Louise!! Was she bisexual or did she really only like women

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From the story Sue had told me, I was wondering if Louise was even really into guys that much. Sue seem to be really expressing how Louise loved licking pussy! But, then, so did I! Oh well, I figured I take a shot of getting her together with my son. If that didn't work, I would try Sooby. So the next time I was over Louise's house, I asked my son to come along. We both showed up and during our conversations she let us know that both of her folks were gone to the beach for the day and would be home around 11PM. I smiled to myself because that was her way of telling me she was ready to play. I asked her: "Lou, could you and I chat for a few minutes? I have a favor to ask of you." She smiled thinking I was trying to get her alone. I told Bob: "We'll be right back." We went upstairs and into her bedroom. She jumped on the bed and began to take off her tee shirt. She released her full hard breasts and began to rub hem saying: "so what do you want to talk about?" She had on a pair of very short cutoff. I knew she wasn't wearing anything under it because she hardly ever had underwear on. I sat on the bed touching her young sweet body and asked her: "You know, Bob really likes you. He has told me a bunch of times that he thinks you are beautiful and that your body drives him crazy whenever he sees you.

Now, I know you will most likely say no to this, but would you be willing to have a three way with me and Bob?" She pulled away from me, sat there for a few minutes and then asked me: "And does Bob eat pussy?" I told her: "Yes he loves it!" She smiled and said: "So I'd have 2 guys living just down the street from me who both love to eat pussy, my pussy? Right?" I told her: "Yep and the good part is you can have one of us almost anytime you want us. Bob doesn't have a girl and doesn't have to check or ask anyone for anything. You can call him any time and he'll be here." She smiled again and said: "Humm!! Well there's nothing wrong with that deal! Sure! When can he start?" I smiled and asked: "So it's OK. Should I call him up here now?" She told me: "If you don't care. I sure don't, but you both have to eat my pussy! Deal?" I began to think it might be best if Bob and I didn't do her together, at least the first time. I told her: "Well tell you what. Let's start with me and when I get you off, I'll leave and call him up to finish you off! OK?" she smiled and asked me: "So does Bob have a big cock like yours?" I told her: "You know, I don't know but I do know he loves to eat pussy and he has been with a bunch of women, so I'm sure he does OK!" She laid back on the bed and lifted her pelvis up off the bed. She smiled as I licked my lips watching her take those tight shorts off. I was right she had nothing on under them. She opened her beautiful young legs and rubbed her thighs. She took her finger and rubbed up and down the slit of her pussy a few times as I sat there watching. God what a body this young beautiful woman had! She asked me: "Well Mr. XX? What are you wait of baby. I'm wet and ready for your mouth! Come eat you sweetie!" I dove between her thighs and began licked up each of her smooth thighs from her knee to her wet cunt! She had started to grow a small patch of pussy hair on the top just over her clit, but had recently shaved at the top of her thighs and over the cunt lips. She was so smooth, soft and wet! I moaned as I inhaled her musk.

She took my head and moved it on to her pussy telling me: "Lick it baby! I'm so hot! Lick Lou's pussy with your nice soft tongue! Mumm that's it! Oh yea!! Your tongue feels so nice in there! Ohhhh Yes, suck it again! That's very, very nice Oh Mr. XX!!". I heard her say: "Oh come on Mr. XX! I want my pussy licked now God I love the feeling I get when a tongue is licking me between my legs! It's so fucking good! Mummmm! Yes! Oh Mr. XX you do that so nice! Yes! Oh yes baby! Right there! Yes! Mumm! Oh lick it baby! Lick me right there! Mummm! Oh god I'm cumming already Oh Mr. XX you have such a great tongue! Oh my! Oh yes! Oh god yes! YES! YES! YES! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Man, she needed the first one bad! Her orgasm gave me shot, which elevated my head up off the bed. Her ass pumping up off the bed and she was thrusting her hips into my face pumping and pumping her pussy against my mouth! Her hands held and guided my head hard to exactly where she wanted my tongue to go on her pussy as I vibrated my lips and tongue on her cunt. She screamed loud and climaxed again! She was going at it hard and fast when Bob came into the room. He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw me between Louise's thighs licking and sucking on her pussy! She looked at him and tried to pull me off of her pussy. He said: "Oh sorry guys! I heard screaming and was wondering what the fuck was going on up here. I see now! You need any help with that dad?" And, he smiled as he moved to the bed. He moved next to me and pushed me out of the way. He buried his face into Louise's pussy and picked up where I left off! He began licking and fingering her wide-open pussy and she began to pump her hips into his face now! She was saying: "Oh yea!! Oh yes Bobby! Lick it! Lick me baby! Oh god yes!!!" I moved up and behind her. I put her head on my lay and let my legs slide down each side of her head.

