Love in the Shower

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Gillian was being strangled. Hands around her neck, making it nearly impossible to breath. She was also getting the snot banged out of her pussy, a rock hard cock slamming into her. She gasped, barely getting enough air to moan “Yes...oh please yes!”

The cock thrust one last time, cum filling her. Her arms strained against restrains placed on them. Then the hands squeezed and she died.

Gillian flashed back. She was lying in the same bed. Gillian sat up, the rain pattering on the window calming her slightly jangled nerves. Because she was pretty sure she had never been strangled to death over the last eighty years, the next eighty years or any of the eighty years that never happened...that must mean the event she had just died through was in the future.

Gillian stood, turning on the lights and walked to her bathroom. She turned on the lights in that as well. It was a large bathroom. It was a large house, actually. She looked at herself in the mirror. A very youthful face looked back at her. The same youthful face that she had been looking at for eighty years and then some. Gillian smiled, looking at her blond hair and striking blue eyes, her smooth skin and little, girlish nose. Her tits were well formed, for a eighty year old teenager, and her nipples were poking out against her nightdress, still aroused by the flashforward.

Gillian sighed, leaning forward. She supposed she should get back to sleep. She was going to have a big day tomorrow. Her body blurred slightly, thinking about tomorrow made it want to slip forward. But she focused and stayed at the here and now.

Most people lived each second once, a straight line. Gillian, when she had been an eighteen year old in 1912, had decided she wanted to be an eighteen year old for her entire life and that her entire life should at least last until 3012. The spell had worked, after a fashion. Gillian no longer occupied any 'real' point in time, meaning that she experienced her entire in a random pattern. But because that made dealing with normal people impossible, she trained herself to fixate on a single point in time. If explaining it to others gave them a headache...then living with it gave Gillian an aneurysm.

She was suddenly at her desk, fully dressed, opening a envelope. Gillian sighed and decided to go with it, seeing as how she was just going to be sleeping for the last few hours. Gillian still worried about her impending death...but half the things she flashed forward too never happened. Knowing the future sometimes irrevocable changed it. Other times knowing the future cemented it in place. Gillian opened the envelope, wondering who would send her mail. Despite having lived for eighty years, though most of those in the wrong order, Gillian still had very few friends.

She slipped the paper out and read:

“Dear Gillian

Jen and I are still in debt to you. You saved not only our lives, but our Marriage too. And that is what we wanted to ask you about. We are getting married soon, in three days actually. I was wondering if you would be our Maid of Honor, seeing as how...we've already trusted you with our lives. So we can trust you with our Marriage, right? Even if you don't want to be our Maid of Honor, please come. Jen would like to spend more time with you.

-K. Jones”

Gillian smiled. The Jones and Jenny mission had ended about a month ago. They were getting married, huh. She supposed she could do that. She'd better get shopping.

A second and two days later, Gillian was standing with Jenny as she dressed. Jenny was a gorgeous young woman, to anyone. Her face was light and perfectly built, with a kind of ferality...only assisted by her sharp canines and long furred ears. A tail twitched under her Wedding dress, only mostly covered by the gown. The tip of the tail was visible, sliding back and forth by her feet.

“Do I look good?” Jenny asked, turning around slowly.

“Listen, honey” Gillian said, standing, “You're going to make every human there with they married a werewolf”

Jenny smiled, standing straight. Gillian noticed a faint line around her neck, as if something had been digging into there, but had healed.

“Whats this on your neck?” Gillian asked.

Jenny blushed completely red, feeling her neck. She looked away, her tail twitching faster and faster, “Oh its nothing”

Gillian smiled, thinking she knew what it was. Jenny turned around, her wrists having similar marks. Gillian couldn't see her ankles...but she thought that Jenny would have marks there too.

“So how is Jones?” Gillian asked.

“He's...frisky.” Jenny smiled, looking over her shoulder and draping her veil over her face.

The Marriage went without a hitch. Gillian noticed that the half of the Church that held Jones' family and friends stared at the other half of the church, the one with Jenny's family and friends. An elderly woman, Jones' mother, was not even pretending to not stare at the venerable werewolf matriarch who was Jenny's mother. Jones' brother, who was the best man, winked at Gillian and jerked his head to Jenny, mouthing “Hot stuff”. As the people broke up, speaking and eating wedding cake, Gillian walked out. She was tired from holding herself in one moment for so long.

Gillian leaned on the side of the church, sighing. The group party was going strong, the families intermingling...Gillian didn't really know the newly made Jones family all that well, not well enough to stick around. She turned to walk away-

“Not a party woman?” A voice asked. It was husky and masculine, rumbling deep in Gillian's chest. It shamed her that it aroused her...a lot, actually. Gillian turned around and saw a young man standing at the edge of the church. He looked...somewhat related to Jones, having the same dark hair and strong eyes and chin. He seemed more grounded, more sure of himself.

