Lost In The Woods

(Part 1 from 2)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

My story starts out as what I thought was going to be a nightmare but ends up so sweetly. It was spring break time and our family was going to spend some time at the beach house that we owned. We use to spend time there in the summers back when I was a lot younger. Now at 18 I really didn't have an interest in hanging out with my folks but they kept insisting on spending "quality time" together. It was really just me, my mom, my dad and my older brother Jason. Jason was 22 and was just about to graduate from college that year. He was a wonderful older brother. He always took care of me and we had lots of fun together. I admired him and looked up to him. He was coming down to go with us to the beach house.

I remember it was a bright Friday afternoon and I was all packed to go but not very happy to be going. My parents were waiting for Jason to get home but it turned out that he was running late due to terrible traffic.

"I'm so ready to go," my mom said anxiously.

I couldn't believe she didn't want to wait up for Jason. My father was just as impatient. I wanted to just tell them to get the hell out and Jason and I would catch up to them.

"Honey let's go, I don't want to be late you know how bad the traffic gets in that direction," my father said.

"But what about Jason? He's going to drive all the way alone? I don't like that idea much," My mother protested.

Yes! I thought to myself. I didn't have to be such a geek and ride with my parents. I was going to look cool with my brother in his sweet ass sports car! I had a plan and I knew it would work. "Mom let me wait here for Jason and I'll ride with him. We'll be late but at least he won't be alone. And plus I have your cell phone with me mom," I stated anxiously.

My parents both looked at each other in doubt but then nodded, "Ok sweetie if you want to ride with your brother that's fine. Just be sure that he drives carefully, I know how crazy he can get." My mother said laughing. I just smiled to myself and kept thinking how fun it would be to ride with my brother to finally feel a little bit free from being a child.

It was over two hours after my parents left that Jason arrived. I kept looking out the window nervously to make sure he'd gotten home safe. As soon as his car pulled up I ran out to greet him. "Hey! So good to see you!" I said giving my brother a tender hug.

He picked me up from the ground as we held each other. "Ah! Put me down!" I said laughing joyously. "It's nice to see you too Gwen," he said playfully getting me in a headlock.

Jason looked great! He had gotten a little muscular I could tell as his strong arms were around my neck. He wore his long khaki shorts and white t-shirt. His hair was light brown which he also wore a little long from the front and which covered his eyes at times. I gave Jason the news that our parents could not wait for him so they wanted us to go when he'd gotten there.

"Damn mom and dad can't wait anymore can they?" Jason asked in a slightly disappointed voice.

"I'm sorry Jay, but hey I'm here with you so you won't drive alone. I'll help you read the maps and be your navigator," I said in a comforting tone.

Jason's green eyes lit up. "Thanks Gwen you're the best."

We started heading off for the road about a half and hour later. I felt so excited riding in my brother's sports car. I loved the way the wind made my long brown hair just fly everywhere. Jason and I talked a lot on the road about what was going on in our lives. I was always interested in what he said, since I found his life to be so interesting. It'd been over an hour of talking and catching up that I lost track of time and we seemed to have been lost.

"Jason, where in the world are we?" I asked nervously.

"Ah don't sweat it Gwen I know exactly where we are." Jason replied in an unsure tone.

I was a bit scared I must admit. It was starting to get dark outside and I was certain we were lost. I kept trying to read the stupid map but It didn't make any sense at all. Jason kept quiet and his eyes on the road. It was like we were in the middle of nowhere. But how did that happen? I was sure we were going the right direction.

All of a sudden I saw a house with the porch light on. I felt a bit relieved. Maybe we could get off and ask the person or people who live in that house for directions. Maybe they could at least tell us where the hell we were!

"Jason," I said surprisingly, "Look over there! There is a house, maybe we can ask the folks there for some directions."

Jason shook his head madly, "No way! We don't even know who lives there! Look try the cell phone and see if mom and dad can get someone to help us or do something."

I tried dialing the cell phone but we had no signal! My heart was now beating so fast and I felt my stomach start to hurt. Jason looked over at me, his eyes so caring staring at me, trying to comfort me. "Gwen don't worry, we'll get out of this. Maybe your right, let's go see if someone is at that house. Hopefully they can help us."I was incredibly relieved to hear Jason say that.

We got off the car and slowly started walking towards the house. It was a small place but very country. It seemed a bit strange how this nice little house was out in the middle of nowhere. Jason stepped up to the door first. He turned to look at me and sighed. He nervously rang the doorbell. It seemed like forever til we heard a person opening the door. It was an old man in a wheelchair. He looked like a very nice man though. He had to be in his sixties at least. His salt and pepper hair was very nicely combed. He gave us a welcome smile immediately.

