Lorie Carl and Hank

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

When she got drunk on beer Lorie let her brother fuck her before her mom got home. When he filled her cunt with cum he said.

"Next time I'm going to let my friends use your hole"

"If you do I want some money"

"How much do you think I should charge them" replied Carl.

"Twenty dollars apiece would be nice" she said.

"I think they will pay that"

"Mom's leaving on a business trip next Saturday" said Lorie.

"How long will she be gone?"

"She said she would be gone a week"

"Good, we'll use our home for a whore house" smiled Carl.

When Louise went on her business trip Carl called his friends and told them they could fuck his sister for money. That evening the driveway filled with cars and Lorie was naked and ready in her bedroom. After the seventh man fucked Lorie her pussy was so full of cum it ran down the crack of her ass. They had sex with her for hours and by the time the men went home she made a thousand dollars.

"God I love making money that way" said Lorie.

"You earned it" said her brother.

"Do you want some of it?"

"You keep it"

"Fuck me Carl I'm still horny" she begged.

"I want to do it in your asshole"

"Pervert" she giggled.

She got on her hands and knees on the bed and her brother shoved his prick up her butt hole. She knew it would feel good because when she was ten her daddy stuck a greased candle in her rectum and fucked her with it and then he used it to break her cherry. He told her to keep it a secret but Lorie told her mother anyway and that caused a divorce. That taught her to never tell on anyone again no matter what they did to her. Carl screwed his sister's butt until he shot his last load of sperm. Then he lay beside her and said.

"I love you Lorie"

"I wish we weren't brother and sister so we could get married" she sighed.

"We could move to another state and live together"

"I could quit taking my birth control pills and have your baby"

"God I would love that" said her brother.

"Let's do it Carl"

"Should we tell mom?"

"I'll leave a note before we leave" said Lorie.

Carl helped his sister pack and put the suitcases in the trunk of his car. Then he took his money out of the bank. When they were in the next state the car overheated so Carl pulled of the highway on a gravel road to see what was wrong. He opened the hood and found the water pump belt was broken.

"Can you fix it?" ask Lorie.

"We'll have to wait until morning when the auto parts store opens" he sighed.

"How will you get there we can't drive this car"

Carl could see a farm from where he stood and said.

"I'll ask that farmer if I can use his telephone"

"Do you think he's home?"

"Yes but I want a piece of ass first"

Lorie got in the back seat and took off her clothes and Carl dropped his pants and pushed his prick in her hole. When he was done using her cunt they walked to the farm house and knocked on the door..

"My car broke down can we use your phone" ask Carl.

"It won't work until they fix the lines" he said.

"Will you drive us to town so we can buy a water pump belt?" ask Lorie

"First thing in the morning" he smiled.

The farmer said his name was Harold and said they could stay the night.

"Where will we sleep?" ask Lorie.

"I have a spare bedroom" he replied.

"I wish I had a beer" said the boy.

"Have you ever drank home made whiskey?" he ask.

"No" said Carl.

Harold got a fruit jar of yellow liquid and poured two glassed full and handed it to them. Lorie took a sip and said.

"God that tastes nasty"

"You'll get used to it laughed Harold.

The kids drank the evil stuff until the were drunk.

"I have to pee" announced Lorie.

"The toilet is down the hallway and to the left" said Harold.

When Lorie tried to get up her legs wouldn't work and she fell on her ass.

"Oh shit, I'm too drunk to walk" she laughed.

Carl was passed out on the couch so she ask Harold to help her. When he took her to the toilet he watched Lorie pee.

"You're nasty" she whispered.

Before she could pull up her panties he stuck a finger up her wet cunt.

"Oh Jesus" she moaned.

She let him finger fuck her until she climaxed.

"Jack off on me" she begged.

Harold smiled at her and played with his cock until he covered her face with sperm.

"You should clean that up"


"You're husband will get mad"

Lorie was delighted that Harold thought Carl was her husband.

"He won't care, he knows I'm a slut"

"Would he mind if I fuck you?"

"No" she giggled.

"Let's do it in my room"

Lorie felt better and found that she could walk to his bedroom. She undressed and lay on the bed spreading her legs. Harold rammed his prick up her hole and fucked her for twenty minuets. She was surprised that a man his age could last that long. Finally his prick went limp when he filled her with cum.

"My god you're a stud" she cooed.

"That's what my wife said before she ran off with her lesbian lover"

Lorie kissed him and went to sleep in his arms. When Carl woke up the next morning with a hangover he heard a bed banging against the wall and knew his sister was having sex. Then his sister giggled and he went to see what was going on. She had her legs high in the air and Harold was tickling her asshole with his tongue.

"When you're done with her can you take me to town so I can buy a belt for my car?"

Harold hadn't had so much fun with a woman since his wife left him. He reluctantly got dressed and drove the boy to the auto parts store. On the way back Carl said.

"Lorie likes you"

"She's the best fuck I've ever had" replied Harold.

"Too bad we're leaving"

"Where are you going?"

"We have to find a house and I need a job"

"You can live with me and help me work the farm"

"I'll ask my sister if she wants to stay"

"I thought she was your wife" he gasp.

She's my sis but we want to live as man and wife" he explained.

"My god" laughed Harold.

Harold drove the boy to his car and helped him put on the water pump belt. When they got back to the house Lorie was waiting.

"Harold says we can live with him?" said Carl.

"My god yes" replied Lorie.

That evening she cleaned the house and cooked dinner. Then they drank home made rot gut whiskey and fucked the drunk girl until dawn. Lorie quit taking her pills and got pregnant. She didn't know if the father was her brother or Hank. She didn't care, she was happy.

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