“Gillian Weatherspoon” Gillian said, bowing her head slightly.

“Kalvin Jones the third” Kalvin said, taking her hand and kissing it. Gillian giggled, the dress and the actions taking her back to her childhood.

“I hear that you saved my cousin. He was very complimentary of you”

“Well” Gillian said, remembering the close call that that mission had been. Jones had spent most of it under the thrall of a vampire, Vale, and had been very close to raping her. But his willpower, more then anything Gillian had done, was what had saved the day, “Jones did the hard part. Blood magic is a hard thing to the untrained”

“On that matter” Kalvin said, “I am Professor of Blood Magic. Defense against, more specifically”

“Oh” Gillian said, smiling, “Do you want to talk some more?”

“Not here” Kalvin said, “How about the park?”

Night was falling as Gillian and Kalvin walked through the park. It was light by street lamps and the moon, which was huge. Almost full, actually. Gillian smiled, thinking that Jones would have-

“I think my cousin is going to have quite a wedding night” Kalvin said, as if he had read her mind.

“I think every night he has will be...quite a night” Gillian said, “Lots of young folks are going for werewolves now a days”

“I know” Kalvin said, sighing, “Some people think they are 'fun' or 'loose'...give me a human woman...”

“Like me?” Gillian asked, looking at her. Her flashforward still stayed in her mind. And just to check, she concentrated and-

She was standing in her shower, water pouring down her body, strong hands on her right tit, teasing her nipples. Lips were pressed against hers, her eyes closed. Gillian stepped away and Kalvin stood, buck naked, his manhood long and erect, bumping against her stomach. She slowly slid to her knees, mouth open and waiting. She wanted him so badly it hurt...

Gillian flashed back. Kalvin was smiling faintly, not perturbed by her vanishing.

“I take it thats your...oddness that Jones alluded too” Kalvin said, “The unstuck in time thing”

“It was the Time Machine's Fault” Gillian smiled.

“So...where did you go, the past or the future?”

“The future...later this evening, actually” Gillian turned around, walking away from him and towards her apartment, “or at possible way this evening could end”

“How does it?” Kalvin followed her, grinning.

“A surprise ending” Gillian said, not smiling. She still didn't know if Kalvin, no matter how charming and...arousing he was, was not the murderer. But...hell she had survived more then burly men. Vampires, Necromancers, even Cthulu had tried to steal her soul or eviscerate her body and mind in some brutal and horrible way. A 'burly man' wouldn't be able to kill her...if she took precautions.

Gillian backed into her house, Kalvin kissing her—hard. She turned and changed her course from the ground to the wall, pressing her back against it. Kalvin was holding her head on both sides by his strong, manly hands. Gillian had to admit it...she was loopy for this guy. Lusty beyond all believe, his entire body radiating sexual energy. Gillian placed her hand on his chest and pushed him away, harder then she had thought it would be necessary. He was slightly stronger then he looked, Gillian would have to store that away for later reference. It was a bit hard to concentrate, the sensation of his lips still fresh on her own.

“I need to freshen up” Gillian breathed, her face flushed.

Kalvin smiled. It was a smile that only stroked the furnace between Gillian's legs.

“I can wait” He said, bowing slightly. Gillian ran her fingers through her hair. She was tempted to sleep with him even if he was planning to murder her. She could skip back, if she concentrated fast enough. Gillian shook herself as she walked to her main bathroom. She had to concentrate, not on keeping her body in this time frame, but on the whole 'Kalvin might be a murderer, so get your head out of you ass, idiot!' situation.

Gillian rooted through her bathroom's drawers. It was a large bathroom with a nice toilet, a nice sink...and a large shower. Gillian remembered her flashforward and almost slipped forward. But sometimes her flashforwards went to a future she didn't want to go to.!

Gillian found what she was looking for. A knife. She slipped it under a towel on her counter, making sure it was easy to get too and hidden. If Kalvin tried to kill her, she just needed to stick him a few times with this.

“Are you ready?” Kalvin's voice came through the door. Gillian shivered with anticipation...but she wasn't quite ready.

“Not quite” she said, pulling her dress off as fast as she could. She looked herself over. Her pubic hair was nicely trimmed...thank god she had shaved recently, she'd have hated Kalvin seeing her with just a wild bunch of hair down there. She then rooted around till she found her night gown. She slipped it on and tied it about the waist, leaving the upper half open enough to show a bit of flesh, but still covering the nipples.

She opened the door. Kalvin was standing outside, waiting patiently.

“Come in” Gillian murmured, gesturing. Kalvin stepped in to the bathroom, undoing the buttons on his shirt. He dropping his shit, kissing Gillian as he did so. The sheer force behind his actions made Gillian hot. She liked strength in her men. She ran her hands over his chest, enjoying the feel of his muscles under her fingers. Kalvin's hands reached into her night gown and cupped her pert breasts, squeezing them firmly.

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