"Yes? May I help you kids?" Asked the Man.

"Yes hello sir, we were on our way to meet our parents at our beach house, and well, we got lost. We were wondering if you could tell us where we are? Or maybe let us use your phone since our cell phone is not getting any signals," Jason responded.

The old man looked at Jason and then at me. His eyes seem to pierce right through me. I just simply smiled at him trying to make him have sympathy for us. "Well kids it's going to be hard to tell you where you are at, since this house is no where on your map I can tell you that much. But why don't you come in and use my phone and you can call your parents, maybe they can get some road assistance people to help you all out."

Jason looked weary but decided to go ahead and use the mans phone. I walked in the house right behind Jason. The man kept his house pretty clean. He had very little lights on. He rolled his wheelchair over to a white cordless phone that was by his living room table.

"Go head young man, call your parents," said the man as Jason and I stood side by side each other.

Jason picked up the phone as his fingers fumbled on the phone to dial out to my mothers cell phone. He seemed to frown as he put the phone down. I didn't understand what was going on. "Hey sir," Jason said as we turned around, but it was too late. We saw the old man there sitting on his wheelchair with a riffle in his hands. I gasped holding on to Jason's arm. The old man narrowed his eyes looking straight at us.

"Well, well, well. I see you two thought you could come in here and rob me right?" The man said pissed off.

"Sir... um no... w-what do you mean?" Jason said nervously. "We just wanted to use your phone. Why didn't you tell us it's not even working?"

I kept my eyes on Jason and then the old man. I was scared shitless. My heart was beating so fast now. I had no idea what was next to come. The man rolled over towards me looking me up and down. I just moved closer Jason. I knew I shouldn't have worn such short blue jean shorts and such a little tank top. I didn't want this man to rape me. Just to leave us alone.

"I don't believe you, young man," hissed the old man. "Are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?"

Jason in a puzzled look responded, "No sir. We are brother and sister."

The old man smirked at us. "Oh well then this is going to be more fun that what I thought."

Jason and I looked at each other in fright. "What do you mean sir?"I asked.

The old man said nothing and kept his riffle pointing straight at us. "Little girl," he finally spoke, " I think I want you and your brother to give me a little show. Show me my own porno movie right here at home."

I swallowed hard. What in the world was this old man thinking? "Sir? I'm not understanding you." Jason said in a low voice.

The old man just laughed hysterically. "You have to know what I'm talking about young man. Maybe your little sister doesn't know because she's so young, but you're a man you must know."

Jason frowned and held on to my hand. His hand was sweaty and hot. I knew he was just as frightened as I was.

"Sir, look we've got money if that's what you want. But please just let us go. We're sorry we bothered you." I said in a shaky voice. But the old man kept his wicked smile and he moved closer to us.

"No it's not so simple sweetie, I think you two make a really nice couple. I want to see some action here. I'm a lonely old man, you have to understand that gets so boring."

Jason gently pushed me back a bit to get in front of me. The old man raised his eyebrows keeping his eyes on me. "Well big brother, you're going to decide, do you want me to fuck your sister or are you?" My heart sank at that moment.

I saw Jason's jaw drop as he began to protest. "No! Please leave her alone. Leave us alone. Just let us go."

The man just began to point his riffle at me. I screamed loudly at that terrifying moment. "Well if I can't fuck her and you won't fuck her I'll just kill her, and you'd be free to go. How is that for a deal?"

Jason looked down at me so helplessly. I felt my lower lip begin to quiver. This pervert was actually going to make us have sex. I'd never had sex before! My parents had been quite strict with me growing up. Now I was supposed to lose my virginity to my brother? Jason at that moment bent down a bit to whisper to me.

" Gwen as much as it's going to affect us, we have to do what this mans says otherwise he's going to kill you. I love you. I don't want you dead." I nodded agreeing with him. Jason looked at the man with anger. "Ok we'll do what you say just don't kill my sister." The old man gave us a devious smile.

"Ok sweetie move over here," he said pointing to the right side where there was nothing but space.

I nervously moved as fast as I could. I stood there feeling a bit cold now. I felt my knees wobble in fright. I saw how Jason looked at me, so scared and sad.

"Ok now take off your clothes," ordered the man in a demanding voice. My tears began to fall out. I felt so humiliated. Slowly I took off my green tank top and I was even more embarrassed since I wore no bra because I never wore a bra with my tank tops. There I was standing naked in front of this weirdo and my brother. I saw how the old man gawked at my chest. He licked his lips slowly as my pink nipples began to harden with the slightly chilly temperature. I didn't even want to look over to Jason but I could tell he was turning away.

