Lost Virginity

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Hello, my name is Nazneen, and I just recently celebrated my eighteenth birthday a few days ago. I am a small girl with nice curves and perky boobs. I'm about five foot two in height, and weigh about 40kg. I have long black hair and black eyes. My girlfriends are jealous of me. They say guys are always checking me out because of my nice round butt. My stats are 34 28 34.

I graduated from high school with honors and about to begin college at a very prestigious Institute. I didn't pay much attention to boys in high school. I was always studying and too wrapped up in my school work. I've never done more than kiss a guy before.

I live with my parents in a nice neighborhood, here in Mombasa, Kenya. My parents left the other day to go on a week long business trip. So that leaves me all alone in this big empty house for a week. Last night my girlfriend, Jamila, stayed over to keep me company. But today she said she couldn't because she had to go to her boyfriend for few days.

I was bored so I decided to go for a jog. I got dressed in my jogging pants and my tight sport top. When I returned home after about a forty five minute run, there was a van outside the house. As I proceeded to walk in my house, a man approached me from the van. He was a large muscular Black African man. He looked to be in his early thirties. He stood about six foot four and had to be at least 100+kg. I was a little nervous as I hurried to unlock my front door.

"Hello miss, my name is Kaza, I'm a contractor for the satellite television company. I'm here to install the satellite service you ordered."

I totally forgot about my dad mentioning that we were getting satellite television installed.

"Hi I'm Nazneen, I didn't know that you were coming out today."

My dad must of forgot that he would be on vacation. Otherwise he would of schedule the install for when he was here.

"My dad ordered your service but he's not here right now. Is there anyway you could come back next week," I said.

"There will be a fifty dollar trip charge if I have to come back."

I was a little nervous about letting a total stranger in my house when no one was here. But he did seem to be professional and my Dad would be happy to get his satellite television installed.

"You can install it today, there's no need to reschedule," I said.

"Good, if you could just show me were your t.v.'s are located, I'll get started," he said with a smile.

So I led him in my house and he followed me up the staircase to the living room. As I went up stairs I turned back and caught him staring hard at my ass as he trailed close behind. I was wet with sweat from just running out in the December heat and my jogging pants were riding up my butt.

I showed him were all the televisions were. He said he had some work to do outside hooking up the dish and that it would probably be 15 minutes or so before he was ready to connect up inside. I told him the door was unlocked and I'll be right here if he needed anything.

After getting myself a drink, I wanted to get out of my sweaty wet clothes, so I went to my room to change. I stripped naked, and was looking for something clean, when I heard Kaza enter the house. I scrambled to find something, but all of my clothes were in the wash. I grabbed whatever was lying around, a loose fitting v-neck t-shirt and some low cut cotton shorts. I couldn't find any bra or panties.

Kaza was in the living room connecting up the new satellite to the television. I went over and sat on the couch in case he needed me for something. I realized as I walked in the room that my t-shirt was longer than the bottom of my short shorts that barely covered my ass. It looked like I was wearing just a t-shirt.

We made some small talk. He asked me if I was still in high school. I told him I was about to enter college. He didn't believe me and said that I looked too young to be going into college. I told him that I just turned sixteen. Kaza seemed to be having a hard time doing his job as he couldn't keep his eyes off me. I was feeling a little uneasy with him gawking at me. He kept up the conversation with me asking me were I was going to school. He seemed like a really nice guy.

After he was finished hooking up the satellite with the television, he came over and sat next to me on the couch.

"Let me show you how to work this remote," he said.

He handed me the remote and scooted a little closer to me. I noticed he was looking down at my cleavage as he took his time explaining what all the buttons did. I was getting a little uncomfortable with him sitting so close to me.

"Thanks for showing me how to use this. I think we wanted one more television in the basement setup for satellite also. Let me show you were it is."

Jerome grabbed his tools and followed me to the basement living room. He began connecting another television to the satellite.

"If you need me, I'll be right upstairs."

Just as I was about to get up to walk away he said, "I need your t.v.'s remote to program it for this receiver, If you could hand me the remote for this t.v., please."

I knew the remote was lost somewhere. I searched around for the remote but couldn't find it anywhere. I remembered that this remote would always fall down into the couch. I got up and started searching in between the cushions. It wasn't there. I found it deep down towards the bottom of the couch. I didn't know how I was going to reach it. I got up with my knees on the edge couch and bent over to get my arm in as far as I go. I could feel my ass was hanging out of my little pink cotton shorts as it rode up in between my crack. My shirt was hanging down low and sliding towards my boobs as I had to get my arm further down into the bottom of the couch. Kaza was getting an eyeful. I knew that I shouldn't be in this position, but I could almost reach it.

"Almost got it," I said.

