Aunt Sarah and I arrived last, thanks to snowy road conditions. But it wasn’t just showing up last that had bothered me. During the entire drive to the party, I had to put forth my best efforts not to stare at my Aunt, though I did steal a glance or two. Aunt Sarah was 45 years old, but God, she was dynamite! She looked better in a mini skirt and tank top than most women my own age. Side note, that age would be 21, in case you were wondering.

So there we were in the car, me in my Aunt’s Chinese dress… and she was wearing a frickin’ skin tight, latex cat suit! As if her body wasn’t awesome enough, that cat suit didn’t hide a single curve! The suit was one piece. It zipped closed the in back, and the zipper remained hidden once closed. The legs were open at the bottom to allow for wearing the matching high heel boots. My Aunt’s long, wavy brown hair covered the turtle neck top, and was held away from her face by the cat ears on her head. At least I had enough control to not get a hard-on in her dress. There’d be no way I’d be able to hide it in there.

Why, you may wonder, do I even bother? She is my Aunt after all. The truth is, I couldn’t tell you. Because I don’t even remember the first time I checked her out.


The party started in the afternoon, and had been nothing but averagely social. My parents, Uncle David and Aunt Audrey were in the kitchen, caught up in a game of Euchre. The remaining young adults (and Megan), excluding Aunt Sarah, Katherine (my cousin’s wife), and myself, were in the living room taking turns playing a four player, party style video game. Katherine was tending to her son and conversating with Danielle. Finally, Angela was web chatting on her laptop.

Aunt Sarah and I were content with sitting side by side on the couch, watching the others play their game while the two of us talked about this and that. I found it difficult not to flirt with her, even in a playful and harmless manner; I was afraid that I’d make it sound serious. While I was certainly attracted to my Aunt, I doubted she shared the attraction and I didn’t want to freak her out.

Fortunately for me, the doorbell rang before it became too much to bear. The pizza had arrived. “I’ll get it,” I quickly called out, glad for the interruption. I’d completely forgotten about my choice of costume. I opened the door, and I could tell that the delivery guy noticed immediately. “Halloween,” I passively explained. Reaching down to my hips, my hands reminded me that this dress didn’t have pockets. “Shit! I’m used to pockets, hold on a sec.”

“Keep the change,” came the voice of my Aunt Sarah as she approached the door. She handed the delivery guy a fifty dollar bill and took the three large pizzas and three orders of breadsticks.

“Thanks!” said the delivery guy. “Have a nice night!”


Indeed, it was a nice night, and some of the best delivery pizza I’d ever eaten. Eventually, the night grew old, and one by one, everyone started to head back home. Just as when I had arrived, I would also be leaving with my Aunt Sarah. We’d go straight to her house, where I would change out of her dress, and where my own car was waiting for me. On the way there, I wouldn’t be able to hold my silence again. It was nerve-racking enough the first time around. I’d have to talk. But what about?

“Great party,” I finally said, a few blocks down the road.

“As always,” Aunt Sarah agreed, keeping her eyes on the dark, snowy road ahead.

I waited a few moments before speaking again. When I did, I finally turned my head to look at her beautiful body. “You really do look great in that outfit, Aunt Sarah.”

Aunt Sarah risked a quick glance at me now, giving me a smirk. “You’re not half bad yourself,” she joked, and the two of us shared a brief laugh over it. With that light humor, I was able to hold conversation with her without worry for the rest of the ride home. Such continued (through the door of course) even as I changed back into my own clothes. I stepped out of the bedroom in my jeans and t-shirt, holding my Aunt’s very neatly folded dress in my hands.

“Thanks for letting me wear this,” I said.

She took the dress and paused momentarily. “Valerian, what’s on your mind?”


Aunt Sarah had set the dress down on her bed, then joined me in the living room. She waited for me to speak first. “I’m a little nervous saying this,” I began. “You know how I’m always ‘playing dress up’ on Halloween? Well, it’s because… I like doing it. I mean, I don’t really feel like a guy, I never have. But I doubt anyone in the family would approve, hell I’m not even sure why I’m telling you.”

My Aunt put a comforting hand on my shoulder when she answered. “Maybe because I’m the one person in the family who already had this figured out. And maybe somehow, you knew that. You’re right about the rest of the family though, I wouldn’t recommend telling them.”

“I had to tell someone,” I told her.

She smiled. “You told the right person.”

I finally returned her smile, then suddenly checked on my watch. “It’s late, I should go.” My Aunt and I stood from the couch, and she walked me to the door. We gave one another a final hug for the night before I walked outside to my car. During my drive home, I gave the matter some further thought. I was already attracted to my Aunt in a physical sense. There was no denying that she was an extraordinarily beautiful woman. But beyond that, she was smart, funny, sensitive, you name it she had it. And now on top of everything, she was more than happy to be supportive of my closeted secret. Maybe she would even be an outlet.

It wasn’t long before I found myself thinking about how I would tell her my feelings. But this was crazy, I couldn’t do that! It would completely destroy the family relationship I have with her, and I might lose my one and only source of support. However, the more I tried to not think about it, the more I couldn’t help but think about it. I knew that sooner or later, Aunt Sarah would discover how I felt about her. Better that she would hear it from me directly, rather than figure it out from subtle observations.

I would have to tell her soon.

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