"Look at her! She's a cutie pie!" Gawked the old man.

Jason kept trying to look down to the floor. The old man turned to Jason with fire in his eyes. "Listen asshole if I tell you to look at her then you better look at her or else I'm going to kill her!"

Jason looked disgusted but slowly put his eyes on me. I saw him begin to breath a little harder now. "Now tell her you like her tits," the old man told Jason.

Jason was trying to be careful in not to hurt me but he had to follow his perverts request. "Your breasts are very nice." He mumbled softly. The old man sighed hard and now pointed the riffle towards me again, "Damn it I can't hear you! And plus they're not breasts, they are tits. So tell her that her tits are fuckin' nice!"

Jason then just blurted it out loudly. "Your tits are fuckin' nice!" I felt my face turning bright red as they both stared at me.

"Ok baby girl now take off them cute little shorts and panties you've got on." The old man continued.

A stream of tears now flowing down my face, I took off my little sandals off first and proceeded with the short shorts and my white satin panties. "Keep looking at her." The old man demanded to Jason.

Jason just kept staring at me. Finally there I stood completely naked. I had all eyes on me and I felt so embarrassed. I had never been naked in front of any man before. I saw the old man look at me from head to toe over and over again. "Ok young man, now go give your little sister a nice big kiss." Jason looked at the old man like if he was completely mad.

"But she's my sister, I can't kiss her," he said in a low voice. The old man very upset now pointed the riffle directly towards me. "Ok then, little sister goes bye-bye."

My eyes widened as I desperately looked at Jason. He quickly interrupted, "Ok, ok I'll kiss her."

Jason stepped quickly and gently towards me. He got very close to me and softly leaned down for a quick peck.

"No! No! No!" The old man said furiously. "I want a real kiss! You know with tongue and all. Now let's try this again, kiss your sister again and this time do it right!"

Jason looked so sad and he leaned down again and we began to kiss softly. His lips felt so warm and soft on mine. So this is what it's like to kiss my brotherI thought to myself. His tongue gently moved inside my mouth searching for my own tongue. I let my tongue loose and caressed it with his. We shared a long kiss as the old man just sat back and enjoyed it all.

"Mmmm, oh yeah, kiss her more." The old man demanded. "But now put your hands on her tits, and rub her nipples."

I began to feel Jason's strong rough hands touch my breasts. His fingers gently rubbed my erect nipples. It felt so strange having my own brother feel me up. I started to get a strong sensation between my legs all of a sudden! No! You can't have these feelings! I kept thinking to myself. Jason and I kissed for what seemed to be an eternity. His hands were now on my two breasts caressing them slowly and softly.

"Yes! Now kiss her tits. Suck on them. Nibble on her nipples!" The old man continued to order.

Jason looked down at me in silence. He still looked so frightened. He began to get on one knee since he was so much taller than me. His lips began to kiss my breasts so warm and wet. I kept trying to hide my pleasure. He drove me wild as his lips wrapped around

my nipples. He nibbled on them and gently biting them. I wanted to touch him. Put my arms around him but I knew it was wrong. He put one hand around my waist and the other on my right breast. His touch was so comforting. I'd never imagine being with a man could be this wonderful.

"Ok now quit sucking her tits for now. I want little sister to get you all naked now." Smirked the old man.

Jason got back up and stood before me. I began to take off his shirt and with his help managed to get it over his head. His body was incredible like a male models body would be. His skin had a nice tan and his chest was bulging with muscles. His stomach was flat and very hard. I bit my lower lips studying his gorgeous body.

"Ok now take off big brothers shorts," called the old man from behind us.

Jason voluntarily took off his socks and shoes as I nervously began to undo his shorts. I unzipped them, as my fingers fumbled on the zipper. He wore some flannel boxers underneath. As his shorts came down his legs, I began to pull down his flannel boxers exposing my naked brother. I almost couldn't breath as I saw the size of his cock. It was at least 5 inches long. Very thick! And that's because it was only semi hard.

The old man clapped loudly. "Yay! Now you are both naked! Now let's start some fucking!"

I could feel my stomach turn as I thought about having sex with my brother. It was never the way I expected to lose my virginity.

"Are you a virgin sweetie?" Asked the old man in a friendly tone. I just nodded with tears building up in my eyes again. His smile was now even more wicked. "Well big brother, your going to have to get her ready first. See how man fingers she can take from you."

Jason's eyes looked watery. He looked like he hated doing this to me. He obviously had no choice. He cared about me. Didn't want me to die.

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