Right as I was about to grab the remote, I looked back at Kaza through the neck of my shirt hanging down. I didn't realize that he could see the bottom side of my tits. Kaza had a grin on his face as his eyes were locked on my body. I was shocked to see him stroking his cock through his pants. He was getting excited by what he saw. A big bulge was starting to grow out of his pants. I didn't mean to give him a show like this. A strange feeling was coming over me knowing I was having such an effect on him. I tried to pull my shirt back in place with my other hand, but gravity pushed it right back down. So I did my best to hold it against my chest.

I reached the remote and was about to pull it out. But I first wanted to see what Kaza was doing one more time before I got up. I don't know what the hell came over me as I let my shirt fall back down towards my tits again. I looked back again. Kaza was now standing rubbing on the massive bulge in his pants. I was feeling a heat wave come across me. I let my loose shirt slide further down my body. My nipples were now fully erect. I've never done anything like this before. I was such a good girl.

My eyes were mesmerized on him as he continued to rub himself faster. I could feel my pussy heating up. I stuck my ass up higher. I knew that my shorts were now completely up in my ass crack. My heart was racing faster. I knew I shouldn't be doing this, but it felt so good teasing him. I pretended that my arm was stuck in the couch. That was my excuse to rock my ass back and forth.

He caught me looking back at him, I got so embarrassed. I quickly stood up off the couch nervously. I began to sweat holding on to the remote that I just retrieved like a teasing little slut. Kaza slowly approached me. I didn't even want to look at him. I couldn't believe what I just done. I noticed he was still pitching a massive tent in his pants as he came near.

He was about three feet away from me now. He towered over me by over a foot in height. I was really scared, he could see me shaking.

"Why you got to tease me like this," he said.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to tease you, I was just trying to reach the remote for you."

'I'm so sick of all you all little bitches teasing me."

I started to back up until the back of my legs hit the couch and couldn't go any further.

"I'm so sorry sir, here's the remote."

He took the remote and slammed it to the floor. I tried to run out of the room. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him. His big hands gripped my face hard.

"Look at you coming out here in those shorts, bending over with that pretty little ass, letting your shirt slide down to your nipples. Then you try to tell me you ain't teasing me."

He held my face with his left hand and pulled back his right hand like he was about to slap me. My heart was pounding. I've never been so scared in my life. Tears were beginning to run down my cheeks.

"Please don't hurt me," I pleaded.

He lowered his hand and said, "Do as I say and you will be just fine, you little slut."

He then pushed me down hard on the couch and said, "Take my dick out of my pants bitch."

"No, I don't want to do anything with you, please leave now," I said.

"I don't think you have a choice here. Your going to suck my fucking cock, you slut."

I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I was sitting there on the couch crying in fear. Kaza reached out and grabbed me by my hair and pulled my face onto his hard cock. I could feel the heat coming through his pants on my cheek. I tried to push away, but he was way too strong and he just pulled tighter.

"If you knew what was good for you bitch, you would do as I say. Don't make me have to slap you. Now take my fucking cock out my pants."

"OK, but please don't hurt me," I said as I looked up him.

He released his grip and let me go. I was sitting on the edge of the couch facing the huge monster ready to burst out from his pants. My hands were shaking bad as I slowly started to unbutton his pants. I pulled down his zipper. I felt a strange feeling of fear and excitement knowing that I was going to see my first real cock. He helped me pull down his pants. The only thing left was his briefs. My heart was pounding fast as I gripped the sides of his underwear. I slowly pulled them down revealing his huge cock. It sprang free as slid it over the head. I had never seen a real cock before, but I knew this thing was huge. It had to be about nine inches long and as thick as my wrist. I was frozen in awe at how massive it was.

"Go ahead girl and touch it," he said.

I was very hesitant, but I didn't know what to do. I reached out and slowly touched it with my fingers, first with one hand then with two. I could feel my body heating up and my face getting red. My fears slowly started to fade as his cock was putting me in a trance. I started rubbing it more and more. My nipples were rock solid and my pussy was getting so wet. I knew that this was so wrong and that I shouldn't be enjoying this. But it felt so naughty to be stroking a BIG BLACK COCK.

"Lick on it," he said.

"Please don't make me do this, I pleaded. I'm not a slut."

He laughed and then slapped my face. Not so hard, but enough to make me listen.

"Please don't hit me again, I'll do it."

My mouth began to water in anticipation. My breathing was getting heavier as I inched my lips towards the head of his cock. Here I go, I told myself. I kissed the tip softly a few times. I parted my lips and let my tongue slowly taste the head. My pussy was getting wetter by the second. I looked up at Kaza with my pretty eyes as I slowly let his cock enter my mouth. I could hear him moan with delight. My mouth was stretched wide as my head began bobbing on his cock. I worked my tongue all over his cock hole.