My cock was rubbing her hair in the back as she watched Bob licking her cunt. I began to pull and squeeze her wonderful hard breasts with her long very red nipples!! She smiled up at me as she felt Bob's tongue working deep inside her pussy! When he sucked her entire cunt into his mouth and began to fuck her with his tongue, she screamed out again! The way she was rocking her hips I could tell he was getting her off!! She had her eyes closed and her hands on his head and was pumping up into his mouth! I pulled and rolled her hard nipples between my fingers. They where standing out at least 2 inches now. God they were the longest reddest nipples I have ever seem. My cock was throbbing and I stepped out of my shorts and moved my cock to her lips. She opened her eyes when she felt my cock's head hit the side of her face! She said: "Hey!! You told me this session was with Bob and me now I see you want to play too! OK baby! Bring your big fucking cock here in front of me." As Bob licked her sweet pussy, I moved around in front of her and straddled her face with my knees. I move my 10-inch cock against her lips and she opened her mouth taking in the head. She smiled and began to cun again the excitement and Bob's mouth and tongue. I pushed my cock into her mouth! She took all she could stand w/o choking! Oh god she could suck a cock. If she ate pussy, as good as she suck cock, no wonder the girls love her. Bob came out from between Louise's legs and saw me straddling her head, pushing my cock into her mouth! He stood up and dropped his jeans. She moved back in-between her thighs and positioned his cock against her pussy. As he pushed his hard cock into her soft cunt, I felt her take a big breath and suck my cock harder.

Oh god I felt she was going to suck me inside out! Her mouth formed a firm tight seal around my cock and as I began to cum she moaned as Bob pushed his cock all the way into her pussy! She took almost my entire load. A little of the thick white liquid ran out around the outsides of my cock and slowly ran down her chin. Once I was finished, I moved over and watched them fuck each other. Louise did everything like a pro! She had some real talent both sucking and fucking! She rocked Bob's body and sole as he slammed into her now. I knew from the look on his face, he couldn't last much longer and she had him elevated up off the bed as her pelvis pumped up into him She was hissing out at him saying: "Come Bobby!! Fuck me! Harder baby! You have to fuck me harder! Yea that's it! Hurt me! Shove that big cock into my pussy! Mummm!! Oh yea baby! That's it! Now bit my nipples!! Mummmm! Oh I love that!" she was like a machine and she had Bob working her as best he could! He was moaning and ramming his hard cock against her with everything he had left! She was thrusting up into him now and I could see white liquid oozing out of her pussy this time. Bob had climaxed and was trying to get her off before he finished. Now I could see he was beginning to tire and was slowing down. I watched them fuck and slowly stroked my semi-hard cock. I told him: "Move over and let me have a chance to finish this bitch!" He pulled out of her pussy with a sucking and a popping nose. I quickly moved between her legs and rammed my almost hard cock into her open cunt! She could feel the difference immediately and yelled: "Oh yea! It's Mr. XX and his big cock! Yea baby! Do me do me hard! Oh fuck yea! Now this is how I like it hard and long! Oh yea Mr. XX, you are so good baby! Oh yea! Oh yes! Oh god you are so big! I'm going -to -cum! Ahhhh! Oh here - I - go!!!" Her pussy was hot! She was so hot-blooded!

Her body moved likes magic on my cock and now I was wondering if I would last long enough but, then I felt her body tense up and her pussy grip my shaft like a vise. I knew she was going! And I heard her yell as she began to orgasm: "Mummm that feels so fucking good Oh!!! Mr. XX!!! God I love that big long cock of yours! Oh god baby! You make me cum so hard and long! Oh don't stop keep pumping that big thing into me! Yes!! Yes!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! She went nuts on me for 5 minutes and then I began to climax. I rammed all of my cock hard into her and she took all I could give her young beautiful body! As I finished, Bob pushed me aside and got between her legs again. He inserted his cock again and began to fuck her with renewed strength! They were both much younger than and they continued to fuck each other at least another 5 or 10 minutes. Since they had both climaxed minutes ago, it took them much longer the second go round. But, the way Louise fucked you it wasn't a question of whether or not you would cum again, but how long before you did! It wasn't long before Bob moaned loud and blew his load into her again! She arched her back when she felt the first hot shot of cum hit deep inside her pussy! Her body pumped and thrusted up into Bob as she climaxed with one long hard orgasm! Bob fell on top of her and they both just lying there completely drained and sighing.

She was saying things like: "Oh god! Oh god! I loved that! I love you two guys!! Oh god I'm so done! Bob you were great baby! You have such a thick cock! It fills me up so nice!" Bob looked at me and smiled. I told him: "Bob, meet Louise! Louise, this is my son Bob!" They smiled at each other and she told me: "So I'll see you later on Mr. XX? I need to talk with Bob alone! OK? Bye baby!! It was great as always!!" She licked her lips and smiled that devil smile she always gave me. She looked at Bob laying there on top of her and asked:" Bob do you think you could do me one last time? Or would you like to do me with my vibrator?" Bob smiled and told her: "Let me use the vibrator, I have never gotten a girl off with one before. I want to se how it makes you go. Then we'll see what happens." He looked at me and said: "I'll see you dad! Thanks!" Louise smiled and told him: Oh it will get me off baby! It drives me crazy. Almost as crazy as you and your old man drive me!" I left, as Bob picked up the 15-inch vibrator, turned it on and Louise smiled and opened her thighs wide as she could. Bob ran that big vibrator up and down Louise's slit! I could hear the sound of the motor go higher as I left her house!

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