"Yeah that's it you little bitch, suck my big black dick like the fucking slut you are."

His degrading words seem to turn me on more as I was stroking and sucking on cock as hard as I could. After about five minutes or so he pulled my head off his cock and told me to strip naked for him.

"Please just let me suck you off, I don't want to have sex. I'm still a virgin," I said.

He got an evil grin on his face when I told him that.

"Maybe if you're a good little girl and do what I say we can work something out. Now let me see what you got going on."

I took that as a promise he wouldn't try to make me have sex with him if I followed his orders. So I stood up and gave him a little smile as I reached for the bottom of my shirt and slowly pulled it over my head. I played with my tits, my nipples never been so hard in my life.

"Damn those are some nice tits," he said as he reached out and began caressing my boobs. His touch felt so good on my sensitive nipples.

"Now show me what else you got."

I turned around and bent over onto the couch. I slowly peeled down my shorts looking back at Kaza I said, "Do you like this ass." His jaw dropped, I was on all fours waving my naked ass high in the air for him. He removed his shirt, revealing his muscular chest. My pussy was now wetter than ever. Kaza was jerking his cock as he closely examined my ass.

"You are so fucking hot girl, your ass is perfect. Look how wet this pussy is for me."

I moaned as he rubbed his fingers on my slit.

"No man has ever touched my pussy before," I said in a very sexy voice.

I watched him jerking his big cock as his fingers slowly explored my virgin pussy. His fingers felt so good. I closed my eyes and let out a moan.

I stood back up and faced him. I looked up at him with my eyes. My knees felt weak. My body was trembling with anticipation. Our naked bodies slowly came together. I could feel his rock solid cock touch my stomach as we embraced. He held me tight in his arms. I felt his felt his big muscular chest on my bare breast. He started to rub his way down my back to my ass. He caressed my ass cheeks in his big hands. His fingers then found there way to my pussy. He started to rub on my pussy, I was getting so turned on, I let out a loud moan. I could feel his fingers slowly penetrate me.

He bent his knees and I felt his cock rub up my pussy from the front as he was still fingering me from behind. He grabbed both my ass cheeks and started sliding his cock on my wet slit. I lost control of my body as my hips began rocking back and forth. My juices were dripping down my leg. My pussy touched a penis for the first time.

I looked up at him. "Maybe you should stop now," I said as I knew my body was losing control.

He bent his head down and kissed my lips. I parted my lips and his tongue invaded my mouth. We began kissing so passionately like two lovers in heat.

He then pushed down on my shoulders. I squatted down and immediately began sucking on his cock again. My other hand was rubbing on my clit. I was sucking his cock like a filthy whore. It tasted so good. He was pushing the back of my head, jamming his cock deep down my throat. He was causing me to choke. My spit was dripping onto my breast.

"Lay down bitch, I want to taste this fine ass pussy."

I did as I was told. I laid back with my butt on the edge of the couch and spread open my legs as wide as I could. I began to rub my clit. Kaza knelt down and I felt his tongue touch my wet cunt.

"Oh yes lick my pussy, that feels so fucking good."

He inserted his fingers in me as he licked and sucked on my virgin pussy. I felt like I could explode. His tongue was exploring all in my pussy. He proceeded to lick me up my stomach to my breast. He sucked on my nipples. My hips were bucking back and forth, I was so hot. He kissed up my neck and until his mouth found mine. We kissed so hard. Our tongues were tangled in lust.

I could feel the head of his cock rubbing on my pussy. I knew what he wanted. He was slowly pushing his cock into my pussy.

"You know you want this cock you fucking slut."

He knew he had me right were he wanted. I told him, I wasn't on anything and didn't want to get pregnant. He shook his head and said he would stop anytime I asked. We kissed again as he pushed more into me. It really started to hurt as he kept pushing and pushing.

It was very painful as I felt his cock slowly stretching my pussy open.

"Are you ready for this," he said.

"Yes, take my virginity Kaza, I'm ready."

If only my dad could see me now, his little girl about to lose her cherry to some strange Black guy she didn't even know.

"Yes yes push it in me, give it to me."

I screamed in horror as he thrust hard in me, breaking my barrier.


It was so painful as he kept pushing into me. His cock felt like it was tearing me open.

"Please go slow," I begged as he pushed his entire length in me.

He did it, Kaza took my virginity. I always said I was going to wait until I was married. I couldn't believe that this was actually happening. I never would of thought that I would be having sex with some stranger that I had just met and let him take my precious virginity away.

His pace was very slow at first. The pain was slowly fading away. After a couple minutes, Kaza started fucking faster.

"All yeah, this pussy is so tight. It feels so good baby," he said with his sweat dripping down his face.

"Do you like this pussy. You like fucking little eightteen year old virgins."

"You know it bitch, by the time I'm done with you, this pussy ain't never going be the same. You'll be begging for my big Black cock."

"Oh yes, Fuck this little indian slut hard."

Kaza pushed his cock all the way in me and was pounding me hard. I was screaming as loud as I could, feeling my first ever orgasm rock my body.


I wrapped my legs around him as my pussy exploded on his cock.


He really knew how to work it. I never knew sex could feel so incredible. He pounded my little 18 year old pussy hard and fast. After about ten minutes or so, Kaza pulled out and sat back to catch his breath.

"Suck it bitch," He commanded.

I immediately did as told. I could taste my juices on his cock. He pulled me around on top of him into a sixty nine position. I feverishly sucked him as hard as I could as he slurped on my dripping cunt.

He then told me to ride him. I slid my body down and slowly sat down on his hard cock with my back facing him. I slowly bounced up and down his long rod. I picked up my pace as I could feel another orgasm coming on. I forced my body down as hard as I could go. I could feel his cock enter into my womb.

"Oh my god, your so deep inside me. Your so big."

Kaza pushed me forward.

"Damn girl work that ass," he said as he spread my ass cheeks apart. I could feel his finger push into my asshole. It hurt at first. He pushed it deeper until his whole finger was in.


I came hard on his cock as he finger fucked my asshole. Kaza was treating me like a cheap whore and I loved every second of it.

He flipped me over onto my stomach. I got on all fours on the edge of the couch. He licked on my pussy from behind. His tongue made its way to my ass and I could feel his tongue in my asshole.

He then proceeded to mount me from behind as he slid his huge black cock back in my pussy. He was fucking me so hard and fast again.


He was really slamming me hard, his cock was deep within me. After about ten minutes of nonstop pounding, his breathing was getting heavier. I knew he had a loaded gun full of black baby juice.

I was getting worried so I got off his cock. I turned around and sat on the edge of the couch and sucked on his cock again. My pussy felt so empty without him in me. I was addicted to his cock.

"I love this big black cock," I said as I slobbered all over it.

My pussy felt so empty without his cock. I couldn't control myself, I had to feel his cock in me again. His balls were swollen and full of cum. I knew it was dangerous and I should probably stop before he made me pregnant.

I had to feel his cock in me one more time. Just a little bit more I told myself.

I laid back with my ass on the edge of the couch. I then put my legs back as far as I could and spread my pussy wide open.

I looked up at him and said, "Please put your cock back in my pussy. I need you inside me."

"Tell me how bad you want this," he said making me beg for it.

"Please fuck me now."

"Tell me who you belong to bitch."

"I'm your fucking little Indian whore, I belong to you," I said.

"That's right your my whore and I'm gonna fuck you whenever I please."

"Yes, you can fuck me whenever you want. This is all yours Kaza."

He pinned my legs back even further as I felt his cock at the entrance of my hole. He kept teasing me by slipping just the head in and out. It was driving me crazy.

"PLEASE JUST FUCK ME," I screamed.

Kaza bent down and his lips touched mine. He looked me deep in the eye and said, "Im gonna claim this pussy. You're my Indian bitch now. I'm going to breed you with my black babies."

The thought of him knocking me up right now sent me over the edge. I lost all control of my body. I grabbed the back of his head and stuck my tongue deep in his mouth. He plunged his cock so deep into my womb. Tears were running down my face as he fucked me so hard and deep. I could feel his cock swelling up inside me. This was my last chance to stop. I had a life choice to make.


It was like my body was making the choice for me. My pussy was milking out his cum.


He roared like a lion as I felt jet after jet of his hot cum spurting deep in my fertile womb. My orgasm was so intense, I was screaming but nothing was coming out. He came so much in me.

We kissed hard for another ten minutes as his cum stayed deep in my womb fertilizing my egg. So much cum came pouring down my ass on the couch as he finally pulled out.

He got dressed as I lied there naked on the couch with his cum still oozing out.

"I'll be back tomorrow bitch, You better be waiting in something sexy for me."

I stuck two fingers in my pussy, scooped out his cum and tasted it. "Yes master."

The next morning, I got up early and went out to buy something sexy. When Kaza showed up later in the day, I was waiting on my knees for him at the door in my new lingerie. He stayed all week long and we sucked and fucked nonstop all over the house. Even in my parent's bed. He must have came a gallon in me by the end of the week. He left the day my parents came back, and I haven't seen him since.

That was about three months ago and my parents still don't have a clue what happened. But I think I'll have to tell them soon, because I'm starting to show with Kaza's baby or the other option is to have an abortion without telling anyone.

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